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Friday 30 August 2019

Best Body Oils For Glowing, Soft Summer Skin

summer body oils

If you've watched any of my travel vlogs whilst abroad or if you watched my recent packing video you'll probably know that I adore body oils. Nothing feels more 'Summer' to me than getting out of the shower after a day in the sunshine and drenching my body in body oil. I love dry body oils as they make my skin so glowy and soft for hours afterwards, without being sticky but I also find they massively enhance my tan too, whether it's a natural tan or a fake tan. Here are a few of the best dry body oils for soft, Summer, glowing skin.
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Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil For Face, Body And Hair

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil For Face, Body And Hair - This product needs no introduction, I've been using it for years. I first discovered Nuxe lip balm (a cult, holy grail lip balm for millions of people may I add) and shortly after, I discovered Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil and wow I'm so glad I did. I rave to so many people about this product. It's designed to keep the skin soft and hydrated but it doesn't block the pores, you can even spray it into your bath too. It uses 30% precious plant oils and vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften. I personally find this makes me glow from head to toe and love applying it straight out of the shower on holiday. It uses 6 plant oils and is meant to help stretch marks too and keep the skin velvety and hair silky. Online here.

molten brown body oil

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Radiant Body Oil - I love Molton Brown and adore all of their products (we swear by their hand washes in my family home) but have you ever tried their body oil? I was first introduced to this when I was kindly gifted a massage in my hotel room using this oil and ever since, I've been hooked. Now there's something I'd love every day please. This oil smells divine and is enriched with Sevillian neroli oil and bergamot, mandarin and cedarwood aromas. It smells like holiday and the scent instantly makes me relaxed. I'm a fan of dry oils because they soak straight into the skin but leave you looking incredibly radiant, this one makes me look so glowy all over my body. Online here. 

Guerlain Terracotta Nourishing Dry Oil For Face Body And Hair

Guerlain Terracotta Nourishing Dry Oil For Face Body And Hair - Guerlain's Nourishing Dry Oil will forever be one of my favourites as it's one of the first dry oils I ever used. This is super lightweight, smells incredible and is enriched with sweet almond, camelina and limnathus seed oil to soothe, protect and nourish the skin. This product also includes a tan booster complex to enhance the skins natural tan which would explain why I feel so bronzed after applying this every time I get out of the shower when I'm abroad. It delicately scents the skin with the smell of holiday and I find it's perfect after sun exposure to enhance the tan (or prep it pre-holiday too), plus you can use it on the ends of the hair and wash it out for extra nourishment too. Online here. 

Darphin The Revitalizing Oil For Face, Body And Hair

Darphin The Revitalizing Oil For Face, Body And Hair - Darphin is one of the best brands for skincare so I fully trust them with a multi-tasking product designed for face, body AND hair. This little bottle of joy is your perfect travel companion and is natural derived which I love. It comes out with a warm golden colour which makes your skin look so glowing and of course, nourished and soft. Darphin The Revitalizing Oil uses essential oils and plant oils for their restorative powers and massaging it in feels like a treatment at home! It's designed to nourish the skin and make the hair smooth and less prone to frizz. Online here. 

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil - This is really different to the other body oils as it's the only one with added shimmer. I personally try stay away from things with shimmer as sometimes they can ruin my clothes (glitter is a pain to get out of anything) but I CANNOT say no to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, it smells insane and I actually took this on my West Coast California road trip with me so it will always bring back those amazing memories. This is Summer in a bottle to me, it just smells divine. This comes out as a spray too which is lovely and different to all the others as you tip them on your body, but I love how you spray this on, it means you can just say put it on your shoulders or the front of your legs but it will give you a mega glow. Online here. 

Espa Fitness Body Oil

Espa Fitness Body OilI've been through three bottles of this so it must be good. I was lucky enough to have a massage using this at the Corinthia Hotel in London and honestly, it's divine. I love that it's a warming body oil and is specifically designed to be used before or after exercise. I personally use it after. I massage it into my thighs mainly and find it just warms my muscles after working out. I wrote a blog post talking about 7 of the best products to use after working out if you missed that and are looking for a product to use after the gym (because hello Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel , I haven't forgotten about you). Online here. 

the best body oils

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