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Friday, 2 August 2019

Easy Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

healthy banana bread recipe

My last easy healthy banana bread recipe is years old and one so many people have sent me pictures of (and enjoyed eating, hooray) but I've been working on a new recipe for banana bread and I have to say, this one is a lot more 'bread like' so I hope you're going to like it. This banana bread recipe isn't vegan, unlike my older banana bread recipe but there's something to hopefully suit everything with both recipes. We all crave banana bread but usually they add SO much sugar so hopefully you'll find this banana bread recipe a touch healthier plus super easy to bake. I whipped this up today and it literally took me 5 minutes and within 20 I was sat down eating it. I’ve been trying to perfect my banana bread recipe for a long time, and finally I think I’m getting there. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my new banana bread loaf and I think this might be my best healthier banana bread yet. If you're in the mood for cookies though, make sure you check out my healthier chocolate chip cookie recipe. Open up for the healthier easy banana bread recipe.

healthy banana bread recipe

Head here for my vegan banana bread recipe.

dark bananas for banana bread


- 3x mashed bananas (wait for them to go darker and spotty so they’re sweeter) - this is a great way to use up dark bananas, you can literally wait until they're really dark and then throw them in

- Spelt or buckwheat flour - I've tried both, personally I think spelt tastes more breadlike, buckwheat can be a little too cardboardy. Use 2x cups of the flour. 

- Oats - I put 80% spelt and then 20% oats for my flour

- Chocolate chips (dark to make it healthier... because apparently they're full of antioxidants but they obviously taste nicer with milk chocolate, I just use normal baking chips but you could always use a vegan refined sugar free chocolate such as Ombar or Cox & Co superfood delicious refined sugar free chocolate and instead. You can always scrap the chocolate all together and add blueberries. 

- Honey (I use Manuka Dr honey) - I use 1x teaspoon but you can add as much as you like depending on how sweet you want it to taste 

- Vanilla essence - 1x teaspoon 

- Cinnamon - 1x teaspoon

- Bicarb of soda

- A little bit of milk, I use almond

Manuka dr honey


Pre-heat your oven I usually do 250 degrees

Put your 3x bananas into a bowl and mash them up 

Add in your dry ingredients (flour, bicarb, cinnamon) then add your honey and vanilla essence

Add your 3x eggs and fold it all in then add a little bit of milk until the texture goes gooey, see how much you need, I add around half a cup

Here you can optionally add things like seeds, chia seeds for extra health. I added a scoop of Linwoods flax, sunflower and pumpkin seed mix to mine.

Give it all a good mix and here you can taste it to see how sweet it is. It should taste delicious even at this point! Then add in your chocolate chips if you wish to add them or blueberries if you want to keep it super healthy.

Line a tray with greaseproof paper and pour your mixture in. It should be a nice gooey texture, not too watery and not too dry as you can see above.

Pop it in the oven, I usually do 250 degrees for around 20-25 mins, keep checking on it as it depends on how hot your oven gets.

Take it out when it's slightly golden on the top and nice and gooey and let it cool,

see how long you can last without eating it!

Lots of love, Em x
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This website may use affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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