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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

What's In His Wash Bag; Top Men's Daily Grooming Essentials

Oh hey guys and girls, a different one from me today but something I'm super excited about! As you guys know, my blog covers a wide range of topics from fitness to fashion to beauty to lifestyle and I like it that way (I hope you guys do too!). I really like talking about a number of topics. I've decided to also weave in a few male topics into my new 'mens' section starting today which you'll find right here. It'll also always be at the top of my blog as a little category of it's own so if you fancy checking it out, that's where you'll find it. I want to work with my boyfriend, brother, granddad and any other every day willing men, to find out what scents they're loving, what beauty essentials they can't live without and more and then, share it with you guys! I'll also be talking about my favourite male things too! This isn't just for men to read, but it's going to be an area where you can get ideas on what to buy the man in your life and also, maybe sneak a few new beauty essentials into his bag too! Obviously for the guys out there, hopefully it'll give you some inspo! I totally influence my boyfriends wash bag but today, I made him choose exactly the things he loves and uses every day for post number one! I quizzed him on his essentials, here we go! My boyfriends grooming essentials...
top mens grooming essentials
mens grooming essentials
First up, this is Matt. He is probably more into hair care than me (is that even possible?) and is always up for helping me through my skincare but hey, I love the modern man, it's totally okay to look after yourself and groom yourself. He's also massively into his fashion, you may remember his shirt above from my Leeds festival style post, I love crisp white shirts so much. You can buy it online here. His shorts are from All SaintsYou may remember this photo from our recent trip to the Maldives! 

Let's start and take a quick look in his wash bag. Matt's washbag is by Label M (it came in a Christmas set) but I really want to get him an Aspinal one next! 

Tom Ford NoirTom Ford Noir - Obviously, a good fragrance is an essential for everyone and Matt's signature and go-to scent is always Tom Ford, he uses it all year round. If I need to buy him a nice little present, it's always Tom Ford. I absolutely love the scent, it's definitely his smell now because I'm so used to it. There's something about Tom Ford, something sultry, sexy and yummy. Totally approve, I think it's one of the coolest, luxury mens brands and the packaging is seriously cool in any bathroom. I personally think this is such a nice Winter scent! Online here at FeelUnique, they've got some amazing Autumny/Winter beauty things at the moment too! 

ghd hair sprayGHD Hair Spray - I'm pleased to say I introduced Matt to this one and it quickly came the best hair spray ever for him. Matt styles his hair multiple times a day and we both adore this, it gives a strong hold but feels really light on the hair. We are both pretty obsessed with this and go through so many bottles. You may remember it from my hair curling tutorial. Online here. 

sure black and whiteSure Black + White Antiperspirant - When we were looking for things to feature, I asked Matt: what is your favourite deodorant? It doesn't have to be fancy, I just wanted to know what he genuinely uses every day and I was SO excited and happy when he said Sure. As most of you know, Sure is my go-to antiperspirant so I was pretty excited that he also adores the brand as much as me, a definite essential for us both. 

nuxe reve de mielNuxe Reve De Miel - When Matt was suffering with dry lips, he asked me what I recommended and I gave him so many things to try: It's safe to say that Nuxe stood the test of time and he keeps rebuying it. It honestly gives the softest lips and is a total holy grail product (again, for both of us!). Online here. 

154 jo malone154 Cologne By Jo Malone - When we visited the Regent Street Jo Malone store to do some fragrance testing  Matt chose 154 as his personalised scent and couldn't believe he'd never been to a Jo Malone store before. If you have read my blog post all about the top Jo Malone products  you'll know that I'm a little bit of an addict and just had to get Matt involved. I'm so glad he also genuinely adores the brands too, they are the absolute best for long lasting colognes. Online here. 

molton brown hydratorMolton Brown Hydrator - I'm a beauty obsessed girlfriend so naturally made sure Matt was using a good moisturiser. He naturally started to like this one by Molton Brown and uses it every night. It smells so good and I adore Molton Brown. I've never used their skincare though! Online here. 

kevin murphy rough riderKevin Murphy Rough Rider Matte Clay - I walked around for hours trying to find Matt a good hair clay, he's so specific as he likes something matte with good hold and surprisingly, they're pretty hard to find! He discovered Kevin Murphy though and loves it which is perfect because he has a massive head of hair. Online here. 

Label M Sea Salt Spray

Label M Sea Salt Spray - Another hair product, but Matt uses sea salt spray when blow drying (what a cool boyfriend, I know, he takes his haircare very seriously!), to give him a nice smooth wave. He says he swears by Label M's Sea Salt Spray and that's why this bottle is so huge and so well used. Online here.

If male beauty isn't for you, my personal beauty section is online here. 

I'd love to know if you like the idea of my mens section, ideas for the boyfriend, the husband, male friends or, yourself! Have you ever snooped through your boyfriends beauty cupboards? Boys; what are your essentials? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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