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Saturday, 31 December 2016

You Are Brilliant. Words Of Wisdom To Start The New Year.

We are really great at giving ourselves a hard time. Myself included. "My hair doesn't look good". "I don't like my face". "My work isn't as good as hers". "I'm a failure". But how often do you high five yourself and take some credit? Here's a new personal post from your truly, please do share this around to spread some positivity. 

Friday, 30 December 2016

What To Do In Hamburg - The Westin Hamburg Review

luxury hotel hamburg westin
If you've read my travel section you'll know I absolutely adore finding new places. Last year, I spent a weekend in Munich and had the most incredible time. This year, we really wanted to squeeze at least one last trip in before the end of the year. We were stuck between Milan and Hamburg and guess what, Hamburg won. Germany is famous for their incredible Christmas markets, so we felt we just had to visit. I was invited by Westin to stay at their brand new hotel and try out their incredible wellbeing range. Let's just say, after the manic month I've had, I was so ready to leave feeling rejuvenated and incredible. Let's do this!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

STK Review London - The Best Steak In London & The K West London Hotel Review

I thought I'd write a relaxing post today, whilst I'm currently relaxing at home. I can't remember the last time I relaxed so Christmas has been great for me. I feel re-energised and ready to create exciting, new content in 2017. I stayed at The K West Hotel SO long ago, so that is probably a little idea of how busy I've been. I'm seriously still behind on life but hey, we're getting there and I'm finally getting on top of things! Today I'm going to talk you through the loveliest stay and the most insane meal at STK London. I love nothing more than staycations, Matt and I love going to London and pretending to be tourists and we did a lot of that in 2016. I'm sure you're all aware of just how much I love good restaurants and it's safe to say, todays post features one of my favourite restaurants to date. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

New Years Eve Party Looks; My Favourite New Dress

full missguided outfit

Ah Christmas was only yesterday and I'm already thinking about New Years. I guess it's party week after all. This New Years eve, I'm hoping to do something a little different. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to book a flight to Barcelona but hey, you'll find out next week if I end up flying somewhere last minute to see the year out. For me, no matter where I go or what I do over the Christmas party period, I like to dress up. I'm the girl who likes to be over dressed no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing but I still like to be comfortable. I'm excited to be showing you a really versatile party outfit today. It's comfortable but beautiful and flattering at the same time (even if I do say so myself!), oh and wait until you see the faux fur jacket at the end. Get ready for some party inspiration!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas At Home

I thought I'd put my most festive post of the season up on one of the most festive weeks of the year, Christmas eve eve, how did that even happen. Last week, I finally took an afternoon off to eat mince pies, listen to Christmas songs and put the tree up. I also did a lot of wrapping too. Come join in and feel super festive! I'm currently skiing, don't forget to read my skiing blog post. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Styling Knee High Boots & Adore Jewellery Plus Win A Trip To Paris

Give me the opportunity to style up some knee high boots and some gorgeous sparkles and I'm a seriously happy girl. I'm a little bit in love with festive dressing, but then again, who isn't? Cosy knits, sparkly accessories and knee highs? As much as I'm not a fan of cold weather, I really enjoy Winter fashion. I'm so excited to show you this look today.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Best Ski Kit, What To Wear For A Ski Trip And Top Ski Tips For Beginners

apres ski what to wear
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Whilst I'm sat in the mountains (this fresh mountain air was much needed, oh and it's very fresh indeed), I thought I'd write a blog post about a few things I've learnt so far when it comes to skiing after my fist few days here. I've been putting going skiing off for a long time. Having a brother and a boyfriend who are both very experienced in skiing only makes it even more difficult. I'm a very active person (I'm sure you all know that by now if you read my fitness section) but skiing is just something I've never had the time to do. I guess I've always put it off. I'm always a little bit sad I'm not from a family who threw me onto skis as soon as I could walk, but hey, here I am, the awkward 22 year old having lessons and you know what? It's really not as bad as I thought. So here are some pointers if you're scared like me, or, if you're just wondering what to wear. My biggest fear was what do people wear for a ski trip and for apres ski?! I've got you covered so obviously we will be talking about what I've been wearing this trip. 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Top Work Out Tips This New Year & The Best Nike Gym Kit

If you read my recent post featuring some of my favourite home workouts, you’ll probably remember me saying that the best way to beat the post-Christmas slump/sluggish feeling, is to keep on it throughout the month. Whether you’re walking around your village, taking the stairs over the escalator and I guess, just moving a little bit more. Today, I wanted to keep those positive work out vibes up and take you to my local David Lloyd (my favourite gym) to show off this incredible Nike kit. Alongside it, I’ll be giving you some quick fire easy tips to stay fit this Winter. Let's go for a work out and show you what I wear. PS. This is my favourite outfit, ever, let's just say, I'm totally embracing the Christmas/New Year sparkles and I think you'll appreciate it. 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Best Hotels In London During The Festive Season - Where To Stay In London

the edition hotel new york

Hey! So today I wanted to talk to you about something close to my heart, travel, but within the UK! I love London because it's great for staycations, vacations and also, business trips. People come to London for all sorts of reasons and one of the main questions I'm asked? Where should I stay in London? I'm about to tell you! For me, London is work, play and relaxation and I'm glad I can talk you through the top hotels for everything.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

top last minute christmas gifts
Christmas is getting really close now and I recently ran a poll to see how many people have finished their Christmas shopping, actually, there are still many people who haven't even started. Today, I wanted to give you a last minute Christmas gift guide (and probably my last Christmas gift guide this year too haha, scroll past them if you're sick of them!). This is a guide for those of us have run out of time, or like to leave Christmas shopping until last minute. Everything on here is from sites that will get the products to you before Christmas too, so do not fear. Em, the Christmas fairy is here! I'm also giving you some top tips to make any present look epic, as recently I was taught how to gift wrap with Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds. Let's do this!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Top Pre-Christmas Party Workout Moves At Home

tommy hilfiger gym kit
Hello hello hello! So I haven't done any workout videos in a while and today, wanted to try something a little bit different. So many people have asked me to do more Snapchat and Instagram workouts but today, I wanted to do a blog workout! You also have a big come to the gym with me video going live on my YouTube this weekend too! As I always say, I'm not an expert, I'm just someone who has huge a passion for health and fitness and I've always worked out. So today, I wanted to show you my top easy moves you can do anywhere this Winter. I personally find it so difficult to muster up the energy and motivation to work out when it's cold and damp outside, so I'm hoping these will help you! There's no excuse, you can do them whilst you're sat watching the TV! I think the key to not feeling too bad after Christmas is to keep on it, little and often. So hopefully this small home work out will help you. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts

We all know how stressful Christmas shopping can be and we all approach it differently. Do you shop the week before? Christmas eve? Black Friday? Or throughout the year? I bet everyone has a different story when it comes to Christmas shopping. I'd love to know yours in the comments below. Me personally? I did most of my shopping on Black Friday this year. Do not fear though if you're a last minute shopper, that's totally fine. I'm here to help you out with some more last minute ideas for gifts.  Whilst we're on the topic of Christmas shopping, be sure to check out my other huge Christmas gift guide

Lulu Guiness Haul & Giveaway

Imagine my excitement when a huge Lulu Guiness box landed at my doorstep? I squealed, okay, I shrieked with excitement and all the neighbours probably heard (sorry). But during this festive season, I love nothing more than cute, special gifts and feel honoured to have this in my life. You can get one too, keep reading... I'm sure you know how much I love Christmas by now if you've been keeping up with all my gift guides. Today I am so excited to be giving you a look at the launch of the new Lulu Guinness VQ range on QVC, it airs on the 19th December but you can look at it today on my post and use my pre-sale link from the 16th Dec to buy one early. I'm going to be giving pre-access to the Retro Mini radio before anyone else! There's also a competition here and if you can guess the song, you may win this gorgeous Lulu Guinness Print Retro Mini and be one of the first to own one in the whole wide world! Sorry for all the giveaways at the moment, I'm definitely feeling festive. Let's discuss this special little treat!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Gift Of Good Vibes! Win My Whole Wishlist

Party season is officially here! It seems crazy saying that. I'm really excited today to be showing you a few little Christmas items, fashion wise! I promised lots more blog posts featuring Christmas ideas (make sure you read my huge womens gift guide here and mens gift guide here). So today, some last minute fashion gifts from me to you! My special Christmas gift to you guys? You can win everything on my wishlist at the end of this post, so keep on reading! 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Topshop Jamie Jeans Review, Chunky Knits And Giveaway

It's not often I discover epic new clothing brands, but recently I did. I popped into Belgravia in London and stumbled upon Me & Em. I'd actually recently got my hands on their beautiful pink bag and since, fallen in love. It only made sense I went and checked out more pieces. Today, I'm showing you my favourite new roll-neck, a real investment piece. It's high quality, comfortable and I've not taken it off. I wanted to also talk to you about my favourite jeans, ever. I'm really not a jean kinda girl, well, I certainly wasn't, until recently. Now? I'm never out of them. I've had this pair for over a year and they're still in epic condition. I love the way they shape my body, work with my curves and sit on me. They're super skinny and are great for any occasion so I had to review Topshop's Jamie jeans too whilst I'm at it. Proof that you can mix high street and high end.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Personal Shopping At Topshop, Winter Party Outfit Ideas

This is a post I've been wanting to get live for quite some time but I've just been so busy recently, sorry for the delay! As I said, I'm blogging every single day in December, and sometimes, two times a day! So make sure you're scrolling across Emtalks to stay updated. Recently I went to Topshop's personal shopping lounge to try out some new party looks. My main reason for going? I was struggling to find anything to wear for the InStyle magazine awards (I won, eek!) and wanted to feel confident and happy when picking up my award. I actually picked up so many gorgeous party outfits which I'll be wearing on my birthday (22nd December, I'm a Christmas baby!) and also, Christmas eve, Christmas day and around New Years eve. I'm hoping this post gives you some inspiration for this years party looks! There's a video at the end with me wearing them all too so you can see exactly what they look like. I hope this helps with your party outfits!

Avalon Christmas Gifts

christmas gifts
Hello hello! As I mentioned in my huge womens Christmas gift guide post, I'm going to be featuring some amazing Christmas gifts on my social media channels and my blog in the run up to Christmas. Today in the spotlight is Avalon. You may remember them if you read my 'Going Organic for 7 days' post, a little while ago, when I first fell in love with their natural and incredibly affordable products. Today, I'm going to talk you through one of my favourite sets from them which is perfect for Christmas!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Cantaloupe Levels Sri Lanka; Surfing At Mirissa Sri Lanka

cantaloupe levels sri lanka
Sri Lanka feels like forever ago, that's how long it's been. I'm really sorry for the delay in this post, things have been absolutely manic but I wanted to publish it now in the hopes that it inspires your 2017 travels. With 2016 coming to an end (how, when, why did that happen?) I wanted to look back on my favourite travels too, so that post will be coming up. Back to Sri Lanka, what an incredible place. First, make sure you read my blog post about Serene Pavilions in Sri Lanka and then head over to my blog post about Aqua Hotels in Sri Lanka. For our third and final stop, we headed to Levels, also owned by Cnataloupe hotels. I have to say, this was my favourite hotel on the whole trip. We wandered up the steepest hill and we were greeted by the most exceptional views and have already decided we'll be back at this incredible hotel. Let's talk!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Top Tips To Find Affordable Outfits - My Cosy Christmas Outfit

Hello hello! I am so excited to be showing you this outfit today. I've had it ready to shoot for so long but finally grabbed Oscar to get some shots this week! Where has this craziness come from? I'm definitely ready to sit down this Christmas! I'm a sucker for a cosy, but classy outfit and I think I found the one. I was challenged by Nectar (with a cheeky little voucher, thanks guys for helping my shopping habit) to shop on their site for a festive outfit. I decided to choose something for a Christmas occasion, whether that be lounging around or simply going out for brunch. I think this outfit is great as you really can wear it in the house or out and about. I've wanted to show you it for so long. Let's discuss! I also want to give you some top tips to find affordable outfits this festive season because no-one wants to be out of pocket at this time of the year! Every little helps hey?! Thank me later! 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Daytime Handbag Essentials & Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc Leather Bag Review

grey faux fur guess jacketAfter the amazing response to my Gucci swing bag review post, I thought I'd introduce you to a new designer handbag today. My Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc leather bag. This gorgeous little cutie has followed me everywhere recently, it's my first ever grey bag. I decided to go for less of a traditional colour (I stick to blacks when it comes to bags) and something a little smaller. It's compact, beautiful and a true classic. I wanted to show you what's been in this bag recently, some serious essentials and new daytime favourites so get ready! 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Small Things I Did To Lose Weight & Tone Up - What Is Barrecore?

Hello hello! I realise I haven't done a fitness post in a few weeks (more coming your way this month, don't you worry) so today I wanted to talk about the little things I have been doing recently that have helped me to tone up, as well as a few new products I've been loving wellness wise. I'm a sucker for well-being and that's totally okay because I think putting our health and well-being first is so important. Let's discuss the little things I've been doing recently to tone up and stay in shape. I'm also including a pretty amazing new antiperspirant I've discovered and an amazing little kit from Neom to boost your workouts on these low energy/chilly Winter days!

Titanic Spa, Huddersfield Review & The Best Quiet Spots In Leeds

My life is pretty hectic, I'm okay with that. I split my time between Leeds and London, often abroad too and sometimes, I just need to recharge my batteries. I'm sure you'll know that if you've read my travel posts. I'm a motivated, life-loving person and love nothing more than making good use of my time. It's safe to say I am a little bit of a workaholic but it's something I've been working on recently (you can read about what my job actually entails here). The best thing for me about being busy is that it means I appreciate my 'me' time, and quiet time a lot more. Whether that's an hour in the bath, an hour at the gym or an hour on the sofa doing absolutely nothing, I cherish those moments of calm now. Recently, I got the chance to explore a venue not too far from home for a little bit of relaxation. Challenged by Virgin Experience days to find a little bit of calm in the city, here is my ultimate guide to relaxation in the North of England and you know what? As much as I adore London, the North really needs shouting about, it's so underrated. Let's change that and shout about it!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Moment Of Calm; My Weekend Breakfast

Life is really busy, for most of us. We all have those days where we're rushed off our feet and completely forget what calm feels like. If you've read my blog post about my job, you'll know that whilst I love it, the blogging world can be very full on. I recently wrote a blog post about how best to juggle your time, because I feel like I've become the queen of having no schedule, it really does change every day. When Lindt challenged me to do something for me, and share a moment of calm, I decided to take you for a healthy breakfast with me. Apart from the gym, which is my one hour of relaxation a day (if you can call the gym relaxing), the only time I actually sit, breathe and spend time with my loved ones is breakfast (when I'm at home!). Even if we go out for breakfast, breakfast is such a big part of my life. I'm sure you've read some of my fitness posts where I talk about why breakfast is so important, but it's not just important from a health point of view, I find it such a calm moment too and it always starts my day in a great way.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

How To Spread Goodness This Christmas And Give Back

Hey guys, so today it's a post all about spreading goodness. I'm totally upping my blogging game at the moment, that means, blogging a lot more frequently and I hope you're enjoying. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel great when they're giving back which is why actually, I have been giving back a lot recently. Every month I give bags of things to charity but for the last few Christmases I've been giving lots of things away to a local children's home, it means the children get Christmas presents. Anything that doesn't go to them is then raffled off to raise money for Easter eggs etc. I get such a great feeling when I give back and that's why I'm a little bit in love with this campaign. FeelGood drinks invited me to host my own little party in my house (or online) to celebrate spreading goodness and I've decided to turn this into a post about how I'm going to be spread goodness this Christmas and give you some tips too. I wanted to talk to you about a few ways you can give back this Christmas and spread some goodness in ways you didn't even think of. Remember, a little something may mean nothing to you but it may mean everything to someone else. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Styling Up Jewellery This Winter

longline beige trench coat

I'm one of those people who is easily pleased, give me beautiful, sparkly things or a cute bouquet of flowers (or a slice of pizza even) and I'll be the happiest girl in any room. It's no secret that I'm a big lover of accessories, from my Burberry scarf, to my love for handbags (my new Gucci swing is a welcome addition to my life) and obviously, jewellery. Jewellery is one of my favourite things because it's personal, you can choose the bits you like or someone can treat you and it feels like they're always with you when you're wearing that key piece. Another great thing about jewellery? How interchangeable it is, you can make it fit with your mood. You can be delicate with it, or make a statement. It's a very personal thing. On today's post, I wanted to show you some perfect Winter stacking with a little help from Thomas Sabo, one of the best in the business when it comes to gorgeous accessories. Spoiler: You're going to want it all. P.S I'm sure you've noticed, I'm pretty much doing blogmas this Christmas, with daily blog posts for as long as I can this December! I'm also doing vlogmas on my YouTube, so keep checking back! 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Top Christmas Gifts For Him - Male Christmas Gift Guide

christmas gifts for him

Hey guys! So today it's another gift guide from me, I wanted to get these live sooner rather than later and thought the end of November would be the perfect time. Make sure you head here and check out my huge Christmas gift guide for women, I think you'll like it! Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, I'm hoping this will help you this Christmas! Bookmark it and keep checking back because I'll be adding to this. Enjoy!


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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