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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Personalised Fragrance Testing With Jo Malone; Jo Malone Regent Street

When Jo Malone invited me to have a personalised fragrance consultation, I couldn't say no. Jo Malone is one of my all time favourite brands when it comes to smelling great, pampering and just generally feeling great. I've managed to accumulate quite the Jo Malone collection in recent years and I couldn't be happier with every single product I own. More on my favourites soon. Today, I want you to join me in their Regent Street store for a serious pamper (ps, anyone can do this!!!)

Jo Malone Regent Street is probably one of the most beautiful stores I've ever seen, beautifully set out, spacious and relaxing. I need decor like this in my house.

Me and Matt sat down on those beautiful, striped seats (they match the design of the new packaging) and had a really nice discussion about our favourite scents and what kind of smells we like, before we knew it, the lovely team at Jo had picked out a few fragrances they thought we may like.

We discussed them all and ranked them from our favourites (I liked them all)

Once we'd chosen (I went for Blackberry & Bay and Pomegranate & Noir layered together to make an incredible scent), we got mini arm massages using the scents.

This Vitamin E Body Scrub is probably the best thing I've ever used,  I need endless tubs of it. It was used to exfoliate and refresh my skin. I was then coated in body butter and sprayed with my chosen scent.


In the Regent Street Jo, you can make pretty much anything personalised, from the ribbons to the caps at the top of the bottles. 

I know where I'll be coming to get my wedding favours when I eventually get married (give it another 10 years).

I took a little trip into the personalisation room where you can see the letters being stamped. 

 Reluctantly, I left the store after the most tranquil half an hour and, leaving with  a new favourite scent; Pomegranate noir. Oh Jo, I just fell in love with you even more and I didn't even know that was possible! 

Do you like Jo Malone? Did you know you could do this? What are your favourite Jo products?

Lots of love, Em x

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