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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light Moisturiser Review

Charlotte tilbury magic cream light moisturiser review

Ad affiliate throughout and Ad gifted press products - If you’re a Charlotte Tilbury fan I’m sure you have probably tried the famous, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Charlotte Tilbury’s Original Magic Cream is one of the first Charlotte Tilbury products I ever tried, her famous, hydrating multi-tasking, instant priming moisturiser in a gorgeous rose gold jar. Today, Charlotte Tilbury launches her brand new, Magic Cream Light Moisturiser so I thought it was time for a review of her brand new take on the Magic Cream.

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Charlotte tilbury magic cream light moisturiser

To be honest, after seeing the launch of the new Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush bronzer only a few weeks ago, I wondered how on earth this could possibly launch so soon afterwards! Do not worry though, I attended a virtual press day Zoom event the other day with Charlotte Tilbury and her team so I could learn about this product and it has actually been over two years in the making, so it’s just coincidence that they’ve launched near the same time.

You can watch my video below if you prefer a chatty look at products:

So, what is the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and why did we need another one? The new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light is a supercharged spf 20 moisturiser. To put it simply, I’d say it’s the Summer, light-weight version of the original, with a lot of added goodness, whilst the original Magic Cream is more of a rich, opulent, hydrating, premium cream, which I personally think makes a great priming base product for very dry skin.

I didn’t think they needed to bring out a new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - why would they when the hero product is such a cult product? Actually though, I do see why as some people probably find the original Magic Cream too rich and this is the perfect, day time, Summer/humid/hot temperature, silky moisturiser.

It’s designed to be light as air but includes lots of active ingredients, including replexium (a breakthrough peptide duo for laser focus wrinkle targeting - sounds wacky but there's always really good science in Charlotte Tilbury products, trust me, I've been lucky enough to hear from some of the people behind the products!), vitamin E and city stem too.

Charlotte tilbury magic cream light moisturiser review

The new Magic Cream Light provides 24 hours of hydration (on application my skin does feel instantly hydrated, I wouldn’t say it feels hydrated for a full 24 hours but the trials show your skin is hydrated for 24 hours so maybe deep within it is hydrating and doing it's job), it also protects against pollution, which is super important particularly in busy cities or when travelling, as well as having spf 20 within it too. In the chat about this product, they were saying how difficult it is to have such a high spf alongside active ingredients. I personally would still put my daily spf 50 on my face first, just because I personally like a high spf. You can find my list of the best face spf products if you’re looking for a good spf here: 11 of the best face spfs, I like Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50.

Ingredient wise, it has crambe seed oil to keep the skin moist and smooth, coconut alkanes to make it light weight, vitamin e to condition and city stem which is a pollution defence matrix. 
Charlotte tilbury magic cream light swatch

So, Charlotte Tilbury's New Magic Cream boosts the appearance of elasticity in the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 27% in 4 weeks, boosts hydration by 183% after just 1 hour, defends against pollution, UVA and UVB rays, so it really is a bit of a super moisturiser! It seems to have SO much good stuff in it, rather than just say hydrating, or plumping, it does it all.

The moisturiser itself just smells like summer too which is always a bonus.
Charlotte tilbury magic cream light swatch
On application, this feels soft and almost silk like on the skin, my skin drinks it up. The experts using this product still use their serum first, then would apply it in the morning. I personally think this is a great summer friendly or hot weather, morning moisturiser, or if you're someone who's out and about walking round a polluted city, but as I say, I would put my Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 on too, just so I have extra protection. 

So if you’re looking for a lightweight moisturiser, that will be drank up by your skin, particularly in warm weather, that does more than just moisturise the skin, this is for you! I love how ram-packed this is with active ingredients, one little product that protects the skin from blue light (phone, computers), pollution in a busy city AND hydrating the skin too. Do I think the new light Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream replaces Charlotte Tilbury’s Original Magic CreamNo, I think it’s complimentary to it to be honest, that's a thicker, richer and more of a daily primer, whilst this to me seems like you actually get more bang for your buck and more actives. 

Shop the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream you can also get a 15ml version here too which I think is great if you want to just test it or take it away with you.  

Lots of love, Em x

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