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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ciate Nail Varnish Review, beautiful paint pots reviewed.

ciate nail varnishes

Hello everyone, really excited to be doing a beautiful review as there's nothing I love more than reviewing products so as you've probably guessed, I was an extremely excited girl when these BEAUTIFUL 'paint pots' landed in my post box. First, I just wanted to share some exciting news with you, I have been chosen to co-host a new radio show every Tuesday from 10am-1pm on RadioFrequency (wow, who wants to listen to me for that long!?) and my first show was last week, if you missed it you can listen to it back here - I'd just like to thank everyone so much who listened to my first show, but i'd also like to thank those who are still continuing to listen to me rant on the radio!

Now, back to the main thing, nail varnish! eeee! look how pretty they are, wouldn't these make the most adorable stocking fillers? (yes I am excited for Christmas, already...) I think these are the most aesthetically pleasing nail varnishes that I have ever set my eyes on. Now, I think that nail varnishes are extremely difficult to discuss, as you never really know what to go for, it's not like you can sample them like you can with other beauty products. Basically, you only know what nail varnish to go for by word of mouth, or trial and error, because you can't exactly try them in the shop can you - but this can be time consuming and expensive. Maybe we should invent something that means you get to try them out aha, I think that would be very helpful. My lovely brother always buys me Nails Inc nail varnishes from Harvey Nichols, and I love them so much but just because they're 'Nails Inc'. I hate to say it but the actual nail varnish from Nails Inc is quite weak meaning you have to put lots of layers on to see any intensity or colour. This is where I prefer Ciate, just wow. I was actually shocked when I put one brush stroke on, and my nail was bright. Imagine how good the colour looked after 2 coats? And even after 3, it doesn't even go gloopy, which you'd expect after putting too many layers on, well this just doesn't. The solution is just perfectly thick and the colours that I trialled are just beautiful, I don't think anyone can doubt that.

ciate nail varnishes strawberry milkshake
My favourite colour has to be the beautiful baby pink. Ignore how badly I painted my nails,tragic I know. They're not exactly neat but I just did this quickly to show you the colour. Most baby pinks tend to be quite dull once they come out of the pot, but this colour 'strawberry milkshake' got soo many compliments, it's just so scrumptious, who ever knew that a colour could be delicious? Well this one really is. This is just after one layer. It's 100% my fave colour out of them all. You can also see the red, the colour is 'pom pom' and it is perfectly shiny, and theeeee brightest red. I hate nail varnishes that are supposed to be red but turn out to be really dull. This nail varnish differs from the rest as it is actually bright (hooray!) and it doesn't lose it's shine. These varnishes actually dry really quick too, which is another wow factor about Ciate.
Above you can see the colbalt blue and the dark green varnishes. I love the names of the products, the blue is called 'skinny jeans' and this photograph really does the colour no justice whatsoever, as my nail does look just plain blue on the photo. Trust me though, this is no ordinary blue, it's a gorgeous colbalt colour, which is perfectly shiny yet  gorgeously bright at the same time. I couldn't believe how bright it was when I first put it on my toe nails. Everyone who has seen my Ciate nail varnishes absolutely loves the green though, or better known as the 'tweed and tails' colour. Once again, this photo does it no justice.  What matters though is, Ciate paint pots, are so beautiful that I could eat them up, they look beautiful, they would make gorgeous gifts, but mainly, they perform extremely well. They last long and the colours are perfectly intense. I love the bows on the pots too, they're just the perfect finishing touch for a glamorous product. They're £9.00 each which is very good considering how much you get in the pot, they are very big especially for how little you have to use to cover your nail and how long nail varnishes in general last - I never really run out of my nail varnishes. This is cheaper than Nails Inc, yet these products are much better.
ciate caviar manicure
I am dying to try the Caviar manicure by Ciate (above), if you haven't heard of this, they actually do a three dimensional nail kit, where you actually apply caviar beads to the nail. They look incredible and are available to buy for £18.00 , I am going to have to get my hands on the black beads AND the white pearls. They're just beautiful, I promise to grab these soon and let you know how easy they are to apply. Knowing Ciate, they'll be amazing though,i've watched videos and they look so simple to do and soo cool.
ciate nail varnish paint pot

What's your favourite nail varnish? Which nail varnish do you think performs the best?
Have you used Ciate? more importantly, have you used the caviar nail kit?!
Lots of love, Em
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

What I Wore; Freshers Week; Outfits of the week, OOTD

So as most of you know, I moved into my new flat last week and I have been out every night since (my poor bodyyy). I haven't been out for ages so it's absolutely destroyed my body going out this much, how on earth do socialites do it?! I need to detox, gym and spa as soon as possible. In fact, I need to win the lottery so that I can get pampered every day. I have been loading my body with evening primrose tablets, fresh orange juice and yoghurt to take away the pain that has replaced my once able body. Yes it is self inflicted but as everyone says, you're only a fresher once. Below you can see the photos that I managed to take of my outfits. If you follow me on instagram; emshelx then you've probably seen half of these anyway, but at least this post tells you where they're from. It's very rare that I do outfit posts but the one I did do I got some great feedback for so see this as an Outfit Of The Day post, but for a whole week... just to mix things up a little bit!
White cropped tee; Topshop // Leather jacket; Zara // Yellow denim shorts; Hollister

I never actually wore these shorts out, I felt FAR too naked and looked like I was going on a girls holiday to Malia so I decided to put my trusty Zara leather on with my Topshop leather leggings instead. I apologise for how unflattering these photos are, this was towards the end of the week and I really was lagging after continually going out. We went to a silent disco with headphones this night which was pretty funny.
 Stripy leotard; Hearts and Bows at Arc clothing // Maxi skirt with slit; River Island // Black glitter wedges; Shoe fashionista @ Prague // Leather jacket; Zara // Eye shadow; VIVO palette, read my full review here.

My flat mates friends from home came round and we were just going on a casual 'bar hop' because we had literally been out every single night so wanted to go for the casual look this time. I love these skirts from Riverisland and have it in a few colours now. It's my fave thing to wear, a maxi skirt and I loved how I didn't feel super dressed up, I just felt casual with a bit of skin showing. It was nice not to fully go for it this night.
Shirt; H&M // Tie; from one of the guys in my flat (thanks!) // Faux leather skirt; American Apparel // Knee High Socks; Juicy Couture // Plain white pumps; Primark // Lipstick; Nikki Minaj @ Mac Cosmetics, read my full product review here.

Of course I don't usually dress like this but this was a special night called the school disco party! I got the chance to channel my inner Britney on this night and boyyy did I love it! As you can see, we have the school girl freckles, I didn't want to put my hair up in pony tails so instead I just left it curly. I then made sure that I put loads of bright pink lipstick on, although it's difficult to see on the photo because instagram hides the colour. I also borrowed my flat mates tie and then just wore a tight shirt with my favourite skirt, my pleated faux leather skirt from American Apparel. I wore pumps and it felt sooo good to go on a night out in pumps as opposed to sky high stilletos, I could actually dance - my feet did still hurt though when I got home!
 Onesies; Both Primark // Water bottle; Victorias Secret // Lipstick; Nikki Minaj @ Mac Cosmetics

Believe it or not, this photo was at 6AM, and we were still beyond giddy. As you can see, we are looking cosy in our Primark onesies, at £10.00 each you can't go wrong, I own about 5 of them because they are sooo good for the Winter, although if you sleep in them you tend to wake up feeling like you're about to die from the heat. I have my hang over water bottle in my hands as I wanted to engulf my body with a good liquid, NOT alcohol, I ALWAYS drink at least a pint of water before bed if I have been drinking that night.
Bodycon dress with cut out sides; ASOS

I bought this dress from ASOS and I was worried what it would look like, I did actually prefer it when I tried it on than when I wore it on the night above. I think it makes me look really hench and wish it had long sleeves, maybe it's just the vestyness of it that I dislike. Apart from that, I do like it a bit and it was only £28.00 which is bad in terms of H&M prices but isn't that bad for ASOS I suppose.
Red panelled dress; Miss Guided // White leotard; American Apparel // Lipstick; Myth - Mac Cosmetics // Eye lashes; Shu Uemura.

This is the second time I've worn this dress, I usually wear it with nude wedges but because I was going on a night out I decided to wear black sparkly wedges with it. I left my hair curly simply because I couldn't be bothered to straighten it (nothing like honesty ey!). I put so much of my Mac lipstick on in Myth, I ALWAYS put this on, I feel naked and like my lips are naturally too pink if I don't have it on. In the right hand corner you can see me and Mr Joey Essex from The Only Way Is Essex. I was wearing a white zip leotard from American Apparel with my Topshop leather leggings, I looked vile this night, ewww.
Black pleated waist high skirt; Riverisland // Orange cropped top/bra top; H&M// Lipstick; Myth - Mac Cosmetics // Eye lashes; Shu Uemura.//Belt; Riverisland

I got soo excited when I saw this skirt in Riverisland, I don't even shop in Riverisland anymore but they've got some gorgeous pieces in this season. Although I pretty much have the exact same skirt from American Apparel, this is a little bit thicker, it isn't as shiny and leathery and it's slightly longer, I just think it's a lot more classy. I absolutely love it. The belt came with it too. I wore my cropped top/bra if you wanna call it with it, as I just think it went with the skirt.

Em xxx
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

JOLIEBOX - September Joliebox review

Hey everyonee, yay so a few days ago I got the most exciting parcel that i've ever had through the post. I literally was SO excited when my Mum dropped this off for me at my new flat. Wowoww. I was like a child at Christmas and I still am every time I look at it. I was lucky enough to get my first ever JOLIEBOX!
Now, a little secret, I did used to get GlossyBox, I got a few, but I was so dissatisfied with their customer service that I just decided to unsubscribe. I really did miss getting a beauty box but my stubbornness told me never ever to give money to a company who gave bad customer service so I was very impressed when I came across Joliebox. The box itself is absolutely gorgeous as well, i'm guessing it changes every month but this months box is bright and playful; as the French would say, it really is 'jolie.' 
 I love the personalised message that you get with the box, I love the fact that it is signed 'Your Jolie team.' This tiny detail just makes the whole box really personal and gives it an intimate and friendly feel. This is a special London Fashion Week box which got me even more excited.
As you can see, inside the box is a beautiful draw string bag. It really is high class. I will definitely be using it for carrying my toiletries around or simply to protect things/stop things from leaking in my bag. It's very easy to just chuck in your bag yet it looks so on trend. I am really impressed with this. As you can see, also included was a JolieMag which also impressed me as I didn't expect a magazine with my box! I also got Boohoo's latest lookbook, including a special 20% off code. And as if that didn't impress me enough (I only expected some samples in a box!) I also got a £25.00 voucher for SKIN3 salon. I cannot wait to use this, I think I am going to treat myself to a guilt free massage as i've never had one. How generous of Joliebox!  AND, I read the magazine last night and thoroughly enjoyed every page, however, it has given me so many more products to put on my wish list, but what I loved best about JolieMag is the fact that there is a dedicated bloggers section at the end, where they interview a blogger. I am making it my goal to be interviewed by Joliebox in a few years time, watch out Joliebox team!

Sooo... the products; on first glance I was like 'oooooooeeeee!' as I was soo excited. Look how amazing this yummy rasperry lip balm is?! I've never seen ANYTHING like it. It's made by a brand i've never heard of 'Balmi' but I want to purchase more stuff from them after seeing this cool lipbalm, I think it would make a great gift. Not to mention the fact that it tastes and smells delicious. Hooray to yummy lipcare. RRP: at boots this is £4.99. Not bad to think that it came in our Joliebox which only cost a tiny bit more than this plus, it is sooo cute and playful. It's gonna look so pretty and funky in my make up bag. 

 The next few products are just as exciting. First I would like to draw your attention to the photograph below, in the far right hand corner. This product is one that you'd look at and be dissapointed, probably think, it's tiny I don't get it? But use it and you will see why it is included. I deliberately left this post a few days to publish because I wanted to actually try the products out. I am so glad I did because I cannot explain how good this is. It is by Dr Bragi and whilst I have never heard of him before, I now want his whole collection after this. It is a bio marine exfoliant which is actually manifactured in Iceland. If that mouthful doesn't sound good enough, it is 'packed with fossilised diatom algage' and is a '98% natural exfoliant' which elimates dead skin cells AND works on deeper layers of the skin. My skin did feel instantly brightened and renewed after the first use, and you only need to use the tiniest bit! It's only £25.00 for a full sized version which really isn't too bad considering how good it is and how little you'll use each time, I think I will be putting this on my Christmas list as I'd love it to be a regular part of my skin care routine.
 I also got Redken's protective straightening lotion. This of course is always going to come in use for me as I need hair products all the time. I put this on tonight and did find that my hair dried a lot better than it usually does, it just took the kinks out of my hair. The tube is 30ml which is quite big and will last me a long time. This product is available from around £15.00 which means that for a 30ml sample it is worth quite a few pounds. I've only ever heard good things about Redken so I can't wait to continue to use this product.

I also recieved an 'I love... coconut face mask' which has fruit extracts and is perfect for all skin types. This made me excited because most facepacks draw out your spots and really aren't good for many skin types! I am yet to use this but I will be in touch when I have. I really have got into facepacks recently so fingers crossed this will be just as good as some others that I have used.

Last but not least I recieved two twistband hair ties... these are RRP: £2.99 and I do think the concept is amazing, they are designed to 'keep your pleats, buns and pony tails secured without leabing bumps in your hair afterwards' and they do actually work... I can't wait to convert from bobbles to these full time.

I was impressed with my first ever Joliebox and can't wait for my next one.
I think it's well worth the £10.00 and I am now converted.
Here's to more Jolieboxes! This one is available til September 30th if you still want to get your hands on it.
Do you use Joliebox? What's your fave beauty box?


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Phil Smith Moisture Rich product reviews

Sooo if you know me, you will know that I loveee all things hair, literally LOVE hair products. But, I was actually lucky enough to get to use some Phil Smith hair products recently. Now I have used pretty much every hair product in Boots, we're talking Lee Stafford, John Frieda, Mark Hill... etc but I actually got SO excited when I got these... blame the packaging, it is beautiful. My photos do this packaging no justice whatsoever. As you can see, it is big bright and wonderful, and so shiny. I do really like the brightness of the products. They look great on my bathroom shelf. Now, what I love most about these products is that they look so high end, you could easily imagine them in the Selfridges beauty hall, but unbelievably, you can buy these beautiful shiny products from Sainsburys supermarkets. They cost around £3.99 which is really good considering how efficient these products are. It kind of takes me back to my high end vs. low end debate, whereby once again, I think these products are exactly if not even better than high end hair products, yet without the designer name. However, I think Phil Smith could potentially be a 'designer' name, because his products look so high end and act like high end products.

I have been using his Moisture rich products for a few weeks now. Luckily, these shampoos seem quite gentle to hair as sometimes, when I change shampoos, it can affect my scalp and make my head sting, but with this, it just worked in the same way as the shampoos I usually use. I decided to get the 'moisture rich' products as the ingredient list includes wheat protein which is for dry and damaged hair. This is perfect for me, as I do have dry and damaged hair (blame the bleach) and I don't actually use heat on it that often! I was really interested to find out what the heck 'wheat protein' actually is... I was excited when I found out that what protein is actually known for it's strengthening properties. When I put these products on my hair I did really feel it drench my hair in 'moisture' , I have also been leaving this conditioner on for around ten minutes as it then doubles up as a deep repair. Surprisingly, these silky textured procuts only cost £3.99 so I do think these products are really good for a cheap pick me up and actually, make you feel very high end.

I have also been trialling his other hair products, I like to call products like the ones above 'hair essentials' as they are used nearly every day... basically, the bright pinkness of these uber shiny bottles looks insanely good in any bathroom. Even though I'm a neat freak and like my whole bathroom to be completely white, funily enough, even I like the look of these in my bathroom. They give it a hint of glamour. In terms of how good the products are, the hold tight is really good, I put it on after i've curled my hair and it doesn't give that ugly really dry look like some hair sprays give, it gives maximum hold but almost invisibly and it is easy to brush out. I love the 'Hot Stuff' heat defence spray, I never ever ever use heat products without spritzing my hair with heat defence and the fact that like the shampoo, this also has wheat proteins in it, really means that actually you're benefiting your hair if you spritz this on before using heat. I love the slogans on these products as well, 'HOLD TIGHT' 'HOT STUFF' and 'BIG IT UP' help to give these products personalities, and prove that they are energetic products, which need to be used. I used the volume boosting spray for the first time last week. Simply because I wanted to backcomb my hair (oops hair no no) and I knew it just wasn't going to be big enough, so after washing I put this spray on, and people actually commented on 'how big' my hair looked that night. Score!

All in all, I am really impressed with these products,  I am even more impressed with the price tag. I also think they are very student friendly as they look beautifully high end , act beautifully high end and will last for ages. I've been looking on the Phil Smith hair website and they actually do loads of interesting products so I will have to try some more, thanks Phil! I think Sainsburys will be the next stop for many girls after trying these products, they're pretty much the 50 shades of hair styling... Even if you just buy them to look pretty in your bathroom.

What are your favourite hair products? What do you look for in hair products? 

Monday, 17 September 2012

High end vs High street beauty debate, my September savings

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of communication, if you follow me on twitter @emshelx you will know that I moved into my University accomodation this weekend, and it's all been sooo hectic. So I will try and do as much posting as I can this week, amongst my nights out and introduction lectures! I've realised that I never really write about low end products, okay, I do, but what I mean is that I usually tend to buy more high end products, which is stupid of me because everyone loves a bargain right? okay, so I will admit that I can be a bit of a 'make up snob' when it comes to essentials like foundations, I do always fall for expensive is best - But recently i've realised, that is completely wrong. Maybe I'm just paying for the name, eg. Chanel isn't a make up brand really, it's a fashion brand, so why do they charge £40+ for foundation when other places can charge £3.00, do they put crystals inside it to make it that expensive? What actually is it that makes these high end brands so expensive because it's usually the high end make up, especially foundations which contain more damaging/artificial ingredients than cheaper brands, which usually use more natural products which benefit the skin. Aah, it's a difficult debate but I personally believe that with most high end cosmetics brands (can't believe i'm saying this), that you are paying for the brand name over the efficiency of the item. I think I can safely say that after my recent purchases.  Recently, whilst in a local supermarket, Tesco, I wanted to have a look at the make up that they do. All i've heard is good stuff about lower end brands such as MUA,ELF AND VIVO brands which actually, if it wasn't for blogs I would have never even looked at, or never even bought.  In Tesco, they stock a lot of VIVO, a brand that I'd never personally heard of until I saw it on the Tesco shelves. I instantly picked it up because for the price that it is, it's worth a try. Even the packaging is high end, it's proffessional and modern. Just what you expect from the likes of Estee Lauder and other expensive make up brands. If someone was to see the brand in my make up bag, I don't think they'd think, wow that's really cheap tacky make up, I actually think they'd assume it was expensive, because the packaging suggests that it is high end.

The first product that I bought from VIVO's range is the eye brow pallette. This palette is extremely nifty as it doubles up as eye shadow and eye brow colours, you also get a double ended brush which is okay to do your eye brows with, and a mascara type brush to gel your eye brows down and keep them neat. This was £5.00 which for me is quite expensive for a brand in Tesco, but I love how compact it is, there is even a mirror inside and it's all packaged together nicely, instead of you having to carry round 5 different eye brow items. When you compare that £5.00 to the prices that high end brow palettes are I think it becomes obvious that actually, £5.00 isn't that bad. Especially for something so compact and good. The colours are really good as well as they are neural, but still come in a range of shades, these shades can of course be blended, to create the perfect brow or eye shadow colours. I was really happy when I found this because Benefit do similar palettes which I was hoping to buy, but they're at least £20, which is shocking when really, eyebrow palettes are just the same as eye shadow compacts. So when you compare that you could buy 4 of the VIVO palette for the same price as one from Benefit? And I reckon they're exactly the same... it makes me want to buy everything from brands such as VIVO.
The next item really is a basic item, because it's so basic and because I ALWAYS manage to lose tiny things like eye liner pencils, why do I insist on buying them from places like MAC, where they cost about £15.00... all it is is a pencil? So I decided to buy myself one from VIVO when I was in Tesco, I think it was around £1.50 AND it includes a smudging brush on one end, what a bargain. I decided to get it in brown because I'd rather wear brown on my eyes nowdays as I feel black is too harsh for my skin tone.  However, at this price I could buy every colour. The blending brush works really well surprisingly, it smudges the line really effectively to say how cheap the product was. Imagine how expensive it would be for a 2 in 1 product like this from any high end cosmetics brand? I have seen similar pencils like this by MUA, although they are only £1.00 and they include a sharpener on one end, which is perfect because I always lose my pencil sharpeners.

Last but certainly not least, the VIVO colour block, amazingly it was only £3.00, a special introductory offer.  Although, it will only be £5.00 at full price. That's cheaper than a Starbucks. For even one of these colours from any other cosmetic brand it would be at least £5, yet this whole block cost me a mere £3.00. I really wanted to buy a new eye palette from Clarins, the one I wanted was around £40.00 and included around 3 colours. This is really good, okay the brush isn't that great but who cares, getting a brush with it really is just a bonus. These are definitely the colours that I was looking for as I wanted to recreate the autumn shaded sultry eye that a make up artist did for me at Shu Uemera, but without the price tag. Many people who I have shown this beautiful palette to have compared it to Urban Decay's Naked Palette, of course, that is a favourite with bloggers - minus the horrible price tag. Maybe this is the new naked palette? You do get dark colours as well which I like as it makes the perfect kit for a sultry eye look. They did do other colours as well, I just chose to buy this one. Maybe i'm gonna have to go grab the other colours?

How do you feel about low end/high end products? What is your high end must have and what's the best bargain item that you've found? What do you want to try?
I may set myself a task, to only use 'cheap' make up for a month. Let's see how I get on..

Em x x x
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

How Much Is My Face Worth Beauty Bloggers TAG?

*Firstly i'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all of my readers, I have officially hit 1500 followers via Googlefriend connect (that little thing on the right for all you non blogspotters!) I cannot believe it, I would never have expected to hit such a large number in the few months that my blog has been running, to say that I only started it to help my application to University and now it's become the biggest part of my life, I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support. It just goes to show that those people who continue to mock me for having a blog are only helping to make it stronger. I cannot thank you all enough, a huge giveaway is coming your way as a thanks! I still get excited with every new follower that I get, every lovely email that I get, every lovely tweet that you lovelies send me, I'm still so excitable about the fact that people actually read my blog, so I seriously cannot thank you enough. So much love to you all x x x*

So I went out last night and I decided to do a  'get ready with me' YouTube video so that you guys can see what make up I wear on the average night out, but you can also see me quickly applying it! A lot of people have asked for a make up tutorial but I wouldn't ever pretend that i'm amazing at make up, as i've got a lot to learn, so i'd rather not call it a tutorial as such. Also, I keep promising to do more YouTube videos so I am really trying. Please ignore the bad quality. Below, I will discuss each product that I used and why I use them. I would usually do eye shadow on a night out but I was really really rushed so I just put some false eye lashes on. I am also going to do the 'how much does my face cost' tag and add up how much everything I use costs, i've seen lots of beauty bloggers do this and it seems like fun. Enjoy the video, I wonder how much my 'face costs'... x x x

What products did I use...

Shu Uemura UV underbase primer £29 - This primer is amazing, I will write a full review up of it this weekend because I think it deserves one. I have mentioned it in a few of my other posts/videos, it is very expensive but there is a noticeable difference when it is put under make up. Not to mention that it protects your skin from the sun and therefore, it is anti ageing, hurray! I always put a primer on after i've moisturised as it just evens your skin tone and any lumps and bumps out. It just gives you a smooth base to work with. Recently i've been using Mac's Prep and Prime (full review here) which is amazing, but i've run out so i've moved back onto this mousse formula, which is a best seller so it must be good!

Loreal Lumi Magique highlighting pen £7.25 - This is amaaazing, I absolutely love it, I recently had to buy a new one as I used it up soo quickly which is this products only down fall, you can read the full review of it here  I am beyond impressed with this product. I apply it underneath my eyes, A LOT as you can see, as it really gets rid of bags and I also put it down the side of my nose. I wish it was a tiny bit thicker then i'd use it all over my face, so glad to finally find a good high street product!

Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix foundation £20.50 -  NC30 - Funnily enough I have never reviewed this foundation in depth, which is crazy as I have been wearing it for years now. I do switch between foundations but this is 100% my fave, it has a gorgeous matte finish and although the quality of my video is pretty bad, I do think you can see just how matte it is as soon as I apply it. It's great for any skin type as well which is a bonus. I'm often asked what colour I wear, I always go for NC, which means it has a yellowy undertone rather than pink, as it will go with my fake tan more and in Winter I usually go for NC25-30 whilst in Summer I'm usually an NC35.

Mac mineralize powder £21.50 - Much like the foundation above, I have been wearing this for years. It's just a great powder, I don't even have anything to compare it to because I haven't used any other powders as I am so hooked on this, it gives a matte finish which lasts forever and it makes your make up stay in place. I wear it in colour;medium-dark.

Xen-tan bronzing powder £22.00 -  this is a new product which I am really loving. I also use Mac's matte bronze but I have lost it so this has been my baby for the past few weeks! It looks really dark and sparkly but once you put it on your face it goes a lovely colour, be sure to really blend it though for more of a subtle tan. I tend to use this on my chest as well, because it's made by a fake tan company it really compliments your fake tan, so you haven't got that pale face vs. orange body look going on when you use them both together. It really brings out your cheek bones as well as it's a beautiful colour.

Vivo brown eyeliner pencil £1.00 - This was from Tesco, I quickly bought it the other day because I always lose my eye liners, I got it in brown because I find that black is too harsh on my eyes nowadays. It was only abou £1.00 which is a bargain! It's just as good as any Mac eyeliner that I have used, it's really sharp and it even comes with a blending brush on the other end. Perfect I say!

Clarins Wonderperfect mascara £20.00 - I've raved about this in my recent videos. My friend wears it and her eye lashes always look so wide and false, this mascara is perfectly dramatic and perfectly black. I'd really reccommend it for long, thick lashes.It's last me over 6 months which makes the price seem a bit sweeter, I can't wait to treat myself to a new one.

Shu Uemura eye lashes £22.00- I always get my eyelashes from Shu Uemura's eye lash bar in Harvey Nichols. It's great because they're not all expensive, the most i've paid is £22.00 and that was for my prom, I usually pay around £10.00 and every time you take it back to them, they will put them on for free for you and do your eye make up. It's great if you just fancy getting your eyes done on a night out. They do last forever as well and look really natural, they don't look like cheap tacky eye lashes which is great.

Mac Cosmetics Myth Lipstick £11.00 - My all time favourite, the love of my life. This is Mac's most popular lipstick and I know why (I go through these like it's a Cadburys chocolate bar) it's just the perfect pinky/nude colour, say bye to foundation lips, this looks like foundation lips, but without the whiteness, it's just the perfect shade, I swear by it.

Total cost: £154.25, wow I really didn't think that my 'face' would cost this much, when I add up the price of everything. It's made me think, is it really worth it? And I think not... I am going to try and buy all of my make up from the highstreet when I run out, just as a challenge to see if I can justify cheaper items and still look the same. Watch this space.

Above are some photos of me from the night, as you can see, I did just go for a plain look!

What are your make up essentials for a night out? Do you use any of the products above?
Leave your YouTube channels so that I can subscribe to you, mine is
Lots of love,
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

List of the top fake tans, WHICH IS THE BEST FAKE TAN ON THE MARKET

 If you read my blog a lot, or know me as a person you will know that I am a fake tan fan. Admittedly, I used to wear a lot more fake tan than I do now, I think too much is tacky and I'm actually embarrassed at how ridiculous I used to look with too much on. I do think it's important to know how to apply it, i'd rather be insanley pale than be one of those people who applies it and looks green and scaley (ewwwhh) I think that's why quite a lot of people just use sun beds, but I am anti-sun bed and have never used one, of course because I know of the health risks associated but also, because I know I will get addicted. I do have naturally olive skin, which is a plus. After years and years of using every single tan on the market, I decided I would find the ones that I have in my bedroom currently and give you a post about which ones to go for and which ones to avoid. Here goes...

The first ever fake tan that I used was St Tropez, my Mum bought me it for Christmas and I was sooo excited. Of course, it didn't look like the ones above as they have changed all of their packaging and revamped lets say. I did absolutely love it, and it was as if it was the only tan that existed to me and my friends back in the day, but I remember going into Boots and paying about £25.00 for a spray on bottle, the colour looked amazing, but I used the whole bottle in one night... since then I stopped using St Tropez because I just couldn't afford it for the teeny amount that you got. However, I got the middle 'gradual tan' free with a magazine recently and i've got to say it is still an amazing formula, i'd personally never use the every day gradual tan as my 'every day tan', i'd always use normal fake tan first, and then apply this every day for a week to keep my colour up. This product does work really well but it is around £20.00 and I usually just use a Dove every day gradual tan which is around £4.00 after I've tanned, i'd say they're both equally as good. I was lucky enough to win the other two bottles of tan from other bloggers giveaways, I was really excited because the packaging has changed and they seem to have gone for a new look, I have to be honest and say that I haven't used the bronzing lotion yet (I will go and try it now and report back) but I have used the bronzing spray. I used this because I was in a major rush one night and just grabbed it, applied the tiniest bit and had an instant colour, however, you can never see the real effects of fake tan until the morning after - I was quite alarmed when I woke up and I was a greeny shade, but I know that some fake tans do go green so I took some deep breaths, washed it off and I was left with a gorgeous colour to tell you the truth. It retails at £26.49 which is good, but I wouldn't personally say it's the nicest colour i've ever seen. The tan does smell nice but it doesn't feel as nice or as kind to the skin as other fake tans i've used have.I think I need to use more of their new collection and then I can really decide how I feel about St tropez. 

After been hooked to the old St Tropez but deciding I couldn't afford it, I moved onto St Moriz. I was so against this tan when I first found out that people were using it as they've even copied St Tropez' name, but then I was hooked. I couldn't understand why i'd been paying so much for fake tan when this little beauty ranges from £2.99 to £4.99. I've used the mousse version and the spray can version, the bottles last a long long time, even if you put as much on as I used to. The only problem is, because it is an insanley cheap fake tan, if you put too much on ,you do go orange, or green. When you wash it off, most of the colour comes off unless you make yourself look black the night before. Because it's cheap, it seems to really pick up colour on dry patches such as your knees and your elbows, so on  a night out you will have very dark knees and elbows unless you're really good at applying it. Finally, it smells disgusting, that horrible fake tan smell. Now I have seen ALOT of girls have fake tan distasters with this tan, they may think it looks good (like I used to do) but it just doesn't, it does look cheap and fake... it's a shame because I did used to swear by it and when it's applied correctly and worn correctly it does look really nice - but I think it's difficult to not go over board with this tan. It makes you feel stiff and really smelly after applying it, unlike more expensive tans which smell nice and are moisturising. It also flakes off in the least subtle way ever. If you do want to try this and you are going to apply it properly, you can buy it from any sort of market/cheap beauty shop and they should stock it. It is worth a try, I find that on some of my friends skin this looks absolutely flawless yet on other friends it looks green and messy, which isn't what you want. I did love it, I think the only reason i've gone off it is because i've gone back to expensive tans and realised how incredible they are.

I pulled together any 'random' tans that I have in my bedroom, by random I just mean that I don't have the collection, I just have one of each. The other day I used Makebelieve, which I was kindly given at the Leeds Blogger Event, I didn't really know what to think when I was piling it on, but i've seen it in House Of Fraser and Boots before and have always been intrigued because I like the packaging, I was so excited to try it. You get ALOT in a bottle, probably the most i've ever seen in one, so the value for money is good. It feels really moisturising which is what I love about a fake tan, it actually felt like it was doing my body some good, I massaged it into my legs and I felt really moisturised which is what I look for in a tan nowadays. The best part about this is that it actually has antidoxidants and lots and lots of good oils/butters in it which help to fight against cellulite, this is great for girls and it's my legs which I hate and the reason I go to the gym is to tone my legs, so this is the perfect solution for me. It does smell beautiful as well. I noticed that this tan wasn't streaky at all, unlike St Moriz the colour was faultless. The only one problem I did have (which is my fault) is that I put far too much on my hands so my hands went too dark, that's just me been rubbish at applying it though so I'm not juding my hands by it, it was still a gorgeous colour. This retails at £24.50 which isn't bad to say it acts as a moisturiser, cellulite fighter, fake tan AND it will last you a long time. Big thumbs up for Makebelieve. In my randoms there is also a Soleil Beauty which was just from Tesco when I quickly needed some cheap tan, erm it is okay apart from it feels like you're spraying sun tanning oil onto your self, which just makes your body feel stiff. The colour wasn't that great unless you put the whole bottle on and I don't even think they sell it anymore, so I wouldn't reccommend it for a really strong colour. 

Dove summer glow is one of my fave products, it's just amazing. I put it on the day after i've fake tanned and continue to do this for at least a week, it just ensures that your colour stays vibrant but also stops your tan from flaking off. Rimmels instant tan is good, but be careful not to put too much on as it can go a dirty brown/grey colour. It has ALOT of shimmer in it which isn't really for me but you can't really see it in the dark, people have commented on how nice the colour is but it does feel sticky for a while, the other downside is that when you jump in the shower, it all comes off because it's instant, but If you like instant tan then it really does serve its purpose, I got it on offer at Superdrug for £3.00 which is really worth it. I have a bottle of Piz Buin in the photo and I do believe that as a brand they've kind of dissolved from the fake taning market, i've personally never noticed it being that good a tan, but I did used to use it years ago, I think today they may have changed the forumla and I have used their sun tan lotions, but I also wouldn't reccommend these as they didn't improve my tan whatsoever, they're also VERY expensive.From this random list i'd go for Makebelieve and then Rimmel instant and of course, Dove colour is essential as well as fake tan it's self. 

 Last but not least, and 100% I have saved the best til last, Xen-Tan. I'm pretty sure you'll know by now that I am a Xen-Tan obsessive. However, if you don't believe me when I say how good it is, many girls have bought it after reading my previous reviews and have sent me messages to say how good they also found it! I have used most of their tans, I loved the spray tan version because it just smelt delcious and the texture was silky and moisturising yet acted like a spray tan. I've also had proffessional Xen-Tan spray tans before and it's just the deepest yet most natural colour i've ever seen (you can get these at Saks salons). Who said that such a deep colour can be so natural? I have done a deatiled review of most of Xen-tan's products on other blog posts. Click here to read about the Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe and here to read about their Mist Intense.  Needless to say, they are by Xen-Tan and therefore, they are amazing products, each and everyone of them, for different reasons. My favourite tan OF ALL TIME, out of the thousands that i've used, has got to be the Dark lotion, which I am yet to do a single review of. This is the tan that I wear all the time, it's only £21.95 and I swear by it. It's their best seller for a reason, it's moisturising, smells heavenly and is the most natural, streak free yet deep colour i've ever seen. You get endless compliments when you wear this tan. Also, at the Leeds Blogger event, I was lucky enough to get the Xen-Tan Face tanner to try, I was sooo excited as I've wanted to get myself a face tanner for ages, I now put it on every time I fake tan, I actually went to the supermarket the other day with no foundation on as this face tanner left me with such a sun kissed glow on my face. I also put it on underneath my foundation now as it shines through like you've been sunbathing, I am in loveee. For a big bottle it's only around £15.00 which is good as it will last you forever as the face is such a small area to tan. Recently I cheated on the dark lotion with the mousse intense which is just as fabulous, it does look greeny to begin with, but this is meant to happen! So do not worry, and I assure you, when you wake up, you will have the most perfect tan. Lucky for us, Xen-tan now do little sample versions which are £3.99 for 30ML, so not that small at all! Even if you just fancy having a really professional looking tan for the Christmas season, you can try it with this.  I promise you won't regret spending your money on Xen-tan. It's now an essential part of my life. If you want to buy my favourite tan for cheap, I reccommend Feel Unique - get it here.

I hope that this has helped, please let me know which fake tans you use, which you love and which you hate. Above is a video of me disussing my own fake tanning routine and how to fake tan and the other is me applying fake tan. Don't forget to leave your Youtube URLS below so that I can subscribe to you.
Lots of love, Em x x x

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Best Skin Care, Skin Saviours - Dermalogica review

I thought it was about time that I grabbed all my fave skin care items and discussed them with you, we all have those bad skin days where your face just hurts, everything feels dull and you just want to cry (well I do anyway). I think skin care is extremely important, especially because your face is a base for your make up, if the base isn't good then the chances are the make up won't look good, of course not everyone is blessed with good skin and that's why it's products like these that make life easier. I did have good skin up until I turned 18, and everytime it's my time of the month (sorry to say it!) my skin goes out of control, okay well not out of control, but to me it does, it's just a week period and it's the worst week of the month for me skin wise. Luckily, these products help me get through that week, so I want to share my faves with you. First i'm going to discuss cleansers:

Demalogica Daily Microfoliant and Special Cleansing gel; I turned to Demalogica (which can be found in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges etc) when I was having a really bad skin week,  actually went to Selfirdges in Manchester first and the lady just didn't seem like she wanted to serve me, even though I was wanting to buy everything they offered me, I didn't want to give up because I have heard raving reviews about Demalogica, from acne sufferers and people with normal every day skin concerns like me, celebrities rave about it so I had to give it a go. I took the plunge and visited the Leeds Harvey Nichols store, where two lovely girls (Amy and Vicky) sat me down and went through a skin map with me, basically they ask you loads of questions and use special magnifying glasses to look deep into your skin, they told me that I have dehydration on my cheeks (which I never knew) and as I knew, my chin is due to hormones. They weren't pushy whatsoever, but talked me through the products and I was hooked. My everyday items are the Microfoliant, this is immense, you tip it onto your hands and it's like a powder, then you rub it together with a bit of water and it turns into an exfoliating scrub (see photo), of course, exfoliating the skin is essential to keep it bright, glowing and healthy and to rid of the bad skin cells. I use this twice a day, morning and night. Before this, I use the gentle special clensing gel, this is just a basic cleansing gel but very important to remove make up. The cleanser is £25.50 which is pricey and the exfoliator is £38.00, I know this is very expensive so when they do run out I will have to ask for them again for Christmas as I can't really afford these products on a part time wage, I do think I have found my perfect skin care with these products though so I may just have to save up.

Goodthings,stay clear purifying cleanser*; Now I was really excited when I got this because I was given the matching moisturiser at the Leeds Blogger Event and I haven't stopped using it since. This is packed full of goodness and it's free from everything BAD, which is what I want for my skin. This is especially for oily skin and it helps to clear away excess sebum without stripping of its moisture, it is designed to purify and decongest the skin, so it is designed for breakouts. I think this has a bit more in it than the Dermalogica cleanser which is why once that has run out (it basically has, boo) I will switch to this for a few months to see how my skin feels about it. This is only £4.99 which is incredible value as you get quite a lot, if this is as good as Dermalogica, which is seems to be, then I have just managed to save myself A LOT of money. 

Dirty works, Pore-fect face scrub*; Now, this product together with the above from Goodthings could actually be the answer to my prayers, this face scrub is gently foaming and exfoliating, helps to revitalise dull and tired skin. I haven't got round to using it yet as I am too in love with my Dermalogica but I will be back in touch when I have, as it looks promising, it looks to do the same as the Dermalogica exfoliator for half the price, i've played around with it on my hand and it's luscious.

Clinique Mild Facial Soap, I used to swear by Clinique and I did use it for yearsandyearsandyears and then I stopped and my skin got horrible, but then I started again and it just didn't seem to do anything, I found it boring to use and mind the pun but just too 'mild', even though the Dermalogica clenser is also very mild, this clinique product just doesn't seem to have any effect on my skin,I think I have out grown it.

I am now going to talk about other facial goodies, these don't neccessarily have to be part of your every day skin care routine like cleaning your face, but they do help along the way. Basically, I switch between two eye gels, I read up about these and realised that I really should find myself an eye gel because otherwise when I'm older i'll have seriously baggy under eyes. I got the Balance Me cream for free with a magazine, this is really nice and creamy and you can really feel it hydrating the skin under your eyes. I also use Dermalogicas mineral eye gel which is just immense. It actually has a rough gel texture, and you can feel it absorbing into your under eyes. Gutted that I only got a tiny sample with what I bought as right now I really can't afford the £36.00 for eye gel, it is worth it and it probably will last me years but I think this is another thing that I will have to put on my christmas list. Another Dermalogica product that I've put onto thsi goodies photo is the multi-active toner, I just lovee this product. I don't think it will ever run out as you spritz the tiniest bit on your face. It can be sprayed over your make up or it can be used day and night after you have clensed, it helps moisturisers to soak in better and hydrates your skin, this is around £25.00. Next you will see the facepacks by Motagne Jeuneusse, which are great for a pick me up and can be found in any shop for about £1.00, I love the ones that you peel off. I also LOVE Glamglow's little jar of sexy, I did a review on this a while ago which you can read here. It's just amazing for shedding your skin and making it ready for make up. Then Xen-tans facial tanner, my new obsession, don't be alarmed when you wake up, just gently wash it off and you are left with the longest lasting, most natural colour.
This is my selection of skin saviours, like literally what I believe to be the BEST skin products on the market. I don't want to bore you by going through them all over and over again so I am going to be quick and give you a thirty second selling point for each of these products;

SUPERFACIALIST,by Una Brennan - Rosehydrate miracle Makeover Facial oil* (right hand side)- It can be used as a preclenser which nourishes and preclenses the skin with vitamins, essential fatty acids and every other good thing you can think of, this GORGEOUS little bottle aims to elimiate impurities and encourages cell regeneration.  It's called miracle oil for a reason... It''s £14.99 from Boots and will last you forever, look out for the pinnk box which it comes in. I just think the bottle it's self will look gorgeous in my room, it's difficult to see on this photograph. 
DERMALOGICA OVER NIGHT CLEARING GEL - I really can't put into words how good this product is, if you feel a spot coming on, put the gel over the spot, wake up in the morning and your skin is as good as new. It's won numerous awards and it is an essential item. It is £39.50 but it's the best nearly £40.00 that I have EVER spent, trust me with this one. THE BEST.  DEMALOGICA CLEARING MATTIFIER - I was reccommended this by a few people, because it is basically the day version of the over night clearing gel, similarily priced but just it mattifies (and therefore breaks up) any break outs throughout the day, put pop your foundation over the top of it and it acts like a working treatment whilst you're still looking pretty with a full face of make up. 

WELEDA SKIN FOOD* - This is just the ultimate miracle product, it's natural, it's for your face, your body and it is full of goodness, just feel the texture and you'll understand the minute you rub it into your hands, this should be renamed 'perfecting skin food' and it's only about £6.00, you can't go wrong. Food is essential, and so is this product, so feed your skin, please. I am in love. GOODTHINGS clearing mattifier - I have been using this more than my Dermalogica mattifier recently after I was given it at the Leeds Blogger event, I think it's unreal, as it feels more moisturising than the Dermo one, it's also only £7.99 so this could be my new baby.

NOURISH -  I love Nourish products, I use their Balance moisturiser for bad skin days when my skin needs, erm balancing! And then their Argan rescue oil, which does exactly what it says, rescues the skin. It can literally be used for anytrhing, merged with water to create a moisturiser, it gets rid of scars, it helps sun burn, it keeps wrinkles abay, it calms down blemishes. Just buy this and put it in your bag, it's highly essential, at £18.95 it is very good for the amount of things it does, it's like a multi-tasking miracle healer, use this after you've cleansed and leave it on as an over night treatment.

 I hope this helps you all out, please let me know in your comments if you've ever used any of these products or what are your skin heroes and saviours! I have done a Youtube video below about Hair Care and I'd love it if you could watch it, let me know what you think and leave the link to your Youtube channel below so that I can find some lovely new vloggers to subscribe to. Once again, thanks for reading my blog, you guys keep me going and I couldn't do it without your continued support.
I love YOU ALL! x x x Em x x x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

How to do make up like Kim Kardashian, How to contour like Kim Kardashian

Hello lovelies... i'm pleased to tell you that I have piles of products waiting to be reviewed in the next few weeks, but I just had to alert you to this...
Okay, so if you know me or if you're a regular reader you'll know that I think that Kim Kardashian is just perfect. Okay, no one is perfect but shes pretty close right? Her olive skin and her perfectly long locks, I'd love to look like this girl. Well, wasn't I excited the other day when she shared her biggest beauty secret with the world. Of course, I had to document it. So here it is. I've always wondered how to contour, and I think that's what I like best about Kim Kardashian, the way her make up is contoured. Is it just me who is new to this whole contouring thing and doesn't have a clue how to do it? I think every woman asks the question 'How do I do my make up like Kim Kardashian?' or at least, I am dying to know anyway. Well thanks to Kim, I now know one of her secrets. I am actually going to try this in the morning, I might even be really keen and print the photograph of her out and copy. Would that be weird? Slighty... Everytime I see Kim i'm like 'I wanna be a Kardashian!'...

Here it is, what we've all been waiting for, how to look like Ms Kardashian. Paint your face like a bird. She pretty much puts concealer, ALL over her face. I'd love to know what concealer it is, but what's interesting is that it is extremely light in comparison to her skin tone, but also, it looks as though she uses the same concealer under her eyes, as she does on the rest of her face. This is interesting because I use a thick concealer on my imperfections and a highlighting concealer under my eyes. I'm guessing that she uses a very light concealer, because she looks to me like she has perfect skin so doesn't really need a thick concealer (she has NOTHING to conceal). Therefore, this is probably more like YSL's touch eclat, an illuminating and light reflecting creamy concealer, I don't understand why she has done that on her forehead, but I am going to try it. It's interesting that she hasn't left too much room at the sides of her cheeks, i'm guessing she contours that with a brush, or her make up artist does. When I read about the Victoria's secret models make up, they all said that contouring is key, and that foundation actually takes away the shape of your face, so you have to contour to recreate the shape of your face.

Kardash looked immaculate afterwards, surely by anyones standards. It's odd, but you can actually see that her blusher followers the exact line of where her concealer was. I cannot wait to try this look. I'm not sure why she does that shape on her forehead but I am going to try it out and see how I feel. I also have noticed that she puts s lot underneath her eyes and right up to her bottom lashes, I wonder if she then puts foundation over this - surely? She has just one thin line right down the centre of her nose, I think this is so the light can bounce off it. When she uploaded these photos to twitter, she put the caption as 'try this at home.' Oh how I wish she would bring out a make up book, her make up artist has brought one out called 'FACE TO FACE' which is available on Amazon, but I reckon it isn't actually about her, she is just on the cover of it. I want a 'Kim Kardashian make up book'. Please. I do absolutely adore Kim's make up, the only time I don't like it is when it's too pale. I have written a post before with some really good video tutorials of how to get make up like Kim's so if you haven't read that already you can read it here; (it was one of my first posts!)  But I think it's always been a bit of an obsession, even though I don't even watch her on tv, I always see photos of her and just want to look like her. I guess it's all down to the contouring and the fact that she has a professional make up artist but I do think her look is a great look to aim for. So, tomorrow morning is concealer application time for me, good bye to my contour-less face, hello Miss Kardashian. 

My Concealer wish list to create Kim's look;
- Laura Mercier's secret camouflage followed by a liquid concealer on top. 
'I love the new liquid high definition concealer from Smashbox cosmetics' (as said by her make up artist)
-Giella Cosmetics, Eye M Glam. 'It gives a sheer golden glow to the skin and you can use it anywhere on the face or body. I always apply some to the cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner corner of eyes and on the collarbones.'
-Makeup Forever concealer pallete
-I'd reccommend Loreal's lumi magique highlighter pen, just like touch eclat, but cheaper.

Yep, I am going to hunt down all of the above in the hope that it makes me look like KK.
How do you feel about Kim Kardashian?
Are you good at 'contouring?!'

P.S, I did a new Youtube Video; 'Empties'
I want to do more videos but I have no idea what to do them on, if you have a Youtube channel please leave your link below so that I can subscribe to you. Apologies for the weird editing, it's official, I hate Windows Movie Maker. Thanks for watching!

Lots of love,


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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