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Friday, 29 June 2012

Hair Growing Tips and Kerastase Nutri-Thermique hair mask review

Kerastase Nutritive hair masque and hair growth tips

My hair is damaged as my regular readers know, well it's getting much better since I have only been dying the top of my hair, therefore, leaving the underneath of it to grow out. I don't want to leave this too much so that it looks chavvy but my bleach literally grew out and new hair grew, I left it a year and my hair completely grew back. Finally I dyed it again and the hair dresser said it's in great condition now so I can continue to dye the underneath, but surely then i'd be back to square one? Instead, I will get the underneath done maybe every 6 months, instead of every 7 weeks like I used to do! 

Now that my hair is finally better, which by the way has taken me years! I trial so many hair masks because sleeping in a hair mask is so strengthening for the hair. My hair dresser told me not to use hair treatments that you are only meant to have on for 3-5 minutes,it means they're not strong enough. Now, I look for those which are meant to be left on for 10-30+ minutes and always try to sleep in them when I can. I literally lather my hair in the mask and then wash it off the next day, my hair actually feels like it's had a new lease of life. Then my mum came home with this, I am a huge fan of Kerastase, it's like Loreal's premium brand and is sold in Salons. The hair dresser who sold us it said that it would strengthen weak and damaged hair. 
As you can see from this photo, the texture is quite fluffy but smooth, it has a sheen to it. This sheen seems like it is a protective mask when it is on the hair. The benefit of this product is that you literally don't need to use much, if you're like me and tend to scoop a whole tub out onto your head, this isn't necessary with this. It has lasted me for a few weeks now as I only use a 50p piece finger full.

I run it through my hair and then use a wide tooth comb which is a shower friendly one to gently comb through my hair, this makes sure it is all over the head.
When you wake up, it literally does make your hair feel amazing.
After a few days of using this mask, I have noticed huge differences in the condition of my hair.Many people have commented on the shinyness of my hair and complimented how good the condition looks. Whilst some hair masks only appear to make your hair shiny and healthy, it's obvious from one use that this product actually works on the inside and the outside of your hair.

Tips i've been told along the way for good hair strength, which equals maximum growth:
There isn't an obvious quick fire way to grow your hair, it does take time so here are a few tips to help you with your journey, 

-Hard, but avoid using heat on your hair! Apparently hair drying (blow drying) is so damaging for your hair, I suppose you literally are just blasting your head with heat. If you MUST blow dry it, turn the heat off and put it on the coolest setting this will stop frizz as well;that horrible humid holiday hair look). I've been letting mine dry naturally (AFRO) and I  honestly have seen so much difference, it's got so thick.

-Even harder, avoid dying your hair, because this tip is so difficult, just do what I did and try to leave your hair a bit longer before you re-dye it, it really made the difference with my hair.

-Treat it like a piece of silk; minimum brushing as brushing snags your hair out.

-EAT your way to healthy hair; Water of course is a goddess when it comes to everything, skin,nails, healthy hair. Apparently, if you snap a vitamin E capsule and mix it in with your shampoo this is extremely good for your locks. I have two evening primrose oil tablets a day, I've found that these really help. Biotin is a vitamin which is especially to prevent hair loss, apparently Biotin shampoo and Biotin capsules are amazing for hair growth, as are oily foods like fish. If you're like me and HATE fish, try Omega 3 Capsules.

-Very difficult but the best way to start, get all of your split ends cut off! Otherwise these will snap from the shaft of your hair and you could be left bald. Nothing makes your hair grow more than getting it trimmed. I got all of mine chopped off, because it was SO dead, and started again - it felt healthier within seconds.

-AVOID CLIP IN EXTENSIONS! They snagged my hair out and gave me bald patches on the sides of my scalp because of excessive use, they are not damage free. I have banned myself from ever using 'clip-ins' ever ever ever again. 

Hooray to good hair days

What hair treatments do you recommend and hair growth tips?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Just wanted to share my haul with you!
I will be reviewing one of these products a day this week!
Tomorrow will be my review of Mac's VIVA LA GLAM Nicki Minaj lipstick!

What I got:
-Keraste hair mask, which is AMAZING, Cant wait to tell you all about how great it is for strengthening damaged hair.

-XEN-TAN Dark Lotion, waaaaaah I haven't used this yet, saving it til Wednesday night as my prom is on Thursday! I will do a step by step post about it - i've heard raving reviews, this is meant to be the best Xen tan yet, extremely excited!

-MAC, no.7 eye lashes
-MAC, Mineralize powder
-MAC, concealer
-MAC, Nicki Lipstick
-TESCO, Orange nail varnish
-CLYNOL, Extra strong hair spray.

Cannot wait to talk you through these items this week!

WOW- I almost forgot, this weekend I was surprised with a home visit from the gorgeous who delivered the most beautiful cupcakes i've EVER seen.
They tasted absolutely delicious, even my brother adored them!
The colours are absolutely gorgeous, they looked better than any flowers ever have on my windowsill.

Magically, they changed colour! I honestly couldn't have been happier with this amazing gift. Thank you so much, i'm gutted that they've been eaten now! I have tried many cupcakes in my time and the texture of these was by far the best, perfectly moist and the glitter just makes them purely magical.

The lady herself who makes these beautiful cupcakes.
I can't thank you enough x

What have you done this weekend?
Are there any make up items you want?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kate Middleton make up, hair and fashion.

If you watched the Jubilee, I think it became apparent to us all that Kate Middleton, Is Britain's new sweetheart. I actually gasped in awe when I saw the photographs of her wearing her beautiful red dress; and who else can pull of hats and head pieces like her? No-one. Who else makes nude heels look immaculate? No-one. She has got to be the most classiest, beautiful woman on the fashion scene at the moment. I needed to post about her because I truly believe she is a contemporary 'princess' or Duchess in her case.
Whoever her designer is deserves an award, she looks immaculate, even in just a winter coat.

Have a look through these timeless photos and let me know your opinion of this British beauty.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Steal Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Make up and Hair looks

Everyone's favourite twins seem to have been forgotten lately. I literally haven't heard anything about them in years. If you know me well, you'll know that I used to be obsessed with the Olsen's, I had every film, every book, clothing, make up.. I just adored them. I think they're absolute style icons from the way they do their hair to the make up they wear. I want to share this with you and give you some  style stealing tips. My one dream was 'how do I do my make up and hair like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen' and I hope that this will help some of us. Please note: none of my photos. 

    THE LINER.This is seen very often on both Olsen twins, It really frames their faces. It makes their eyes literally pop out and suits them amazingly as they have such big bright eyes. It actually goes really well with blonde hair as well. 
I'd reccommend Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. It glides on perfectly for a deep and dramatic look, whilst lasting all day. MK&A line the insides of their eyes and go all around the eye.
-The twins do tend to make the liner more dramatic by actually using black eye shadow as well. I'd recommend using a blending brush with black eye shadow on and going over the top of the eye liner with it. 
-Use the eye liner to get a clear line and then use the eye shadow to extend this further by tracing the lines you have already drawn.
- A tip to make eyes appear bigger is to put a lighter colour such as white or gold inside the tear duct.
-I recommend Shu Uemura eye shadow in Black.

I admire how well these girls pull of red lipstick. There is only one place to buy the best lipstick, Mac Cosmetics.
Colour: 'So Chaud' looks absolutely incredible on. I recommend this from seeing it.
If you want a cheaper alternative try Kate Moss's range for Rimmel, some gorgeous colours!

You can see the eyes again on these photos, they look amazing. If you look at the photograph in the middle on the far left hand side, she has brown eye shadow/liner smudged underneath her eyes. I think this creates a really nice look. 

My tips to get the best tousled hair is to wash it and let it dry naturally; for me I have hair like Ashley does on the photo on the far right at the bottom, unfortunately it doesn't look that nice! 
-I'd use moose to make the curls more defined, I don't have a particular moose that i'd recommend, anyone will do.
- I advise not to put too much on, start with a small blob in your hand and gently hold each side of your hair in your hands as  you push it up into your hair.
- It should feel like you are flattening your hair together. 
-I do this whilst it is dry but if you have naturally straight hair do this when it is wet. 
-This works really really well on extensions. 

For beach hair use Lee Stafford beach babe sea salt spray. It does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Waaah I absolutely ADORE these photos. Ashley on the far left in the corner is my fave, I think her hair looks gorgeous. With shorter hair her cheek bones and jaw line is so much more defined. I also like the 3rd picture to the right at the top. 
-These are my photos of the twins having straight hair or 'up do's'. 
-For the slick back effect I advise using GHD straighteners and spraying hair spray on afterwards to ensure that you have no fly aways.

Here, Mary-Kate looks to have a blend of Silver eye shadow with black.
This smokey eye look is my favourite. The black liner is very subtle on her bottom 
lid which differs from what she usually wears. If you notice, inside her tear duct
there is white/cream eye shadow, this instantly brightens her eyes.

 I love the neutral colour of Ashley's lips on this photo. I'd reccommend
Mac lipstick in colour: Myth. It's their best seller and gives that foundation
lips colour but with a hint of something else. I love the brown that 
she has underneath her eyes here instead of using a black eye liner.
I absolutely love this natural and dewy look. Probably more than I prefer them 
wearing lots of eye make up. Her make up is actually very matte but she has
a sheer and quite shiny cheek colour on. It glows which I really like.
I'd recommend Mac bronzer in matte bronze but for the shimmer
i'd use a mineralize power before hand. Another recommendation to get
this look is using Benefit's Highbeam, it illuminates the cheek bones.

Once again, the nude lips and the extremely dark eyes.
The dark eyes really work with such neutral face make up.

Do you like Mary-Kate and Ashley?


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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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