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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Kourtney Kardashian's Top Beauty Tips; Chatting With Kourtney Kardashian

NBD Ransom dress
When I was invited along to London to have a chat with Kourtney Kardashian, I could hardly say no. Two days of yummy food, catching up with some of my favourite girls and learning about a natural brand I've never heard of until this week? Plus, getting to have a chat to the one and only Kourtney Kardashian and find out all her beauty secrets? Count me in. Let's see what beauty tips I found out from Kourtney Kardashian herself! Love or hate the Kardashians, the world is mesmerised by them and I was pretty excited to meet her and learn about their beauty regimes!
edition hotel London

manuka doctor
I arrived in London and checked into the Edition Hotel. I stayed in the Edition Hotel in New York and I have to say, Edition Hotels are the best. Incredible, personalised service and cosy but modern rooms. I love the luxury of The Edition. The lovely team at Manuka Doctor invited me for this incredible event, to celebrate Kourtney as the new face of the brand. Manuka have some pretty epic products and it was a pleasure to learn more about the brand. I know I'll be using them daily now. 

 After enjoying my beautiful room, it was time to open the gorgeous box on my bed.

I got the whole range of Manuka Doctor and a beautiful personalised silky dressing gown from the team at Manuka Doctor (you can get the same one but unpersonalised here - it's my fave dressing gown ever ever!). You can check out the Manuka Doctor range online here but I have to say, so far, the honey is my favourite. Plus their natural lip enhancer. Honestly, their products are amazing. Kourtney said she loves the gold dust serum (I cannot wait to give this a try) and the facial oil. I watched Kourtney Kardashian sit and put the Manuka Doctor honey into her tea so clearly the Kardashian's approve of this super natural, super-food honey! If you're wondering what the Kardashian's eat, here's a look into Kourtney's diet aha. 

It was time to get out of my dressing gown and get ready. My beautiful friends Lucy, Lydia and Tamara came to my room to get ready with me and before we knew it, we were heading up to the penthouse in the Edition for a beautiful, girlie dinner to celebrate all things Manuka Doctor. I wore my new dress from Revolve which can be found online here (it's currently in the sale!) and my new lace up shoes from Public Desire. They're so affordable but super comfy and easy to walk in.

manuka doctor
The food was incredible as was the company. After dinner, we headed to the Glamour Women Of The Year awards where Kourtney was presenting an award.

glamour women of the year

kourtney kardashian top beauty secrets

The following morning it was time to sit and chat to Kourtney. We sat in the penthouse and just chatted in a relaxed manner as she sipped on her tea. She was wearing the most incredible white two-piece and is absolutely tiny. It was so lovely and she is so normal and sweet. When asked why she's working with Manuka Doctor? She said she's used the brand for ages and they approached her to be an ambassador after noticing that she was a genuine fan. I do love an organic partnership! She explained that she's massively into her natural and organic beauty now so is always researching new natural beauty products. When I asked Kourtney what her favourite foundation is, she said Armani Designer Lift foundation, which can be bought online here and here, so there you have it, the question I've always wanted to know, what foundation does Kourtney Kardashian wear! Now we have the answer. She also said she loves Burberry foundation, as do I. That's always good to know. When asked if she has any beauty tips? She said she washes her pillows every day and sleeps on a silk pillow case so that it doesn't leave her with lines. Her biggest beauty tip? Don't forget about your hands! She said Khloe swears by using SPF on her hands and has the softest hands ever!

So there we have it, it was a pleasure to spend time to Kourtney and learn about her manic schedule (yes she said she is exhausted, jet-lagged and misses her sisters!) but it was nice because she is actually very genuine. Thanks so much Manuka Doctor for the opportunity, it was amazing. I can't wait to try more of your products! 

How do you feel about the Kardashians? Have you heard of Manuka Doctor before? Have you ever stayed in the Edition Hotel? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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