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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Brunch At Bourne And Hollingsworth with Sure Antibac & Dr Christian Jessen

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I'm not the kinda girl to turn down an epic breakfast opportunity, particularly when it's at one of my favourite places, with one of my favourite brands. Bourne and Hollingsworth in London is exactly the kinda place I like to brunch; peaceful, quirky and just serious interior goals, it's Pinterest and Instagram heaven. Couple that with one of my favourite brands (Sure), brilliant food and fabulous company and you'll have to force me to leave. On Tuesday morning, I was lucky enough to learn some top tips from Dr Christian Jessen himself as we giggled, ate and chatted all things Sure. Come join me for the morning. 

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bourne and hollingsworth london

 My first point of call on a morning is always green tea.

gucci black medium swing bag
beautiful leather old fashioned sofaOnce I'd sipped away, it was time to see the beautiful area we had set aside for breakfast.

bourne & hollingsworth london

beautiful lounge interior

plants to make the room look brighter

beautiful living room interior design

brunch and bourne and hollingsworthWe're talking fresh light, beautiful tables and the most gorgeous arm chairs.

sure antibac deodorant revie

sure antibac antiperspirant

I didn't even need to learn about Sure's Anti Bacterial Antiperspirant because it's in my bag every single day. If it's not in my gym bag, it's in my handbag and if it's not in my handbag, it's on my beauty shelf waiting to be used.  I love the idea of getting rid of bacteria (Dr. Christian Jessen told us just how many millions of bacteria live under our arms and it made me feel a little sick over breakfast!).

infused detox water

Dr Christian Jessen
To begin with, we played a game where we learnt about bacteria, odour and what causes it, plus, what we can do to prevent it. The most interesting discussion for me was about aluminium. He actually said there's nothing proven to link aluminium in antiperspirant to things like cancer and all brands use it. He also taught me the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant; an antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands so that you sweat less, whereas a deodorant just covers the smell. I also asked him why I feel like I sweat way more when I wear fake tan, he said it's because when you apply fake tan, it coats your skin and blocks your pores. It was actually so interesting and we all gave him a round of applause for making the topic of odour seriously cool. As I say all the time, odour or sweat, really isn't and shouldn't be a taboo subject. We all sweat and my fitness posts try and motivate you to sweat more! It's just how we protect ourselves against that sweat and reduce the bacteria it produces so we don't stink the whole gym out! I have been using Sure for years and always apply it before any gym session (make sure you read about my gym routine). 

It was time to eat 

breakfast flat lay

breakfast in london

breakfast brunch flatlay
I went for the most delicious, soft avocado on toast, rye bread with olive oil (new favourite thing ever) as it doesn't make my stomach bloat and natural yogurt with fruit. There's really nothing better. If you've read my post about why breakfast is important to keep fit and healthy, you'll know it's my favourite meal of the day. 

Sure's Antibacterial Odour Protection antiperspirant is designed to reduce up to 90% of odour causing bacteria, which I think is why I like it. I don't even think about smelling when I'm working out anymore, as soon as I've sprayed this I feel confident all day long, seriously. I've also been using Clinique's new Pepstart wipes after my Barrecore classes (they just launched Barrecore in Leeds, it's a full body toning gym class through simple movements and I'm obsessed), I don't sweat much when I do Barrecore but just incase, I wipe myself down with their Pepstart wipes (they're almost like body wipes) and then spray my Sure over, then I'm good to go and get on with my day if I don't have time to jump in the shower. It just gives me that added confidence and means I don't have to halt my plans because I'm worried I'll smell! They're the perfect duo and that's why I always have them in my bag.

As more tea was poured, the conversations continued, we learnt that onions and garlic are the scents that sweat out through our pores (yucky!) and that eucalyptus oil has natural antibacterial properties. Sure's Antibacterial Odour Protection actually has a lot of natural ingredients in it, I was really excited to learn more about these as I love natural things. It includes lime oil, eucalyptus and orange terpine. No wonder it smells so good. I love seeing huge, household brands and the best in the business incorporating natural things into their products.

how to style a roll neck jumper

autumn burberry scarf
Coat, online here  and similar here / Scarf, Burberry online here and similar here / Dress, online here / Roll neck jumper, online here similar here. 

If I'm honest, I didn't want to leave. I had such a great morning with likeminded people and I actually learnt so much. No question was too much for Dr Christian and I'll definitely be taking my bacteria fighting very seriously from now on. I grabbed my coat, popped on my Burberry scarf and headed out into London for a day of meetings. I got my brows done the day before at Shavata so felt like a new woman, fresh brows, a great morning and wrapped up warm! 

Sure, you did it again - you blew me away with an amazing product and that's why you're my favourites. Bravo! I feel another gym bag essentials post coming on! PS. If you read my mens blog section, you'll have noticed that even my boyfriend swears by Sure!

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Do you love Sure? Have you used this product? Do you like brunch? Are you a breakfast lover? How do you feel about beautiful breakfast spreads like this? Do you also always have a deodorant in your bag?

*I worked with Sure on this but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion. 

Thanks Josie for taking my photos!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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