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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Finding The One: How To Find The Perfect Hair Dresser & The Importance Of Finding A Good Hair Dresser

how to fix damaged hair

So today I had a meeting and we ended up discussing how much we love our hairdressers and how fabulous we feel every single time we walk out of the salon door. Interestingly, I was told that women are more loyal to their hairdressers than their doctors (definitely true for me). I seem to naturally either love or hate a hair experience, there's never really any in-between. For me, getting my hair done is something I wish I could do every single day. If it was up to me, in an ideal world, I'd never wash my hair and instead would have three blow dries a week. That's how confident and fabulous I feel when I leave the salon. Obviously, finding 'the one' e.g., the dream, perfect hair dresser who knows whats best for you, wants you to look your absolute best at all times and wont go and chop it all off when that's the last thing you want, is very important. As my Mum has always said, a good hairdresser is worth paying for because your hair is seen every single day. I've done a lot of blog posts about my troubles with growing my hair, make sure you read my top hair growth tips, and also, I recently wrote about how my damaged hair ruined my confidence. I'm happy to say that every single time I visit my hairdresser, my confidence grows and finally, my hair is growing too after years of thinking it would never grow. Day by day I am impressed with not just my hair growth, but how strong my hair is getting too. Today, I wanted to give you a little hair update but also give you some top tips about finding the best hair dresser. 
hair growthTrusting someone with your head of hair is quite a daunting thing, particularly if you've had hair disasters in the past like me. It took me years to really find 'the one' and trust anyone with my hair after the damage other hair dressers caused. We're talking hair snapping off, bald patches, bad bleach jobs, too much cut off, you name it, I've been the victim of this. When I found Sassoon Salons in Leeds, I've honestly never felt happier. For the first time in my life, a hairdresser (Lee - go and book in with him, you will not regret it, he has changed my confidence and I never thought I'd get it back - *update, he now works at the Manchester salon where I have followed him to) took a look at my hair from a technical point of view. He stood there and analysed it, told me exactly what it needed and exactly what it didn't need. He cut it every four weeks and followed it's growth patterns basically, meaning that he was always cutting it in a way which encouraged growth. I still can't believe I have hair, it was a long, horrendous journey and I look after my hair so well now as I want it to continue growing. Don't forget to scroll to the end of my post about fixing damaged hair to find out about the products I've been using to grow my hair if you're interested in that. I was always told that hair growth takes time (yup, unfortunately it doesn't happen over night) but also, see it like a garden, the soil needs to be perfect (the scalp) in order for the plants (the hair) to grow thick, strong and healthy. If you're in the same situation as I was and really wanting long, strong hair, I promise, it is achievable, it just takes time and perseverance and for me, rather than my length, it's my all-over thickness and hair health that's improved. I wanted to leave a few little tips below to help you find the best hair dresser possible, coming from someone who's had some disasters: 

- Go With Recommendations - Word of mouth is great when it comes to choosing the perfect hair dresser. I actually first went to Sassoon because my Mum has sworn by them for as long as I can remember. I've never heard a bad word about them and the minute I walked in and talked to Lee (who does my cut and Louise who does my colour), I knew I was in good hands. You can pretty much instantly figure out if you like them or not. I know a lot of people who go to Lee and Louise now and they all totally agree. 

- Test The Water - You don't have to part with your money straight away, call up or walk in and go for a consultation first. As soon as I'd had a consultation with Lee and Louise I felt immediately better. I felt at ease and completely trusted him. I mean most people have dentist fear whereas I have hair dresser fear. 

- Don't Be Afraid - The best thing you can do is tell them your story. I told them about my hair history, that hair extensions almost gave me reactive alopecia and I genuinely had zero confidence because of my wispy, horrendous hair. By opening up to them it meant they knew just how much this meant to me and could really advise me to the best of their abilities.

- It's Worth The Money - A really good hair cut can cost a lot of money, but, as I said, it's on your head every single day and for me, going to cheaper places ended up almost ruining my hair. There's usually a reason they're more expensive, for example, Lee is so incredibly well trained, he's honestly trained to the highest of standards. 

- Find Someone Who Wants The Best For You - I personally love getting my hair styled by Lee and Louise as I feel like they genuinely want me to look my best. It's important that you trust your hair dresser, for example, when styling my hair, we know flat hair doesn't suit me so Lee always styles it in a way which suits my face.

My final words are a few more bits with some hair growth advice. Growing the hair doesn't happen over night and it certainly doesn't happen in a month. Maybe if I found Lee and Louise sooner, rather than bouncing around about 10 different hair dressers (none I was really happy with) then my hair would have been fixed sooner. It's about having patience, starting from scratch (I pretty much had all my hair cut off), going out of your comfort zone (telling a girl who desperately wants to grow her hair that she needs to cut it every four weeks?!), but trusting that these people are professionals and they can help. I've been let down by professionals with my hair so it's just about finding the right one for you. Don't forget to keep treating your hair, I find that sleeping in coconut is a great way to do it in an affordable way. I also recently had a treatment called HeatCure by Redken (as seen on the photos above), it apparently gets rid of damage for up to a year! I got this done at Lockonego in Chelsea by Jonny. I always feel guilty going to other hairdressers but I can't take Lee and Louise to my London meetings with me unfortunately! More on that treatment soon!

From the girl who literally had zero confidence, I finally shake my hair and feel confident and happy. I put it all down to exceptional hair dressers mixed with exceptional products. I'll write an updated post very soon with all my top hair growth products too!

UPDATE: Talk to Sassoon and tell them EM SHELDON (use it as the promo code at Sassoon) sent you for 20% off any cut and colour - Monday to Friday! (Thank you to Sassoon for offering this to my audience!!!)

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How do you feel about finding 'the one'? Do you think hair is important? Do you have any top hair growth tips? Have you ever had issues with bad hairdressers? Do you get on with your hairdresser?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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