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Friday 27 October 2023


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Hello, hello! 
How have we all been?! The weather has finally turned and I'm starting to feel like we're actually right in the thick of Autumn. 
One of my favourite brands to lust over during Autumn {and Summer} is Gucci. I find their pieces so perfect for Autumnal styling! Particularly their handbags which is why I am bringing to you, today, the best Gucci handbags to buy and also my favourite Gucci bags. Whether that's new season Gucci bags or timeless Gucci bags I've listed all the ones that I have a constant eye on and that I think will elevate your wardrobe. So if you, like me, have had a Gucci bag on your watchlist for a while then keep on reading to find out the best Gucci bags to buy.

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Jackie Kennedy pictured with her Gucci Jackie Bag

Shop the Gucci Jackie 1961 in small here

Gucci Jackie 1961

Originally known as the 'Constance' the Gucci Jackie was renamed to what we know today after Jackie Kennedy to a liking to the bag and was seen faithfully wearing it. After going through several iterations through the years, in 2020 Alessandro Michele re-released the Jackie in its original form and the love has been endless since then, affirming the bag as an ultimate classic. 
Currently the Gucci Jackie comes in a selection of sizes ranging from Extra-Small to Large. However for me, I just love the Small - particularly in white with gold hardware. 
It's the perfect bag that can be dressed from day to night and there are so many different ways to wear it! Whether as a handheld, on the crook of your arm or on your shoulder its versatility is what makes it such a sustainable and classic piece. 

We're seeing a boom in quiet luxury and isn't this one of the ultimate pieces? With no overt logo, it's a subtly is what brings it to the quiet luxury club. 
Gucci's price point is always something I'm impressed with and they haven't allowed themselves to run away with overpricing their pieces. 

The Small Gucci Jackie comes in at £2,200 - shop here
The medium will set you back £2390 - shop here and the large at £3960 - shop here
Equally Gucci have released the Jackie in the most gorgeous shearling material in a bunch of fun colours - I love the pink one SO much! 

Shop the Gucci Jackie in in pink shearling here

Gucci Dionysus

I can't talk about iconic Gucci bags without mentioning the Dionysus. For years I've loved this bag - the print, the design, that gorgeous gorgeous clasp. However I never liked the shoulder bag aspect of it. For me, that just never was what I wanted to see. 
Gucci have now released the Dionysus with a top handle and for me, that is SO much better. 
I always thought of this bag as more of an evening dress up bag and now with the added top handle it fits that role perfectly. 

Obviously I love a small bag so the mini version is what I'm lusting after and again, it's another amazing price point at only £1410!

However if it is the classic you're after (and you really can't go wrong) then that will set you back £2220. Which let's be honest for a luxury shoulder bag these days is so reasonable. Especially when you compare it to brands like Chanel who are charging over £8,000 for their classic flap nowadays. 

Shop the Gucci Dionysus Top Handle here

Gucci Diana

Princess Diana with her Gucci Diana 

In a similar vein to the Gucci Jackie, the Gucci Diana was originally a top handle bamboo bag which was then renamed after the Princess populated it. All the iconic photos of Diana leaving Chelsea Harbour Club gym, you'll see this bag on her arm. 
Once again, we have Alessandro Michele for bringing the Gucci Diana back into existence and the bag really hasn't strayed from its original iteration. 
The only difference being a small 'GG' logo located near the top and the removable neon handle strap. It still retains its iconic bamboo handles which add such a different element to it - name me another bag with handles like that! 

My love of neutral brings me to the white mini version of the Gucci Diana with the removable shoulder strap. I've seen so many people wearing this and it's looks like the perfect everyday bag to fit all the essentials you will need for a day of running errands. It's slightly more expensive than the bags mentioned previously, but still reasonable at £2470. 
There's a variety of Gucci Diana's to pick up but for me, the original is the best. 

Shop the Gucci Diana here

Gucci Horsebit 1955

Shop the Gucci Horsebit 1955 here

The horsebit. A classic symbol of Gucci, which you can find on their iconic loafers, belts and also bags. 
For me, this is probably one of the most timeless bags we see Gucci do. As an everyday bag, you can't get much better than this! 
Roomy enough for essentials, with a wide cross body strap this bag is utter perfection when it comes to those days of running errands. 
I love the minimalist look, but the pop of gold from the bit shaped buckle. 
I believe if you want to add a bit of fun you can also switch out the shoulder strap for one with a bit more of a design on it! Like the iconic green and red Gucci stripe. 
When I was looking on the website I also noticed they've released the the Gucci Horsebit in shearling and oh my gosh if this isn't the perfect bag for this Autumn! Can you even believe how cute this is! I want it so so bad! 
For just the classic Gucci Horsebit it will set you back £2570 which again, is the more expensive side of Gucci but I think for a bag like this cost per wear is going to be so good. I honestly would wear this bag every single day. 
If you, like me, are in LOVE with the shearling version then that's only marginally more expensive at £2690. 

Shop the Gucci Horsebit Shearling here

Gucci Ophidia

Shop the Gucci Ophidia here

Now in the realms in the Saint Laurent 5 a 7, Gucci have brought out a very similar bag but in their version and I have to say - I love it! 

Small shoulder bags are so popular at the moment and I reckon they'll be here to stay. As people, we carry around so many less things in our bags nowadays, it only made sense for them to become more compact and much smaller.

I love the Gucci Ophidia as the perfect day to night bag. 
In both instances it can work as it has the versatile crossbody strap to make it more appropriate for daytime use, but then also has the chain strap that instantly elevates it and turns it into the most gorgeous evening bag! 

My preferred colour of course being the more neutral of the two - the beige. I just love the shades of grey and cream that Gucci use. However the bag does also come in brown which is a great staple for any Autumnal dressing that is coming up in the next few months. We all know brown is very much the colour of the moment currently! 

And what else is great about this bag?! It's currently less than £1,000 which is almost unheard of in the luxury bag market these days. Coming out at £930, I find this to be the perfect pricing for this piece. It's versatile, it's stylish and it's also not hideously expensive. To make sure you also receive the chain strap and the crossbody strap it does hike the price up marginally to £1370 but I truly think it's highly worth it as you now have an incredibly versatile bag which can be worn on all occasions! 
Can't go wrong really! 

The Gucci Ophidia range is my current favourite, my boyfriend says it's a gen z handbag but I love the 90's design and textured leather which looks like it's a patterned canvas. I obviously LOVE the gold detail too. The Gucci Ophidia Mini bag is divine with it's gold chain - maybe a little too small for me but the Gucci Ophidia Small is a real beauty and she's perfect for Autumn styles and is another Gucci bag under £1000.

Now, you may have noticed my personal favourite Gucci bag is the Gucci Marmont bag, a timeless bag I have owned for YEARS. My top tip? If you are going to get a Gucci Marmont bag go for leather, not velvet. It will last much longer. If you're looking for an iconic Gucci bag, then the Gucci Marmont bag is the bag that brought them back on trend in my opinion. It's not quiet luxury but it's BEAUTIFUL. 

When I say have I have been lusting after the above for such a long time I'm not lying. I've been in and out of Gucci, trying them on, testing them out but as I always say it takes a lot for me to purchase a bag and I need to make sure that I 100% need them. Not just a want, but something that I will use into the ground. 
I do have to say after writing this though I've fully convinced myself to take the plunge and pick one of these up (even though I want them ALL!) 

If you're interested to see what happens next.. Come follow me over on Instagram @emshelx and TikTok @emshelx where I update in real time on all my purchases and just general life antics! 
Thank you so much for reading and until next time...

Lots of love, Em x

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