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Thursday 30 March 2023


Shop my Gucci Belt here 

Ad affiliate throughout - It's that time of year again! If you've been following me for a while you'll know that every year I make sure to do a review for the famous double G Gucci Belt, alongside answering whether I think is the Gucci Belt still worth it and whether I should be buying the Gucci Belt in 2023. 
To get right to it and answer your question... the answer is yes! The Gucci belt is still worth it. 
As much as I've seen the idea that the Gucci Belt is dated now, I just don't believe that's true. I've had mine for over 5 years and I'm more than happy to continue wearing it for years to come particularly because there are SO many styles available now! It's an iconic piece in my wardrobe and not to mention the quality is amazing. I haven't had to get mine repaired once, which is a testament to what a good investment it is. 

Over the years Gucci have also been bringing out newer versions of the belt - whether that's a new colour (loving the baby pink version!) or a new size, there's something that suits everyone. If anything, I would say the Gucci belt keeps getting better and remember, trends always come round again anyway. 

What size Gucci Belt buckle should I buy?

It really does depend on the look that you're going for! Obviously when the belt first started gaining popularity people were lusting after the classic look - Big buckle, more to sit on your hips rather than your waist. 
But as trends and fashion have moved on we can see that right now people are loving the much smaller, more muted version. Not as brash, but still really classy and classic. 
I've linked below all different variations whether you like the big buckle, wide belt or the smaller version. 
I've also thrown in a few different options! If you're not into heavy logo/branding Gucci still offer much more subdued options too. 

What size Gucci Belt should I buy? 

Again, this is really your preference. I have the size 70 which I would say is a 28 - 30 inch waist. The smaller size they do is a 65 which is for a 25 - 27 inch waist, and the largest they offer is a 115 which is a 50 - 53 inch waist. Gucci do offer a size guide on their website, where you are able to see what the different sizes are in inches and cm's - however I would also recommend just grabbing a tape measure and measuring yourself if you are unsure. 
Just make sure to measure yourself at the correct spot. If you're buying a waist belt, measure your waist. If you would rather it sit above your hips - measure your hips. 
All of the belts are adjustable with stamped holes where you are able to attach the buckle too. I have mine on the third one in, but after a big meal that always gets loosened! I personally prefer to just get a larger belt so i have more things to do with it, eg I can change it into a waist belt and can also wear it on my hips. 

If you needed to you are also able to take them into Gucci to stamp in more holes, I haven't personally done this but I do have a friend who has. You just need to make sure you do it quickly before the belt starts getting worn. They will only do it on a belt which hasn't been used excessively. 

Do Gucci belts go on sale or do they discount Gucci belts?

One of the biggest questions I get is do Gucci belts go on sale... I have never seen a discounted or sale Gucci Marmont belt and I don't think they will ever put them on sale as they are the best sellers and always come back round as current season. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Gucci is always usually discluded from any sales and promotions. Bicester village does not stock the Gucci belts on sale, the only place I have found {apart from Bicester village} which discounted Gucci items is the Outnet and they also do not stock sale Gucci belts. 

I always buy my Gucci belts online here, from the Gucci website as the customer service is amazing and you often get a free Gucci tote bag for ordering too. 

Shop the classic Gucci Marmont Belt here

Shop the thin Gucci Marmont Belt here

Shop the Gucci 'Blondie' belt here

Shop the pink Gucci Marmont Belt here (my personal favourite!)

Shop the thin Gucci Canvas Belt here

Shop the Gucci Crystal Embellished Horesbit Belt here

Something a little different that I LOVE! Shop the Gucci Chain Belt here

Other Designer Options:

Of course, Gucci isn't the only brand producing gorgeous belts. I know the Celine belt is having a massive moment and the Valentino  here  is almost as recognisable these days as the Gucci Marmont. So if you are looking for something different to the classic, then I've linked a few options from other designers too. 

Shop the Saint Laurent Belt here 

Shop the Valentino Reversible Belt here 

Shop the Loewe 'Anagram' Belt here

Shop the Bottega Veneta 'Triangle' Belt here 

High Street/Mid Range Options:

As I'm sure you're probably aware all of these belts go up in price every year and I am shocked at how much they cost now as to when I bought mine all those years ago. With that in mind, I've found some variations which are much less of a high price point but still give the desired effect of a statement belt. 

Shop the Ralph Lauren logo belt here 

Shop the Twinset logo belt here

Shop the Pink 'Lovebird' belt here 

Shop the Calvin Klein logo belt here 

That wraps it up for today everyone! I really hope you found this post informative and helped you make a decision on whether you think the Gucci Belt is still worth it in 2023 and gave you some tips on buying the Gucci belt this year. 

There's so much choice nowadays, I can understand why it's popularity isn't the same as it was around 5 years ago but that's not to say it's a bad investment. The quality speaks for itself and honestly, I'd say the newer Gucci belts are even nicer. You can still have a Gucci belt, just there's way more choice now! 

I have so much content surrounding the Gucci Belt so make sure you check out my YouTube where I've done review videos every year since I've had it. I've linked them up at the top of the post. 
I'm also always answering questions on Gucci and other things designer over on my Instagram @emshelx. 

Lastly, if you want some more down to earth, funny content from me then I'm very much being my silly self over on TikTok so make sure to have a look on there also - @emshelx

Lots of love, Em x

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