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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Best Boxing Day Sales To Shop And Promo Codes

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Ad affiliate throughout - Love it or loathe it, Boxing Day is here meaning all the best Christmas sales are dropping today (some dropped on Christmas Day!) bookmark this as your guide to sale shopping and promo codes this Boxing Day! Many are the same as pre-Christmas BUT with an extra 10 or 20% off! 

Monday, 14 December 2020

Best Pre-Christmas Sales And Promo Codes To Shop Right Now

                                                                          Sparkle shirt beige boots - Ad affiliate

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My friend said to me yesterday 'it's like Black Friday never ended, there are sales everywhere' and that's when I realised, Monday 14th December marks 10 days until Christmas Eve, aka, the final week to get Christmas presents and for my last minute shoppers, if you missed out on Black Friday sales, this is the week for pre-Christmas sales. I hope you find this useful, bookmark it and keep checking back for updates but it's a great way to get some discounts on things you already had on your list. 

Friday, 11 December 2020

Money Saving Tips - How I've Saved Money

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Advertorial post - Hello hello! Those of you who have read my top house buying and money saving tips will know that I believe in a few simple principles when it comes to money: buy less, save more and be smart.  Today I wanted to do an updated blog post about how I have been saving money (whilst still enjoying nice food and buying new  clothes, hoorahhh!) recently. 

Sunday, 6 December 2020

How To Get A Better Nights Sleep - 6 Sleeping Tips

Pukka Night Time Tea / Chunky cardigan / fluffy lounge set / Ad affiliate

Advertorial post - Hello hello. How is your sleep at the moment? Has it been impacted this year? When I’ve discussed it with friends and family I’ve received mixed views - some have slept through the entire period as much as possible in the hope that they will wake up and life will have returned to normal and others have found the lack of their ordinary day to day activities and added worry about their livelihoods, children, the situation etc etc has meant that they are not as settled as they used to be and can hardly sleep at all. Many friends are lacking in sleep from stress and even having the weirdest of nightmares, to say it's a weird time would be an understatement. It’s so sad that something so natural as sleep and something that can make us feel so much better when we get enough of it can be so easily disrupted by stress, hormones, alcohol, and so many other variables. Today I am here to talk to you about sleeping tips as I feel like I am finally in a good routine with my sleep and trust me, the benefits are well worth it.

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Monday, 30 November 2020

Christmas Gifts For Her - Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas For Her

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Christmas is around the corner huraaaah, my gift ideas for him guide is live, my Christmas gift ideas for everyone is live and now, I thought I'd do a deeper dive into gift ideas for her... this may be a bit repetitive as honestly I think I have already covered so many gifts but there's always room for a few more so I hope you will find it useful. I'm also putting my own personal *dream Christmas list* ideas at the top here, incase you're struggling for ideas too, basically my dream ideas. Get this bookmarked and keep checking back. The best news? The Black Friday sales / pre-Christmas sales have landed so you can get some good savings on a lot of these gifts too, bonus. I did already write a Christmas gift ideas for everyone guide with ideas for everyone too so don't miss that. Please do share this guide far and wide in the hopes that it may help someone else looking for gift ideas! ps. Luxury gift ideas here

Saturday, 28 November 2020

The Best Cyber Weekend Promo Codes And Discounts - Black Friday Weekend Sales

Dress - in the sale - Ad affiliate

Ad affiliate links used throughout - In a blink, Black Friday has gone and Cyber weekend is here, aka the best weekend of the year for sales. What's meant to be Black Friday sales turns into Black weekend and Black Friday turned into Cyber week - for me, this isn't about buying unnecessary things, it's about buying investment pieces or things I've always wanted / have saved for, or, saving money on Christmas gifts.   Selfridges early Christmas sale dropped early and GymShark just casually dropped their Black Friday weeks before Black Friday, All Saints and Ted Baker soon followed, also dropping their Black Friday sales. It really has been one of the best Black Friday's for sales I've ever seen, with easily the best beauty and skincare Black Friday sales  ever!

P.S Kiehl's 25% off is live, use promo code EMKIEHLS 

On this blog post you can see one easy list of my top Cyber weekend / Black Friday weekend promo codes in one easy list, including my top buys this Black Friday weekend. 

Don't forget to check out my 2020 Christmas gift ideas too!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Best Black Friday Beauty And Skincare Sales

Ad affiliate throughout - Hello hello! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know I haven't stopped banging on about Cyber Week, it's here and it's here with a bang - forget actual Black Friday, the sales are here and they're flying. I already published the best Black Friday promo and discount codes - with all the best sales in one easy list but I noticed this year more than ever, the skincare and beauty sales are epic so I wanted to put a quick blog post together with the best beauty and skincare sales, lots of my favourite items are in the sale and also, this is great if you're looking for beauty and skincare gifts discounted too.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

The Best Black Friday Discount Codes + Promo Codes In One List

Ad affiliate links used throughout - And just like that, Christmas is around the corner and Black Friday is here, or should I say, Cyber week... with Selfridges early Christmas sale already live and GymShark just casually dropped their Black Friday weeks before Black Friday. Honestly, this has been the earliest Black Friday, ever - All Saints and Ted Baker soon followed, also dropping their Black Friday sales. Madness. Love it or hate it, tis the season for grabbing some sales, I like to leave buying all my Christmas gifts until this very week so if you happen to have your eye on something for someone, why not hang on until now and get some discount on it! Treat yourself too, maybe you've been saving for something all year, hang on until now as it may be discounted! 

P.S Kiehl's 25% off is live, use promo code EMKIEHLS 

This blog post is going live now as most of the sales have already landed so bookmark it as I add to it and keep changing it, keep an eye on it to see which sales change. I will list last year's Black Friday sales so you can plan too. 

Open this blog post for the best Black Friday promo codes and discount codes in one easy place. Don't forget to check out my 2020 Christmas gift ideas too!

Friday, 20 November 2020

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him - What To Buy Men For Christmas

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One of my most asked questions this month is: when is your Christmas gift guide for him going live? Do you have any Christmas ideas for my brother, boyfriend, Dad, or just men in general? Yes, yes I do. Sit back, get this bookmarked as I will be adding to it and let's get shopping. The good news? Black Friday sales have landed early so you're going to be able to get most of this discounted.  I did already write a Christmas gift ideas for everyone guide with ideas for everyone too if you missed it and of course, my Christmas gift ideas for her guide Please do share this guide far and wide in the hopes that it may help someone else looking for present ideas! For now, let's talk about what to buy the men in your life for Christmas... shock horror: we've got more than socks. Don't miss: The Best Things To Buy On Black Friday and the best Black Friday promo codes in one list! 

Thursday, 19 November 2020

The Best Black Friday 2020 Investment Pieces - Best Things To Buy On Black Friday

Ad affiliate throughout - Black Friday gets earlier and earlier every year, get this page bookmarked and ready to go because sales are dropping as we speak (I placed a 50% off Ted Baker order last night and then ordered my dream coat in the All Saints sale and it's not even Black Friday yet). This year Black Friday or Cyber week, runs from Monday 23rd November until Friday 27th November, but so many favourite brands have already started dropping their discounts (Selfridges and GymShark - I'm looking at you too). There are certain things I wait all year to stock up on, I deliberately hang on until the Boxing Day sales or, Black Friday and Cyber week sales. I don't buy anything from my Christmas list or any Christmas presents until this week! Today I am going to tell you the Best Black Friday investment pieces, here are the things worth waiting until Black Friday or Cyber week to buy...

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar 2020 Review + Chocolate Christmas Gift Ideas - Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gifts

Advertorial - Tis my favourite season of all, Christmas! I’m a sucker for all seasons to be honest but there’s something about the twinkle of Christmas lights, seeing parcels beautifully wrapped, eating my first mince pie of the season and of course, all the Christmas movies... honestly, I am just here for some positivity and sparkle this year. Another reason I love Christmas? Advent calendars. If it’s a chocolate advent calendar you’re after this year, this is for you. I love a beauty advent calendar but I like to have a traditional chocolate advent calendar too. Every year my Mum spoils me with Hotel Chocolat so today I am reviewing the Hotel Chocolat Grand Advent Calendar and some more of the Hotel Chocolat's Christmas collection. Open up for an exclusive Hotel Chocolat promo code too. 

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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Kiehl's Christmas 2020 Review - Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas - Kiehl's Holiday Collection

Advertorial post - Tis the season for Christmas gifts eek! I asked on Instagram if you have been getting ready to Christmas shop and so many of you said yes, already woohoo! I know some people start Christmas shopping in October and some people like to Christmas shop a week before… so you can always bookmark this page and come back! I like to be organised but to be honest I don’t like storing it all in my house so I’m definitely a last minute kinda gal when it comes to Christmas, although I did go home recently and start putting Christmas hampers together for friends and family as it’s a mammoth task every year and I vowed to be better this year. Today I want to talk you through my top picks for beauty Christmas gifts from Kiehl’s, it’s the perfect time to get lots of favourites in very special Christmas editions or, gift boxes. If you are looking for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, here is my guide and review of Kiehl’s Christmas gifts, this year with artwork by Maïté Franchi. 

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Kiehl's 25% off is live, use promo code EMKIEHLS 

Friday, 13 November 2020

What To Buy In The GymShark Black Friday Sale - What To Buy From GymShark

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Today is the day of the GymShark Black Friday sale and yes, I know it's not Black Friday today but hey, 2020 has been a wild old year. I can only think rather than compete with every other sale during Cyber week, GymShark have made their own Blackout day. In true GymShark sale, there are some epic discounts so I thought I'd do a quick little review of my top things to buy from GymShark if you're stuck this year. Side note: their sale stuff sells out really quickly every year so add it to cart asap, I wont keep you too long!

Don't miss: the best things to buy on Black Friday! 

Say hi on Instagram! @emshelx 

Thursday, 12 November 2020

What To Buy In Selfridges Black Friday Christmas Sale

Ad affiliate throughout - Okay IT IS HERE, the cheeky Christmas elves at Selfridges went live early with their 20% off Black Friday sale, they're one of the best when it comes to Black Friday (alongside GymShark who always smash it - also starts tomorrow, GET READY).  I love that they just go for it and give you a % off rather than faffing. The Selfridges site is huge but do not fear Em is here to give you the low down on the best things to buy in the Selfridges 20% off sale. 

You can read my list of the best Black Friday sales 2019 here too, check if any others have dropped early and also I've popped a new list of the best promo codes and discounts together. Don't miss: the best things to buy on Black Friday 2020! 

PS.  BEAUTY LOVERS: Don't miss the Kiehl's 20% off sale, ends midnight tonight! 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Gucci Belt Buying Guide - Gucci Belt Sizing Guide And Review

Ad affiliate throughout - One of my most asked questions is 'what width should I buy in a Gucci belt?'  so today I thought I would write up a blog post reviewing the sizing and different styles of Gucci belts in the hopes that it helps you decide which Gucci belt to buy. Gucci Marmont belts came into fashion and they're here to stay, years down the line, they are a great designer staple. Whether you decide to go understated with a small Gucci belt or big and bold, there's an option for everyone. Hopefully my Gucci belt buying guide and Gucci belt sizing and review will help you decide which Gucci belt to buy and no, you're not too late to the trend to get a Gucci belt as lucky for us, they keep bringing out new designs and sizes in the belts. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Some of the best Christmas gift ideas for everyone

Faux fur coat / orange jumper / sunglasses - Ad affiliate - photo by Marta Ferenc

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With less than 50ish days until Christmas at the time of publishing this, it's fair to say, Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly indeed. My Christmas gift guides are starting earlier this year as it seems more people are shopping online earlier this year and trying to get organised so I thought it was the perfect time to start with my first gift guide of the year. I'm bringing you some of the best Christmas gift ideas for everyone... rather than making this particular guide gender specific (don't worry, they're coming too) I thought I’d put together a little guide to universal Christmas gift ideas so you've got some Christmas gift ideas for even the hardest person to buy for… the kind of gifts your Mum/Grandma/Dog/Grandad/Mother In Law and boyfriend will love, one of these will definitely tick that box. 

If you’re not thinking of Christmas just yet, these will be great for ‘I’m thinking of you’ gifts too. Keep an eye out for more Christmas gift guides coming soon and don’t forget to bookmark this blog post and come back to it. 

P.S Don't miss my gift ideas for everyone post I wrote up earlier this year for even more amazing gift ideas and the best promo codes, if you're looking for discounted Christmas gifts! Oh and of course, 
the best loungewear guide is here too! 

The best things to buy on Black Friday! 

Monday, 26 October 2020

10 Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2020

best beauty advent calendars

Ad affiliate throughout - photos by Marta Ferenc 

Tis the season for advent calendars, yes, really, love it or hate it, they’re back. You may think I'm crazy for blogging about beauty advent calendars in October but many of them are already sold out, the world just goes wild for beauty advent calendars. Now, I'm a big believer in sprinkling glitter wherever you go when the festive season comes around and we all have our special traditions; for some that may be having a mince pie every day until Christmas, for others, that may be putting Christmas decorations everywhere, for some, that may be opening the door of a shiny advent calendar every day in December. I'm personally a sucker for advent calendars, I'm a chocolate and beauty kinda advent calendar girl and don't like to get rid of the traditional advent calendar, so I guess I'll have one of each. -  a beauty advent calendar and a chocolate one. SO many brands now do beauty advent calendars so I thought I would put together a blog post of the top 10 beauty advent calendars to buy this Christmas. 

Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Best Alcohol Advent Calendars In 2020 - Virgin Wine Advent Calendar and Virgin Gin Advent Calendar

virgin wines advent calendar

Advertorial post -
Tis the season for advent calendars and today I wanted to review what I think is the dream advent calendar, A WINE ADVENT CALENDAR! Yes, really… on top of that, I’ve got a gin advent calendar to review too. Here are two of the best alcoholic advent calendars in 2020. If you’re looking for a fun advent calendar you can share with a loved one or an advent calendar which can make the perfect gift, look no further. Alcohol advent calendars are a little bit quirky and also different from the beauty advent calendars. Open up for the best alcohol advent calendars in 2020, a review of the Virgin Wines Wine Advent calendar

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Monday, 19 October 2020

The Best Body Moisturisers To Buy - Top 11 Body Lotions And Moisturisers

Ad affiliate throughout -
I got an email the other day asking which luxury body moisturiser someone should buy as a gift for Christmas and that got me thinking, isn’t it time I write up a guide to the best body moisturisers? Firstly, we're getting closer to Christmas and some of you may be thinking about Christmas presents (a lovely body lotion makes such a good Christmas present for literally anyone on your list, we all need to moisturise) but secondly, I'd like to think 2020 is the year of self-care: go and run yourself a long hot bath and get ready to lather your body in something lovely afterwards. I’ve upped my moisturising game recently, I've always been a body oil kinda girl but I think they're more Summer friendly. You can read my blog post about the best body oils if you are a body oil kinda person. I feel like body moisturisers and lotions have more oommfff and definitely give better results, an oil soaks in quickly but a moisturiser gets in deeply and feels more firming I guess. Open up for my blog post featuring the best body moisturisers and the best body lotions, perfect if you're looking for something new for yourself or, as a gift for someone else. Here is my guide to the best body moisturisers and body lotions to buy. Bookmark this and come back closer to Christmas if you're looking for Christmas gift ideas. 

Monday, 12 October 2020

Kiehl's Advent Calendar 2020 - Kiehls Holiday Advent Calendar Review

kiehls advent calendar 2020

Ad affiliate links + Ad Pr products - Tis the season for advent calendars, yep, really. I know it seems crazy, we haven't even had Halloween yet and honestly, I was always taught not to talk about Christmas until after Bonfire night but in the wild world of beauty, beauty advent calendars sell out pretty quickly and usually, by November, they're gone. The Kiehl's beauty advent calendar 2020 launches on October 16th so I thought this was the perfect chance to review the new Kiehl's holiday calendar 2020 before it sells out.

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Stuart Weitzman Knee High Boots Review And Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots Dupes

Ad affiliate throughout  - Polka dot dress / Knee high boots and here and here / blue sunglasses 

Tis the season for knee high boots and I'm not mad about it, it’s my favourite season. I love wearing knee high boots or thigh high boots because: 1) they go with literally every outfit - 2) look great - 3) they keep me warm but also 4) save me from shaving my legs - quadruple whammy. I keep getting so many messages on Instagram about my knee high boots so I thought I would write up a blog post reviewing Stuart Weitzman knee high boots but also, include some more affordable, dupe Stuart Weitzman knee high boots too. Hopefully this guide to the best knee high boots will help you find your Autumn pair. 

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

5 Best Hair Products For Growing And Strengthening Damaged Hair

best hair growing products

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Lockdown was weirdly kind to my hair, giving it a proper rest for the first time since I came out of the womb pretty much. I didn’t colour my hair for over 20 weeks, considering I usually colour it every 1–012 weeks, this was a much needed rest for my bleached locks. Over the years, I’ve had to learn the art of being kinder to my hair, goodbye full head of bleach and extensions, hello au natural, shorter hair with highlights. Am I happy with my hair length and strength? Getting there. Is it where I want it to be? No. Is it better than what it was? You cannot imagine how much stronger my hair is now. I’m not saying my hair is perfect, far from it after a traumatic few years of damage and reactive alopecia however, my hair is growing, it is stronger and hairdressers say it’s in good condition now, I’ll take that. Over the years I have written so many blog posts on the best hair growth products an d the best hair strengthening products. I thought I’d do an update today with the top 5 best hair growing and strengthening products I love. 

The good thing about all these brands I've mentioned is they work from within, rather than just coating the hair in silicone and making it 'feel' shiny. 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Top House Buying And Money Saving Tips

notting hill houses

- Advertorial post with The Nottingham - Ad affiliate - pink trousers / sunglasses 

Hello hello! For my long time followers, you may remember the drama I had with trying to buy my first house when I was 23, I thought I’d found the London house of my dreams but we hit A LOT of roadblocks along the way, I was eaten by the London property market straight away and realised house buying really isn’t easy. Looking forward to now, I recognise that purchase was a lesson learnt and I am so glad I didn’t get that house. Life has a funny way of working itself out. Before I moved to rent in London I was looking to buy there and I recall my mum saying that I will find house buying a lot more difficult than I think and that even with the most straight-forward of property purchases there are always issues. As usual, mum was right and although I haven’t talked about the details but 3 house purchases have now unfortunately been abandoned for one reason or another. I always get to that final stage and then POW – something goes wrong...

Thursday, 13 August 2020

What To Buy In The Nordstrom Sale - Nordstrom Sale Top Picks

New York street style

Ad affiliate throughout - So as many of you will know if you're based in the US, the Nordstrom sale for card holders (it offers approx 40% off) starts today - WILD I KNOW). Now, I love shopping at  Nordstrom when I am in the US (I miss you SO much New York) so for my US followers, here's a special best Nordstrom sale picks post just for you. If you're wondering what to buy in the Nordstrom sale, you are in the right place. Just a note, the public Nordstrom sale goes live on 19th August so if you aren't a card holder, bookmark this and come back here on the 19th! 

For my UK/Canadian/European followers, head here for the best designer sales that you can shop! Sorry this one is for my US lovelies only!

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Monday, 10 August 2020

The Best Healthy Snacks

La Olivia restaurant ibiza
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I’m a snack queen, it’s no secret. I'm always snacking. On Instagram stories @emshelx I will often show my favourite healthy snacks but I thought I’d document it on a blog post so you can bookmark it and come back to, this is not to say I don’t enjoy my pizza, my Cadbury’s, my Galaxy because I do and yes I snack on crisps and cheese, but if you are interested in my fave healthier snacks this should help! I’m not going to sit and pretend I snack on lettuce all day because I don’t, but it’s about balance and moderation but hopefully this blog post will help you with ideas to stock your cupboards full of healthier snacks. 

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

8 Of The Best Comfortable Summer Shoes - Plus Gucci Loafer Dupes And Chanel Espadrille Dupes

Paris street blogger

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Now if you guys have been reading my blog for sometime, you'll know I love writing guides, whether it's my guide to the best trainers, the best sports bras to buy, the best workout leggings or even the best fitness tracking watches. I was asked on Twitter to recommend some good shoes to walk in during summer, but not necessarily trainers and I totally understand, often when I am abroad or even in London, I will have a 30 minute walk somewhere to dinner but I don't want to wear trainers as I want whatever shoes I'm wearing to look good with my outfit, ensure I adhere to dress codes of restaurants but be comfortable too (as comfy and lovely as trainers are, they don't always pass the restaurant test), alas, this blog post was born. Here are my top comfortable Summer shoes, ones you can comfortably walk in, but they'll look great popping into restaurants etc too.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Easy Gift Ideas For Everyone - Birthday Gift Ideas

revolve wrap dress
Dress online here / sunglasses online here - ad affiliate 

Ad affiliate throughout - have previously worked with some brands before on Ads but this isn't sponsored. 

Hey guys hope you are so well, it was my boyfriends birthday yesterday and I have had hundreds of messages on instagram (@emshelx) asking what I bought him and asking for gift ideas for loved ones. It seems a lot of people are in the same situation as me during this lockdown, ordinarily I would take Matt abroad for his birthday, spoil him with his favourite restaurants and do lovely experiences together, this year, not so much. When you're someone who loves experiences, it's hard to be locked in a house during someones birthday but that doesn't mean you can't make it fun. I hope this gift guide will help you, whether you're just looking for a gift for a loved one because you miss them (I sent my Mum presents through lockdown) or maybe you have a birthday coming up.

Monday, 20 July 2020

5 Ways To Be Motivated To Workout At Home

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I started lockdown feeling hyped to do home workouts, I impressed myself to be honest as I've always been a real gym bunny, loving my classes at the gym as they inspire me, push me and motivate me so much so I shocked myself for the first few weeks of lockdown, training most days with live workouts and absolutely smashing them. To be honest, I've had no other option so in my mind, I just had to get it done. I always felt a workout wasn't hard enough unless done in the gym but I totally proved myself wrong. If like me, you're now 18+ weeks into no gym and some days lacking the motivation to work out from home, I feel you and I am here for you. One of my most asked questions on Instagram is how do you stay motivated to work out?! So I thought I'd pop a quick blog post together with 5 ways to get motivated to workout at home. I know gyms are soon to re-open but I understand if you have anxieties about going back to enclosed indoor spaces.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Burberry Scarf Review - Is The Burberry Scarf Worth The Money?

Burberry scarf check
Ad affiliate throughout - White dress / Burberry scarf online here and Burberry scarf or online here / All Saints leather jacket / Ad affiliate

I know you probably think I'm crazy publishing a post reviewing a Burberry scarf  in July but we all know that Autumn/Winter items go on sale in Summer and vice versa, it's the way the world works and I noticed it was in the sale this week and have had an influx of messages with questions about the Burberry scarf so I thought I would write this up and answer any Burberry scarf related queries. If you're wanting a designer bargain, you usually have to buy it out of season and store it away for when you want it. A Burberry scarf is an absolute forever, iconic piece so I thought I'd finally get my written review up for you whilst a few of them are on sale at the moment. 

You can find all the sale Burberry scarves online here and here

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Best Sports Bras To Buy

Sweaty Betty Union Jack sports set

Ad affiliate links throughout - Union Jack sports set / sunglasses 

After the success of my best leggings to buy and the best workout trainers to buy blog posts I thought it was time to write a blog post on sports bras as it's something I get asked about a lot! As most of you know, I work out a lot and have done for years and years so I've tried a lot of sports bras. I am going to write about the sports bras I personally have had the most use out of and like the most. Hopefully you're going to find this useful, I also spotted the Sweaty Betty sale aka perfect timing to talk about this and get a bargain too!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Summer Essentials + Heatwave Wardrobe Ideas

shirred summer maxi dress with straw hat
Hat / Dress / Sunglasses / Shoes - Ad affiliate 

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The heatwave is here! I thought I'd pop together (and keep updating, of course) my top Summer buys, whether you're in the park, in your garden or, lucky to live abroad, hopefully this will give you some inspo for all things lovely and summery! PS. It's hot, don't forget to pile on the SPF! Don't miss my post about the top SPFS to buy! There's also my Interior wishlist and inspiration if you're looking forward to picnic or garden chills! 

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

5 Of The Best Face Serums For Your Skin

skin serums

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It seems lockdown has got everyone even more involved in their self-care and beauty regimes and I'm here for it. I've always been utterly obsessed with skincare, yes I am incredibly loyal to certain brands but I really do think it's all about mixing it up, depending on your skins needs that day or week. There are so many factors that can change how the skin looks or feels: hormones, diet, sleep, stress, weather, aircon! So it really depends on the week to be honest. I thought I'd write a blog post about 5 of the best skin serums right now, these are 5 I am using at the moment and I hope you find this useful. I am so happy with my skin right now! Also as we are in a heatwave, don't miss: 11 of the best SPFs for your face. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light Moisturiser Review

Charlotte tilbury magic cream light moisturiser review

Ad affiliate throughout and Ad gifted press products - If you’re a Charlotte Tilbury fan I’m sure you have probably tried the famous, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Charlotte Tilbury’s Original Magic Cream is one of the first Charlotte Tilbury products I ever tried, her famous, hydrating multi-tasking, instant priming moisturiser in a gorgeous rose gold jar. Today, Charlotte Tilbury launches her brand new, Magic Cream Light Moisturiser so I thought it was time for a review of her brand new take on the Magic Cream.

Monday, 15 June 2020

The Best Face SPFS - 11 Of The Best Face Suncreams

Samuri Koh samui
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Growing up I had no idea just how important it is to wear a facial SPF every single day, even in the UK, even if it's cloudy! I used to think just having SPF in my foundation is enough, but it’s not enough as it isn’t spread all over your face evenly. You should be applying an SPF every single day, 30 minutes before you go outside, underneath your make up. Not only does it protect us from skin ageing, but it protects us from skin cancer too. I wanted to talk about the best sun creams particularly for the face as many are different to those for the body. I find facial SPFs are great as they don't make my skin itch, sore or dry and they don't clog my pores making me break out. I hope you enjoy this blog post, the best facial or face SPFs and sun creams to buy.

Monday, 8 June 2020

The Best Kiehls Products To Buy - What To Buy From Kiehls - Top Kiehls Skincare Products

best kiehls products
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I massively believe in mixing up my skincare from different brands, in order to create the best routine - there are so many amazing products out there, from so many amazing brands. Today I wanted to shine a spotlight on a brand I have been using since 2012, that’s 8 years! It’s a brand who genuinely, do everything and they do everything well. Anyone who’s followed me for a while will know I have been a lover of this brand and championing it for years and years. Today I thought it was time to write an updated review of the top Kiehls products. Perfect if you’re looking for new skincare, haircare or body care. These are my ultimate fave, top products to buy from Kiehls. I’m going to talk you through every product you possibly need from Kiehls

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

20 Things To Do If You're Bored During Lockdown

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Hello hello, I hope you are all so well right now. It’s a given that not one of us would choose to be enduring a global pandemic but here we are and we have to get through it somehow. That somehow could mean giving into the grief of it all and letting it get the better of us, or it could mean accepting that we are in it together whether we like it or not and trying to find a way to make the best out of it. The future is bright. We have so much to look forward to. Making the best out of a bad situation is not something anyone wants to do but I have to say throughout this, making the best of things is something I am seeing happen all over the world and it makes me so proud of us as a human race. When we have to dig deep we do and we have the resilience to deal with anything. It's important to remember sunshine always follows the rain! I'm someone who always makes my to do list longer than my arm and always finds a way to keep busy, I'm not saying that's a good thing as I think it's equally as important to stop and rest, however, we all deal with things in our own way. A challenge for me is taking it slowly and doing nothing at all. I have had a lot of messages from people saying they're bored or want some ideas of things to do during this period, so I hope this post will inspire you.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Thursday, 14 May 2020

What To Buy In The ASOS Sale

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*AUGUST 12TH UPDATE* 20% off extra on top of sale asos

Not gonna lie, asos has always been a fave of mine. It's one of those websites I've grown up with, from the days when they showed you how to copy a celebrities style, to now, one of the biggest retailers of all time. It's exciting and I just love them as a company, I was even lucky enough to visit their factory a few years back and totally fan girled. I spotted they've got a pretty epic sale on so I keep updating this blog post with their latest promo codes and sales (not sponsored, I wish, asos take all my money lol) it was where you got 20% off everything when you spent £100. It was perfect if you already had your eye on something or you were saving for one of the big brand names but now can get 20% off SALE prices today - maybe you just want some comfy clothes or new trainers. Open up, I've put together the best buys. If you were wanting something from asos anyway, you may as well do it with 20% off! Shop asos.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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