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Thursday 3 March 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What To Buy For Mothers Day

Hello hello, so Mother's day in the UK is a few days away (this Sunday) and I'm a little late with this guide but do not fear, you can get most of these things online with next day delivery and hopefully it will give you some nice inspiration anyway! For me, Mothers day is about more than gifts though, my Mum is happiest with some fresh flowers and a day of seeing me and my brother. I love nothing more than spending quality time with my Mum and surprising her with flowers but, I do love getting her the odd treat or two. This year, I'm excited to actually be home for Mothers day for once! Let's discuss...
 Aspinal Continental Zip Wallet
When it comes to buying presents for my Mum, I traditionally get her something from Aspinal. One of the first presents I remember personally buying my Mum (when I got my first job as a teen) was the most beautiful leather heart keyring from Aspinal. Me and my brother paid to get it gift wrapped and when my Mum opened it, it made her day. She still, about 6 years on, has it pride of place on her keys and she uses it every day because she says it reminds her of me and my brother and it's like we're always with her. 

This year, I feel so excited (I hope she doesn't read this) because she's wanted a new purse for a long time (my Mum adores leather goods), I had to go for this one (the Aspinal Continental Zip Wallet) because the inside of it matches her heart keyring perfectly and, I have the same purse, I wanted us to match. I feel like it's time she got something to match and upgrade her little heart and I cannot wait to give her this with the matching little business/credit card case for her cards and change when she doesn't want to take a big purse with her. Aspinal feature on pretty much every single gift guide I do because they genuinely are my favourite leather brand, they always have been. Their service is exceptional and their products are phenomenal. They last forever and really are sentimental pieces. I am far too excited to write up a post for you very soon, a special 'My Aspinal collection' post to show you just how much I love it. You can shop the Aspinal mothers day range here.

The Letterbox Slouchy Saddle Bag
I personally love cute, small leather goods as presents, if you're splashing the money though, I cannot recommend my new Aspinal bag enough (the Letterbox Slouchy Saddle bag). You can get it online here and it's hands down my favourite bag so far, beautiful leather, a beautiful colour and so versatile.

guerlain meteorites
guerlain meteorites
I'm a sucker for cute things on Mothers day, if your Mum loves make up, how about this gorgeous Guerlain Meteorites Compact with the gorgeous brush to match? Guerlain is one of my all time favourite beauty brands (I saved up all my money and treated myself when I first visited Paris so have always loved the brand) and I just cannot get enough of this little beauty, it gives skin a natural glow and is basically a compact full of corrective matte shades, it's crafted with pressed pearls to give a soft, smooth and delicate look. I don't know why, but it really reminds me of Mothers day. 
I think beauty treats always make amazing gifts for Mums, I know my Mum loves her body moisturisers, hair products and lip products! Here are some of my top beauty picks for Mothers day at the moment;

- Fresh is one of my favourite brands, particularly for their lip balms, they're super hydrating - I love their Sugar Ruby balm - it's an intensively nourishing treatment which makes the lips look and feel beautiful.

Chantecaille just do the prettiest make up ever and I think their products make the best gifts, my Mum has actually asked for this particular lipgloss for Mother's day!

- Clarins Lip Perfectohad to make it onto here because it really does give you the loveliest, smoothest lips ever.  It's the perfect neutral hydrator mixed with gloss.

- Last but not least Laura Mercier, as a brand in general, you just cannot go wrong. My Mum adores her body butters (as do I), they make the best presents plus smell incredible too. For someone who loves beauty, you can't go wrong with Laura Mercier's famous primers or tinted moisturiser either, great beauty bag essentials. I don't know about you, but I can never have too many beauty products.
Jo Malone red rosesMake up products might not be for your Mum but how about pampering treats? I think pampering treats are the best kinda treats. A nice bottle of wine with a new candle and something smelly for the bath. I love Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil for mothers day, particularly because the packaging is just the dreamiest thing ever. My favourite fragrance at the moment has to be Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, its incredible. I love fragrances too and think they make the best gifts. Jo Malone do the best scents.
birchboxI always tend to recommend beauty boxes as I think they make the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox will always be my favourite beauty box, you can buy a 3 moth subscription and then every month, a beautiful box gets delivered to your door brimming full of beautiful beauty samples.   I always discover the best new beauty brands in Birchbox and every month the beautiful little box itself can be kept safe to put things in.

My Mum always tends to buy my Grandma cute little scarfs and accessories for Mothers day. This year I love this one from Joules. My Mum and Grandma just adore Joules.

When it comes to jewellery, I always have to say LVNDR - I am biased but I love the cute, hand-wrapped lilac packaging, the beautiful items and don't get me started on the incredible new gemstone range!

soda prints
I love beautiful prints and beautiful cards. I always make my Mum a really special card for Mothers day. I think it's nice to get a sentimental card, quote or even put photos in a photo frame. I love doing cute, personal things. There's a really cute shop close to where I live that sells the nicest, rustic little bits and bobs, I always go into there to treat my Mum. I love this print and rose gold frame from Soda Prints - they do so many gorgeous personalised prints.

Last but not least, if you read my personal post all about my Mum, you'll know that I fell in love with this gorgeous hearts radio by MyVQ - another beautiful and cute Mothers day gift so you can dance around the house (it is so beautiful). You can win one for your Mum online here - don't forget to enter or just tweet using the hashtag #MyHeroMum and tell me why your Mum is a hero!

For me, it's about traditional cute gifts, flowers, and spending time with my Mum. There's no right or wrong on Mothers day and everyone treats their Mum differently, so whether you splash out or make a handmade card, it's up to you. I know for sure, I'm just looking forward to spending quality time with my Mum this coming weekend, I'm in the mood for cuddles, fresh flowers, a nice walk and lots of giggles - oh and of course, I cannot wait to show her the special Aspinal treats I've got her! I know she will be overwhelmed. 

Do you do anything special on Mothers day? Do you like any of the above gifts? Do you like sentimental gifts? 

Lots of love, Em x

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