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Sunday 29 March 2020

Bondi Boost Hair Review - How To Grow Hair & Does Bondi Boost Make Hair Grow?

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I was SO excited to try my first bottle of BondiBoost, it was a good day indeed. If you guys are familiar with my hair struggles, you'll know that I've been trying to strengthen my damaged hair for years. I've written many blog posts about hair growth, including top products for growing hair and simply how to grow your hair, growing the hair or fixing damaged hair really is a long process but with good products and a good hairdresser (I'm looking at you Sassoon Salon), I am slowly getting there. I am asked almost daily if there are any miracle hair growth products or if there are any ways to fix the hair quickly. A new product range has been in my life over the last three months and I am so excited to review BondiBoost today, Australia's miracle haircare brand!

I first discovered BondiBoost on Instagram and yep, you could say I was fully influenced, also, I love anything Aussie (I think maybe I was Australian in a different life but I love Aussie restaurants in London, I always buy from Aussie clothing brands and I am a sucker for Aussie beauty, not to mention all the Australian influencers I fangirl over - Australia just do it right) so it only made sense that I finally try some Australian haircare. I've been massively into my haircare for years now, ever since had bonded extensions and bleach jobs destroyed my hair, I didn't take enough care of it and I was left with bald patches, reactive alopecia and had zero confidence. The only way I managed to grow my hair is by not using heat for a whole year, seeing good hairdressers for regular trims (my team at Sassoon Leeds) and treating my hair like silk, years on, I am finally getting growth and strength back in my hair.
bondi boost hair care

BondiBoost did lots of research and found many people are unhappy with their hair quality, including thickness, texture, length, volume and flakiness and they set out a mission to fix that. Each bottle of BondiBoost contains carefully selected essential oils and antioxidant ingredients to effectively cleanse each strand of hair, whilst depositing powerful ingredients directly to the scalp, to maximise strength, length and reduce breakage for thicker, longer-looking hair. Now one thing my hair growth journey has definitely taught me is to invest in good products, but not products full of silicones that just make your hair look shiny, products that actually make a change to the condition and strength of the hair.
BondiBoost review

BondiBoost Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Growth Conditioner are must-haves for anyone serious about helping their hair get longer and stronger. So why are the products so good? The targeted ingredients work together to support hair growth and hair health, whilst cleansing and protecting the hair. Their products are formulated with rosemary and peppermint oils that help stimulate faster hair growth, prevent split ends and breakage and they smell incredible too which is always a bonus. For me, it's the smell, I feel like it's definitely doing some good to my hair haha. 

I've been using the products in conjunction with the BondiBoost Miracle Mask and Intensive Growth Spray, both are packed with essential oils, to promote growth. All their products are 100% Australian made, cruelty-free and don’t contain any silicones, sulphates or parabens.

My hair isn't where I want it to be yet, because let's be honest, I want it to be SO long and luscious but every single month it gets stronger and longer and importantly, thicker. I don't want it to be long and weak, I would rather it grew to be thick and luscious and healthy. 

bondi boost hair mask
I love hair masks and ensure I use them before every wash, I will leave a hair mask on for at least 30 minutes before washing off. I try and wash my hair every 2-3 days (on days I can I try to leave it even longer) so it has enough time to 'get dirty' and I don't like to use too much heat on it so ensure I'm letting my hair dry 90% naturally when I've got the time and I never ever put heat on my hair without heat protection spray.

There are much better hair dryers on the market now if you are needing to use heat on your hair, such as the GHD Helios and the Dyson Hair Dryer which are much kinder to the hair, they are both amazing.

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Ultimately, with regular trims (you need to get rid of the split ends, so please make sure you get regular trims), regular strengthening masks, minimising heat (or using kinder heat such as GHD Helios and the Dyson Hair Drye) and being kinder to the hair, it should grow. Look for products like BondiBoost, without silicones and with good ingredients within. 

How To Grow Your Hair - Quick Fire Hair Growth Tips -

- Minimise the use of heat when you can 

- Try let the hair dry naturally at least 80% if you have the time

- Use regular hair masks!

- Get regular trims so that all the dead ends are gone, then it grows out longer and stronger and thicker, just get tiny nibbles taken off the ends. I aim for every 7-8 weeks with my hairdressers

- Hold back on your colour as much as you can, I go for highlights at Sassoon every 12 weeks and try last it out so that it's kinder to my hair condition and when we do use my colour we ensure Smartbond is inside so that it doesn't damage my hair as much either, ask your hairdresser to add it to your colour!  

- Treat your hair like silk wherever you can, use things like Slip Silk hair bobbles when putting the hair up, minimal heat and imagine your scalp is like a flowerbed and needs constant nourishment! 
Lots of love, Em x

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