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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Easy, Healthy Ginger Fig and Oat Biscuits Recipe

healthy easy cookie recipe

Hey guys, so after so many of you read my easy, healthy banana bread recipe I thought it was about time I wrote down my healthy biscuits/cookie recipe. You can watch us making the banana bread recipe at 15 mins on my recent vlog here too if you missed it. I have lots more of these healthy recipes coming so just tweet me or drop me a comment/message on Instagram me @emshelx if you want more recipes and definitely tag me in your photos too when you bake them.  I've always loved cake and cookies, basically, give me all the sugar but I'm the kinda girl who will sit and eat a multipack of biscuits followed by a full pack of Oreos after spoon feeding myself Nutella. I have no cut-off point so that's why I try to ensure I always have healthy snacks in the house. If you've read any of my fitness posts you'll know I'm all about balance, so yeah, cookies are okay but everything in moderation. I strongly believe in having healthy stuff ready to grab in my house. I crave sugar more than a normal person should but with these in the house, at least I'm grabbing goodness. So, get ready, come bake some healthy, easy, dairy free (+ vegan-friendly if you leave the honey out) delicious cookies with me. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

The Best Spring Skincare and Bodycare Products

spring skincare

Oh hello hello, she's back with a new beauty post. Today I wanted to talk about spring skincare, one of the things I'm often asked on my Instagram live streams (emshelx) is about my favourite skincare, it's something I could talk about for hours. I am a complete sucker for skincare, I always have been and I don't think that will ever change. I am constantly on the lookout for new products and I do mix up my skincare quite often, whether it's based on how my skin feels or as a seasonal change, I'm always up for trying new skincare products, the skincare buff inside me loves it. I obviously have hero products that I will forever love (read my top beauty products of 2017 post for those ones). Today I thought it would be nice to talk about a few new in, spring skincare and body care products I'm loving. My skin gets dry, irritated and a little dull with the change from winter to spring, one day it's mild and the next day it's snowing and my skin really reflects the change in weather. I'm all about dewy, radiant and fresh skin so these are the products I'm currently loving for exactly that. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Patting Ourselves On The Back, Self-Love

gucci beltJumper / Jeans / Coat / Gucci Belt / Sunglasses 

I've got better at ensuring I'm following positive people who motivate me, inspire me and make scrolling through my social feeds a total joy. I got to a stage where I felt anxious refreshing social media because it can be quite a negative, passive aggressive and indirect place. As an over-thinker, it isn't good for my mind some days. I completely understand that often, social media doesn't portray real life, it's a highlights reel and it's no-one has a perfect, happy life all the time. Therefore, moaning is completely allowed, the odd rant here and there, sometimes we just have a bad day, or, something annoys us. I was once told to 'never be negative on social media' and as much as I'm trying to follow positive people (for my own mind), I do think it's quite damaging to pretend everything is okay all the time, we all struggle and we are all fighting battles people may know nothing about.  It's all about being able to put it into perspective later down the line. When a family friend died, I struggled with this for quite some time. If anyone was moaning or, if I was moaning, I'd break down and feel insane guilt for well, moaning. I'd tell myself 'they'd do anything to be here, in this situation' but I realised that we can't beat ourselves up with guilt. Sometimes, we just have a bad day. No-one is perfect. So yeh, I'm guilty of having a Twitter rant on the odd occasion and so are many others. Today, I thought I'd write a blog post all about why we shouldn't be afraid to pat ourselves on the back and why some self-lovin is very important plus, my tips to embrace self-love. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

How To Be A Blogger: Blogging / Social Media Influencer Tips, Tricks

missguided off the shoulder knit top
Shop the Gucci belt / Shop the jeans / Shop the knit top

So you want to be a blogger? The last time I wrote a ‘blogger tips’ post was years ago... I’m lucky enough to get tens of emails a week asking for blogging tips (thank you guys for trusting me and asking for my tips/guidance) and I usually direct everyone to my older blogging tips blog post, after all, it covers the basics of starting a blog and getting it out there (linked above if you missed it). However, I got a private message on Instagram this week (@emshelx) asking for more of an updated blog post for new bloggers/wannabe bloggers etc. So, I thought, it's only right to actually give you guys more updated advice. I thought I’d write up a blog post with some things I’ve learnt along the way, tips and tricks if you’re a blogger, or want to be a blogger, or if you're interested in how it works and a general chat about what it takes to be a blogger/blogging in general, plus talk about my equipment and more. So you want to be a blogger? Let’s go.

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