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Monday, 3 October 2016

Key Autumn Wardrobe Staples; How To Style Knee High Boots From Day To Night

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Apparently, a woman is on her feet for over four hours in a typical day, obviously, dependent on your job and as much as I love rushing around and being on my feet, we all know just how tiring it can get. It can be particularly tiring with the wrong footwear which is why comfortable boots are so important, particularly now it's October, yup, October is here meaning Autumn is here! One of my favourite things about Autumn time is Autumn wardrobe shopping, who doesn't love chunky knits, knee high boots and cosy scarves? October calls for all the knits, roll necks and cosy but chic black boots. I love knee high boots because they're great to take you from day to night, that's why I decided to write this post and show you how to style up those famous knee highs from day to night as my first Autumn style post. It was only the other day I tweeted to say just how under-rated Marks and Spencer's clothes are, it was good to see that crazy amounts of you agreed with me. It's safe to say, some of the items featured on this post, were the items I was discussing: pure quality, comfortable, beautiful items and I cannot wait to share them with you. I haven't taken these items off! I'm so excited today to be discussing some key wardrobe essentials for the months ahead, these pieces (hand selected by yours truly) are versatile pieces perfect for the up and coming months and I just hope you'll love them as much as I do.
If you've read any of my blog posts about my 'job', you'll know that as a full time blogger, it varies from day to day, so one day I could spend it in my gym kit, one day I could spend it in my pyjamas, another day I'll be running from back to back meetings, another I'll be out for dinner... it really does depend and the last thing I want is footwear that's going to hinder my plans, these boots are versatile and perfect to throw on for all occasions (apart from the gym!). I can't wait to show you how I've been styling them up! 

Outfit 1 - Day Date to Dinner Date: 

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I'm obsessed with chunky jumpers in Autumn, they're perfect for meetings, days out, day dates, brunch dates, lunch dates, you name it. Throw them on with jeans, a skirt or even leggings depending on the occasion. Untuck this beautiful knit for more of a casual look or tuck it in for more professional vibes with this beautiful cord skirt. The cord skirt is great because it's pretty and playful but professional too, you really can wear this as a professional skirt or a day time skirt.

marks and spencer knitted jumper

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 Onto the next venue....on this day in particular, I'd just finished up meetings in Leeds (don't forget to read my blog post about the best places to eat and drink in Leeds!) so the University is a perfect canvas for this outfit. 

This outfit doesn't look odd within the walls of a university, so whether you're running to meetings, lectures or just having a date day with a special someone, this outfit should hopefully do the trick!  I have a talk coming up at Leeds University soon and feel like this is the perfect outfit for it. 
When the lunch date is over, put a leather on and head to the local bar or out for dinner! I think you can add a leather jacket to this and you're ready to take it from day to night adding more of a fierce look. I love adding leather jackets to totally transform a look. Luckily, these boots are super comfortable so running around in them certainly isn't an issue! You can really play them down with chunky, comfortable and cosy knits but then dress them up with a body-con dress or a leather jacket. Perfect I say.

Outfit 2: From Shopping to Dinner -

I'm a lover of loose tops and actually find them really flattering, particularly with a tight skirt to pinch them in at the waist and knee highs. It gives the boots more of a casual look making this the perfect top for running errands or popping out for a casual coffee. This top is one of those tops perfect for freelance days at home, it's super comfortable but it looks great so it's perfect when working from home. I'd definitely wear this at my desk with my laptop in one hand and green tea in the other. Also, who said stripes are a Summer thing? Throw on some black jeans with this top rather than the skirt too and you're sorted!

With my new large Gucci bag, this makes the perfect shopping outfit too. These boots are honestly so comfortable and perfectly cosy for Winter, so whether you're skipping down to the city centre to grab some lunch, go shopping or running to the library, this combo has got you covered. The bag is big enough to allow for lots of new shopping bits and bobs and the boots are comfortable enough for you to cover some serious ground!

 All in all, I know that these boots will be an absolute Autumn and Winter staple for me. Who doesn't love something both stylish and comfortable? How would you wear yours? I think these items are key Autumn essentials and I hope you'll agree with me!

Shop the looks below and check out Marks and Spencer's boot guide online here. 

 Do you like knee high boots? How do you feel about styling things from day to night? What do your Autumn wardrobe essentials look like?

*This is a collaboration with Marks and Spencer but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion. I adore these pieces!

 Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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