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Saturday 6 May 2023


Shop the Green Adanola ' AS Oversized Sweater' here
Shop the Black Adanola 'AS Oversized Sweater' here

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I've been meaning to put this blog post together for such a long time! Adanola is one of my favourite loungewear brands, I really can't recommend them enough. Their prices are so reasonable and their quality is so good. You guys are always asking me about what you should buy from Adanola, Adanola sizing and also just a general review of Adanola so hopefully you find this Adanola review helpful. 
I have put together a Youtube video which you can watch here about all things Adanola, but I also thought it would be worth putting a blog post together too. 

Below I've gone through and reviewed everything from Adanola sweaters to their leggings and done a full review of everything. Let's get started! 

Don't forget:

Shop the Adanola 'As Oversized Sweater' in Olive Green here

Adanola Sweaters & Hoodies

I wanted to start with Adanola's most popular items and that is their sweaters and hoodies! You've of course seen these on pretty much everyone and for good reason. They're so soft, so comfy and the perfect thing to throw on when you want a chilled day. 

Their most popular hoodie is the 'ADA Oversized Hoodie'. It's out of stock a lot due to its popularity, but if you're desperate for it then watch my stories as I always say when it's back in stock. They also stock it in Selfridges which I've linked here, so make sure you double check there also. Move quickly though, because it sells very quickly once it's back in stock. 

If you're more of a sweater person then the Adanola 'AS Oversized Sweatshirt' is the one to go for. Again, this does tend to be out of stock a lot but it's the same as the hoodie. It may seem silly to recommend items that are almost constantly out of stock, but there's a reason for that! It speaks to just how good they are. 

That being said, they do have other items that aren't as hard to get a hold of as gold dust. I have this Oversized Sweatshirt in Forest Brown and I love it! 

They also do this 'Bubble Oversized Sweater' which I think is super fun. It comes in all the core colours and is something a little bit different! 

Shop the ADA Grey Oversized Hoodie here & here

I get asked a lot of questions about the sizes of Adanola hoodies and sweatshirts and the first point you need to remember is that they are already oversized. Meaning they're going to come up big. I only size up once in Adanola - so normally I take a large when it comes to hoodies and sweaters but with Adanola I take a medium. This fits me perfectly and is the right amount of oversized without looking like you've raided your dads wardrobe. 

People say Adanola hoodies shrink in the wash, I personally haven't had this.
I love a size M-L in hoodies / jumpers but I do have one in an XS for a tighter fit. It depends what look you want.

Watch my video review of Adanola below

Adanola Tracksuit Bottoms & Shorts

Coming up next we have Adanola's tracksuit bottoms and shorts. I just don't think you can get anything cosier than a full on loungewear set... Perched in front of the tv, a nighttime tea in hand. Perfection! 
Their sweatpants are a little easier to get your hands on. These are the classics - The 'Adanola Sport Joggers' and they will go perfectly alongside the 'AS Oversized Sweatshirt'. Equally they also have the 'ADA Sweatpants' which match the 'ADA Oversized Hoodie'. 
If you'd rather not double up on logos Adanola do also do plain joggers and also hoodies. These are the 'Jogger Sweatpants' and they have no logo on them. So you're not too overloaded! 

Sizes in sweatpants and joggers I would say is true to size so stick with what you normally go for. I always get a small. Like the sweaters and hoodies they are already oversized, but I find with bottoms you don't want to go even more oversized. Just the normal oversized fit is great. 

Shop the Adanola 'AS Oversized Sweater' in Black here
Shop the Ultimate Leggings in Olive Green here

Adanola Workout Gear

Adanola are known for their loungewear but I can't do a post about them without mentioning their workout wear. 
These days workout wear can be so expensive.  The great thing about Adanola is their incredible price point. Not only are they less than half the price of other activewear brands, but with that price doesn't it doesn't cost you quality. I've had some of my Adanola workout pieces for two years now and they're still as good as new. 

Adanola's Ultimate Leggings are my favourite, I have them in Pine Green and also Olive Green. They're so versatile! I wear them for Reformer Pilates but am also just as comfortable wearing them during my Blaze classes. I have the matching Pine Green Tank which I use for Pilates. It's a low support bra so probably not the best for running, or lifting but for those low impact workouts it's perfect. For my blaze classes I have the Short Sleeve Crop Top in Olive Green and this has a lot more support! So if you're more cardio focused then I would go for this. 

With Summer just round the corner it's also worth mentioning Adanola's Ultimate Shorts. I always find running in Summer impossible with leggings on because I get so hot, so I always need to have shorts handy. I'm going to invest in a pair for this year! 

Shop the Adanola Ultimate Leggings in Coffee Bean here
Shop the Adanola Funnel Neck Sweatshirt in Coffee Bean here

Adanola Accessories

Because we can never have enough tote bags right?!
Adanola do such a good range of accessories that I think would be such great ideas for a gift for a friend or yourself... of course.
Starting off with their tote bags. I find them to be the perfect size. I use mine as a gym bag and I can fit everything I need in there. My washbag, makeup bag spare change of clothes and shoes. I've also used it as a weekend bag and it's been great for a whole weekend! And trust me I am not someone who packs light... Also very comfortable to carry around! It's not too heavy on the arm. 
This is obviously the classic tote here, but I also really love this one! I've also seen they do Nylon bags which is great if you're worried about staining/leakage. 
Another accessory I want to shout out is Adanola's socks. I love getting socks as presents. They're one of those things you just don't want to have to buy yourself. For me, I particularly love Adanola's socks to do my reformer pilates in. I don't like doing it bare foot, but I find their socks have a lot of grip so I don't find myself sliding around on the machine. They're also a great option if you're into Barre too! 
They offer a pack of three and also singular socks, in case you don't need so many. 
Lastly hats... my lifesaver. Because I tend to go to the gym really early in the morning, my hair doesn't always look like I've just come out of the salon. Which is where my trust hats come in. They help to keep my bed hair under wraps but also really help with keeping the hair off my face when I'm working out! 
I have this one from Adanola, but have also been eyeing up this one... As a potential to add to my collection. 

And that is it! I hope that this has given you a thorough run through of what to expect when shopping at Adanola and has helped you if you were wondering what size to buy in Adanola hoodies, sweaters or leggings.

I just can't recommend Adanola enough, they're by far one of my favourite loungewear and sportswear brands out there today. 

If you've ordered anything off the back of this blog post then let me know what you think over on my Instagram @emshelx! I'd love to hear from you and hearing feedback is so helpful to me. 
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I hope to see you all in my next review post! 

Lots of love, Em x

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