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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

NARS Orgasm Blush Review and How Best To Apply Blusher

Nars orgasm blush

Ahh hello lovelies, so today is a product review, I feel like I haven't done a deep product review for a while so here we go. Inside this miniscule compact is something which the blogging world goes crazy for. Who'd have thought that something so magical, beautiful and so lust-over could come in such a small package. The compact itself is so light, it's sort of like the Mac book air of the cosmetics industry. Perfectly light and perfectly compact, but the outer shell is modern and will look beautiful in any make up collection. I've got to be honest and say that I don't really wear blusher, at all, however, seen as everyone raves about ths product and I do think that every girl needs a blusher in her life, just incase, I had to buy it. I absolutely love the simplicity of NARS packaging, it's so high range yet the prices aren't that expensive. This is my first ever purchase from NARS and at £21.00 for such a cult product, I don't think it is that bad, it is when you're me, on a student budget but don't we all deserve a treat once in a while?

What they say about it; 'The ultimate authority in blush, natural, healthy-looking colour that immediately enlivens the complexion. A light application of even the highest intensity hues delivers a natural-looking flush'. The creator said 'when I created orgasm blush, I came up with the name first then created the colour. I wanted something a bit audacious'. An audacious it is, this basically means that he wanted something extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless etc. I think this colour fits that mould, but somehow, I can't help but think it's a flirtatious colour for the cheeks, it gives you a flushed look as if you have just been flirting, which is another reason where I guess the name 'Orgasm' came from for this blusher.

Because I don't usually wear blush, I looked on the NARS website for some tips when applying this blush and I wanted to share them with you;

1. 'Blush is the fastest and easiest way to give yourself a pick-me-up. Start by applying blush to the apples of the cheeks. Take what's left on the brush and sweep across the hairline, bridge o the nose and the chin. Neutral-tone blushes can also be used to contour and sculpt the skin'. - James Boehmer, Director of Global Artistry.

2. 'For a complexion that is oilier with more pronounced pores, apply a matte powder blush to cheeks before a shimmer blush. It will allow the shimmer to glide on cheeks more smoothly and evenly, and allow colour to look fresh all day long'. - Uzo, International Make Up Stylist.

3. 'Smile and apply blush to the apples o the cheeks using a brush. For a dimensional, contoured look. apply a shimmer blush to the apples and a matte blush to the hollows of the cheeks'. - Shayna Shapiro, Lead Trainer.

Below are some examples of looks that you could recreate using this blush;
Beautysets - blusher
Last but not least, me wearing the blush;

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Friday, 23 November 2012

November Beauty Wishlist

Hey everyone, so firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to EVERYONE who read the post below about bullying. I've had the most incredible and touching tweets, emails, texts, messages etc. from so many people. I really hoped to get the message out there and I think together we managed to do that, thankyou so much for all your lovely comments and retweets. So the other day I was on one of my favourite blogs, Kayleigh's couturegirl,  and she was discussing a new blogging tool called 'Beauty Sets', I always want to make wish lists for my blog but it takes me hours because i'm rubbish on the likes of Microsoft paint, but this tool just makes it easy, so i'd like to welcome you to my first proper wish list post, these are just random items that i've wanted for ages really.

Okay so I just wanted to share with you my November beauty wishlist. I'm sure there's loads more that I want to try but I've had a mind blank and I have no money so i'm going to try ban myself from spending until at least Christmas! 

1: Nars multiple bronzer; what they say: 'The iconic NARS multiple available in three bronzing shades to compliment every skin tone to create an all-over-warmth contours for the entire face. Like the popular Multiple, the Multiple Bronzer can be used on the eyes, cheeks or body. Skin radiates an ultra-natural sun-kissed glow with a soft matte finish, enriched with anti-oxidants and easy blendability makes for mistake-proof application.' So yeah, this product is very Kim Kardashian, perfect for countouring, can be used all over the body, gives a glow, it just looks like a cool product to try, it almost sounds like THE most perfect product ever. I would have bought it the other day if the sales assistant wasn't so rubbish. But after researching it, it does look really good.

2: Nars Foreplay Orgasm palette; what they say; 'A chic cheek palette featuring four dazzling shades based on the bestselling Orgasm blush. Peach Matte Blush, Gold Highlighting Blush, Pink Matte Blush and Orgasm Blush.'  Oooh, like i've said before, I don't really use blushers but after purchasing my Orgasm blush the other day, I now want to try this palette. I'd rather buy the palette because it works out cheaper than paying £21.00 per colour, they'll last for ever so the size is perfect for me. 

3: Benefit high beam; I've had this product before and it literally lasted me years, it's only just recently run out and I've decided that I will re-buy it, I'm obsessed with how Kim Kardashian does her make up and this is definitely a product that I'd use to recreate her perfect face look, so I need this back in my life.

4: Clarins wonder perfect mascara; Ahh I used to have this product and it ran out quite quickly, it is very expensive for a mascara, I think its around £21+ but, when you put it on you'll never go back. It gives the plumpest and longest lashes, it's just a shame about the price. This is something which I will ask for this Christmas. A beautiful product.

5: Benefit sun beam; I've wanted this for ages, again, I want it to create the Kim Kardashian radiant make up look, I think it'll give a gorgeous hint of sun-kissed skin and warm up my face in these dull winter months which are fast approaching us.

6: Nars Satellite of Love illuminating powder; what they say; 'Illuminating highlighting powders that give the skin a light-reflecting luminous glow. Wear alone or pair with other cheek products to create beautiful dimension on the face. Creates instant radiance made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness on the skin. Universally flattering shades'. Yeah so you've probably seen that my wish-list is full of NARS, because everything seems so incredible. I adore the packaging, but even more so, I adore the colours. I beg you to go and look at Satellite of love in the shop, it just looks perfect. Once again, this is very Kim Kardashian. I  know I bought a similar product the other day from Mac but a girl can never have too many highlighting tools right?

7: Vanitas perfume by Versace; I've been in love with this product ever since I got to sample it in GlossyBox, it's just gorgeous and one of the best things I have ever smelt. I can't even explain it, all my perfume has pretty much run out so I cannot wait for Christmas to top up on my Flowerbomb and hopefully this beautiful scent.

Ooo, last but not least, i've filmed a new YouTube video, I decided to do the
 'Why Do You Wear Make Up' Tag video, enjoy!

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Treats from MAC and NARS and this weeks make up looks

Hello lovelies, so i've being quite ill today but before work I decided to treat myself to some make up, in order to make me feel happier, they say that retail therapy is good for you - unfortunately it didn't make me feel less poorly, but it did cheer my face up. If you read my blog you'll be aware that i've never even used anything from NARS before, I was hoping that I could write about how amazing the service was and how I bought so many products, but that would be lying. Okay, so I didn't have loads of time but the sales assistant in Harvey Nichols was very rude, she asked if I wanted any help and I said yes please and asked her about the laguna bronzer and the orgasm blusher... she told me that I'd have to buy both separately as they no longer do duos, this confused me as they do sell duos online, but  she didn't seem to care or offer me any alternatives she just walked off. I then asked her which one she would recommend and she didn't even look at my complexion, she just said 'yea go for orgasm' and didn't even look at me when she was speaking to me, her mind was clearly elsewhere throughout our whole conversation and I felt like I was a nuisance to her. I was ready to purchase pretty much the whole shop, i've made a wishlist of items that I want from Nars and was going to treat myself today but her un-attentive attitude put me off Nars immediately. It's such a shame because I really expected her to at least try and sell me the products. I next asked her about the highlighting sticks, to which she hardly responded. It seemed that I knew more about the products than she did, when she did put my items through the till, she rushed me through as if she had better things to do. Unfortunately, this horrific service meant that I only bought one item, when I wanted to buy at least 3 or 4 things. Basically, she didn't want to talk to me about make up, which I guess is a basic part of her job role?

Nars Blusher in Orgasm. So, the one thing I did buy was this baby. Due to the terrible customer service, I don't even know if it will suit me, particularly because I don't really wear blusher, but people swear by it so I decided to just go for it. The colour is incredible, I can see why so many people love it. Apparently it's a worldwide favourite. It was £21.00 which is expensive, but not too expensive. I probably wont wear it much and blusher never really gets used up, so I hope to have this item for a very long time. I love NARS packaging. Watch this space for a full review of the product including me wearing it.

Mac Cosmetics mineralize powder in 'soft and gentle', I currently wear this powder in medium/dark but this is more of a highlighter. The make up artist showed me how to apply it, and she put it at the top of my cheek bones and down my nose to highlight. It just gives a lovely little reflection in the light and is quite sparkly. I did originally ask for the 'Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Skinfinish powder' which is apparently 'a liquid powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts highlights and models the face' this sounds very Kim Kardashiany and like a new exciting product, the only reason I didn't get it today is because it was sold out boo. So instead, the make up artist recommended the 'soft and gentle' mineralize powder and said it is pretty much the same, so I went for it. This was £21.50 so not that bad considering you do get a lot and these always last.

Last but not least, I topped up on mascara by treating myself to Mac's Zoom Lash, it's just a fantastic mascara for definition but also it makes the lashes really black. I tend to use loads of mascaras but always let them dry up, so this was much needed. I have used this for years. I usually use Clarins Wonder perfect but it's around £20.00, which is expensive for mascara, especially when on a student budget, so I will have to put that on my Christmas list. I also got myself a Mac concealer just because my skin is horrible this week and I have come to the end of my previous Mac concealer, it's really thick and good for bad skin days so this is an essential item for my make up bag.

Below you can see a few photos of me this week, to get an idea of what outfits i've worn and how i've done my make up and hair.

Above I am wearing a backless leotard from American Apparel, I adore AA but it is SO expensive, however, this was only £22.00 which I think is very cheap for them. Well, it's not when you consider that this is just a plain leotard, but it is gorgeous, it's just fully backless. My hair extensions are from ClipHairLimited and I suggest you check them out, @cliphairlimited as they do really thick extensions which are great quality, I will be reviewing these sometime next week for you. It feels so good to have thick long hair again.

Above I am wearing the same leotard but in white, I actually think I prefer it in white. Then again, I am quite boring and do always wear just black and white. Here I am wearing Mac Cosmetics studio fix foundation in NC30, Mineralize powder in medium/dark and their Myth Lipstick. I am wearing their Plush Lash mascara. As you can see, I swear by Mac Cosmetics. My favourite lipstick is Myth by Mac, and I don't think that will ever change, as you can see, it's just nice and nude.

I hope you liked this post, have you ever used Mac Cosmetics or Nars? What are your favourite items?

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

French beauty products, Belgium haul! Bioderma, La Roche-Posay and Caudalie reviewed

Hello everyone! as many of you are aware, I was in Belgium last week, and whilst I am super depressed to be back in dull England, at least it means I can get back to blogging. I of course, in Belgium was on the look out for suitable treats for me to review for you.

After studying French at A-Level, I've always had a passion for the French language and culture this is why I love French pharmacies. Below you can see a few items that I picked up. I didn't buy much because it was all so expensive, but at least I got to taste a bit of the French beauty culture.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Hello lovelies, so if you follow me on twitter (@emshelx) you’ll be aware that I am currently on my way to Belgium! I really hope that I get the chance to grab some items so that I can do a Belgium Haul post including lots of new products. If you read my blog you’ll have probably guessed that I am quite obsessed with Kim kardashian’s make up. But, to be honest, who isn’t. She always looks immaculate and this is my 3rd post about her make up, this time though, it is more indepth with more research as to what products she actually uses. Please note: NONE OF THESE ARE MY IMAGES, taken from Pinterest.

For Kim Kardashian, it really is all about skin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her face looking bad. Okay, yes the media does edit everyone, I’ve written numerous essays about how the media makes beauty unattainable, because everyone is airbrushed. However, I genuinely do just think that Kim has a crazily perfect face, whether you like Kim or not, I think her make up is something to aspire to. I am going to talk you through what I think she does to achieve this/what I would do to achieve the same look.

PREP AND PRIME. Of course, every make up artists secret. I always used to be like, waah primers are so expensive, what even is the point of them. But recently, since using primers every single day, I’ve noticed such a difference in my complexion. A primer is essential for perfect make up application, don’t let anyone tell you any different. It evens your skin tone and just makes your make up sit nicer, on a smoother base and it prevents it sliding off. My favorite primers are Shu Uemura’s UV underbase, it’s around £35.00 which is so steep, but it’s their best selling product, it really is worth getting your hands on this if you can because it’s probably the best primer I’ve ever used. I’d also recommend Mac Cosmetics prep and prime, this is also gorgeous and it has a light shimmer to it, so it gives you a hint of Kim Kardashian’s glowing complexion, this is only £18.00 which is quite cheap for MAC. Recently, I’ve being using Wild About Beauty’s botanical skin prep primer and Urban Decay’s primer – these are both quite similar to Macs, but they contain better ingredients, so no nasty things are going on your skin. Basically, just make sure that you use a primer for perfect make up application. I’ve read that Kim’s make up artist uses La Mer: The Radiant Serum – unfortunately, for us normal people over £200 is a little bit too much to spend on your face.

HIGHLIGHTING – Aaah ever really looked at Kims cheeks and thought wow, they look so much more defined than mine. Yep, me too. I’ve read numerous times that Kim Kardashian’s make up artist swears by using highlighters. The highlighters that I would recommend to create the same look would have to be Benefit’s High Beam, if you haven’t ever used this product, I promise it will give you that wide-eyed-bushy-tailed look that Kim Always seems to have. It’s perfect for accentuating the cheek bones and adding a healthy glow to the skin. This is around £25 from what I can remember, but my pot literally lasted me years, it’s only just run out. I have seen dupes of this in cheap make up shops such as Bodycare in the UK, pretty much the exact same highlighter for under £5.00. Something which I would highly recommend though is Nourish’s Body Souffle – This has become one of my favorite products lately, however, it was only when I read a review the other day on someone elses blog that I learnt that this product can be used as a face primer or a face highlighter. Much like Benefit’s sunbeam, which is something that I’ve wanted to try for ages. This primer, come highlighter come body soufflé can literally be used for everything. It reflects the particles in your skin for a flawless finish, I absolutely love what it does to my legs, it coats them with a beautiful colour and almost makes it look like you have skin tights on (that’s how perfect this product makes your skin look). This is just over £25 from what I remember, but the pot is huge and can be used in a number of ways. Put this on your cheek bones before foundation application and I promise that you will soon have Kim Kardashian’s Golden glow.

CONTOURING and CONCEALING – L’oreal Lumi Maqigue – Yes, I rave about this product on a daily basis, although it runs out really quickly, I think it’s the perfect pen for doing the contouring that Kim Kardashian does on her face. Or, if you fancy spending a bit more money, try YSL’s touché éclat, I personally think that Loreal’s Lumi Magique is exactly the same product at half the price but I will let you decide that. I literally layer this product under my eyes and again, on my cheek bones. It’s so easy to apply, and if you apply it the sameway that Kim does to contour, it should perfectly define your best features. This pen can be used as a highlighter as well. I’ve read that Kim uses Make Up Forever’s camouflage palette, which I need to get my hands on, but unfortunately it is only used in the UK. I’ve also read on Kim’s personal blog that she uses Cle De Peau’s concealer stick (which I don’t think is available in the UK) but similar concealers can be found at Bobbi Brown or Mac Cosmetics. Not that Kim has any spots to conceal. Pft!

FOUNDATION - I’ve read before that Kim uses MAKE UP FOREVER’s HD foundation – I actually wore this last night for the first time in ages and now I remember why I love it so much. At first, it seems really sticky and oily when it’s on your face, but, once you let it dry, it goes really nice and matte. I bought this when I was in Paris and only bought it after watching a Youtube video with Kim’s make up artist who said that he uses this foundation on her. It really does give you a HD finish. Similar foundations which I would recommend for the heavy matte look are Mac cosmetics studio fix, I wear shade NC35 as it has yellow undertones, rather than the NW colours which are pink undertones. Estee Lauders double wear is quite similar to both of the foundations, but it is a bit too heavy for me. I like Mac because it is buildable coverage.

POWDER – In order to get a real matte finish, powder is a necessity. It’s my pet hate when people don’t wear powder, it just means that your foundation will go sticky and look oily. I personally use Mac’s mineralize skin finish in colour medium to dark. Kim said on her personal blog that she uses MAC cosmetics Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 and then brushes MAC’s powder in NW45 over the top for a tan.

BRONZER/BLUSHER– Kim always seems to have really bronzed cheeks, I have read that once again, her make up artist uses Make up Forever. However, on Kim’s own blog she said that she uses Smashbox bronzer; ‘Bronze lights’ in the suntan matte shade. I want to buy this now I’ve seen that she apparently wears it. I’ve read that she uses cream blush in a pink colour called ‘Cheek’ for a rosey look. MAC sell cream blushes which are really good to recreate Kim Kardashian’s luminious cheek looks.

EYES - On Kim’s personal blog she discusses her favorite colours for a smokey look, she said she uses ‘carbon’ by MAC if it’s a black smokey look, but ‘Knight Divine’ or ‘Print’ if it’s a grey smokey eye. If it’s a brown smokey eye she will use ‘Embark’ by MAC. I think these colours are pretty easy to get from most places, I’d recommend Urban Decays naked palette for all of the colours in one palette, or for a cheaper alternative try MUA. Kim Kardashian apparently uses Mac’s Zoom Lash mascara for long eye lashes, which I can believe, as I also use this because it is incredible. I’ve also read that she uses Lancome’s Hypnose, which is easily just as good – but more expaensive. She said that she puts MAC’s Zoom Lash on first and then Lancome on top. I’m guessing that she wears lashes though, I’d recommend ‘Girls with Attitude; who do incredible lashes or Shu Uemera for a more expensive pair (Cheryl Cole wears these eye lashes apparently!).

LIPS: Kim’s lips are usually neutral, I’d recommend mac’s lipstick in ‘myth’ their best seller as it is perfectly nude. I’ve read that she actually wears Nars ‘belle de jour’ but lines her lips first with MAC Subculture lipliner.

If that wasn't enough for you, read here for more tips on how to do your make up like Kim Kardashian, including videos!

Also, I made my own Kim Kardashian make up video which you can see here!

I hope this helps to answer a few questions about 'What Make up Kim Kardashian Wears' a question that too mny of us want to know the answer to, maybe one day I can ask her in person.
Lots of love, Em x x x

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hello lovelies, so today I have decided to talk to you about some beautiful products that I got a while ago and haven't really discussed with you! I tend to buy most of my make up from Harvey Nichols and usually rush straight to MAC cosmetics but I never really get the chance to look at other brands. I've always wanted to try Nars, (not sure why  I haven't tried anything from there), Armani and Burberry. And finally, I took the plunge. To be honest, I didn't even know that Burberry did make up, I've only ever seen their lipsticks in the Harrods special Glossybox edition and really wanted one then but unfortunately didn't get one in my box.  I am delighted to say that I am now the proud owner of two Burberry lipsticks and the Burberry Body eau de parfum purse spray (which is unreal by the way). 

The perfume, aaaah possibly the best perfume that I have ever smelt. I don't even think I knew that Burberry did perfume, I think I may prefer this to Flowerbomb (oh yes I did say that!). Selfridges say that it is 'a seductive and feminine fragrance inspired by the timeless elegance of the iconic trench coat' which I suppose is pretty cool. The case that it comes in seems so much more durable than a bottle, not only is this purse spray perfectly portable, but it is also made out of rose gold, crazily glamorous!  You even get two refills with it and they last for ages (well, not if you spray it to the extent that I do) I hope that this lasts me until Christmas because it's my must have item. I wish that I could let you all smell it, I urge you to smell it somehow because it's just gorgeous. This costs £50.00 which I suppose isn't too bad, when I compare the price of Flowerbomb, which is what I usually wear. Not to mention, this is eau de parfum and therefore, 'real' perfume, it isn't the evaporated eau de toilette version. This is just perfect to be thrown in my bag on a day to day basis but I love to pop it in my clutch on a night out too.

 Okay, so anyone who knows me will know that I am addicted, well and truly, to Mac's Myth lipstick. We just have this love affair which is probably never going to end. It's just perfectly nude and doesn't look like lipstick. I also wear a Nikki Minaj lipstick by Mac, which is bright pink, I do tend to feel like a clown when I wear it though. I am probably more impressed with the pattern on this Burberry lipstick and the packaging than the shade of the lipstick. That is a personal opinion though, it's just me being picky about the colour. The lipstick or 'lip velvet' as Burberry nicely call it, is long lasting and looks beautiful on, unfortunately the colours just aren't really me. Actually, I tell a lie, the pink apricot colour (left) is really nice, it's kind of a pale pink, although the photo doesn't show it very well. It's just a bit brighter than my usual Myth so I can deal with wearing this, I just wish the redwood was a bit more vibrant, I really want a ridiculously vibrant red lipstick or a deep purple lipstick. I'm sure that they do a large array of colours though and i'm going to have to have a look through them all and try some colours, i'd love to see if they do a nude colour similar to Mac's myth. What I will be trying to get my hands on next is this lipstick in 'bright poppy' it's an incredible deep purple colour. I wouldn't mind trying their velvet foundation too. Wow, both will be going on my Christmas list.
As you can see, the pattern on the lipstick is ridiculously glamorous. It literally is incredible, it's Burberry's new print, and it makes me not want to touch the beautiful lipstick. It is too pretty. The case itself is absolutely gorgeous, it's possibly the poshest lipstick that I have ever come across. The lid is magnetic and sticks to the case which is handy as I always lose my lipstick lids. I also like that it is square in shape, instead of the usual lipsticks which are shaped like bullets. You can see the colours a bit better below.
 The top left is the red wood, below this (very difficult to see) is the pink apricot with flash. You can see that it's really nice and shiny. To the right you can see both colours with and without flash. obviously it's difficult to see what the colours look like unless you actually saw me in person with them on. Follow me on instagram and I will try and upload a photo of me wearing them tomorrow when i've actually got some make up on:  emshelx is my instagram. Next stop: bright poppy.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with Burberry as a make up brand. After looking on their website, I would love to try their powders and their velvet foundation, I think i'll be popping into Selfridges next time I'm in London to pick a few Burberry items up - I would love my make up bag to be full of this elegant and glamorous brand. I think it's the packaging that sells it for me, it really is high end designer stuff. These are definitely items that should be on your Christmas list to add a lot of glamour to your stocking. If you get a free minute, have a look at Burberry make up online, everything looks amazing.

Lots of love, Em x

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

October in photographs, my month instagrammed

Hey everyone! now I don't usually like October, last year October was very difficult for me with some issues that I had to face and this October hasn't really been much better. However, this October it was the Cosmopolitan blog awards, so I suppose that one night makes up for the rest of the month. I have lots to tell you about and show you so I have decided to do an October in photographs post, similar to an instagram post. I've never done one of these before but it looked quite fun, so here it is, October pulled together in a few simple photos that I have put on instagram.
You can follow me on instagram: emshelx

From top left; Girls with Attitude amazing eye lashes // Halloween, I went as a cat, how original, I wore my Girls with Attitude lashes and used L'oreal eye liner for the nose and whiskers and Stargazer lip stick on the lips // I was sent this beautiful package from Jergens, and I've got to say that the Original Beauty Lotion is my favourite body lotion, not only does it smell of almonds and cherries, it will make you feel the softest that you've ever felt. // TWITTER! I just had to print screen Cosmopolitan announcing that I'd won the Cosmo newcomer award! Crazy, still cannot thank you all enough // Curly hair, I curled my hair lots in October // Some beautiful goodies from the Next bloggers event that I attended in October, it was a lovely event in the most beautiful hotel. I received their NEWYORK perfume, MILAN luxury reed diffuser and the most incredible body scrub that I have ever used // New sparkly All Saints sequin top,yummy // I was feeling down so I got creative and cut 'Never regret something that once made you smile' out of a magazine and stuck it on my wall. // FAMILY TIMES, October marked my brothers 21st // There's me as a cat again // I MET MARK WRIGHT LAST WEEK! (Towie) // Onesie 21st party that I attended // My scary black acrylic nails which look more like claws! // My incredible Karen Milen glasses from Specsavers, I am in LOVE! // I was reunited with my beautiful Mini when I went on a long drive on a cold day in October // Some of the gorgeous decorations at the Next Bloggers event, it really made it feel like Christmas is just around the corner. // MY NEW BUSINESS CARDS FROM MOO!

I got paid on October 31st so to end a not-so-great month I treated myself to a beautiful Marc Jacobs ring. Thank you Selfridges... you brightened my day! I also ordered myself a MAC book pro laptop, now I can finally work really hard on my Youtube channel!

Aaah, October was the start of my love affair with these beautiful Miss Guided Disco Pants. I've wanted a pair for so long, and MissGuided is always the answer to my prayers. They are identical to the American Apparel ones and nearly half as cheap. Look out for these on an outfit of the day post very soon! If you want to fall in love with everything on a website please visit: you may come out bankrupt though...
Of course, a huge thanks to Next, for inviting me to their beauty blogger event. The girls who I met were amazing, the canapes and drinks were equally amazing, the treatments that we had were to die for (I got my eye brows threaded to perfection yay). But Next's new beauty products really did blow me away, the packaging is all so beautiful and most items are named after citys which I find is a really nice touch. My favourite items are from the 'Milan' range, what they've done with the packaging is perfect for Christmas, it all has cute little bows on the top. My favourite item of all time though has to be the purifying and exfoliating sugar body scrub from their spa range. I dare you to try it. 
Last but certainley not least, a huge thanks to Specsavers, for showing me that glasses can be cool and don't have to look like glasses! Whilst in London, I got my hands on these beautiful Karen Milen frames, which to be honest, I'd wear even if I didn't have to wear glasses. They've definately made wearing glasses a nicer experience. I will do a seperate post on these soon!

xxx Love Em xxx
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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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