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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nature's Best, My Favourite New Moisturisers, Trialled and Tested; NOURISH SKINCARE

Sunday Evening - Yesterday morning I woke up to one of the most beautiful parcels I have ever received. I am more inclined to buy products if the packaging is nice. I'm a bit sad like that, but I know many people are the same, if the packaging is nice, things are so much more appealing! I love simple packaging, even the box that my Nourish skin care came in is beautiful. The logo is modern, simplistic but so appealing. The logo even parallels to the logo of my blog, the font is really similar!

I loved the box which it came in, well, it just got better when I opened it. How beautiful can something look! But mainly, how can skin care look so beautiful aha! It actually made me smile and brightened up my morning waking up to this beautiful little bundle.The colours pink and green are so bright and they honestly made my morning.

 I got two moisturisers, as I said in my Glossybox review below, you can NEVER have too many moisturisers and I've been on the hunt for a good facial moisturiser for some time now. So when I heard about this brand, yeah I got really quite excited. Well, look no further these are no.1, not only do they smell great, they look great, they're mid price range and they actually work. (OH, and not to mention the fact that they're super duper good and unbelievably natural, so there's no worries about any damaging chemicals etc. in Nourish's products)
'Radiance' scent; rose.

'Balance' scent; apple.

You can kind of see on this picture just how nice the texture of it is. It's not too creamy, not too dilute but it's still firm enough to sink into the skin and not stay on the skin for ages, it doesn't feel wet/sticky for hours like some moisturisers do.
This cute bright wheel explains perfectly what each product does.
 I love their slogan;
'So nature gave you...' and then it gives you a selection of skin types, all of which us girlies (and guys) can relate to. Here's what they suggest you do; ''Choose your Nourish daily routine based on your skin type ( Nature) and then supplement it using additional products from the other ranges to fit your personal lifestyle influences ( Nurture)'' Clever huh!
Dry skin - Nourish Protect
Sensitive skin - Nourish Relax
Combination skin - Nourish Balance
Mature skin - Nourish Radiance

So, my skin is extremely dehydrated according to the experts at Dermalogica, therefore, it craves moisture and is thirsty! This is why I chose Balance, as it is to be used on my 'normal' skin days, when I just need to moisturise my skin.
'Radiance' is to be used when i'm suffering from signs of inflammation and simply need a lift.
This is exciting, interchangeable moisturisers! I can't wait to use these on a daily basis, I just felt the need to tell you all about them as soon as they arrived in my post box.

As if these little beauties couldn't get any better, they contain 'brightening' elements reaaaalllly excite me, there's nothing better than bright glowing skin, and with these products, I'm on the road to glowing skin!
 Goodbye dull, inflamed skin - Hello Nourished skin!

I have broken the wheel into the four sections so that you can have a read;

A bit about the brand if you haven't heard of these lovely people;
they avoid the use of unfriendly chemicals and colours. They use organic, plant derived, scientifically rested ingredients to enhance and nourish your skin.
What's not to love? At only £13.95 for 50ml I really do think these are brilliant products. Please have a look at this brilliant brand if you haven't already, I know i'm probably their number 1 fan now.

 Have you used Nourish before? What's your favourite moisturiser? Will you try this?

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Saturday evening - GLOSSYBOX APRIL REVIEW.
Partially happy... But not really, I'm still not sure about Glossybox... Although I loved the first one I got, only because it was from Harrods,i'm not sure it's worth £10.00. I'm about to talk to through why. Actually, it probably would be worth just £10.00 but they make you pay £2.95 for postage too which actually makes it nearly £15.00 for a box full of samples (when rounded up) which you can get for free! Nevertheless I do enjoy getting post,i'm so sad! I especially love it when the postman delivers a pretty box in the post which looks beautiful in my bedroom! I just don't like how I had to wait a whole month for it, girls and their needs ey!!
The style of the hand book that came with it was so so pretty, I love the natural elements to it and the green colours. In terms of design and packaging, glossybox scores 10/10. The wrapping is always immaculate, the boxes are always beautiful and so are the shavings which go inside the box to pad it out. I love how it's tied with a ribbon and sealed with a pretty sticker. Unfortunately, this high standard just isn't consistent and the products really aren't good enough in this box!
Yeah so I was quite disappointed when I saw that they'd given me a 'Figs and Rouge' lip balm. I do use lip balm and love it but I don't actually think this counts as a luxury sample. A lip balm is just something that everyone has and everyone needs, but I wouldn't deem it luxury, unless it was an Elizabeth Arden 24hour one or something. It's not that I don't use lipbalm because i'm all for cheap amazing products like lip balms, of course they are beauty must haves! It's just the reason I get Glossybox is to try out some 'luxury' items so that when I do spend my money on more expensive items, I get stuff that I actually like. It is only worth about £3.00 which also annoys me because I have paid for a box of 'luxury' items, something that is £3.00 is not a luxury item in my eyes. I'd rather have a smaller sample of something more expensive, such as the Versace perfume sample I received in March's box. The best lip balm I have is by Rose&Co, it smells gorgeous, looks gorgeous and makes my lips feel amazing!
 I do love the fact moisturiser (top right) I needed a new moisturiser for the face and this is for face in need of hydration, 'SOS Thirst quenching cream' which is perfect for my skin.  I haven't heard of the brand Caudalie before but it is a luxury sample as it is £29.00 for a full sized version, this is what I expect from the Glossy box, new exciting brands that are new to me and new exciting products wooo!
The black box you can see is an eyeliner by another unfamiliar brand; INIKA. It's a lovely eye pencil and I was very much in need of a new one, but clearly they've just given everyone a colour that no one would wear. The colour is sapphire and it's like bright blue/green, I look like a clown with it on unfortunately. However, the pencil is lovely, it makes a lovely line, I just wish it was either a black or a brown. I don't think this colour suits my blonde hair at all.

The Monu skincare moisturizer is £23.00 for full sized, so it is a decent product that they've included. I haven't used it yet but you can never have too many mositurizers so I am so happy with this item, I love finding new mositurizers and always use them after I shower so can't wait to use this tonight.

I'm really excited to use Philip B's Drop Dead straightening balm, you're meant to put a dab on wet hair and then it is meant to dry straight, I will let you know how I get on with this when I use it tonight. I have a natural afro so I'm very very interested about this product! 
I'm always on the look out for new hair products so things like this really benefit me and make me love Glossybox, this is what I want from Glossy box, the 'luxury' items which they advertise. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not all about luxury items, I love my primark eye lashes (£1.00!!!) and my Vaseline, but I just don't expect this when I've paid to get a few 'luxury' things!

So, whilst I was a huge fan of Glossybox and think the concept is amazing, I think either the postage should be free, to lower the price to the simple £10.00 which they advertise, or, they should make the items much better and not slip up by adding little things that I could pick up from my local supermarket. 

I can't decide if I should wait one more month or cancel my subscription, I only started it as I wanted the Harrods box, I may keep it going to see if I love the next products as I love 3/5 products and I'm extremely happy with them :):):) I suppose i'm never going to love everything so I think i've done quite well actually!
 Do you use Glossybox or recommend it?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

GIVEAWAY! Win your own little box of beauty items

Tuesday - AS PROMISED!!! A giveaway for you all. It's taken me ages to find all these products but I promised i'd make my own glossybox type box for you all! All you need to do to win is follow me and answer a question. Of course you can give yourself more chances of winning by gaining more points... You get a number of points for each one and each point equals an entry into a random number generator.
This contest starts today (24.04.12) and ends on the 24/05/12 to give everyone a fair chance of entering. You can still enter if you aren't a member of blogger, I know a lot of my readers are from Facebook and Twitter. Just tweet me answering the question for an entry.
@emshelx or tell me on facebook.

Inside the box:

Some of the products! Includes a Bodyshop make up bag to store them in!

Body shop nail file
Orly Nail varnish
Boujours nail varnish
2x Rimmel nail varnish
No.7 Nail varnish

Molton Brown!

Jemma Kidd make up
Shu Uemera cleanser

L'Occitane soap!

Body shop body creams (yum)

And more!

To win, all you have to do is;
You MUST be following my blog (link me to yours and ill follow back!) 
then answer this question: What is your must have beauty product/item... If there was just one product/thing that you swear by what is it. Say you were on a desert island, what is this one item that you would take with you? 
It's a tough one, I'm not sure what i'd take. 
The above gains you one entry and two points. Every two points equals one entry into the raffle for the winner. The raffle will be done online where I will give you all a number and let it randomly choose the winner. The more you do the more entries you get.

-Follow my personal twitter account @emshelx - 4 points (2 more entries) 
-Follow my blog's twitter account @dayinthelifeEMS - 2 points (1 more entry)
-Write about my give away on your blog and link to it - 6 points (3 more entries)
-Tweet about my give away using the hash tag #bblogger #bloggers - 2 points (1 more entry)
-Subscribe to my Youtube  Channel (will be starting to regularly upload as soon as I have lots of subscribers! ) 4 points (2 more entries)
-Post a link to my blog via Facebook 2 points (1 more entry)

The max amount of points you can gain is 22 which is equivalent to 12 entries. If you get all 22 points, it just means that your name will be in the hat 10 times, so you have 12x the chance of winning. Of course you could be lucky and just win from one entry so please still participate!

I will award the best answer to the question with a bonus of 6 points which equals 3 entries.

Leave me details of what you've done, the answer to your question, a link to your blog so I can follow you lovely readers and your email address/twitter account so that I can contact you if you win.
The best of luck to you all and thank you for your continued support.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dermalogica Haul

Monday- Wowww i'm sorry that I haven't posted for a few days. Firstly, I wanted lots of people to see my post about bullies, secondly i've just been stupidly busy. Tonight I was at work and was told that I can't have any time off at all for my exams which has really upset/aggrivated me. That's a story for another day I suppose.

Anyway, DERMALOGICA! After I got some samples from the not so nice lady at Dermologica last week in Selfridges,I wondered whether they'd be all they're said to be. Wow, yes. It is worth the hype. Such incredible products. I've been using samples of it for a week and noticed a difference the following morning when my skin was less red. Literally a day after all my spots had cleared. The woman at Selfridges was quite honestly rubbish and didn't help me out at all so instead, I went to Harvey Nichols to give the brand a second shot on Saturday to treat myself to the full sized bottles. The service she gave me was unreal. She was called Vicky and did a thing called Skin Mapping first, this is a free service where they put some glasses on and actually 'map' your face, it's pretty thorough and she told me about each part of my skin and it was really helpful. I've heard lots about Dermalogica and have heard numerous miracle stories about girls who had acne,used these products and no longer get it! Miracle products or myth? I don't have acne but get spots at the time of the month and this depresses me because I have never had skin problems until I reached about 17. I think it's because I literally just started using a face wipe because Clinique got too expensive for me. Contradictory, as this is more expensive but hey.. I thought I'd just go for it as it'll last me ages and why do we spend so much on our hair etc yet not on our face when it is the main part of out genetic make up!

She was really pleasant and asked my name etc, she got a booklet and started filling in details about my skin. There was a diagram of the face on the booklet, and the different parts of the face (i will upload a photo of this when i can) and put a note on each part to explain what was wrong with that section of skin. Eg, she said my cheeks lacked dehydration.

She then put a tray infront of me after explaining what each 'sector' of my face needed and filled it with products suited to my skin type. I didn't actually want to buy it all and laughed to my self when she put it all infront of me, but when she explained eaach product I thought why not. What have i got to lose? apart from £130 wow aha! 

-First I got a cleansing gel, she said to use it twice a day, morning and night but do two washes with it each time, one to get rid of the make up and the second to get a deep clean.

-She then showed me a daily exfoliant. I never exfoliate my skin and she said this may be why I keep getting spots. It comes out like talcum powder and you put loads of water with it (the more the better) to make a milky liquid. You then massage it into the skin for a minute and hey pronto. The lady told me that obviously I may get spots in the next few weeks because i'm actually bringing out the problems to the surface by deep cleaning my skin, but once they're out, they're out!

-She next showerd me a toner, I've got so many toners and never use them because I don't see the point or actually understand them. But, this one is amazing, hands down. It will last me forever. I love the fact that it's a spray bottle. She said you literally just spritz it, even if you have make up on, it just relifts your make up if you're feeling dull. She also said it gets the skin ready to absorb the moisturizer. She also said that it has skin brightening techology, I can actually feel it when I put it on!

-After the moisturizer (which I didn't buy as I already have so many!) she showed me a night gel, she said you put a small layer on the parts of your skin where you can feel you're about to get a spot, and it is meant to 'clear' them over night. I have already seen the effects and have been told that my skin looks brighter. I will continue to use them and let you all know how I feel!

I'm now an addict, can't wait to see if my skin looks amazing soon!
***Going to do an exciting post tomorrow and I have a giveaway for you all tomorrow as well :) I'm sure youll all love it.***

Thanks again for your support, leave me a comment I love to read them. What do you think about Dermalogica? What skin care do you reccommend? I follow back, leave me your links.
Lots of love

Friday, 13 April 2012


Wednesday Evening - Today I went to Manchester to go shopping with my family.
I had a hugeee make up splash! Selfridges was calling my name!
Dermalogica - various items
Clarins - Wonder perfect mascara
MAC - foundation
Clarins - Various moisturising goodies
Mac - Primer
Mac - Pump for my foundation
Clarins - Make up bag

I asked the lovely lady at MAC to do my make up because I'm sick of spending £££ on make up but not been able to apply it. She told me that my foundation is far too dark for me and gave me more of a neutral toned one, but for oily skin because my skin is horrible at the moment.
She put a shimmery primer on first which feels amazing!

She recommended this one to me because it is for skin that changes, for instance my skin can be really dry one week and ridiculously greasy the next. Thats hormones for you ey!
The thing I like best is the case (OMG) it's shiny and shimmeryy! I couldn't capture this on camera but it's so beautiful and girlie! It isn't matte so I can wipe it clean and it'll look all new!

As you can see, it's quite shimmery and it feels so moisturising, I will do a full review of it once I've tried it myself. It was £18.00 which I think is amazing considering I usually spend £30.00 on my Shu Uemera primer.
I got my usual foundation but got it in a really light colour (NC25) I was scared because I usually wear (NC35) but it looks so much more natural and because it isn't too dark it doesn't look dirty. I'll let you know how I get on with it when I apply it tomorrow.

Above you can kind of see the make up that she did me. It just looks natural and quite perfect even if I do say so myself. I love the blusher she used, I never wear blusher, just bronzer but she put the bronzer all over my face. The tip she gave me was to put bronzer underneath the cheek bones as she said it emphasizes them more.

I was speaking to the girl and telling her how annoyed I am that my skin is rubbish at the moment and she recommended dermalogica. EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE recommends this. The only problem is, it is sooo expensive so I went for a consultation and got some samples to see if I like it - I will let you all know after a week of using it.

Next I went to Clarins to pick up the mascara that I was recommended. I can't wait to trial it for you all.

BECAUSE I bought one item, Clarins were doing this thing where if you buy two, you got a free make up bag and full sized (I think they're full sized, they're big anyway!) moisturiser and bath and shower oil. I thought why not! And my mum bought the mascara as well. Bargain! 

Okay so I didn't buy much clothing but the few things I did buy are here;

Crop top from Topshop, not sure what i'll wear it with though!
Maybe a waist high skirt or waist high leather shorts on a night out.
Ignore my paleness I haven't tanned!

Yellow/lemon shorts from Hollister.

Cricket jumper from Hollister.

I love the colour of them!

Hope you all like everything I bought today! Can't wait to use them all tomorrow so that I can review them fully for you! Mwah

@dayinthelifeEMS @emshelx


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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