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Friday, 2 April 2021

The Best New Spring Beauty Launches 2021

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Spring is coming, warmer days, brighter nights and magnolia and blossom on the trees. I love every season but Spring really marks the start of freshness, newness and happiness for me, I love to see things blooming. As with every season, there are new beauty products and I always love Spring beauty. Today I thought I would review my top Spring beauty launches. Here's what's new this Spring when it comes to beauty. 

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Sol De Janerio Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment
You’ve probably heard of Sol De Janerio because of their famous body butter, it basically smells like it came straight from the shores of Brazil and leaves your body feeling smooth, soft and smelling delicious (you may have read my top body moisturisers blog post and know I love this brand already), but now, completely unexpected from Sol De Janerio via Space NK is the all new Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment, yep, hair products from our favourite body brand... interesting right? I'm not gonna lie, I was worried a butter would weigh my hair down but I've used the whole tub and it didn't weigh my hair down whatsoever. The product uses three butters which are rich in fatty acids and low molecular weight that deliver intense conditioning and nourishing benefits without weighing down the hair, it also uses a plant based keratin to help with stronger, healthier hair... so it's not just a nice smelling product, there's actually science behind it too. It leaves my hair soft, smooth and scented and it’s only £15 too which is a total bonus bargain. It definitely gives you a holiday feel without going on a plane and bonus, it leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. 

Redken Acidic Perfecting Bonding range - Redken have done it again, as a forever user of their Extreme Range I was so excited about the launch of their new Acidic Bonding range, designed to lessen the look of colour fading, minimise the appearance of damage and split ends. It's infused with Citric Acid and a Concentrated Bonding Complex, the shampoo even offers protection from 230-degree heat, as well as minimising the look of frizz (much needed over here!) and making the hair look so glossy. Is there anything this range can't do? This range is multi-tasking, with the treatment having over 10 benefits. Am I in love? Yes. Sign me up. 

BareMinerals Phyto-Retinol -  If you've read any of my skincare blog posts, you'll know that I absolutely love retinol (my go-to is SkinCeuticals, just one of the best skincare brands in existance). I was very intrigued by the new plant-based retinol from BareMinerals and have been trying it for over a month now. Their retinol is formulated with phyto-retinol, it's meant to be as effective as retinol without causing that redness or dryness and I can confirm, it feels so soft on my skin with absolutely no sensitivity which is great as I know that's what scares so many people about retinol. They say it's gentle yet potent and it uses protein peptides and hyaluronic acid too, so it's full of the good stuff, with the power of retinol but it's hydrating too... do I think it is as potent? It doesn't feel it because it doesn't make my skin tingle like traditional retinol, unfortunately with retinol it takes such a long time to see results however my skin does feel smooth and youthful and there isn't sensitivity so it's a must try for anyone wanting retinol without the harshness or maybe if you are plant based. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends Strengthening Shampoo Bar - Garnier's new launches over the last year have been fantastic and they are only getting better (I've been a holy-grail user of their golden body moisturiser since I was around 15?!) their new shampoo bars are solid and blended using sustainably sourced ingredients to nourish and protect hair and they're also 97% biodegradable. I've always been worried about using shampoo bars and I feel like they don't lather but this does actually make the hair feel nourished and protected. They have so many different scents / versions too so it's about what you fancy using, I personally like the honey scent. They're currently half price online here, a total bargain for under £4, saving the plant and good for your hair but kind to your bank balance too. 

Nars Air Matte Blush - I don't usually get on well with creamy blushers but wow, Nars came and launched their Air Matte Blush and it is so so perfect for a pop of colour this Spring. I love the quick, flushed look this gives you, it's basically a pot of silky blush and it glides on with such a lovely texture, the difference between this and usual cream blushes? It transforms to a velvety powder so it gives a nice soft focus and natural make up look. 

Charlotte Tilbury Happikiss - I'm obsessed with lip glosses and Happikiss from Charlotte Tilbury is a lipstick and gloss balm, that glides on with the most amazing juicy hydrating texture. It is basically a dreamy, sheer, nude-pink with a subtle kiss of colour, you know when you want to have nice plump hydrated lips, with a bit of colour but not to feel like you have lipstick on? This is the perfect hybrid for you. 

Plenaire Rose Jelly Gentle Make Up Remover - I was introduced to Plenaire via Space NK and I have always wanted to try the brand after hearing such rave reviews. The rose jelly gentle make up remover is a spring favourite, a lovely mild cleanser, soothes the skin without stripping it, it feels really refreshing and I love anything with a jelly texture but it does actually lift away the make up, without any harshness on your skin. I love the pure distilled rosewater within this product, it makes my skin feel so soft and this product just smells like Spring. I would say this is such a lovely soothing cleanser, great for delicate skin and makes my face feel so hydrated. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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