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Thursday 10 March 2016

Healthy Easy Home-made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Recipe!

healthy home made peanut butter cups

Hello hello! So this is a blog post I've wanted to get live for a long time and one I've been promising you for ages. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know all about my yummy, healthier peanut butter cups! I am obsessed with making these and make a batch every week! Imagine Reese's peanut butter cups but Em style! Reese's peanut butter cups taste incredible but they're not too good for us unfortunately. These are my take on them, easy to whip up, delicious to eat, they bust those cravings but have a lot less sugar and badness as in the ones they sell in the shops! These are perfect if you're wanting a protein packed treat and they'll fuel you too. Big thanks to my friend Healthy Jon for showing me the way with these. They taste moorish and naughty but they're actually really not that naughty! Hope you love them as much as I do! Try my yummy healthy banana bread. 

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You only need two ingredients to make this basic recipe. You can add extra toppings if you like too though such as drizzling honey over the top of them, blending chia or flax seeds in too or some nuts.

I use 90% dark chocolate when making these, you can use any type you like but I always get Lindt when it's on offer as I think it's high quality. A lot of people don't like dark chocolate but you can train yourself to love it, trust me, this is coming from the worlds biggest chocoholic. You can always go for 70% chocolate if you find 90% too bitter and gradually move up to 90% but honestly, I've trained myself to love it. 

Dark chocolate is way better for you than normal chocolate because it's made from the seed of the cocoa tree with less added nasties I guess. Dark chocolate has loads of health benefits (give it a quick Google and you'll see) including being rich in fibre, potassium, iron and more. It's also a powerful source of antioxidants. There are so many studies on dark chocolate, the main reason I use it is because it's moderate in it's amount of sugar in comparison to milk chocolate for example. In moderation, dark chocolate is apparently really good for you. 

To make around 8 peanut butter cups, I try to use 2 bars maximum of Lindt. Lindt is very thin so when you melt it you don't get much. 

Break up your chocolate and melt it, we all melt chocolate differently so don't take my word for this but I always do it on the microwave. I put it in a bowl for 1 minute, get it out and stir it and continue until it's melted and not burnt. A lot of people prefer to do it over a hob, it's your preference but I find the microwave way well easier and I always manage to avoid burning it too. Make sure you only melt half of your chocolate first as you'll need to melt the other half in about 20 minutes. 

The second and final ingredient you'll need is peanut butter. I was taught by my friend Jon, that actually, so many peanut butters aren't that good for you because they have added palm oil, other oils and lots of salt. When you're shopping for peanut butter, make sure you grab one without palm oil and loads of added nastiness in. You're looking for proper peanut butter and I've found Meridian peanut butter to be the best, it has nothing added to it, just peanuts so it really is the cleanest peanut butter you can eat. I make sure I put this inside my cups to try keep them as 'clean' as possible with no added junk.

The key part of making these peanut butter cups is a good silicone muffin/cupcake case. You can get much cheaper ones online here, here and here. Just don't get one that's too big! I also just found loads of affordable ones online here. 

Then it's time to drizzle your chocolate into the bottom of the silicone case, I add a tiny layer (you can make it as thick as you like but to try and make it healthier I make it quite thin) probably around 2-4cm. Once you've done this, pop it in the fridge for around 20 minutes, until you can see they've gone solid.

Then take them out of the fridge and spoon out your peanut butter, again, you can add as much or as little as you like. I prefer to put more peanut butter in than chocolate, it also gets rid of the bitterness of the chocolate.


Melt your second round of chocolate and then drizzle it over the top of the peanut butter until it's covered. Again, you only need a small amount. You can push down the peanut butter to make it flatter, then you need less chocolate to cover them.

 Leave them to set (in the fridge!) for 20 mins and you're good to go! They will literally last you all week, unless you eat them all in one go! You can always drizzle honey, nuts etc on the top of them before you put them back in if you're wanting to make them less plain. Once the 20 mins is up, you can literally pop them out of the cases and they just slide out because it's silicone. It's so easy! 

Lots of love, Em x

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