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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

What To Buy From Nike - Top Nike Items - What To Buy In The Nike Sale

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*Updated 20th November - Nike have 30% off on top of their sale prices at the moment, I think that's a very good day indeed. You can shop and browse online here. Use promo code BRIGHT30 for 30% off on top of sale at checkout! I get a lot of messages about leggings, trainers and general sportswear so I thought it was the perfect time to write my top picks from Nike in the hopes that it helps you with what to buy in the Nike promotion (and they have a sale on too!) so click below and shop my top picks. It's the perfect excuse to stock up on high quality, forever gym wear. I love Nike, their stuff is such good quality. I've done the browsing and the research and put this lust/wishlist together for you! Hope it helps.

 P.S, I've also got you covered if you're looking for the best sports bras to buy or best workout trainers! My guide to the best leggings. 

Sunday, 26 April 2020

5 Wellbeing Tips When Staying At Home / Habitat Outdoor Furniture Review

rattan sofa

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Mindset wise I keep reminding myself that we are not 'stuck' at home (although I know it may feel that way), we are lucky if we are able to stay safe in our homes so I am really trying to enjoy being at home and get the most out of it. I rarely spend much time at home because I am usually travelling so I am trying to remain positive and I guess, enjoy this little *pause* in life. I'm receiving a lot of messages asking for my tips on how to stay motivated and positive during this time so I hope this may help you. I've always loved Spring and whilst this year I've been looking at the blossom trees from afar, this lockdown has finally given me the chance to get my garden in shape, something which has actually made me feel super positive, having a nice little space to sit in. I have a lovely garden in Yorkshire, I am fortunate enough to have lots of space there, so it was always strange adapting to city life in London where you pay a premium for literally a block in the outdoors but I am grateful for what I have and felt I need to start using it because fresh air is SO good for the soul. 

Today I am going to show you my new little sanctuary outside and also talk about my top wellbeing tips when staying at home during this period in the hopes it makes you feel positive. I hope it helps you if you're maybe feeling a little lack-lustre or uninspired/unmotivated, oh and I can finally show you and talk to you about my new garden furniture with Habitat. PS. Habitat have also written up 6 tips to balance your mental wellbeing at home too! 

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Which Fitness Tracking Watch Should I Buy? The Best Smart Watch - Apple, Garmin Or Fitbit Watch Review

sweaty Betty blue yoga set
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Hello hello! I have received an influx of messages recently asking me about my fitness watch and I feel as if now is the perfect time to write up my review of the three *most asked about* fitness watches. In my opinion, that would be the Apple Watch, a Garmin watch or a Fitbit. I feel in a good position to write about these as myself and my family use fitness watches every single day so we can hopefully draw up a comparison for you if you are thinking of getting one. I personally own a Garmin and wear it every single day right now (I am testing it against my FitBit!), a FitBit and an Apple Watch! My parents and brother swear by their Fitbits and wear them every single day (they have done for YEARS) and my boyfriend pinched my Apple Watch off me and uses that every day so between us, we have trialled and tested them all! I hope this will help you if you are looking for a fitness tracking watch or a smart watch.

P.S I've also got you covered with the best sports bras to buy and the best trainers for all budgets and all activities!

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Thursday, 9 April 2020

How To Support Small Businesses During The Corona Crisis - Ways To Help The Economy During Covid-19

red jumpsuit
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The world has turned a little *okay a lot* crazy over the last month, so I wanted to write this blog post in the hope that it might help out our small and local businesses during this worrying time (it would be much appreciated if you could give it a share). I’ve been sharing lots of businesses on my Instagram recently and have also tried as hard as I can to personally send as many gifts to frontline staff during the corona virus as I can, just as a little token to say you’re truly appreciated: it’s not what I have sent that’s important, it’s the intention behind it, I just want to say a huge thank you for being there for us throughout this and acknowledge that I understand these are people with their own lives who are putting their lives at risk to help us all. I’m in awe of every single one of them.

On that note, before I get in to the nitty gritty about how we can help small businesses survive throughout this, I think it is really important to acknowledge that the single biggest priority for us all right now is to stay safe. We are in survival mode and if the most we do is survive then that’s okay. We can start again when we are through this. The sad losses that our country and our world have and continue to suffer is the biggest priority to overcome so when I write about the importance of helping small businesses, it is absolutely secondary to that priority.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Best At Home Coffee Machines - Top Coffee Machines

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Never have I had such an influx of messages on Instagram asking me for home gym equipment, healthy baking recipes AND messages about my trusty, beasty coffee machine! It seems as people are working from home, they're wanting more home comforts, whether it's the best yoga mat for home workouts or a really good coffee machine. I'm the kinda girl who likes to go to a cafe and spend ludicrous amounts on an iced latte (even in winter), a flat white or a matcha latte - I see it as a real special, social occasion, my boyfriend on the otherhand loves adding up his savings and profit after using our coffee machine for coffees at home rather than buying coffee out and about (it makes presents so easy, I am forever buying him high quality coffee beans, he's such a coffee snob). It doesn't matter which one you are, if like us, you love coffee (or hot chocolate, or frothed milk or iced lattes - because trust me, these coffee machines are so much more than just coffee) then this is the blog post for you with the top coffee machines for all budgets. I am seeing A LOT of coffee chat at the moment, mainly thanks to TikTok and the famous whipped coffee (dalgona coffee recipe going viral). We did SO much research when buying our coffee machine but after so many questions I thought I'd write a blog post with my top 8 coffee machines for all price ranges on the market right now. Remember: a good coffee machine costs thousands, in good coffee shops they will have paid an unbelievable amount of their coffee machines however, I am going to talk about some affordable ones too with great reviews which will hopefully satisfy even the biggest of coffee snobs. 

Monday, 6 April 2020

Fabletics Review - Fabletics Leggings - What To Buy From Fabletics + How Does Fabletics VIP Work?

fabletics leggings

Advertorial Ad - It's no secret I adore Fabletics, in fact I have now been wearing their products for nearly two years. I had never heard of them before but the minute I put their leggings on, I knew it was love (and can I just say, a testament to the quality of their products, I still have their items from two years ago in my wardrobe and wear Fabletics a fair few times a week for very intense exercise!). Today I thought I'd do an in depth review of Fabletics as a brand as I get lots of questions about them. It means I can talk to you about the Fabletics VIP program too. If you are wondering about Fabletics, hopefully this blog post will help you and, it's a nice re-introduction to one of the best activewear brands out there.

Friday, 3 April 2020

The Best Trainers: The Best Gym + Running Trainers and The Best Trainers For Walking

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Hello hello hello, it seems the world has gone workout crazy which can only be a good thing (as long as you are safe distancing/working out indoors and listening to government guidelines #stayhome!) I have had so many requests to talk about my favourite trainers as I keep mentioning them on Instagram so I thought I would do a blog post discussing my favourite trainers so you’ve got a place to bookmark and come back to, with more of an in-depth chat. If you're looking for a good pair of lifelong trainers, this blog post is for you because the majority of them are discounted right now too #winning. Over the years I have worn SO many trainers, whether that’s for running, climbing, walking around New York for hours per day, crazy HIIT classes or wherever life takes me so I hope this blog post with my top trainers will help! These have all been thoroughly tested by me so hopefully this will help you find some good new trainers.
P.S, most of these trainers are unisex too.

Also got you covered with the best sports bras to buy and the best workout leggings


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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