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Friday 12 May 2023


Ad affiliate throughout - Summer is almost upon us! Can you even believe it? 

Today as I am writing this we've had sun for the whole day in what feels like forever and it's making me so excited for everything to come this year! 

I've had a fair few requests to put together a what to wear for Royal Ascot in 2023. Now, I have to say, I am very lucky to have received invites to The Royal Ascot over the last few years but my timings can never make it work...luckily I have a very good friend who has been to the Royal Ascot many a time and she has given me the full run down of what one should wear to the Royal Ascot so look no further if you are trying to find an outfit or understand the dress code for the race this year. 

It's hard to know how to dress for the Royal Ascot as there are a lot of different rules and a dress code. It also depends on what enclosure you're in. In this guide I'll go through all the different enclosures at Royal Ascot and let you know exactly what the dress code is - plus I'll be giving you some outfit options for the races in general. I've also included a Royal Ascot hats section as I know it's daunting what sort of hat to wear for Royal Ascot. So hopefully this clears up some questions! 

This guide can also be used for many other things - if you have any formal Summer Weddings coming up, Summer balls, Summer parties... I know my diary is always full of fun and exciting events where I can really dress up in the Summer and I imagine yours is no different! 

So! Let's get into it. What do we wear for Royal Ascot 2023. 
PS. Don't forget to look at rentals if you want to save money, I rent my wardrobe out here. 

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What to wear in the Windsor Enclosure at Royal Ascot?

The Windsor Enclosure at Royal Ascot is a fun, vibrant enclosure to be in! You have the first view of the Royal Procession and the opportunity to get right up close to the tracks as the horses thunder past. 
It's a more relaxed atmosphere and with that comes no official dress code, however it is encouraged that you wear smart daywear. Yes, for those wondering... You don't need to wear a hat in this enclosure! 

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What to wear in the Village Enclosure at Royal Ascot? 

The village enclosure at Royal Ascot is on the other side of the tracks to the main grandstand, giving you a unique and more private perspective! Dress code rules are slightly stricter here. 
Strapless is not allowed. Your outfit must include straps - spaghetti straps and halter neck straps are permitted. 

There is no minimum length, so above the knee is allowed. Trousers suits are acceptable but have to be in a matching colour and material. Jumpsuits are also permitted but must be below the knee. 
Hats wise headpieces, fascinators and normal hats are all permitted. So you have a wide selection to go with! 

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What to wear in the Queen Anne Enclosure at Royal Ascot? 

The Queen Anne enclosure has an almost identical dress code to the Village Enclosure - the only difference being you need to avoid spaghetti straps. Halter straps and normal shoulder straps are permitted but must be of suitable width. Other than that, you are free to dress up as you would if you were in the Village enclosure! Dresses are allowed to be above the knee and jumpsuits are also permitted but please be aware these must be below the knee. 

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What to wear in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot?

We have come to the part of the blog post where things get tricky! The Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot is notorious for having a very strict dress code. I'm not going to lie, I was invited to this enclosure the last few years and felt so concerned about what to wear, I ended up not going. Crazy, I know. It can be very daunting to understand what the rules are and whether you've got everything correct! But I am here to ease your worries as like I say, my friend goes in the Royal Enclosure every year so I got all the tips on what to wear in the Royal Enclosure. It really couldn't be simpler, just follow these rules below. They make deciding what to wear a lot easier and you don't have to try and understand the more finicky rules.  

Rule number one: Stick to covering your shoulders. Although it states that you are allowed to wear straps, they just have to be a 1 inch minimum width, it's honestly easier to just cover your whole shoulders rather than having to get a ruler out and measure. 

Rule number two: Keep your dress length on the knee or below. The state that they are able to be just above the knee, but this isn't overly clarified so just stick to the longer mid length dresses. 

Rule number three: Jumpsuits and trouser suits are allowed, but keep the shoulders covered, like you would with your dress. They must be full length trousers. 

Rule number four: No backless! This is not allowed. 

Rule number five: I've covered hat rules in the hat section, but to make life easier just do a proper hat. Don't start worrying about hatinators or headpieces as they have rules that the base must be 4 inches or larger. It's best to just stick to the easy option and do a hat. 

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What sort of hat should I wear to Royal Ascot 2023?

Hats! Something that you'll only ever need in your life if you're going to the races or a particularly smart wedding. They can be confusing, especially if you're in the Royal Enclosure. If you're in the Windsor Enclosure you do not need to wear a hat - but if you want to go for it! Most people do. 
Now if I was going to Royal Ascot this year, I know I personally would rent a hat. There a tonnes of rental websites out there. The Hat Club is one that's been recommended to me, but you can also find some lovely ones on ByRotation and Hurr

If renting isn't your thing then my best advice would be to go for a neutral colour. Beige or white and then match your shoes or bag to the colour of the hat. This way that if you do need to wear it again, it can be paired with any outfit.

A lot of millinery is quite personal and you're more likely to find your hat in a small boutique rather than online. If I was to recommend a particular brand, Phillip Treacy is the brand when it comes to iconic and beautiful hats. Having styled royalty and celebrities alike, he is at the top of the millinery ladder. 
But with that also comes a rather expensive price tag. 

If you don't have a relatively local millinery boutique to go have a browse around, then a lot of high street brands bring out hats around the time of Royal Ascot. I've linked some of my favourite ones below! I've made sure that all the hats I've included are 100% suitable for the Royal Enclosure. 

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With that concludes my post on what to wear to Royal Ascot 2023! I hope this post has given you some inspiration and put your mind at ease if you are wondering what should I wear to the races or are looking for some outfit inspiration for the races. Part of the fun is getting all dressed up and ready. It's so rare that we get to get dressed up this way these days, so I really hope I can put my styling skills to the test at some point! 

If any of you would like more inspiration then please come and say hello over on my Instagram @emshelx. Drop me a DM, I'd be more than happy to help you find an outfit! 
I'm also on TikTok @emshelx so make sure to check my videos out on there. I do some funny ones, styling and travel. 

Lots of love, Em x

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