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Thursday 6 June 2019

10 Of The Best Fake Tans / Self Tanners In 2019

the best fake tans
Gifted PR items featured and Ad affiliate links used - I feel as if it’s time I write an updated best fake tans blog post. One of the questions I always get asked is what fake tan I use. Just like with hair care and skincare, I don’t use just one brand religiously. I easily could be loyal and stick to one brand forever, but there are so many incredible fake tans and self tanners out there, I like to mix and match. I’ve been using fake tan since I came out of the womb, no seriously, I’ve been using it for years and have honestly used the majority of the big names on the market and feel as if I have a good insight into which the best self tanners are. Yes I’ve looked like an oompah lumped/tangerine many times but hey, we’ve all been there. Here’s a list of the best self tanners and fake tans to buy in 2019.
the best self tanners

With every tan below I always apply before bed and sleep in it for best results, then wash off the next morning.

Some gifted PR items featured and ad affiliate links used below.

Tannco bed sheet protector

Tannco Bed Sheet Protector -  It's probably best I start with this (which was kindly gifted to me) because I sleep in my fake tan to let it develop meaning my bed sheets are usually ruined unless it's a translucent tan (my poor Christy bedsheets). Say goodbye to ruined bedsheets with this though, I am so thrilled I was introduced to this (and my boyfriend will be too now the sheets aren't going to be constantly ruined). It's the first UK-based self-tan bed sheet protector, basically meaning you can tan before bed and not ruin your freshly washed sheets (or, make your boyfriend orange when you roll onto him in the night). It's made with Habutai Art Silk for a luxurious nights sleep, I actually interviewed Kourtney Kardashian and her biggest beauty tip is to sleep with a silk pillow case, the good news is this comes with the pillow case too! It basically cocoons you neatly in meaning there's no mess on your lovely covers. You just pop it in the wash after use and it's fast drying too. This will revolutionise your fake tanning!

James Read Fool Proof Tan - I didn’t think I’d like this product because I’m no longer a fan of tans that make my bed sheets change colour BUT, for fake tan beginners, who like a colour guide, this is the tan for you. I was hesitant to use it with it not being a transluscent tan (thank you world for creating translucent tans) but the best thing I did was pick up this bottle. The colour is one of the best I’ve used, incredibly natural but nice and deep. I really rate this because you don't need much to get an amazing colour, whereas sometimes I feel like I need to use a whole bottle. James Read tans do not go orange, no matter how much you put on so if you’re worried about being orange, go for James Read as the colour is definitely the most natural out of all of them. These products are also brimming with good ingredients, it’s worth spending the extra money knowing you’re putting goodness onto your skin. It makes me feel a little bit sick thinking what kind of green/orange products have been sinking into my skin over the last few years. Good quality is what your skin deserves.

tan luxe the water

Tan Luxe The Water - Tan Luxe are one of my all time favourite self tanning brands and one I would buy over and over again. If you ever read my blog post about gifting influencers, you’ll know that as influencers, we are fortunate to receive many products to trial and I have to say, I would spend all my money on Tan Luxe. It really is worth every penny. With some self tans, I feel I need to use the whole bottle to get the intensity I desire (MAKE ME SUPER BRONZED PLEASE) but with Tan Luxe water, actually one of the first ever translucent tans I ever used, I find I don’t need to put 46 coats on to get a good colour. In the medium-dark shade, I find 2-3+ coats gives me the nicest bronzed colour and I love that it comes out as clear water, it actually really doesn’t stain the bed sheets which is epic and I don't smell like biscuits. 

st tropez purity tan

St Tropez Purity Mousse - I was blown away when I tried this product, I’ve always loved St Tropez but felt they were quite late to bring out a nice smelling, transcluscent tan. They didn’t disappoint with their mousse, it was definitely worth the wait and smells absolutely incredible and makes my skin feel so soft on application. I was a little worried about a mousse as I find them quite drying but this softly sinks into the skin and is so hydrating. If you’re a tanning newbie but wanting translucent for less mess, I’d say go for a clear mousse over a clear water to begin with as even though it’s translucent, you can see how it’s gone on much better than a water. I find the colour of this tan is absolutely divine and again, I don’t need to apply too much of it either. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting the colour to be so beautiful but it’s one of the most beautiful bronzes I’ve ever used and I didn’t need to use much to get the colour I desired either. St Tropez came back and they’re on top form, their purity range is a game changer. Thank you St Tropez for developing such a gorgeous range. No mess and hydrated, glowing skin.

James Read Coconut Dry Oil - If you are looking for a James Read tan that’s translucent, go for the James Read coconut dry oil, it’s divine. I wore this every day on my Greece trip last year and it kept my skin SO incredibly hydrated and glowing. I can’t explain the glow I had. I like to be mega bronzed so with this one I do find I need quite a lot of layers, to be honest I end up throwing the bottle on (more than the Fool Proof tan which only takes a few layers to get the colour I like) but, it’s the perfect holiday glow. I find this is great to use when you want to look really glowy as the oil is like an at home pamper session and makes your limbs look to die for.

isle of paradise dark drops

Isle Of Paradise Dark Drops + Water - My fellow Yorkshire man Jules Von Hep launched Isle Of Paradise and it’s great to see it going from strength to strength. So many of my friends swear by Isle Of Paradise. Not only does it smell amazing and is packed with goodness, it’s on the more affordable scale too where tans are concerned as I do find I always end up recommending premium tans. Isle Of Paradise drops are amazing as you can up the intensity and you can add it to your normal moisturiser. I find they work so well on my face and I wake up looking as if I just had two weeks in the Bahamas, with such a natural but beautiful glow. The great thing about Isle Of Paradise is they do different colours so you don’t have to go as tanned as I like to be, you can really choose your colour, just decide how many drops you want to add. I love how clean Isle Of Paradise products are (they use organic tanning actives plus avocado, chia seed and coconut oils), meaning you're not putting any nasties onto your body or face. 

Vita Liberata Invisi Mousse - Another epic mousse, there’s a reason so many people swear by this product. I’m loving that so many tans are translucent now meaning you can get changed straight after or sleep in white bed covers hooray. I find I need minimal of this to get a really really dark but beautiful, olive colour, I just need to apply less on my hands, one coat is more than good enough and dark enough when it comes to my hands! If you’re looking for a really deep, mousse then this is for you. This dries super quick and is free from parabens, chemicals and uses organic botanicals for anti-aging too which is a nice little addition. It also doesn't smell and I feel confident knowing I'm putting good stuff on my skin. 

Tan Luxe Wonder Oil- I used this because I ran out of my trusty Tan Luxe water and honestly wasn’t expecting a rollerball to be so good but the smallest application gave me the best colour! It hurts a little rolling it over my bones on my legs hahaa (maybe that's just because I'm bony), and goes on like a kind of sticky oil, it’s very different to any fake tan I’ve ever used but I rub it in with a mitt and it’s worth it for the colour and smoothness. I didn't expect a good colour at all as it felt like I'd barely put any on but I was so impressed when I first used this. My skin looks so smooth after it's developed. You only need around two layers for an epic glow. I wish they’d bottle this up without the roller ball to be honest! It uses a powerful blend of plant oils and is SO hydrating.

Sienna X Spray Tan - Whilst I’m not really into ‘messy’ tans anymore, sometimes, for that gorgeous colour, needs must. I’ve been gifted a few Sienna X spray tans before and they’re exceptional, such a beautiful, even colour and I’ve ALWAYS loved Sienna X products in general but to have it at home in a spray tan is so dreamy. If it was up to me, I’d have a weekly spray tan! I always go for the darkest colour when they come round, sleep in it and wash it off the next day and it’s lovely to actually have a tanned back and super tanned face too. I find it lasts at least a week which is lovely too. Perfect pre-holiday.

James read h20 tan drops

St Tropez Purity Water Face Spray + James Read Face Spray - One of my top fake tan tips if you can’t be bothered to fake tan is to get a water fake tan spray (James Read and St Tropez do great ones which I've linked below) I pop it on before bed as it’s always in my bathroom on the side with my skincare, and I just spritz my face a few times, my d├ęcolletage and my hands, it means I wake up glowing with a bit of colour without having to do a full blown tan! Top tanning tip!

NYK Secrets Tan - I was so impressed when I tried NYK Secrets, a skin friendly (over 95% natural ingredients!) transparent mousse that literally glides on and gives such a dark colour after only two coats. I’ve had this on for the last week and super impressed with the colour so had to give them a mention.

Loving Tan Express Mousse - Loving Tan reminds me of the tans I used to use back in the day, incredibly quick and effective. Not everyone likes to leave their tan over night and that's probably why Loving Tan 2 Hour Express is loved by everyone on social media. It isn’t translucent but I know so many people prefer tans with a colour guide so if that's you, this is for you. There’s a reason everyone talks about this tan when it comes to making you super bronzed! The colour is exceptional. It really is an epic tan if you’re wanting an intense colour that lasts and you’re wanting a colour guide too. I always find I look ridiculous when I apply these kind of tans so don’t freak out when you do, it’ll look amazing in the morning or after two hours when you wash it off!

the best self tanners

So there we have it, to conclude, if you’re a newbie I’d definitely go with James Read fool proof, Sienna X or Loving Tan so you’ve got that colour guide and if you’re wanting to try a tan but unsure of how much to apply, use the traffic light system with Isle Of Paradise and start on the lightest colour, for a holiday glow James Read Coconut Oil or Tan Luxe Roller will aive you the best glow of your life, opt for James Read Coconut Oil if you want more of a natural colour and the roller if you want to be a little darker, then for a day to night, easy and quick to apply fake tan with no stains on the bed sheets, you’re looking for St Tropez invisi, Vita invisible or Tan Luxe the water. My go to products for tanning and truly, all of the above are great for different reasons.

Shop the best fake tans below: 

I really hope this blog post helps, so many of these tans are exceptional. It really is hard to find a favourite! It depends what mood I’m in but for me, these are the best fake tans right now.

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