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Monday 30 January 2023


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Hello once again, lovely people! 
Today I thought it'd be worth sharing what I think are the best Saint Laurent bags to buy. You know I'm a huge fan of Saint Laurent, I tend to stay loyal to them. I've been asked by you all about my top bag picks are from Saint Laurent - I have listened and here we are! This list will be all about the best Saint Laurent bags to buy in 2023. In this post I'll be including all different types of bag - whether it's the perfect evening bag, the best everyday bag or even a fun bag. To me the best Saint Laurent bags to buy, would be ones that are going to be timeless. You want to be able to wear it in 2023 and also 10, 20 years from 2023. So all of these bags, in my opinion, are going to be forever bags. 
Lets get into it and have a look at the best YSL bags you should be buying in 2023! If you're wondering which YSL bag is best to buy? This is the blog post for you.

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Saint Laurent LouLou

Shop the Saint Laurent LouLou in Large here

Shop the Saint Laurent LouLou in Medium here

Shop the Saint Laurent LouLou Toy here

The Saint Laurent LouLou bag has become an ultimate classic and for me, it's one of the most timeless bags they've produced. It's the perfect everyday shoulder bag with it's classic silhouette it has the ability to work with every outfit. Coming in 4 different sizes - Toy, Small, Medium and Large the collection has a specific size that can suit anyone. So if you're someone like me who barely carries anything around then the Toy is perfect for you! Or if you're someone who carries everything but the kitchen sink then go for the medium or the large.  Saint Laurent have this bag in the a great assortment of colours. You could go for Black but also Red or even a beautiful sage green. Alongside this, the hardware comes in Silver, Gold or Black. So if you're not a mixing metals sort of person you can find the perfect hardware to suit your jewellery choice. The best thing to me about the LouLou bag is it's price point. Similar bags on the market - such as the Classic Chanel flap bag are coming in nowadays at £8,400. The Saint Laurent LouLou bag starts at £1,385 for the Toy and £2,600 for the large. 
For practicality, amazing quality and a timeless bag you really can't go wrong with the Saint Laurent LouLou. Read my full review of the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou review.

Saint Laurent Hobo Bag 
Le 5 à 7

Shop the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 in Rosy Sand here

Shop the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 in Blanc Vintage here

Shop the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 in Black here

Although only launched in Spring 2021 I have full confidence in saying that Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 has become an instant classic. We've seen recently a resurgence in mini shoulder bags with a lot more of a sleek silhouette and this bag defines that. The style icon herself, Hailey Bieber, is an enormous fan! 
I have one myself and I find myself using it all the time. It instantly elevates my outfits and it makes me feel so much more chic when I'm carrying this around. I love how simple this bag is, but how much of a presence it can have.
Although small, this bag fits everything you need. I put my lipstick, card holder and phone in here with no problems. Although I normally reach for this as an evening bag, I also use it during the day too if I'm not planning on carrying too much around. It has the versatility to be used as both. 
I'm so so glad I purchased this bag and it's made me so happy to see it's popularity continue to increase. 
If you're looking for the perfect understated bag then go for this. 

Saint Laurent Kate Bag 

Shop the small Saint Laurent Kate bag in Black Croc with Tassel here

Shop the small Saint Laurent Kate in Taupe here

Shop the medium Saint Laurent in Blanc Vintage here

Named after the woman herself, Kate Moss, the Saint Laurent 'Kate' bag is probably their most sought after and iconic bag.  This bag is produced every single season and can be found in so many different colours, patterns and leathers. It's fun to have a look at some of these bags available for re-sale as you can get some really fun versions!
I think the Saint Laurent Kate bag encapsulates the perfect evening bag. It comes in two different sizes -  medium and small. They also offer a 'Wallet on Chain' version which would fit all your essentials but not much more. 
They also do different versions of the Logo. One with a tassel hanging off and one without. I actually love the tasseled ones but it's great to see the brand offer a version without if that's not your thing. 
As with most of their bags they also offer two different colours of hardware - Silver and Gold. 
This bag has been on my Wishlist for so many years, I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion to purchase it. 

Saint Laurent Cassandra Bag 

Shop the mini Saint Laurent Cassandra Top Handle in Dark Beige here

Shop the Saint Laurent Cassandra Clutch in Blanc Vintage here

You can't go wrong with a top handle and this is Saint Laurents version. A really beautiful silhouette with the YSL logo in the middle, this is such a nice bag and one I see standing the test of time. This sort of silhouette has been in fashion for years. It can easily be used as an everyday bag but can also be carried on through to the evening. 
The Saint Laurent Cassandra comes with a long strap so you can wear it as a crossbody or on the shoulder. 
As you know I'm a fan of neutral everything and so I really would love this bag in their 'Blanc Vintage' colour. 
I'm really pleased to see that this bag also comes in a grained leather - as much as the love the smoothness of Calfskin, it's no secret that grained leather lasts longer and is easier to maintain. They also have a crocodile embossed version which is gorgeous - particularly the green colour!
If you'd rather not go for a top handle the Saint Laurent Cassandra also comes as an envelope bag. This is  more suitable for evenings, however still just as stunning. Slightly bigger than the Kate this would be a great evening bag if you tend to pack more things into your bag than just a phone lipstick keys etc. 

Saint Laurent Sunset Bag 

Shop the Saint Laurent Sunset in Medium in Blanc Vintage here

Shop the Saint Laurent Sunset in Large in Black Croc here

Shop the Saint Laurent Sunset in Python Vert D'eau here

Saint Laurent's Sunset bag reminds me of their LouLou bag, but with slightly more structure. So if you're not a fan of bags becoming slightly slouchy then the Sunset is probably a good place to start. The Sunset bag comes in two sizes - medium and large. I have recently got myself the medium size and done a review of it over on my YouTube. If you'd like to watch that click here! I go into depth about all the great things about this bag and why I decided to purchase it. 
The main reason for me is that I wanted something that I could use from day - night and that was a bit more roomy than my Saint Laurent Hobo Le 5 a 7 bag. If I'll be carrying this during the day I know I'm going to need to fit more in their than just the essentials and this bag allows me to do that. I can have all the essentials that I'll need during a day away from home and all the essentials I could need if I'm still due to be out during the evening. 
I love that this bag comes with a chain strap, I think that's what makes it so versatile as a day and also evening bag. 
This bag comes in a variety of leathers - smooth, python, croc and ostrich so you can have some fun with it! My advice though is if you're planning on purchasing the smooth leather make sure you have some leather protectant. Especially if you're like me and only ever buying nude bags! The hardware is gold, silver or black which is great if you're into a more subtle look - this would work well for you. 
Inside you've got two main compartments and then a smaller slip compartment for things such as keys or your cards. 
Like with all of my bags I will be doing a 6 month review of this bag where I'll be able to tell you exactly how I've been getting on with it and whether I'm still loving it as much as I currently am! You can find my top leather protectant spray here.

Saint Laurent Shopper Bag 

Shop the Saint Laurent Shopper Tote in Black here

Shop the Saint Laurent Shopper Tote in Taupe here

The last bag that I'm going to go into depth on this list is the Saint Laurent Shopper Bag. This is the everyday essentials, chuck everything in sort of bag. If you're someone who needs to carry their laptop, notebooks etc around then this is the only bag that I would be looking at from Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent Shopper Bag is the largest everyday bag that they do and consists of one compartment plus a detachable wallet on the inside. The leather is a supple, smooth leather so the bag has a lot of flexibility and give which is perfect when you're needing to fit lots of things in there. 
They offer a variety of colours but mostly only your basics - black, beige and navy. Sizing wise you can either choose one that has more of a rectangular shape or one which comes in slightly longer lengthwise. Both have the same measurements, so really it's personal preference and what feels more comfortable to carry for you. 
The branding on the Saint Laurent Shopper bag is also really subtle, it has the smaller inscription of Saint Laurent on the top and that's all there is. 
Personally I think this bag has such a good price point! It starts at £1,025 which is great when compared to other similar designer bags in the market. For example the Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the same size is £1,410. 

Honourable Mentions 

Saint Laurent 'Sac Du Jour' - this bag had a chokehold on so many people for so many years! Although I feel it's popularity has diminished in the last couple of years, there's no doubt that this is a Saint Laurent staple. A subtle bag too with very limited 'YSL' branding. 

Shop the Saint Laurent 'Sac du Jour' in Black Nano here

Saint Laurent 'Niki' - my friend has this bag and she consistently says how it's her favourite bag she's ever purchased! It fits so much in and with her who's used it almost every day, has absolutely no damage whatsoever. It's a supple leather so expect it ,o be slouchy, but that's the point of it, It's supposed to wear over time. You can choose two different leather styles - Crinkled or Smooth. Personally I'm not a fan of the crinkled look but I can see how some people love it. The Smooth however looks super smart. A good option for an everyday bag. 

Shop the Saint Laurent Niki bag in Blanc Vintage here

Saint Laurent 'Uptown Pouch' - Ok this isn't a bag, moreso a clutch but I really love it and would love one myself! I like how simple this is, with no crazy detailing. To me, it looks so chic. I find pouches and clutches to be so useful when I'm away on holiday and just popping downstairs for dinner. Rather than grabbing a bag, it's a lot more relaxed to just carry a pouch around. Maybe I'll look at getting one before my next trip away! 

Shop the Saint Laurent Uptown Pouch in Taupe here

Let me know what you guys think of all my picks. I hope you all agree that the bags I've chosen are ones I truly believe will stand the test of time. To me, that's the most important part when deciding on your next designer bag purchases! These items are not cheap and I know that for me, it's essential that I'll be able to use the same bags years from now. 
But equally it's important to have fun and choose bags that you well and truly love! It's a very personal thing.

If any of you decide to purchase one of these bags or already own one I would love to know your thoughts! Make sure to tell me over on @emshelx  and also don't forget to follow me on TikTok! I love making videos over there that cover all different things I'm interested in, from food to fashion - @emshelx. I really hope this helps you decide which YSL bag to buy and understand which YSL bags are the best investment! 

Thank you guys so much for reading this post - if this is something you'd like to see more of, then let me know! 

Lots of love, Em x

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