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Tuesday 7 April 2020

The Best At Home Coffee Machines - Top Coffee Machines

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Never have I had such an influx of messages on Instagram asking me for home gym equipment, healthy baking recipes AND messages about my trusty, beasty coffee machine! It seems as people are working from home, they're wanting more home comforts, whether it's the best yoga mat for home workouts or a really good coffee machine. I'm the kinda girl who likes to go to a cafe and spend ludicrous amounts on an iced latte (even in winter), a flat white or a matcha latte - I see it as a real special, social occasion, my boyfriend on the otherhand loves adding up his savings and profit after using our coffee machine for coffees at home rather than buying coffee out and about (it makes presents so easy, I am forever buying him high quality coffee beans, he's such a coffee snob). It doesn't matter which one you are, if like us, you love coffee (or hot chocolate, or frothed milk or iced lattes - because trust me, these coffee machines are so much more than just coffee) then this is the blog post for you with the top coffee machines for all budgets. I am seeing A LOT of coffee chat at the moment, mainly thanks to TikTok and the famous whipped coffee (dalgona coffee recipe going viral). We did SO much research when buying our coffee machine but after so many questions I thought I'd write a blog post with my top 8 coffee machines for all price ranges on the market right now. Remember: a good coffee machine costs thousands, in good coffee shops they will have paid an unbelievable amount of their coffee machines however, I am going to talk about some affordable ones too with great reviews which will hopefully satisfy even the biggest of coffee snobs. 

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Krups coffee machine
1. Krups Coffee Machine - I thought I'd start with the coffee machine that we actually own and use multiple times per day. We've had our Krups coffee machine for 3 years now and honestly, it is fantastic. Some of the reviews on the site aren't that great?! but take it from us, it is fantastic. My boyfriend says it's one of the best on the markets and he is fully obsessed with it. There are LOTS of buttons, different compartments to drop your beans into BUT so many settings: you can get hot water out of it for your cup of tea, milk frothed, hot chocolate, espresso shots, so many different types of coffee (I regularly put them in my Nutribullet when making my peanut butter and chocolate smoothies). This mighty machine can make 17, yep 17 DIFFERENT TYPES OF COFFEE. Who even knew they existed - well, my boyfriend apparently. This machine is his pride and joy, he cleans it more than he cleans the house put it that way. It has a one touch drinks menu meaning you can make drinks in one click but also, eight user profiles so you can personalise recipes and save your perfect cup. It's a tech and coffee lovers dream. The only down side? I think it's VERY big in my kitchen and ideally I'd like something smaller and nicer looking now three years down the line. 

- Buy the Krups Coffee Machine and here and here - £1400 

2. Nespresso x Sage Coffee Machine - Not gonna lie, it's a dream of mine to have a Nespresso coffee machine just because I think they're such a cool brand. If you're looking for a very good coffee machine, that's cheaper and smaller than mine but is still mighty, this is for you. This is so aesthetically pleasing and is actually one of the highest rated affordable coffee machines I have found after LOTS of research. I'd love this to take pride of place in my kitchen. The idea of this machine is you can personalise your own barista-style coffee at home (it's also a collaboration with Heston Blumenthal HELLO). With this machine, you can make 7 different coffees and there's a professional steam wand too, with different milk temperates AND wait for it, 8 texture levels (unreal who even needs that?!). You can then perfect your foam and even use the milk pourer to try some at home latte art too! I've always wanted to get good at that! There's a digital display which I love because I think it makes them seem really technical savvy and modern in the kitchen, this guides you through recipes - this one also has a cleaning system and heats up really quickly (3 seconds). There's a reason this ranks so highly. 

- Buy the Nespresso x Sage Coffee Machine and here and here - £299 

3. Nespresso x Krups Coffee Machine - If you really don't want to spend £1400 on a coffee machine (I get it) then this is a really good option. I found this Nespresso x Krups (a hybrid of in my opinion, two of the best coffee maker brands) coffee machine which gets really good reviews and is created for those with very high standards in coffee (BUT, LET'S BE HONEST, IT LOOKS SO PRETTY TOO). It's simple with just two buttons and apparently heats up very quickly which is always a bonus on rushed mornings. This coffee machine doesn't make 17 type of coffee but if you're wanting espressos and lunges, this is for you, it also froths hot or cold milk with a one touch button. They say this is barista quality coffee so helloooo... 

- Buy the Nespresso x Krups Coffee Machine - £139 

4. Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo - It appears all the best affordable coffee machines are by Nespresso. This is the most affordable coffee machine on this blog post, but if you're looking for freshly brewed coffee and authentic espresso without breaking the bank, this is meant to be really good (and super affordable). This is great if you're into capsules rather than coffee beans, but at the touch of one button you can make 4 cup sizes, a full brew, a 230ml coffee, a gran lungo and an espresso. We'd like to get into using coffee pods but right now we use beans, however this is great if you're looking for an affordable but good being system and of course, it's stunning to look at too. 

- Buy the Nespresso Coffee Machine Vertuo and online here - £79 


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5. Smeg Coffee Machine - I mean this is the prettiest coffee machine I've ever seen and it doesn't break the bank either. I dream of owning some Smeg appliances to be honest. I'm going to be brutally honest here and say, you know it's good and can be trusted purely because it's Smeg. This beautiful coffee machine makes authentic espresso, cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato's at home. With this you can transform ground coffee or paper coffee pods into your hot drinks and yes, it has an adjustable milk frothing wand too! It starts quick and heats up quickly too. Great reviews, great look and great coffee. 

- Buy the Smeg Coffee Machine - £320 


6. Sage Barista Touch Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - This comes in at half the price of mine if you're looking for a medium priced range, forever lasting coffee machine. The reviews for this are out of this world if you're looking for a super speedy, bean to cup coffee machine. It has a touchscreen which I love, I think it makes the coffee machine look so modern in the kitchen but also makes it super easy to use and that's something I love about ours. I'd say this looks way nicer than ours because it's smaller and more compact. Like mine, you can create 8 personalised coffees and it also have automatic milk texturing with the milk wand. It's also got an integrated coffee grinder too.  Reading the reviews this is a fantastic mid-price range coffee machine with all the tech of some of the thousand pound ones. 


7. De'longhi La Specialista Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - My Mum has always loved De'longhi and my kettle and toaster are actually from there so I know it's a good brand and had to include it. Another medium priced range one with a touch screen coming in with very good reviews is this one. This coffee machine has a my menu button so you can access a special list of customisable recipes (LOVE) and makes 13 different recipes too. You can make the coffee with just one touch and of course, it has it's own LatteCrema system to mix steam, air and milk to deliver the best foam (I need foam on my coffee). The built in grinder also has 13 different settings, who knew. I love that you can make two cups at once too. Boujee. If you love the De'Longhi brand their coffee machines go up to the thousands, for a more expensive version this one here gets great reviews. 

- Buy the De'longhi La Specialista Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - £719 

P.S The De'Longhi Authentic Bean To Cup is 50% off today, online here. 


8.  Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine - If like me, you're a De'Longhi fan, you'll probably like this one, again, very well priced, this is De'Longhi x Nespresso and it's a little but powerful coffee machine with a touch interface too.  Another of the highest rated affordable coffee machines on this list. What's cool about this one is that after 9 minutes it automatically shuts down to reduce energy consumption!!! Some of the more expensive ones heat up in 7 seconds, this one is 25 seconds which is still really fast, particularly considering the price. I'm including this one because it's very well priced with epic reviews and people describe it as functional but compact, not everyone wants a beast to take up their kitchen and ideally my coffee machine would be a lot smaller! It's neat in the kitchen but brings professional coffee to the home. You can make pretty much everything with this and you can personalise the quantity of milk and coffee too, as well as using regular coffee cups and tall latte cups. 

- Buy the online here and here (this one is the prettiest, white, coffee machine for your kitchen!) - £199 

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1. Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine  - £199 - because it is BEAUTIFUL, functional, compact and affordable. I'd love this one  here - the amazing white one, functional, neat and good coffees all round. 

2. Nespresso x Sage Coffee Machine - £299 - because it's the highest rated out of them all and very affordable for such a premium coffee machine, as you've seen, many cost £2000. 

3. De'longhi La Specialista Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - £719 - 13 different types of coffees and I'm a sucker for a beasty yet neat looking functional machine, plus you can do two cups at once!


chacha matcha


I am adding in a section about matcha because I keep getting so many messages about what matcha I drink! This is my favourite brand for matcha (also just came back in stock here) and this is a good affordable matcha too. This one I used to swear by, but most matchas are currently sold out everywhere right now! I personally like to have my matcha mixed in with hot water, you can use a mini matcha whisk to make it frothy if you want. You can add your powder with just water for a straight matcha or add a milk in. I have been putting my matcha powder in my cup, then adding milk and letting my coffee machine froth it up like a matcha latte. You can also get a fancy yet inexpensive milk frother here that is highly recommended to froth your milk in your coffees or matcha, without the need for an expensive coffee machine! If that's sold out, try this one. 






Lots of love, Em x

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