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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Joliebox review October - PURE AND NATURAL BOX

Hello! Wow I have so much stuff to review and so little time, I have been a very busy girl lately with personal issues and University issues so I really do apologise. I always get extremely excited when my Joliebox comes through the post, as you will all know I am now a Joliebox convert, not only is it French and beaaautiful, the service is impeccable and the products inside are incredible, as the French would say, it really is 'parfait'. Perfect, for those non-french speakers. Okay, so lets get to business, when opening the October menu (yes they give you a cute little card called a menu which tells you what's in your box - it's little touches like this that make me love Joliebox!). I was very excited to see that this is a 'Pure and Natural box' which according to Jolie, will be your 'beauty survival kit' throughout autumn. So what did I get?
 If you haven't received a Joliebox before, I have added some photos above to show what you can expect. I will never get over how nice the pretty drawstring bag is, I used my last one to store my false lashes in - they're so handy for bits and bobs yet look so stylish. I'd pay just for one of those. I loved the box this time, simplicity is the essence of good design. Plain black and white will go in my bedroom perfectly, thank you JOLIE HQ for doing a pretty and simple box. Last but certainly not least, the JOLIEMAG, incredible idea to pop this into every box, it just brings the box to life. It includes product reviews, what products to look out for, make up tips and more. My favourite section though has to be the interview with a blogger. One day I hope I can follow in Fleur's footsteps and be interviewed by them. (She's this months Jolie cover girl!)

Okay, so the products. This probably isn't a good photo, so I will talk you through them.

RITESSENS EXFOLIANT REVIEW - I am so happy that I got this, I've really been into my skin care at the moment, but my Dermalogica cleanser ran out and to be honest, I can't afford a new one. This seems like the perfect cleanser to move onto, it uses a powerful blend of natural plant extracts AND Moroccan argan oil; in order to give your skin a well deserved boost. I think this is my fave product, ever. I've used it every day since receiving it and my skin does feel a lot brighter, even though I've been out nearly every night and (oops I'm sorry...) fell asleep with my make up on one night. I can't find a price anywhere for this product but I assume it's quite expensive. I can't believe we got a full size in the box, well worth the money.

Other items included;
-JASON - BEE HEALTHIER LIP BALM STICK - A naturally nourishing hand-bag ready lip balm. Aaah I love this, it came at the right time as my lips really were sore. The ingredients of this are really natural.
-MOA - THE GREEN BALM - I have to admit that I haven't used this product yet, but it is an intense, multi-purpose balm that gives moisture to chapped and dehydrated skin. I will probably use this on my hands when the weather gets colder. The packaging is really cute though.
-IROISIE - SOIN PARFAIT ULTIMATE BB CREAM - I wish the sachets of this were just a tiny bit bigger so that I could really trial this out for a few weeks, so far so good though, it has SPF25 so no chance of any sun getting onto your skin and harming it. It includes natural pigments which blend into the skin, this gives you a flawless and build-able coverage. I will let you know how I get on with this!
-LOV ORGANIC - LOV IS BEAUTIFUL (lifestyle product) tea bags. This is an organic herbal blend of white and green tea that is packed with antioxidants and zinc which have proven skincare benefits. How interesting  When I first saw this I was a bit like, ahh why is there tea in my beauty box, but I get it now, it is good for the skin. In the words of Dr Murad 'eat your water' and I suppose this counts. I also love that on the menu they say, 'we've included [the tea] for a thoroughly cleansed mind, body and soul' awweee. Nice finishing touch. I think it'd make a lovely present as it's packaging is so cute.

All in all I am very impressed, particularly with the Riessens exfoliator, my new pride and joy. I really can feel the difference. I've said before that I'm not someone who goes crazy for organic and natural products, but they really are so much better for you than perfumed, damaging products, so I'm really thankful that Joliebox did this pure  and natural box - just in time for Christmas. It really gave me the chance to find some new products that i'd never have even thought about before. Mwah, thanks Jolie.

xxx Love Em xxx

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

JAPONESQUE safari make up brush set review

On Saturday morning I woke up to a beautiful delivery, these two gorgeous little gifts inside a beautiful box. I always talk about how much I love getting post and it's getting things like this through my letterbox that make it feel like Christmas every day. So what is inside this beautiful wrapping I hear you ask...

I introduce you to JAPONESQUE, if you are an avid beauty fan, you will have probably seen these on Twitter as people are raving about them, particularly beauty bloggers. I love the concept of the brand, they say that their brushes 'are more than just accessories to beauty...but elevate the users experience'. They invite their users to 'CREATE BEAUTY' with them. So what was inside the packaging...

Aaah I don't think I've ever seen something so beautiful in my whole entire life. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Safari Chic Brush Set and the matching Safari Chic Bronzer brush. I currently use MAC and Bobbi Brown make up brushes but these feel so much nicer, the shape is better and they are absolutely beautiful. You can tell that a lot of planning and expertise has gone into the making of these brushes. I think it is such a great concept to do a 'safari' style brush let as there are a lack of 'pretty' brushes out there, but these are glamorous brushes that work professionally.

I was just too excited when I saw this little beauty. The safari chic beauty brush. I beg you to just buy it and feel how soft it is, it feels perfect. I cannot wait to use it, it beats any of my dull bronzing brushes that I usually use. This brush is around £13.00 which is insanely cheap when you feel the quality of it, not to mention how beautiful it looks, I have a feeling that girls will be queuing up for this.

The Safari brush set includes a power brush, shadow brush and crease brush. Of course, the brushes are to die for, but the perfect finishing touch is the signature microfibre case which holds these brushes. I think the case is perfect as they're small enough to fit into my bag, but this case just protects them from getting ruined in my bag like everything usually does. They're priced at $29.95 which is only around £20.00. Considering that I've paid at least £20.00 for one brush from MAC previously, and that you get three for that price AND a beautiful case, I think these are a must 
have for any beauty concious girl.

I am beyond impressed with these luxurious yet affordable products, what makes it even better is that the collection is animal friendly, no real animal hairs are used! You can have a look at their other ranges on their website;

As you can probably tell, I am really impressed. Goodbye Mac and Bobbi Brown brushes, hello stylish and affordable Japonesque brushes, by far the most beautiful brushes on the beauty market.

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Monday, 22 October 2012


Aaaahhh so I got very excited when I became a  to a proud owner of THE VICE PALETTE by Urban Decay. Now, if you've read all of my recent posts, you'll see that I've been trying out quite a lot of Urban Decay stuff recently, unfortunately for me, I haven't actually used Urban Decay for years. In fact, the only product I've ever had from UD was an individual eye shadow which I was bought for Christmas, but, I was really young so I didn't really appreciate how to use it/how good it was. I hear bloggers raving about the naked palette all the time but it's never really appealed to me as I am appalling at applying eye shadow and usually end up paying to get it done in Harvey Nichols. So, once I got this, I vowed to learn how to do eye make up properly. It took me a while, as there seems to be a lack of basic tutorials on YouTube, as I just wanted to learn the basics of eye shadow application. What I did learn though was very simple but it works. Most of the videos that I watched said that there are two main steps to eye shadow application, and two main colours to apply. For the first part you're meant to close your eyes as you apply a lighter colour as the base to the whole lid but then for the second part you are meant to open your eye and pull from the corner as you put a darker colour in the crease, this should then be blended. Lucky for us, if you buy this palette, you get the perfect brush to use for blending and applying eye liner, it's just like magic. Excuse my rubbish photography, but I do really love the case, the UD logo is almost crystallised  it's like a make up artists dream, a durable hard case but it is still very slimline and glamorous. It's like the iPhone of eye shadow palettes.

As you can see above, the brush is incredible. It's double ended which is an element of it that I really like, as it means that you don't have to carry two brushes around with you. It feels really durable and to be honest, I wouldn't have expected to get a good brush with it, I'd have expected to get a standard rubbish foam one but when I've researched this palette it says that it includes an 'expertly designed application brush' and it really is true, one side blends whilst the other side is perfect for the base layer. Okay, so you probably wanna see the colours... I've definitely saved the most exciting bit til last...

So here it is, you get 20 colours and they're all quite different so you really can experiment with your colours. I have been using 'anonymous' as a base coat and 'muse' as the darker colour. I can't wait to get better at eye shadow so that I dare to use some of the more bold colours. This is like the perfect Christmas party palette as far as I'm concerned but it does still have the neutral colours that the famous naked palette has. This costs around £44 which sounds quite steep but when you divide this by how many colours there are, it only works out at £2.20 per colour. Also, when you compare it to the likes of Clarins, they charge £40 for four colours in some of their palettes, this is extremely good value, especially for the quality but my fave thing about it has to be the brush, it's just incredible.

How do you feel about Urban Decay as a brand? What are your must have Urban Decay products? Do you have any advice when applying eye shadow?
Em x x x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

If Christmas was tomorrow...

Hello my lovelies, so I thought I'd do a quick post today named 'if it was Christmas tomorrow'.. feel free to do this as a tag and copy the post yourself, I'd love to see what everyone else would want for Christmas right now! Christmas is only 9.7 weeks, 2.2 months, 68 days or 48 weekdays away. SCARY. WOW. It's getting closer... and we haven't even had Halloween or bonfire night yet. I love the run up to Christmas so much so I thought why not tell you all what I'd ask for if Christmas was tomorrow. This is a definite wish list as no chance would I ever expect to get all of this for Christmas! I think I'd be bankrupt if I got all of this. But, anyway, we can dream...

APPLE LOGO - I really want an Apple Mac Pro and an Ipad (I don't ask for much do I?!) I have my Iphone though so would probably be fine with just the Apple Mac. I do sort of need these urgently though as my laptop is rubbissssh and broken!

VANITAS VERSACE - I got this sample in Glossybox and whilst I dislike Glossybox because of their poor customer service, I am in LOVE with this perfume.

MICHAEL KORS- I currently have a Marc Jacobs watch which I lurrrveeee but I wouldn't mind a Michael Kors one, in gold so that I can alternate as my MJ one is silver...

MOSCHINO BELT- Either a Moschino belt or a Hermes one would be fabulous please Santa.

MARC JACOBS- I just love Marc Jacobs, anything by him but I do really need some new earrings as mine made my ears go manky and I think I lost them :( and preferably a case for my ipad (if I get one) and laptop!

YSL clutch - I've just wanted one for years, they're timeless and so classy. Any colour would do.

MULBERRY- Clutch and purse please! Once again, I've just wanted one for years!

TOPSHOP - A new Topshop recently opened in my city and it's absolutely incredible, it's safe to say that I want the whole store now. Damn you Topshop and your unaffordable prices.

NARS- Blush in orgasm because everyone raves about it and I want to see what the fuss is about!

DUWOP - Lip venom because I have wanted this for years too. I saw this at the Next beauty event last night so at least I know that somewhere in the UK sells it now. I want bee stung lips!

JEFFERY CAMPBELLS- Last but certainly not least, some new Jeffs plzzz... preferably the studded ones.

So, that's my list - now I'm interested in what you want for Christmas?!
Lots of love,

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Monday, 15 October 2012

My October face, new face products! and Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review

Hello everyonee! Soo October is here, actually we're almost half way through. Woweee! Which means it's only 10 weeks til Christmas, which is slightly craaazy, cannot wait though. Basically, I change what I use on a daily basis so I wanted to talk to you about what i've been using the most recently. I have been to lots of events in London so most of these are products that i've picked up along the way and i've started to adore the ones in the photo above. I am going to talk you through my new favourite products. Woohooo. Enjoy, Happy October!

My fave items are first on the list of course; Urban Decay naked skin foundation and Urban Decay brightening and tightening primer. I haven't used Urban Decay for years and to be honest I didn't even know that they did foundation. The foundation is perfect though, it really is weightless. It looks like my usual Mac Studio Fix when it's on my skin but it feels so much lighter and gives more of a dewy and natural appearance. Light reflects from it really well making the skin look absolutely flawless. The coverage can be built so it's perfect for anyone really. They say that it 'blurs imperfections to deliver a flawless finish that looks professionally retouched and feels invisible.' I couldn't agree more, it really does give you skin which looks perfect in a 'naked' skin type of way. It smooths out imperfections especially if you put the primer underneath it. These two products together are like a dream team. My Mum commented straight away on how nice and natural my foundation looked.  In terms of the primer, it really does last all day. I've done an 8 hour shift, and my make up is still immaculate after. Not only does this primer keep your foundation on all day, it also just gives you even more of a flawless finish as it smooths your skin perfectly.  On the photos below yes they are instagrammed but you can see my foundation and how smooth it is. I have hardly any on as well. I hope they give you an insight into how good these two products work together. It is £27.00 which does make this a premium product but I do think it's well worth the money. It gives a perfect finish.

Here are a few more primers that I've been switching between this month. I've been wanting to use something from 'ThisWorks' for a while now, but this 'perfect look skin miracle' actually works as a primer and a tinted moisturiser but the colour is just perfect. I will definitely be wearing this by itself on good skin days or on holiday, it makes your skin look radiant and smooth but also just gives you that much needed colour. The only reason I wear foundation is to give me some colour so this is perfect for me on good skin days. I love the packaging and the pumpy action too. The Wild About Beauty primer really reminds me of my fave Mac Primer. It just smoothes the skin perfectly and preps it for make up application. It's silicone-free so that it rejuvenates the skin, They say it 'keeps it
nourished and conditioned whilst simultaneously priming skin to ensure make-up goes on 
smoothly and really lasts.' It's even 'enhanced with anti-ageing ingredients'. I advise you all to use this and you really will see a difference. It's £21 which is slightly more expensive than Mac but it uses natural ingredients so it actually treats your skin as well as prepping it for make up application which makes the price better than Macs.

Here are three random products that have been in my skin care routine for a few weeks now and I really am impressed by them. Firstly, Murad's pore refining gel for the T-zone, this is similar to Dermalogica's over night clearing gel. However, it really does sting and itch my face. I have seen a noticeable change with my skin but it does really sting which I suppose means it's working but it's not a nice sensation. It's £27.00 for 50ml which is actually quite expensive, I'm sure there's a cheaper alternative but it is working I think. Elemis is a brand that i've never used before but I was given this at the Cosmo awards and it's actually perfect for me, the softlysoftly moisturiser is just a basic moisturiser which is what I need just to calm my skin. It's around £16.00 which isn't that much but you can get a good mattifying one from Boots for around £5.00. I've never really been a fan of expensive moisturisers but I do love mattifying moisturisers as they break up blemishes. I have been using Lush's Tea Tree toner water and would recommend this to anyone. I only put it on my blemished areas though because I was advised that it will dry out my skin if I put it all over my face. I use my Dermalogica hydrating toner everywhere else. 

These are just my random faves which i've always used on my face and continue to use. You can find full reviews of all of these products on my blogs older posts. I use Mac's bronzing powder in matte bronze, Mac's mineralize powder in medium to dark and Loreal's Lumi Magique. As you know, Loreal's lumi magique highlighting stick is my favourite product ever, I wish it didn't run out so quickly as whilst £10.00 is cheap in comparison to YSL's touch ├ęclat it isn't worth it when it runs out so quickly. It's just great for circles underneath the eyes. I wonder if touch ├ęclat runs out so quickly. I have also been using Murad's concealer stick which is good but it snapped straight away which is a bit annoying and it does dry out spots which isn't always a good thing as then they seem to take longer to go. It's £14.00 which is quite expensive but then again I pay the same for Mac concealers which don't even have blemish control in them, I need to persevere with the concealer to see if it's worth it. 

You can watch the video of me discussing the products below; 
Subscribe to my Youtube channel: and please leave me your links too.

Have you used any of the products above? What are your fave products this month?

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

New Krispy Kreme Flavour's reviewed

Aaah, so it's Sunday which means it's time for a delicious post. The other day I was sent some delicious doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (lucky me). If you know me, you'll know that I am a Krispy Kreme obsessssssor... I'm absolutely addicted, I love krispy kreme like a fat kid loves cake (ironic as if I keep eating them I will soon be that person ahah, worth it though). It was a great day for me when I went into my local Tesco and found out that they stock Krispy Kremes, I think I nearly fainted, at the counter. My Mum even bought me a Krispy Kreme mug as a welcome present when I moved into my Uni flat. Every time I go through the Krispy Kreme drive through near my house I ask for a hat and a balloon... yep I really am that obsessed, i'd like a job there actually. See a cringe worthy example below. Yes. I love Krispy Kreme, as you can see. I wish I had my own drive through in my garden.

So, when this beautiful delivery landed at my door the other day, I was pretty happy. In fact, ridiculously happy. So were my flat mates, but I didn't really want to share. Krispy Kremes are for sharing, but it's difficult to share when they're so delicious. As much as I wanted to eat them all, I had my body weight in them and decided to spare my body of the calories and did share them (with great difficulty, hands of my Krispy Kremes!) Safe to say I was popular that night in my flat though.

I was even excited by the bag that they came in. How adorable. Possibly the best thing I have ever received in the post. As you can see on the beautiful photos above, I was loving my life when munching through the new flavours. You've got to be mad if you don't like Krispy Kreme... I wonder what my life was like back in the days before Krispy Kreme. I was probably lighter but so less satisfied. I'd rather eat lots of Krispy Kremes and just got to the gym a few more times a week.

Okay, so I should probably talk to you about the different variations. I posted a photo on Twitter and my friend straight away said 'OMG ARE THEY NEW FLAVOURS!' Indeed they are....

I am pleased to introduce you to;

#1 - Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake (my personal fave)

I love this one because it's similar to my fave; cookies and creme. If you are a chocoholic (like moi), I warn you now, you will become addicted to this doughnutty take on a chocolate fudge cake. The doughnut is hand dipped in milk chocolate hazelnut sauce, the layer of hazlenut sauce is perfectly thick. As you can see on the photo, it's perfectly crumbly and deliciously chocolatey  but the blend of the caramelised hazelnuts on the side of the doughnut with the chocolate sauce work together to create a perfectly crunchy texture. This is the new chocolate fudge cake. Try dipping this in Nutella. You will be in heaven. Death by chocolate anyone?

#2 - Salted Caramel

This beautiful new doughnut is drizzled with white caramel, usually I find caramel too sickly but at the K.K factory they clearly know how much to put on to tantalise the taste buds but not make you feel sick. Not to mention the caramel inside, oh did I mention it's salted caramel- it just gives it that perfect finish. The doughnut itself is dipped in Belgian dark chocolate icing and once again, the perfect amount.  It almost tastes like a large jaffa cake, but with caramel inside. I can't describe how good the sauce tastes. Of course, like all K.K doughnuts the dough is perfect, the thick chocolate on the top works perfectly with the salted caramel to create a tantalizing treat, I could eat this all day long.

#3 -  Pistachio & White Chocolate Nougat.

This is probably the poshest doughnut that I have ever come across. If these doughnuts were spice girls this would be posh spice. The middle literally tastes like the nicest custard/butter icing that I have ever tasted. Me and my flat mates actually spooned it out when doing a taste test on it because we wanted to figure out what it was, it's like a mystery. We've come to the conclusion that it's the perfect gloop inside a doughnut, but it's actually pistachio praline Kreme. I love praline and have never seen it in a pistachio form, so this is seriously a treat for any taste buds. The toppings actually make this doughnut feel quite healthy, sprinkled with chopped pistachio, honey and raspberry flakes. Raspberry being my fave, together though this is the perfect threesome of flakes. Posh spice wouldn't be out of place in a window display at Betty's tea shop. 

Lets just say, the doughnuts above didn't last long. Krispy Kreme clearly just have the talents to make any ingredients go together. I can't wait to see if the bring some special ones out for Christmas. I know what's gonna be on my Christmas list. Oh, and a treadmill please Santa.

A few of the guys came over from across the road to help me and my flat mates demolish these beautys. To conclude, yes; Krispy Kreme do it again. Taking the world by storm Doughnut after doughnut  Another one please...
Do you like Krispy Kremes? What's your fave?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Lush Cosmetics Cupcake Face Mask Review

As you're all probably aware I did a HUGE Lush haul the other day after not shopping there for over a year. I think I just went off it because of the prices, but after revisiting i've realised that the products are really good. I've become slightly obsessed with skin care over the last few weeks and you'll be seeing all the products that i've been using recently. I have noticed a huge change in my complexion after changing my skin routine and using new products so I can't wait to enlighten you all! Something which i've used before is the cupcake face mask and I know a lot of bloggers have reviewed it but similarly lots of people have never heard of it, so I thought why not start the weekend with a light hearted yummy post. Not that I look so yummy on that photograph! I think reviews on face masks are very helpful, because it is difficult to find a 'good face pack' without trying loads first, and I have tried thousands so hopefully soon you will be able to find your favourite face mask too.

I'm sure Lush do a lot better face masks than this depending on what you want from a face pack - they're usually very good at doing products designed for certain skin types etc. but the only reason I chose this is because it smells delicious and has cupcake/chocolate in it. What's not to love? But also, I know that all of their products are great so why not try them all! Of course I just wanted to see what effects it had as well so I thought why not test it out as a reviewer, not just a customer. However, £5.95 is pretty extortionate when you think how small the tub is, but then again I reckon if you're careful you will get about 3 small applications which isn't that great. But, then again that works out at £2.00 for an application so it depends how you want to look at it. There are pros and cons.
Lush say that it has 'linseed infusion to nourish and soften...fresh mint for toning cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse' so this is actually perfect for me, as it is a bit like a facial in a jar, it aims to get rid of grease and cleanse, therefore eliminating spots.
I like the toning element of it, i've never really thought about toning my face before.

The texture is very thick and it does actually dry on your face which is good, as then you can feel it tighten and do it's job, which must be the toning element of it. It's meant to be stored in the fridge, then it apparently works better. It is rammed with 'good' ingredients and from the first splash of water on my face I did feel and see a difference, my skin felt fresh like it has been deeply cleansed, my skin was noticeably radiant and smooth. I usually use GLAMGLOW you can read my review here if you've missed that and Glamglow is difficult to beat, but has helped me to see what the cupcake mask is missing. It's missing the tingling sensation of GlamGlow. Okay, so GlamGlow is a lot more expensive but you can see why when you analyse the ingredients, they pretty much come from all over the world (read my review you'll be amazed at how good this mask is). Glamglow also have a new version out with proceeds going towards the pink ribbon foundation for Breast Cancer. So if you want to treat yourself AND give to charity, you can have a look at that here.

VERDICT: I do love this cupcake mask though and I will continue to use it, however, if you really want benefits that will last, I think GlamGlow is for you, but this is perfect if you just need a quick pick me up. I can imagine it is great to use before make up application for a flawless base. 

Have you used Lush's Cupcake mask?
What's your favourite face mask?

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

What's in my clutch bag beauty bloggers TAG

 So I was concious that i'm trying to keep up to posting once a day for you lovelies and I haven't done so today, mainly because I have soo many new products to get through and so much stuff to tell you all that it'll take me years otherwise! So, last night I went out for a cute date to my favourite restaurant; Bibis apparently it's the best restaurant in Leeds and because I like to think of myself as a bit of a food wizard I would have to agree, it is pretty fabulous. So, lets get straight to it, what was in my trusty clutch bag last night...
I am obsessed with cramming far too much in my clutch bag, i'll admit that I am the worst packer ever. Me and my best friend always used to say we cannot go out unless we have a pack of face wipes, our phone charger and a pair of spare knickers in our clutch bags, just in case we ended up sleeping somewhere else. Usually I would end up making her sleep at my boyfriends house so she always needed her secret supplies in her bag anyway. As girls, we like to always be prepared so on a night out my clutch bag feels like a brick usually. Tonight, because it's just a meal and a bar after, i've packed erm, a little bit lighter than usual... The bag itself is a take on Alexander Mcqueen I think, but I didn't buy it for that reason, I just needed a black clutch bag. I got it from a lovely shop called Tunnel which is down an arcade in Leeds. I think it was about £30.00. It looks quite scary now I look at it...

My fave items which are also new items (review coming very soon do not fear) are my Burberry lipstick, just because how glamorous can a lipstick get? it has the burberry logo embedded onto the stick. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it tonight. AND Urban Decays Super Saturated glossy stick, just incase I want a bit of gloss. I always put about 5 lipsticks in my clutch... and a lipgloss haha. Why pack lightly? You never know what opportunities could pop up!

Perfumes. I pop these in my clutch because they're small and easy to carry around. I was given the Burberry Body when I was in London after the Cosmo Awards and I have got to say, I am now converted. I absolutely ADORE Flowerbomb but just maybe, I hate to say it, Burberry smells nicer. Please just go into a shop and smell it, I beg you. I didn't even realise that Burberry did perfume, where has this item been all my life. This is even a special purse version, perfect for clutches. I can't even explain what it smells like, it's just perfect  I love Chance for a nice sweet fragrance, plus it fits into all my clutches really nicely. My boyfriends Mum bought me it for Christmas and i've been hooked ever since. I felt very lucky that Christmas! Never did I expect a Chanel perfume!

Of course I need some face things in my clutch. I always take my Xen-tan bronzer as it's my fave bronzer, but also I double it up as a powder if needs be (a very dark one, well actually, it isn't as dark as it looks in the case so long as you use a good blending brush) but I just like to take it everywhere with me because of the mirror. It means I've always got a mirror and a bronzer with me, plus it's so light weight that it's perfect for my clutch. Of course, my angel of face products, the Lumi Magique - just to quickly conceal if needs be. If anything major happens in the night though, I've always got my Mac concealer with my Bobbi Brown brush. Phew. Major disasters covered. Ready to take on the world.

I never usually take this, but it had been boiling yesterday, in a humid kind of way and I lovee this product, so I want it to just spray over my make up if I feel myself getting sticky. It really nicely refreshes my skin and make up, it just gives it a much needed lift at the end of the night or the middle of the night if you've been drinking too much. I popped the Urban Decay Brightening and Tightening primer in here because it's the best product I've used in a long time, a review will be coming later this week. I cannot wait to tell you all about my new Urban Decay's products.

Then the boring stuff. Chewing gum for freshness, my car keys if i'm driving which I usually am if it's just a meal- with my beautiful Juicy Couture keyring! Also my tangle teezer to keep my hair looking fresh, especially if I'm curling my hair and I want to keep it bouncy, then just my NO.7 brush which just keeps the shine away.

Okay,so this was supposed to be posted last night but I was running REALLY late so I apologise for posting this a day too late.

What do you put in your clutch?
What's your essential clutch bag item?

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

LUSH H'suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment Review and It's Raining Men - Lush review

 As promised, here is the first of my product reviews from my Lush Haul! If you missed my Lush Haul (it was a big one) you can read it here...  I have chosen to review these products first because I want to continue using the skin care stuff for a while, just so that I can give you the uttermost accurate review possible  So, first I am going to review the H'Suan Wen Hua - crazy name. It took me ages to choose which hair mask to go for, I literally analysed them all in great detail in the shop and the lady tried to convince me to buy one just for blondes, my answer was; my readers aren't all blonde! I want something suitable for everyone. So this is what I ended up with. As soon as I got home, I left it on my hair for three hours. I chose to leave it on for so long because it's not gonna hurt my hair is it? Sleeping in conditioners/treatments has been proven to work wonders for the hair, so why not. What I love about this product is the fact that on the instructions, it tells you to leave it on for a while (20 mins). My hair dresser has always told me that if a treatment only says 'leave on for 3 minutes' it isn't strong enough. So buy this, have a soak in the bath (the steam from the bath actually makes it work quicker) and I promise you will see a result. I was once told, that if you put a leave in conditioner on your hair and then heat it with a hair dryer, it works better (not sure!?) 
Lush claim that this product is designed to 'improve the condition, lustre and combability of hair
We packed into this pot everything we know of to put condition and shine back into the hair.' And I have to agree, after one wash, my hair was more manageable, shiny and smooth. Of course, this could just be on the outside, I'm not sure if it's actually made my hair stronger or anything, but externally, my hair looks and feels much better. It must have done something good, because my hair feels light,soft and nice again. The lady in Lush said that a lot of people complain about the smell of this product, my flat mate did say it made her feel sick as it is quite over powering...but I think you get used to the smell and I actually really liked it after a while. I'd describe it as smelling quite Christmassy, a bit like cinnamon. I wouldn't let the smell put me off, it really isn't that bad!
What goodness is in it:
-Bay and watercress infusions, balsamic vinegar and rosemary oil for shine.
-Fresh free range eggs and soya lecithin for protein to restructure the hair.
-Lanolin, from sheep’s wool, moisturises as it's similar to human sebum.
-Olive oil to improve the tensile strength of the hair shaft.
-Cinammon leaf oil for its antiseptic qualities.
-Fresh organic bananas and avocados for their rich oily moisturising properties.

This product was £8.00 if I remember correctly, which is probably middle range, but if you really want to treat yourself and pamper, I'd recommend this 100%, I've already used it three times and I have very long hair so it shows that you can get a few treatments out of it. I will be repurchasing this ASAP. I think it may be the holy grail of hair masks, and it's taken me a long time to find a hair product that is this good and doesn't cost £30.00. It really does give instant results.
Last but not least, I have been using the 'It's Raining Men' shower gel and it's absolutely delicious. It's like perfume for your hair.You can use it on your body and your hair which is good and I chose it because it smells like my favourite soap, 'Honey I washed the kids' but in a liquid format. Even after a few washes you can still smell it on your hair, it lingers like a lovely strong honey smell. If you get the chance to smell it, please do and you'll see what I mean. It's perfectly sweet, I'd rather use it as a shampoo than a body wash as I think it lasts on your hair longer. My only problem with this product is the price, it was £4.25 for the smallest little bottle which is very depressing for my pennies!

 Have you used any of these products?
What would you recommend for haircare?

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Lots of love xxxxxx


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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