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Monday, 12 April 2021

Best Workout Leggings 2021 - Which Workout Leggings Should I Buy?

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Hello hello, hope you are doing well! I feel like I've been living in leggings for the last year, not just for my home workouts, home spin sessions and runs but also, for my daily walks and my daily Netflix sessions. I've definitely been able to put my leggings through some durability tests. I thought it was the perfect time to do an updated best leggings blog post because every time I post about leggings on Instagram I get so many questions about sizing, durability and more. The best thing about leggings is that most of these leggings double up as athleisure or loungewear, so you might be wearing them to a spin class one day, a HIIT workout the next but you bet they'll see you through your walk too and be comfy enough for your Netflix session too. 

P.S, I've also got you covered too if you're looking for the best sports bras to buy or best workout trainers

Sweaty Betty - I'll start with Sweaty Betty because I haven't taken these disco leggings off since I got them (I actually got these via personal shopping at Bicester village) they're SO comfy and great for long walks / runs. My Mum and I have matching Sweaty Betty black leggings that we wear all the time with a jumper over - I love leggings that double up as athleisure and because Sweaty Betty leggings are oh-so-pretty, I feel like they look SO good worn out and about too. Sweaty Betty leggings are great whether it's for a long walk, a gym session or just day to day bits and bobs. The prices at Sweaty Betty are at the more expensive price range but I can promise you out of all the leggings I own, Sweaty Betty ones are the most life-long, best wearing and will be in your wardrobe for the longest. Their quality is unbeatable. I still have pairs in my wardrobe from 5 years ago. Now, it depends which Sweaty Betty leggings you're after, but they all tend to be sweat wicking, light weight and of course, super soft.  I personally like these power ones - they're good ones for super sweaty workouts like HIIT or spin as they don't pick up sweat. I LOVE these colour block leggings and definitely need to pick up this colour / print for my runs. If you're looking for ultimate softness / comfort, I LOVE the sculpt leggings for yoga / pilates / Netflix / walks. I do always recommend waiting for sales when it comes to Sweaty Betty... they usually do lovely seasonal sales or often have discounts, or you can head to Bicester Village! I personally wear size XS and S in Sweaty Betty, I'd say XS fits me a little better but because I bloat a lot, I actually prefer size S for all day comfort. 

nike leggings

Shop Nike

Nike - Nike were probably the first brand I fell in love with and like Sweaty Betty, I still to this day have Nike leggings in my wardrobe that I bought from York Designer Outlet about 5 years ago. There's a reason people swear by Nike, they've got the science and they've got the durability, they're the originals after all. I don't think Nike leggings are as on trend / athleisure as Sweaty Betty, but, you can get some really good, comfy leggings and scientifically tested leggings that are going to have such good durability.  I wear my black jersey Nike leggings literally all the time as they are SO comfy and look so good as plain black leggings with jumpers. If you're looking for the best all rounder leggings from Nike, they are without a doubt the sculpt leggings  - they're best sellers and multi-takers, taking you from walks, to yoga, to barre and for me, my daily coffee! I love how they look on my legs too, they do give that 'sculpted' look. I personally love to wear mine with a chunky white jumper over. If you're looking for more mid-range Nike, I recommend these luxe ones. I love the quirky colours you can often get too, they're silky and like a comfy, second skin. If you're looking for affordable, all day wear black leggings, then go for these ones from Nike - they're affordable too and great for errands, runs or the gym... you can get them well priced online here too. Nike products are so well tested so you can bet they're not see-through, they're made for durability, they look incredible and they have a great price range too... and of course they're squat proof. I get a size XS in Nike leggings. 

gymshark energy seamless
Shop Gymshark Energy Seamless collection

Gymshark - I wear GymShark A LOT and over the last year I have worn them so so much, they have very quickly become my favourite affordable gym brand as actually, in comparison to Sweaty Betty, I find GymShark more reasonable (unless you get SB in the sale of course!) I personally find myself wearing the seamless range, from workouts to walks, they just look so good and have a lovely high waist band so are stretchy and divine. You can get these seamless ones, if you're looking for a comfy, high rise fit without detailing so they can double up and be worn day to day too... or one of my favourites, their Energy Seamless collection - a little more 'fashion' as they have the pattern on them but they are so unbelievably flattering - they literally hug your body like a second skin but the best thing is, they are great for runs and workouts too. I'd say depending on colour with GymShark, you can see sweat so if you are someone who sweats a lot (normalise it, it is normal to sweat!) stick to the darker colours. For something thicker and more solid, go for the geo seamless collection. I have worn GymShark to so many HIIT classes, boxing, runs, walks and they are squat proof, flexible and sweat proof. I feel like they really move with your body and also hug the body so beautifully. I also think they look so so flattering worn as an outfit too. I get a size XS or S in GymShark leggings. Similar to Sweaty Betty, both are fine. 

Other Notable Good Legging Brands: If you're looking for really affordable leggings, I tried out a few different Amazon fashion pairs, whilst they maybe don't have the science of your Nikes, GymSharks and Sweaty Betty, if you're looking for bum sculpting, these are for you. First they have these yoga ones, which remind me of the traditional, old school GymShark bum sculpting leggings - they are really soft and look great worn day to day. I personally wouldn't do a sweaty hiit in them but they are so affordable and do look good day to day or for yoga. Then you've got these ones, which I see A LOT of girls on Instagram wearing. They're great for long walks, lifting weights or yoga / pilates. I personally think they are SO flattering on the bum haha. Another brand I own and adore are Varley, I absolutely LOVE their items. They're definitely more premium leggings but they fit so well and are just so soft. You can shop Varley online here and here. Lastly, I couldn't talk about leggings and leave out the Adidas pair I seem to have worn to death during lock down 1, you can get them online here and here. I really have loved Adidas for years but I have been wearing my older school Adidas stuff into the ground again. Just like Nike, you can trust in their science and durability. 

Click below to shop all my favourite leggings! 

Lots of love, Em x
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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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