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Friday, 26 March 2021

Gucci Marmont Bag Review - Things To Know Before Buying A Gucci Bag / Purse

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The Gucci Marmont bag launched years ago but it's one of the most iconic Gucci bags and one of those bags that just keeps getting better and coming back stronger. I started with my Gucci Marmont Belt, got some Gucci shoes and then the Gucci matelassé bag came and made my Gucci love affair even stronger. I remember buying my Gucci Marmont bag, I went for velvet and I fell in love, I'd wanted it for so long. Today I thought I'd do a review of the Gucci Marmont Flap bag after having it for years, as well as answering the question: is the Gucci Marmont bag is still worth it in 2021? If you're wondering whether you should buy the Gucci Marmont bag, this review should help you. 

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My Gucci Marmont Bag: I went for the Medium GG Marmont Chain shoulder bag as I feel like it's a classic, even now, years on, it's softly structured in shape, meaning you can add lots of stuff inside it (it really is a Mary Poppins bag, I cannot believe how much room is in it and I'm sure it's because of the unstructured vibe to it inside) and it has a flap top closure with the Double G hardware, an icon from the Gucci Marmont belts. Even though it has that soft, flexible design meaning you can add loads of stuff inside it, it still looks quite structured which I love. The dusty pink leather Gucci Marmont bag is the most similar to mine now. 

Versatility Of The Gucci Marmont Bag: They say it's iconic because it's so versatile and they are right; it can be a tote bag, a shoulder bag, a mini bag and some even come in belt bag form, it totally depends which you go for. For me personally, I wear mine crossbody and find it's perfect for long walks, travels and meetings... when it comes to a night out or a nice dinner, I turn it into a shoulder bag, the perfect dinner companion. 

Gucci Bag Sizing: As I said above, you can wear your Gucci Marmont bag however you wish but it will depend on the size (and don't worry, they have one for every occasion haha). I personally went for the medium bag as I love the size of it and wanted a large crossbody to throw everything in rather than one I can just fit a few things in (I got the Louis Vuitton Alma BB for that!) of course you can get the small, the mini and even the belted versions too. I will leave some below so you can see the differences. 

Gucci Bag Design: I went for the velvet Gucci Marmont bag, I've noticed that now the bags are generally leather and if you watch my video below you will see I truly don't think you should get the velvet Marmont bag as they don't wear very well. Unfortunately after about 6 months of use the chain did mark my beautiful, light velvet and goodness knows if it will clean. It looks stunning but a velvet one shouldn't be used as much as mine has been! 

GG Gucci Marmont matelassé mini bag - £1080, 2 variations 

New Gucci Marmont Bags: The newer designs tend to either be limited edition prints, such as the Ken Scott edition, if you want something fun and different... the new top handle version which I actually love as I think it gives the iconic Marmont bag a more traditional, classic edge. See some of my favourite new style Gucci Marmont bags above. I personally love the new style mini bag at £1080 and the top handle bag

Price: The bags range from £1000-1800 and cost per wear for me is pretty much free now, I used it daily for years; from dinners to meetings to fancy parties, even night clubs, oops. It just goes with everything and as I said, the Gucci Marmont bag is so versatile. 

Sale / Discounted Gucci Bags: Gucci Marmont bags are very rarely discounted or included in sale promotions or Black Friday codes, the only ones I've seen discounted are at Bicester Village in the Gucci store and they're usually limited edition, bold colours OR you can sometimes get a Gucci in the sale at The Outnet. 

Conclusion: Are Gucci Marmont bags still worth it? Are Gucci Marmont bags still in fashion? I think they are timeless, they go with everything and they just keep coming up with beautiful new designs or tweaks, such as the top handle or the wallet styleI've put this bag through it's paces and it's truly been a godsend, it's travelled the world with me, fit in more stuff than it probably ever should have, complimented every outfit. I feel like because it's so versatile, the Gucci Marmont will never go out of fashion. I loved the velvet design and the beautiful colour but in future I would always go for leather as it's more lifelong then. 

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Gucci Marmont bags via Gucci  - I always just buy online on their site 
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Watch my video below for a very honest review of the Gucci Marmont bag, 5 things to know before buying a Gucci Marmont bag:


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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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