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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Autumn fashion inspiration

Hello my lovely readers, huge apologies for the lack of posts, but my London journey (I have been here for over a month now!) ends this weekend (boo!) , so I will finally have a fully working laptop and I will have time to haul for you all and believe me, I have so many new products to write about... I cannot wait to show you all. I have been insanely busy, if you weren't aware, first I blogged and reported on the Olympics after winning the Samsung Global Blogger competition (eek!) and just when I thought my Olympic Journey was over, I was lucky enough to watch the Opening Ceremony last night (with front row seats) I EVEN SAW KATE. Oh my. GOD. There is no stopping that woman's fashion sense, she is perfection, truly.

Here is a quick post amongst my business to say a warm welcome to September! Now, I do LOVE Autumn, I think I love it more than Summer?! Autumn and Christmas are definitely my favourite seasons, but I am a winter baby so I may be bias! But, think big scarves, bonfire night, jacket potatoes, wellingtons, Ugg boots, pretty twinkly fairy lights, endless cuddles... SNOW - what's not to love?! Yipeee!, and before we know it, Santa Claus will be coming down our chimneys and there will be Christmas carol singers everywhere. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to be walking down a muddy track with my wellies making a crunching sound in the crisp leaves on bonfire night, fire works give me goosebumps, I love them, I think bonfire night really marks Autumn. Just me? Oh well... I love Autumn! HELLO AUTUMN!
now let's clink our hot chocolate mugs.

Here's to the winter months.
How do you feel about the seasons?

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Shopping in London, My London Haul, the haul of hauls

Soo, I am still in London yayyy. Literally having the most incredible time and by no means do I want to come home, life is so much more productive and energised down here. I say 'down' because I am from 'up' North so London is South to me. Of course I have immature idiots trying to put me down, mocking me for being here, I didn't know people cared that much that it offends them that I post a Facebook status saying that I'm in London, oh well. People always have to be nasty, but it just motivates me more. Enough of me giving nasty people air space, basically, I finally got the chance to go shopping (I have been sooo busy) and this shopping trip was long over due. so I decided that I should show you what I've bought... as I pretty much blew my bank balance and found some exciting new things which I just need to share with you all! As you can see, the pile is huge so I will talk you through my faves from my FIRST of many hauls whilst i'm here.

Strictly speaking not all of these items were purchased in London, but they all have some sort of relevance to my trip. My Mum brought me these beautiful studded heels from home as they were in the post for me, it turns out that I got them free from the Nelly shoe event that I attended, I didn't actually want this pair, I put them as my third choice but I am so glad I got them, the detail is amazing and they genuinley are so gorgeous in real life, I can't explain! I don't think I will ever wear pink shoes but come to think of it, they'd probably go quite nicely with a plain black dress. The studded detail on them is gorgeous and very Jeffery Campbell. My Mum is still waiting for her pair though and we can't wait to see what she got. Thankya!

Of course, you can't go to London and miss out Abercrombie. In England, London is the only place that sells Abercrombie so I thought i'd buy myself a few things. I didn't buy myself as much as I usually would but they didn't have that much stuff in, so I just bought essentials. As you can see, I got a coral t-shirt which says' Sunset Harbour Boat Club - Fitch' I did want a logo'd vest top but they didn't have any. I just like this top because I think the colour is really cool. I also got the standard A&F sweat shorts and then some relaxed jogging bottoms/sweat pants, they're super comfy as they're tight at the top but loose at the bottom.

I of course went make up shopping, I went to Selfridges and bought some Mac Mineralize powder and then my usual Myth lipstick. I did need a new make up bag so I bought one from Victoria's Secret. I didn't even know that they did make up bags but this one is lovely, of course it's pink and it's shiny which is something I've been looking for in a make up bag as it means it won't get scruffy, I can just wipe it clean.I also got some 'PINK' body lotions from V.S, I just got them because I loved the packaging, i'm going to go back and buy some more as they do the same lotion in loads of different colours.

I also recently got a Xen-tan bronzer which I CANNOT wait to use. And also a style file, which came from the TV show 'The Apprentice', I will let you know how I get on with these products. On the photo you can also see my new face primer from Victoria's secret, it's meant to prime AND set your make up, very excited to try this out and review it for you all. 

Lastly, I got a Murad hybrid primer, I used this today for the first time and it is sooo good, I will of course be reviewing this as well. I have never used any Murad products but have heard rave reviews about them so was super excited to get this as well. I feel an addiction coming on.

Above you can kind of see a big Victoria's Secret tote bag on the right hand side, I got this for spending over a certain amount in that beautiful shop. I also raided Forever 21, I bought the below 'Tokyo Japan' cropped vest, a leopard print fitted jumper and a mesh leotard. That shop is so cheap, I can't understand why we don't have one anywhere else apart from London?! and why I have never heard of it before, Forever21 is pretty much H&M prices for Topshop style clothing.

You can also see a gorgeous blouse which I got from I wore it to my placement yesterday, as you can see you could wear it with anything really. I went for the girlie look, I think it would have looked better tucked in though, but I can't wait to wear it with a tight pair of jeans, very versatile. The packaging was absolutely beautiful that it came in- even my Mum was like wow! It has the most beautiful pearly ribbon around a gorgeous packet, it just makes getting post that bit more special.

Also, you can see my London 2012 t-shirt from Samsung, which is signed personally by Mr David Beckham (OMG.) Also you can see kind of, my Victorias' Secret umbrella! It's amazing and bright pink!I also got this for spending far too much in that gorgeous shop, I blame the models who grace the walls, I seem to think I will magically look like them if I buy their underwear, well we can always dream can't we!

Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I purchased lots of sparkly underwear of course. I wont go into detail about how amazing the items are as if you've ever been to VS you will know! But basically they're all beautiful, sparkly and the colours are amazing. I don't even want to wear them, they're so delicate.

I also got some Xen-tan goodies as you can see in the bag, but i've chosen this picture to highlight the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I was lucky enough to be given by Samsung, it's absolutely incredible, I am sad to say goodbye to my iphone, but the Samsung is much more user friendly. Below the phone you can see a pair of Havianas, I have always wanted some of these and my gorgeous Brazilian friend Elize actually bought me a pair in London, I cannot wait to wear them on holiday, I got so excited when she gave me them!

I did purchase lots of bits and bobs in Oxford streets Topshop. I bought a black crop top, a grey body con maxi skirt, a floral detail vest top and I literally can't remember what else I got. Because I spent a certain amount of money, I got given a limited edition 'London' scarf, I cannot wait to wear this in winter, it's actually really thick and it folds in many ways, so I suppose I can wear it a number of ways.

I'm having an amazing time in London and I'm sure this is just one part of my haul, I can see that I will be posting a new haul every week whilst my London journey continues, the shops are just too good to resist. Hope you are all having a fabulous summer. Also, if you have a YouTube channel please leave the link below, I need to find some youtubers to follow, click here to see my new channel. Of course, if you want a quicker chat you can speak to me on twitter: @emshelx P.S, I have been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan newcomer award, and I am SO greatful, it would mean the world to me if you could vote for me to help me win - thank you so much, click below.

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

What's in my bag beauty bloggers TAG

I think it's about time I did a 'what's in my bag' post! I've seen a few of these flying around the blogger world lately and i'm not sure why they're nice to read, but I love that you get to nosey in someones bag so I thought i'd let you nosey in mine. I apologise for the lack of posts lately, if you didn't know already, I was lucky enough to be a winner of the Samsung Global Blogger competition which meant I have been living in London (London is amazing by the way, I never want to come home), blogging and reporting first hand on the Olympic Games, I am still in London as now I am undertaking a work placement which is just as incredible. It was the best time OF my life blogging at the Olympics and working with Samsung and MSN, I cannot wait to tell you all about it on my London haul post coming
within the next few days.

Recently i've been using a Zara satchel which i've been dragging through London's polluted streets, you can see the pollution on it, it's actually gone from cream to brown so i've decided to switch back to my trusty Juicy Couture bag. I absoutely HATE fake Juicy Couture bags, I would rather not have one, than have a fake one - I know this sounds snobby and I apologise,i'm all for fake designer bags, but because I have scrutinsed Juicy bags so much, I can tell what is real and what isn't and I think 'chavvy' people tend to make Juicy bags look cheap... I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when my mum saved up and treated me to one when I was 16, it is still in immaculate condition and I made sure I chose one which wasn't tacky, I just went for a black velour one which says 'JUICY' with studs on the front of it. I do prefer leather bags nowadays but I will never stop loving my Juicy, everything fits 
neatly into it.


#2 - Aviators (not Ray Ban, not Marc Jacobs #damn), just a £5.00 pair from Mallorca, I would love some Ray Bans but I don't trust myself and the way I throw my sunglasses around, they would just be smashed within a second. These are in my bag every single day as you never know about the UK weather.

#3 - SAMSUNG GALAXY S3, I got given this whilst working for Samsung and I am sooo greatful! It takes absolutely AMAZING photos so I keep this in my bag as my 'internet and photography phone'... why have one pretty white phone when you can have two?

#4 - IPHONE 4S in Marc Jacobs cover - I've always had Iphones and this is just a standard staple item, but unfortunately for my baby, I do now prefer the Galaxy s3, I love my Marc Jacobs phone case though.

#5 - Nivea Deodorant - I always have a can in my bag, just incase... I spray it all the time..just incase. I don't have a favourite brand, I just usually buy whatever is on offer in the supermarket/drug store.

#6 - FACEPRIME - woo this is a new addition, it's from Victorias Secret and it's a primer and also a make up setter. I need to do a review on this as I haven't used it enough to tell if I like it yet, but I love the style of it and I do think it's a handy item to keep in your bag.

#7 - Flowerbomb - If you know me at all, you should know that this is my favourite perfume of all time. I hate how expensive it is so I always stock up around Christmas time, it is my scent.

#8 - All Saints staff card - It's always in my bag, just incase.

#9 - YSL glasses -Yes I am a speccy four eyes! I wear some big rimmed YSL black glasses when I cant be bothered squinting!

#10 - Louis Vuitton black purse - getting a bit old now, I would very much like a leather tanned Mulberry Purse please Santa. 

#11 - TANGLE TEEZER - My favourite beauty item of 2012, why didn't I ever buy one of these must haves before? It just works with my hair, perfectly. 

#12 - Victorias Secret make up bag - bursting with foundation, concealers... you name it. It's my magical bag.

Let me know if you've done a similar post to this, I think i'm becoming addicted to looking in other peoples bags. I also LOVE looking into other peoples make up bags, you can have a look into mine here on my youtube video:

Hope you all enjoyed this post, leave me your links of course. Can't wait to show you my London Haul, you'll be impressed. It would mean the world to me if you could vote for me for the Cosmopolitan newcomer award, you can vote on this link below, simply click 'a day in the life of ems' thank you SO much.
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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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