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Sunday 15 March 2020

10 Tips for Working From Home - How To Work From Home Effectively

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Hello hello, hope you are all so well, as so many offices are allowing people to work from home right now due to the corona virus outbreak, I thought it might be a good time to share some of my working from home tips so here are my 10 tips for working from home effectively. This isn't for people who are unwell and self isolating (due to government advice) but for people who still have to continue working as they are well and able to do so. Maybe you don't usually work from home and want to get the most out of working from home (spoiler, it's not all daytime TV and snacks) or, you're a freelancer and new to this working from home thing. I hope this will help you with some working from home tips and how to work from home in the most efficient way.

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You can find current advice for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the NHS website. 
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Wake Up At Normal Time (and don't go to bed too late) - One of my top tips for working from home is to wake up at a normal time, so if you are meant to be in the office at 8am, ensure you're up by that time so you can still crack on with your daily tasks. It's really easy to have a massive lie in but then you end up making up for it and working all night too. It's really good to stick to a routine because trust me, once you lose that routine it feels like Christmas and you don't know who you are, what day it is or what time it is. As fun as that can be during the holidays, it's quite hard to stick to a routine and be productive then. Try and go to bed at a normal time too, I end up working until 2am and then I struggle getting up the next morning. You still need to be active and alert for work.

Routine - I think having a routine is really important, even when working from home. With my job, I lack a routine as no two days are the same (I love it, I am forever grateful and wouldn't change it for the world but I do love a routine) but at the moment, with lots of things cancelled and shut down, it gives me the chance to get into a routine. My ideal daily routine would look something like this:

7am - wake up and do any emails in bed

8am - post to social channels / shower / breakfast / get ready for the day (if I'm leaving the house, if not, it's just a waste of make up!)

8.30 - workout either at 8.30 for an hour OR at the end of the day depending on my schedule

9am - sit at my desk and start work as I'm much better when I'm sat facing a laptop rather than sat on a sofa

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Pyjamas Are Fine - Some people may feel like they're more 'at work' if they're sat in their suit and tie but that doesn't work for me, it's a total bonus to be able to work in your pyjamas or your loungewear (Topshop have 30% off loungewear here hint hint and NastyGal have the nicest selection too) so soak it up if that works for you, I personally give my face time to breathe and don't wear make up or do my hair if I'm just sat at home not seeing anyone all day, it also means it gives me more time to be productive with my work as I'm not faffing curling my hair looool, but it's a personal preference, you may feel more 'put together' and ready to work if you have make up and clothes on and you may have conference video calls (when I have that I still wear pyjamas on the bottom, ha). Don't miss: The best loungewear for home comfort. 

Nourish Yourself - Often when working from home I forget to nourish myself, so make sure you start with your cup of tea, coffee, matcha, iced coffee whatever it may be and start your day on a high! You can find 8 of the best coffee machines on my blog too. 

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Have Healthy Snacks Ready - Have snacks ready and organised. I bake when I'm stressed and love a Sunday night bake off for the week ahead, it means I have healthy flapjacks ready to grab and then I can crack on with my work rather than spending all day cooking, although it is a nice stress reducer for me being in the kitchen! I have a snack cupboard and find myself walking towards it approximately 46x per day when I need to procrastinate, so it's important I have it filled with healthier snacks. You can find my healthy recipes to bake from home here. 

Set Up A Working Space Away From Your Living Space - This might be quite difficult depending on your house set up I know a lot of London flats can be small or maybe people are working from house shares but it's really important to try and set up a working space away from your living space otherwise it's so hard to switch off from your work. It could be a simple vanity table in your bedroom that works as a desk too so you're not sat in your bed. I am grateful I have an office in both of my houses and I find I am so much more productive sat at my desk than sat on my sofa trying to do work (works the same in a coffee shop, I am so productive sat in a coffee shop or a library). If you are in a house share and you are working from home, have a chat to the people you live with and come up with a plan that works for you all. I also think things like working from a dining table are helpful if you don't have a desk, it mimics one and makes you feel as if that is your working space. There's also something for me about being sat up straight that really helps with my productivity rather than slouched on a sofa where I inevitably end up napping!

Lock Your Phone In Another Room - My phone is one of my biggest distractions and I find locking it in another room or at least at the other side of a room really helps my productivity levels. I am then allowed to check it once I've finished the task in hand, it's like a reward then! Otherwise I spend hours scrolling (I mean, if that's you come say hi on Instagram helooooo and use your scrolling wisely hehehe) @emshelx 

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Make A Priority Task List - I've found making a priority task list is super helpful, I even put things on there like washing hair, organising the house because they're still all tasks that I need to get done. I mark things by high priority to low priority and keep checking back on it every day so I can ensure I am on track. Your motivation may lack when working from home as you have to drive yourself, this might help you: How to motivate yourself to do university work and normal work or how to be your most productive, top tips to inspire and motivate you.

Extra Time In Your Day - The time saved on the commute could be used for many things so take it to your advantage: a home workout, laundry, pre-planning etc - I saw this on Instagram and thought it was an incredible idea, as you are saving time from the commute you could use that time to work on your own side hustle, a home workout, organise your laundry, plan things - you really could use this to your advantage and get your life organised and reach those targets and goals, or you could just use it to get some extra sleep because let's be honest, we are all exhausted!

Keep It Sociable - Many people feel lonely working from home, it depends if you like your own space or not, try and do FaceTime, Skype, video calls, emails and just ensure you're keeping social contact flowing!

You can find current advice for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the NHS website. 

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