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Monday, 30 July 2012

GLAMGLOW facial in a jar review, the best face mask for radiant skin.

Believe it or not, i've never actually had a facial and I don't really use facepacks.  But today, i'll be discussing my first proper facial (you can call it a facial, trust me- it's that good) on the surface it looks like a facepack, but this is actually a facial in a jar. If this is what a 'proper salon facical' feels like, I want to use it every night and I want to get facials on a weekly basis. In fact, i'm so impressed with GLAMGLOW that i'm considering emailing them and asking them to create a full body exfoliating mud mask. This mask, is something that I would happily cover my whole body in. Not only does it smell amazing, it's one of those masks that you can feel actually working. The tingle really does make your skin feel fresh and the packaging is just to die for.

Packaging has always been a big element of 'buyability' for me and you can't go wrong with Glamglow's packaging. They've kept it modern with the silver and black, but it is still really posh and 'glam!' (excuse the pun). I think this would make a gorgeous gift for someone special (boys, take note for valentines day) I think the case that it's in is so cute and pretty (how sad am I, finding a jar pretty!) No but seriously, the packaging is gorgeous and I will be buying this for people as a present as it's seriously glam! I love how when you open the box it says 'hello sexy', this product is not only glam, but personalised too which is always nice.

Here you can see the packaging a bit more. It is a ten minute mud mask facial, which is meant to leave you with super radiant skin. It is said to be a 'little sexy' facial, yes it is sexy but I wouldn't say it's just a 'little' sexy, this goes all the way, it makes you feel rejuvenated, well and truly.  You can see that it is a mud mask, i've never used a mud mask so got stuck in to it as i've heard that mud masks are the best type.

So what makes this mask different from other masks on the market?

It boasts giving 'immediate camera-ready glowing skin', with a mud base from Southern France and a moisturising collagen synthesis for both men and women! Ground breaking teaoxi technology and super-antioxidants (the amazing things that stop inflammation etc.) AND real pieces of tea leaf, all of this mouth full is contained in this little jar of wonders. Wow. No wonder it's good. It should be renamed the dream mask.

Apologies of horrible unmake up'd me, but this is a collage of photos of my face before the facial, as you can see, it is really quite red and puffy. Mm yummy! Considering i've never had a facial I think it was about time that I treated my poor skin to some glam loving! One day I just decided that my skin is majorly in need of this little jar and it's volcanic rocks, French sea clay and green tea leaf pieces... what more could you want.

The next photo shows the mask drying on my face, okay so it may not look sexy on, but it sure feels sexy. You can feel it tingling for the first few minutes but then it goes away as it hardens up, the mask literally hardens up so much that it goes completely dry and you literally can hardly move your face, i've obviously never had botox, but I suppose it gives you a botox sensation, without the expense or pain.
It feels so relaxing having this mask on, picture the scene; A glamorous tingling face pack, a glass of wine (or champagne if you're feeling posh), some strawberries dipped in chocolate whilst been laid in a hot bubble bath. You could even read 50 Shades of Grey and make it super girlie. Maybe national Facepack day would be a good cause for all of us girlies. What do you think aha?

The aftermath, once again, major apologies for a make up less moi. But of course, the only way to show you the softness of my skin is to upload a photo. I can promise you that my skin felt heavenly, luxurious and cared for after wearing this mask for ten minutes. When you wash it off,you can feel the exfoliators working, which is great for your face as it keeps you looking young. My redness had calmed down and my skin looked less puffy, but I find the real effect of face packs is the morning after, my skin literally felt perfect.

 You can buy this mask from the GlamGlow website, I would recommend it, if you feel like treating yourself BUY THIS FACEPACK. If Mother's day (or even Fathers day!) ,Valentines day, Christmas, any occasions are coming up, you have to put this at the top of your list. If you're feeling generous, this would make an amazing gift. It's £19.99, which isn't expensive when you consider the wide array of skin perfecting ingredients inside this glamorous jar. I didn't realise so much goodness could be crammed into such a cute package. Don't forget, if you use it sparingly, you could get around 10 facials from this jar, which works out at £1.99 a facial, when you break it down like that, it's more than worth the money. I'm so glad this is finally available in the UK, I need an endless supply, and I hope they make a full body mask! Might start a petition.
Lucky for you I have a discount code for you all, enter BBGLAM20 at discount for 20% off!

Have you ever had a facial before?
What's your favourite face mask to use?
xxxxxxxxx Em
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Friday, 27 July 2012


Today i'm putting hair extensions to the test for you, over the years i've been asked by a number of 
people what extensions I wear, (Katie Price even told me three times that she loves my hair) so I decided that it's about time that I tell you the pro's and cons of the extensions I've tried. Above, you will see lots of photos of me with long hair, to the naked eye, it just looks like the same hair, however, each photo is me with a different set of hair extensions in. It's not even always about what looks best, of course that is 90% of the battle with hair extensions, whatever looks best we want to buy, but that other 10% is definitely about cost, how they feel and what underlying damage they do to your hair. I'll discuss that and hopefully help save your hair in the process, I wish there was a guide to extensions before I bought my first set! Grow your hair long, naturally with my top tips to grow hair easily and I've also written about the best products to grow hair. Follow me on Instagram: @emshelx

Monday, 23 July 2012

How to save money on fashion, student friendly money saving tips

Yep. It's hard been a girl, so many lovely clothes out there, but what percent of the population has a disposable income, or an income which can be spent on clothes? Which of us can actually fill our Gucci (or fake Gucci bought from a market stall in Turkey) purse with real money? It never is just clothes though is it, one item leads to another, a new dress requires a new bag or maybe a necklace oh and what about those earings that match your new heels so well. On top of that is the new hair do and the make up top ups. It's a never ending, vicious cycle. Your wardrobe is already crammed, but we're girls.. what's wrong with just one more item?

I often have dreams about having super market sweeps in Topshop, yep Topshop. A gorgeous high street retailer which has urm.. clearly been hit by the credit crunch and felt the need to raise it's prices. Let alone Harvey Nichols, i'd have to win the euromillions to do regular shops in there. I'm aiming to help you out, girls and boys, in this economic crisis that we are facing but also, why not save money when it's easy to? I know some people are funny about using money off vouchers etc as they feel cheeky, but they're there for a reason! Use them! Today i'm going to give you my money saving tips as I do think i'm quite good when it comes to saving money. At face value, these may not look like your ordinary 'money off vouchers' but I promise you, use these tips and you will save a fortune.

Step 1; Student? Use all that studying to your advantage;
-MR N.U.S (NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS) If you haven't got an NUS CARD, I urge you to get one, now! It cost's merely £10 and you save that in almost one transaction - not to mention the free mcdonalds you get with it. See it as your reward for being a hard working student. So, what will NUS save you? ASOS and Topshop both regularly do 20% off for NUS card holders, this can be used in store and online. Whopping saving if you spend even £40, thats £8.00 off. Thank you, that will pay for my cocktail next Saturday. 'you can't even use it in that many places' - WRONG. 
Simply present your card and pow, money off. The list includes the likes of Accessorise, Topshop,Asos, La Senza, House Of Frazer, Lipsy, Miss Selfridge, Miss Guided, Mulberry, Office, Oasis.. and more. No catch, if you're a student, pay once a small fee and this magical card is yours.

I'm not a student though!???;
-It's a good job that I have lots of other tips for those who are no longer students or never were. If you don't have a friend whos a student, and can't borrow their NUS number, keep reading.

Online shopper? If you're not already one, you will be after this;
You're bound to get more bargains if you shop around online, it's a fact, the highstreet is more expensive, usually sold at RRP (reccommended retail price) which isn't cheap, as we're all aware.

-USE AND ABUSE ASOS. ASOS are clearly a super savvy site when it comes to saving their customers money. A quick and easy peasy way of saving so much money in the long run is to sign up to ASOS premier. What's ASOS premier? You pay a one off fee of £14.95, which gets you free unlimited next day delivery, all year. Free return collection service all year, no minimum order value, first glimpse of new arrivals and sale items. Erm, what's not to love?

-ASOS OUTLET. See this site as THE KING OF ALL OUTLETS View it here; Ted Baker shoes half price? All year round? Don't mind if I do. Big brands with up to 70% off, ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

It tells you WHERE has a sale, HOW much money you get off, as well as giving you online DISCOUNT codes. Lazy girl? Can't be bothered to search? View their top ten discounts. I'm sure at least one of them will entice you. 70% off Motel? Oh go on then... P.S I love the layout of this website, it's classy compared to the usual 'outlet' site.

Designer girl?
Can't afford that Christian Dior dress because £10,000 just stretches your bank a bit too far?
Rent the dress. Who would ever know? 
(sign up today and get a £10.00 welcome voucher, or use your Student discount for 10% off!) Marc Jacobs dress buy price: £345, Hire price: £39, Who on earth said designer had to be expensive? One things for sure, you wont get bored of it as you can just hire another instead!

See it as Net a porter's younger, still as elegant but less expensive younger sister. 200+ designers at 70% off, woweee, a designer girls heaven but dreamy for your purse as well. Even their logo says they're designer, feisty and ready to go.

Hate shops like Primark and TKMaxx because they're always SOO busy, but your friends always find such bargains in there? Which look exactly like that top you saw in Topshop last week? But cost a fraction of it... Look no further, surf for your designer goodies at 75% online; finally have a website, score!

up to 70% on fashion, it's our secret, you'll see the likes of Chloe, Hugo Boss, Armani, Calvin Klein and more. Id you couldn't find what you were looking for on the secret site, try this beauty; with up to 60% off the likes of Guess, Diesel, Pepe Jeans

 Far too many people don't know about this, but All Saint's sells old season favourites at sale like prices on the archive section of their website. It's amazing, be quick if you see something you like, it goes fast.


Before you shop at the more expensive high street retailers such as Topshop, be sure to look at sites that do similar items; tend to do the exact same items at a fraction of the price. Remember those studded loafers in Topshop? They sell them on Miss Guided for half the price and they look the same. See this site as a site for replicas of the more expensive high street stores.

-MY TOP MONEY SAVERS (the cream de la mer of fashion savings): 

-EBAY. Not everything on Ebay is second hand. They now have their own outlet brands on there,
shops such as Office, offering huge discounts. ALSO, type in ANYTHING that you want;
eg- sequin maxi dress (and I promise) you will find exact replicas of those in high street stores, on a buy it now price from a sellers shop.

-GOOGLE. It's that simple, for example if you are shopping on Missguided and about to check out, simply type in Missguided money off coupon into the Google search bar and I promise you, SO many vouchers will come up. Try it... I dare you. Or, search for your item cheaper. Simply put a description of your item in, eg- shiny black leggings and Google will put the best prices at the top for you. Use Google to your advantage.

-Sign up for newsletters; Motel give you 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter. American Apparel give you a whopping 15% off! Also, you get up to date on when the sale starts.
- Save magazine coupons
- Look out for codes on television adverts
- Sign up for sample sales online, this is a great online diary which will tell you when the sample sales are:
- Never ever buy anything online without googling it first to see if you can find the same item cheaper, some sites stock the exact same brand for a lot cheaper, i've often found the same item on EBAY from a seller at a buy it now price that is available on Miss Guided.
- Check the top bar of a website, it usually says spend £35.00 and get free next day delivery.
- READ BLOGS - without knowing it, theres adverts everywhere for money off.
- Subscribe to brands facebook pages and twitter profiles to keep up to date with their current vouchers, they sometimes even send you samples.
- On sites like ASOS, put the money bar down to a very low price, that way you only see bargains
- GET READY AT MIDNIGHT, TO FIND THE SALES, eg - on boxing day go online at 12am to get the best buys and sizes in the sale online, skip the queues in store.

-SELL YOUR CLOTHES. There's no excuses not to, there's Etsy, Ebay or even ASOS Market place.
Okay, so this isn't techinically a money off voucher, but by 'recycling' your old clothes, you make cash which (if you love fashion) will more than likely go towards funding a whole new wardrobe. It's quick and easy. I reccommend using the Ebay phone app, you literally, take a photo and write a setence and pow, your item is listed. 
Top money making tips on online market places: 
-Put your items up for 10 days on Ebay, this maximises exposure.
-Try to take clear photographs, I always use a white wall as my canvas. If you have a mannequin, this looks super professional. Would you look twice at an item on Ebay if there was clutter around it? 
-Build up a good track record, get into a good routine, post your parcels quickly and the money will keep flowing in.
-If you post internationally, write it in your description, if it comes from a pet or smoke free home, write this too! It helps people.
-Always try to end your listing on a positive note, I put 'happy bidding xxx' as I think it makes it more friendly.

Hope this saves you some money! I want to get all Bloggers involved in this, leave a comment with your best fashion saving money tip if you have one and let's make this post full of money savers for the blogging community!

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Friday, 20 July 2012


This Sunday (22nd July) marks the 6th month anniversary of my blog. I would like to start with a huge and soppy thank you! Thank you to the people who supported me but also to those who mocked me and constantly brought me down about having a blog. The people at my 6th form who shouted abuse at me for having a blog, particularly ripped into me about the name, whoever knew the name 'adayinthelifeofems' could cause so much anger/bitchiness for people? I'd like to thank these people, because trying to pull me down just made me want to suceed and prove you all wrong. 'Keep your head up high, people would kill to see you fall'. Of course, I am a long long way from being where I want to be, I have so many plans for my blog and can only thank you guys, my lovely and supportive readers for helping me to get this far! I initially started this blog as a diary about my life, but then I realised, I want to inspire and help people so why not make an online dictionary about everything that is fashionable? Then, it can be linked to anything and everything and not just focused on one topic. Mainly, I'd like to thank you guys, yes you, reading it right now! Thank you, your continued support has made my blog what it is today. If I didn't have anyone to write for, I would probably lose some of my passion. A huge thank you to all of you who have sent me tweets, facebook messages and emails, telling me that you like my blog or telling me that it's inspired you, these messages literally mean the world to me. When people drag me down it's these lovely comments that make me realise why I love having a blog, I still can't believe that people actually like to read what I write!? I'm sorry if I sound like i'm boasting, I promise im not, I just never expected this and im so happy that people like to read about what I have to say and the fact that i've inspired at least one person really makes this worthwhile. This 6 months has been a whirlwind of excitement and once again, couldn't have done it without you. I'm nearly at 1000 followers and I've hit my target and got over 100,000 page views in such a short length of time, literally cannot get over it. Not to mention that I am a winner of the Samsung Global Blogger competition and found out the other day that I've been shortlisted for the Cosmpolitan new comer award , like I keep saying, I could not have done any of this without you all. You can vote for me here to win the award:

Honestly, I can't thank you all enough. TO THANK YOU ALL, I HAVE A PAIR OF HUNTER WELLIES which will come from the lovely! As you know, these wellies are super stylish amongst celebrities and will arrive just in time for the festival season of August!

 Simply Hike is the sister site of Simplybeach, if you didn't enter my give away for a £50.00 voucher on their site, click here as there is still a few days left to enter.  Please enter below via rafflecopter, it's the least I can do to thank you all for your continued support :) You must like my facebook page and follow my blog via google friend connect (left hand side) to be entered into the competition. It's that simple!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Last but certainley not least, I'd like to dedicate this post to the lovely Xen-tan. If you read my blog, you'll know that I adore this brand. I have so much time for them, just like they have so much time for us, the consumers of their products. I was lucky enough to be invited to their amazing bash in Manchester recently, i've deliberately saved this post until today because I wanted this to be dedicated to them.

As you can see, the champagne was flowing, the spray tans were looking golden and the canapes were amazing, absolutely delicious. The team who led it were all absolutely fabulous, all stunning ladies but they all had somethingelse in common,  a love and a genuine passion for the brand. Much like me, if you read my blog regularly you'll know that Xen-tan is my ultimate tan. I could never say a bad word about it, Xen-tan is a holiday in a bottle. I cannot thank these lovely ladies enough for the invite, let alone for creating such a revolutionary and life changing brand to begin with. Cheers to Xen-tan and Wizard PR for the invite, not much could top their party. If you haven't tried it yet, you really must. I've just done a new video on one of their best sellers including some fake tan tips, make sure you give it a watch. 

Xen-tan have been nice enough to give my loyal followers a discount code, simply enter: BBTAN20 to get some discount on their website.
Many thanks and lots of love, once again thank you for the support.
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Touch Of Light Highlighting Pen Review and Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer Review

Hello lovelies! So, if you read my previous haul post you'll understand that I bought these items on a 3 for 2 deal at my local supermarket. I bought them after discovering Loreal's highlighting pen from CoutureGirl's blog (my no.1 blog). I couldn't believe that I'd never seen this product before and just had to buy it. I've wanted YSL's touch éclat for quite some time now, but the price does put me off. I hate to break it to YSL, but this product looks the same and claims to do the same. Okay, I've never used YSL's highlighting stick before but then again, I've done so much research on it that I might as well have used it!

Product number 1. Loreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.
Okay, so this cost me £14.00 and I am not happy. It's a rare occurance that I moan about a beauty product but I feel that I should warn you all before you waste your money. It may just be on my skin, so by all means try this product, but I can't help but feel that this 'primer' actually makes my pores more visible, instead of smoothing them like it claims to. I should have realised this when I tested it on my hand, it's like a moose formula and it's really dry even when a tiny bit is put on your hand. It seems to dry my skin out. When I put it on my face, it just doesn't sink into my skin. No matter how long I leave it, then when It comes to putting my foundation on, all I can feel is dry,tough skin. It stops my foundation from rubbing in properly and shows all of my flaws instead of smoothing them out. I'm going to keep trying with this product. But I think i'll be sticking to my Mac Primer, which only costs a few more pounds. Read my review of this here.

Product number 2, I promise you this is better. Phew. I bought two of these as they were in the 3 for 2 offer and I knew that they'd be worth it(excuse the pun). Loreal's Lumi Magique Touch Of Light Highlighting pen does not dissapoint. Firstly, I really like the packaging, it's shiny and erm highlighting? It's like a golden accessory that you must have in your handbag. It's a perfect size as well, you could have one in your pencil case, one in your purse, one in your handbag...all for those quick touch ups. I just think it is an item that will look really special in your make up bag as it's hard to believe that it's from a high street make up brand. However I'm not sure how they've got away with pretty much copying off YSL's famous touch éclat. They even both apparently do the same thing, I can't compare them as I have never used YSL's but I really would recommend this for anyone not wanting to go the whole way and spend that much money, maybe buy this one first to see if you like it and then when it runs out go for the more expensive YSL option.

I like the fact that it doesn't all dribble out, it comes out very easily and can literally be painted on the face. I put it underneath my eyes and I promise you that it does eliminate under eye bags and tired eyes. It reflects the light off your skin giving that illuminating and 'awake' effect whilst also acting as a light concealer for dark circles. I also put it on either side of my nose and just underneath my eye brows. You could put it on the top of your cheek bones too. I'd recommend Benefit's high beam for this though as it's a lot more highlighting. I think this product has the right amount of highlighting elements in it for under the eyes, but not enough to be an all over face highlighter. The brush is what I really love, it makes it so easy to apply. I do think that it could be better if it was a bit of a thicker solution, you do have to put quite a bit on for those dark dark circles, it seems a bit weak with just one layer, so smudging a few layers does the trick. All in all, I am very pleased with this product and all week I have put it on top of my primer (mac not the loreal one) and then put my foundation over the top of it. I really do love it and I'm so glad that I bought two! I'll definitely continue to use this on a daily basis, however, I'll not stop using my trusty Mac concealer. I'd rather use the two together. It ranges from £8.00-£10.00 depending on where you buy it from.

It comes in three colours; the obvious; light,medium and dark. I tried light and it was REALLY light. I tried medium and it wasn't much better, I didn't try dark because I just thought I'd go for the one in-between. As you can see it is really light, but I think highlighters are meant to be a lot lighter than your foundation, otherwise they wouldn't lighten anything!

I wonder if this is what's the future for Loreal, more expensive and 'studio' products, ooo I do hope so, can't wait to see.
Have you tried any of these products?
Have you tried any sort of highlighters?
Lots of love, Em

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rainy day haul - July

The weather has been disgusting for quite some time now, so what does a British girl do when she's bored and the rain is bringing her down? GO TO THE LOCAL SUPERMARKET! Surely, only me? The rain was so bad that I had to stop my poor car at one point, the things I do for a beauty haul ey! My 'local' supermarket isn't that erm, local at all. It's quite a trek, well about 15 minutes but it's HUGE and sells everything. This supermarket (Tesco) is in a kind of centre, including a Superdrug next door to it. If you haven't heard of Superdrug, it's just a British version of a drug store, it sells make up, hair stuff and blah de blah!

Anyway, So first I went into Tesco. I've been looking into buying YSL's touch éclat for years now, but can't bring myself to buy it. I read on couture girl's blog that Loreal have done their own version, and gosh was I happy when I found out. All weekend I've been trying to find this product but nope, sold out. Everywhere. AND when I did find it, it was £10.00, which is extremely steep for Loreal, a high street make up brand!? It was no longer on Boot's 3 for 2 offer and Superdrug had 0 in stock. 

To my surprise, TESCO, my local supermarket (home of all things food and water) had hundreds of it in stock. AND, to make it even better, it was on a three for two offer! I was soo happy. So happy in fact that, I fell for their trick and like a good consumer bought two items when ordinarily, I just wanted the one. Tesco win, I lose, out of pocket BUT my make up bag is growing. So, the three items I chose; I decided to opt for an over priced primer, because it looked good. Absolutely tiny but surely at £14.00 (gasp, for Loreal - Outrageous, I know) it must be good? Hah, how wrong could I be.Can't wait to review this for you and warn any of you from buying it!
As well as this I got two luminating sticks, because I was hoping that they'd be amazing and why get the one when I'd get one free anyway? I was alll smiles!

Next I went into Superdrug and stocked up on some MUA, the brand which I have never purchased before. I thought, why not. I needed a new thick concealer, well okay, I didn't need one at all as I only bought a MAC one a week ago but hey, why have one concealer when I can have two. I got two eye liners, nail varnish and a cute lip balm. Also got some face masks, moisturiser and a delivery of St Tropez before I went out that afternoon. I won two bottles of St Tropez in a competition, I haven't used the stuff for yeaaaars as I am a complete xen-tan princess (lol) now, No i really am, deeeeeeef the BIGGEST fan. But the new packaging looks swanky so I will use it but I have extremely high expectations now that I am an avid Xen-tan user.

Last but certainly not least, I found a new brand called VIVO in my supermarket, who knew that supermarkets were so up to date with make up? At only £5.00 I got super excited and put this straight in my basket. They do so many cool little sets like this and I just haddd to buy this after wanting Benefit's brow palette which is triple the price for ever now. I cannot wait to tell you all about it later on in the week.

Well, I think I had a great haul. I hope you'll all agree!
P.S, if you read my blog please do me a big favour and like my new facebook page, i've only just made it and it's feeling very lonely,

Once again, thanks for all your support and comments. I couldn't do it without you all.
Love yaalll.
Em xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Brazilian Keratin Therapy ever-straight review Boots

My Mum came home from Boots with a few treats for me the other day. I got so excited about these products. Me and my mum have literally trialed and tested every hair care product, I love Macadamia and do think that for it's repairing qualities, it's unbeatable. I also adore Kerstase and feel the same about that. However, the brands mentioned are ridiculously expensive, surely there's a high street alternative? I've trained my mum well and she's always on the prowl for the latest products but at bargain prices. I always try to use products for damaged hair/something that will strengthen my hair.
Out of the boots bag she showed me these beauties;

Usually, I wouldn't have looked twice at these. Firstly, i'd assume that these products are for brunettes simply because of the colour of the bottles and secondly, I always associate Brazilian as being a treatment that permanently straightens the hair, this is then backed up by the phrase 'ever straight'. How wrong. I got excited when I read how much 'goodness' is in these, 'keratin proteins' which are actually found in the hair already, so adding more of them can't do it any harm. The word strengthen stands out to me as I always look for strengthening shampoos. I use cocoa butter on my skin and it actually keeps it smooth for days afterwards. 
When you open the bottles, it just gets better. I'd describe the smell as a coconutty/chocolate mixture. If you go to Boots, please go and have a smell. it's actually heavenly! If you like having yummy smelling hair, i'd simply buy the product for that alone. It smells like palmers cocoa lip balm if you're familiar with that. It comes out like a bit of a tar/gel texture, it's brown and looks and smells like chocolate, it's like putting a jelly chocolate onto your hair, because the texture is so silky you can tell that it has healing qualities to it.

The conditioner smells better than the shampoo if that's possible! It says to leave it on for 3-5 minutes, my hair dresser always told me to buy conditioners that are longer than 3 minutes as it apparently means they're stronger. This one clearly does the trick, I suppose it acts like a conditioner with a built in hair repair mask/treatment. My hair did feel noticeably smoother and less curly after one wash and the smell was just delicious. I didn't mind washing my hair using these products, it made the chore of hair washing quite fun!
As if buying me the shampoo and conditioner wasn't enough, my mum went the whole yard and also got me an anti-breakage serum. I've been looking to get a new anti-breakage serum for a while now as I like to pile products into my damp hair so that it dries in good condition. You literally need the TINIEST bit of this, soo much comes out. I really did notice that my hair was tamer and smoother after using this and then blow drying my hair. I hate using heated products on my hair nowadays as i'm really trying to grow it but I was in a rush to get to my boyfriends and couldn't go for a meal with soaking hair!
Below i've added a photo of my fringe, even a day after I think you can tell that it's shiny.

Have you/would you use these products? I think they're usually going to be around £8.00 which is expensive for Boots but they were on special offer. I do think they're worth £8.00, i'm surprised I've never heard of this brand before.
Lots of love

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Review

Xen-tan have done it again, the brand that are able to please customers over and over. I honestly think they're about to wipe any other fake tans off the market. If you haven't read my review of their mist spray you may want to start by reading that first to understand a bit more about their values, you can read that by clicking here.

I know a lot of my readers went out and bought the tan reviewed above soon after, sorry to break it to you but you're in for another investment in this, Xen-tan's best selling lotion.

I never use fake tanning lotions, i'm more of a spray kind of girl but i've read such raving reviews of this lotion that thousands of people can't be wrong can they?
I also liked the idea that if I use this lotion, it actually doubles up as a fake tan and a moisturiser, keeps me brown whilst being good towards my skin, what more could I want. After doing a bit of research on the product I found out that it's 'enriched with Ginko Biloba, Green Tea extract, aloe and Shea butter' which would explain why it glides onto the skin so smoothly, and really feels like it's benefiting you inside and out.

Excuse the shoddy lighting but here is me au natural - a slight bit of colour as my natural tan from Mallorca is only just fading.
I'm a sucker for a basic design and Xen-Tan always get this right, large logo on a beautiful bronzed bottle. 

I wanted to show you what the lotion looks like, you can almost see how smooth and shiny it is from the photographs. It literally glides onto your skin. 
I used a mitt to apply it but because it's like a moisturiser the mitt actually soaks quite a lot of the lotion up, because of this i'd recommend just using some plastic gloves to put it on with as it will help it to glide on smoother.


Here I tried to capture the process, as you can see the bottom of my leg is ridiculously pale as opposed to the top bit which has only one layer of the tan on it. My arm on the second photo has a slight glow from a teeny bit that I had glided on, I then showed you the colour of the lotion on my arm, it's easy to see and acts really well as a colour guide. The third picture is that rubbed in, I still haven't used much fake tan. 

The results can be seen here, I got so many compliments because whilst giving me a glow it really is so natural. It is still super good at giving you a deep colour but not an orange smelly flakey one more of a deep, rich and classy tan i'd say - as well as locking in moisture all day. 

You can see that my legs are an olive tone here from the tan and there is certainly no sign of orange.I'm pretty sure no one can say that this is too intense though, it literally works with your skin to give you the perfect tan. Below you can see a close up of the colour on my bronzed foot. I love having brown feet!

Everyone always asks me where to buy it from, i'd say the website is your best bet:

i've got to say, xen-tan is the best fake tan I have ever used (TRUST ME, I HAVE USED NEARLY EVERY FAKE TAN ON THE MARKET) and my family agrees, even my brother has commented on how good it looks, it gives you that perfect spray tanned look after every application and people even joke that I look like ive had a week in Mexico.

What's your favourite fake tan? Have you used Xen tan?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Leavers ball, Summer prom style - What I Wore Last Night

I love prom! However, this was my leavers prom as I go to University in September, it was quite emotional because I can probably count on one hand the people I will ever see again. We rented out a fancy bar in the city centre and had food etc served, we didn't want a sit down meal as it makes the ticket price too expensive. Hence why I didn't dress super prommy. The dress is long in comparison to what I usually wear on nights out. I suppose this was a 'special' night out, apart from the fact that my best friend and wing girl wasn't there, so I did feel pretty alone and not 100% myself. I can't function without my soul mate, Kates.
 The dress: As you can see on these photos it is RED! I wanted to go bold, I did the same at the end of high school and wore a bright blue dress. It is a herve legger style (as always, I love bandage styles!) It is very low cut but I don't see an issue with that, if people want to be nasty to me for showing cleavage I think that shows them as nasty people, not me. I know that i'm the furthest thing from a 'slut' so it doesn't bother me anymore. It didn't take me long to find a dress, I bought it online and knew it was the one as soon as I tried it on.

The make up; I'm not a huge fan of getting my face make up done, I like to do that myself, no one can ever do it right so I usually just go to Harvey Nichols to get my eye make up done. I think i'm rubbish at eye make up, I think if I really put my mind to it I'd be quite good at it, but I just don't really feel confident enough. I always go for smokey eyes, but because I was wearing beige/nude accessories, I felt that a more neutral tone would suit my outfit, and it goes with my brown eyes/blonde hair better.
The lashes were expensive, £22.00 but they last up to 15x and everytime I want them reapplied I simply go into Harvey Nichols eye lash bar and they will reapply them for free - this is always great for a night out.
I absolutely fell in love with these lashes as soon as I put them on, okay they slightly look like spiders on my windowsill but they were perfectly fluffy and long, it's hard to see on these photos. 
I got my eyebrows HD done, which is 8 steps to perfect brows; including tinting.

The shoes; I have given up on heels. Out of the tens of gorgeous pairs that I have, I just cannot and will NEVER be able to walk in them. I opted for wedges, I find them super comfy to walk in. I chose a nude colour because I think it makes a red dress look more classy, more 'prommy' if you like - I find black turns a red dress into a seductive outfit rather than a classy leavers outfit.
 My toe nails are Minx, and last for ages! I got them in this colour because I think it goes well with my french manicured acrylic nails.

 I got my hair straightened by my hair dresser, I was going to wear it curly as I feel it is more classy but because we were going on a night out after I didn't want to look too 'prommy', sometimes I have the worst hair days but I can honestly say I was happy, super happy with my hair this day. I didn't get it dyed she just put a toner on it for me which creates the illusion of it being dyed, it gives it that 'white' look and really lifted my roots. 

Overall I was happy with how prom went :)
 Have you had a prom/ an occasion to dress up for?


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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