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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Phil Smith Moisture Rich product reviews

Sooo if you know me, you will know that I loveee all things hair, literally LOVE hair products. But, I was actually lucky enough to get to use some Phil Smith hair products recently. Now I have used pretty much every hair product in Boots, we're talking Lee Stafford, John Frieda, Mark Hill... etc but I actually got SO excited when I got these... blame the packaging, it is beautiful. My photos do this packaging no justice whatsoever. As you can see, it is big bright and wonderful, and so shiny. I do really like the brightness of the products. They look great on my bathroom shelf. Now, what I love most about these products is that they look so high end, you could easily imagine them in the Selfridges beauty hall, but unbelievably, you can buy these beautiful shiny products from Sainsburys supermarkets. They cost around £3.99 which is really good considering how efficient these products are. It kind of takes me back to my high end vs. low end debate, whereby once again, I think these products are exactly if not even better than high end hair products, yet without the designer name. However, I think Phil Smith could potentially be a 'designer' name, because his products look so high end and act like high end products.

I have been using his Moisture rich products for a few weeks now. Luckily, these shampoos seem quite gentle to hair as sometimes, when I change shampoos, it can affect my scalp and make my head sting, but with this, it just worked in the same way as the shampoos I usually use. I decided to get the 'moisture rich' products as the ingredient list includes wheat protein which is for dry and damaged hair. This is perfect for me, as I do have dry and damaged hair (blame the bleach) and I don't actually use heat on it that often! I was really interested to find out what the heck 'wheat protein' actually is... I was excited when I found out that what protein is actually known for it's strengthening properties. When I put these products on my hair I did really feel it drench my hair in 'moisture' , I have also been leaving this conditioner on for around ten minutes as it then doubles up as a deep repair. Surprisingly, these silky textured procuts only cost £3.99 so I do think these products are really good for a cheap pick me up and actually, make you feel very high end.

I have also been trialling his other hair products, I like to call products like the ones above 'hair essentials' as they are used nearly every day... basically, the bright pinkness of these uber shiny bottles looks insanely good in any bathroom. Even though I'm a neat freak and like my whole bathroom to be completely white, funily enough, even I like the look of these in my bathroom. They give it a hint of glamour. In terms of how good the products are, the hold tight is really good, I put it on after i've curled my hair and it doesn't give that ugly really dry look like some hair sprays give, it gives maximum hold but almost invisibly and it is easy to brush out. I love the 'Hot Stuff' heat defence spray, I never ever ever use heat products without spritzing my hair with heat defence and the fact that like the shampoo, this also has wheat proteins in it, really means that actually you're benefiting your hair if you spritz this on before using heat. I love the slogans on these products as well, 'HOLD TIGHT' 'HOT STUFF' and 'BIG IT UP' help to give these products personalities, and prove that they are energetic products, which need to be used. I used the volume boosting spray for the first time last week. Simply because I wanted to backcomb my hair (oops hair no no) and I knew it just wasn't going to be big enough, so after washing I put this spray on, and people actually commented on 'how big' my hair looked that night. Score!

All in all, I am really impressed with these products,  I am even more impressed with the price tag. I also think they are very student friendly as they look beautifully high end , act beautifully high end and will last for ages. I've been looking on the Phil Smith hair website and they actually do loads of interesting products so I will have to try some more, thanks Phil! I think Sainsburys will be the next stop for many girls after trying these products, they're pretty much the 50 shades of hair styling... Even if you just buy them to look pretty in your bathroom.

What are your favourite hair products? What do you look for in hair products? 


  1. I'm so glad these are good because I am so tempted to purchase just because the hot pink packaging will look so nice in my bathroom...god I'm such a sucker for packaging! Great informative post as ever!

    1. Yay, the packaging is tempting isn't it! you must let me know if you get them. Aw thanks lovely x x x

  2. I really need to try some new hair products, I'm running low on literally everything!

  3. These products look so nice, great price too I need to try xx

  4. I've been thinking about buying these for a while now, thanks for doing such a good review on them! Will definately have to buy myself some :)
    Only just set up my blog, feel free to check it out! xxxx

  5. These sound good! I have sooo many hair products at the moment too. I agree they do look like high end products!
    Nice post :) xx

  6. Great review! I'm reeeally intrigued about 'big it up' I think it might be just what I need! The packaging of these is gorgeous too, I'm quite fussy about packaging so this is big ha xxx

  7. I love the packaging on those! Thats why after payday im goin to get some ;)

    Dont forget to enter my special giveaway!!!!

  8. Great blog! You should be so proud of it - made me want to refresh my hair routine a little bit. Thank you!


  9. I tried the Big it Up hair range (shampoo, conditioner and cream), but really wasn't sure about it :( I LOVED the smell of them, but the shampoo didn't lather very well and so you had to use a lot of it, and although other people noticed a difference in the volume of my hair, personally I didn't notice it (but maybe that's just me, lol). Anyway, I did a full review on them on my blog if you're interested :)

    I completely agree though, they are a great price considering how high end they look!


  10. I used the Moisture Rich conditioner and Big It Up shampoo, but wasn't really a huge fan. :( I love the packaging though and would like to try this hairspray! xo

  11. i love finding new-to-me products. thanks for sharing!

  12. great review darling. I'm using Lee Stafford Hair growth products at the moment. I believe they are actually working, despite what critics say, even if its not making my hair grow, its making it look amazingly soft and shiny :D xx

  13. your review is amazing :)
    I love your blog!

  14. I personally love Aussie.

    Great post like always!

    Giveaway on my site, by the way!

    Thanks again,

  15. I should try that hair product!! :)

  16. You should tey the dry shampoo, I got one in my Joliebox last month and it worked like a charm! xoxo
    Jemma x

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  21. the hot pink pack just tempts me to buy this product just NOW! I think I will actually buy the conditioner!

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