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Saturday, 25 June 2016

An Amazing Trip To Cyprus! Why You Should Visit Cyprus. What To Do In Protaras & Surrounding Areas In Cyprus!

I love nothing than jumping on a plane and exploring. As most of you will know by now, I suffer with wanderlust really bad. That means, I always want to be out somewhere, exploring. I get seriously itchy feet. I got a scratch map for Christmas and have become obsessed with scratching off new cities and countries off it. There are so many amazing places in this beautiful world that I'd love to visit. Cyprus is somewhere I never thought I'd go back to. I went as a child on family holidays and never really thought much of it. It was always a kind of standard, package holiday destination rammed with Brits and pretty rubbish all inclusive resorts. This year, I was shown a different side of Cyprus. I am far too excited to share this with you and trust me, this is why you should go on holiday and leave the resort! 

Myself and Matt wanted to spend the bank holiday weekend somewhere hot together. We didn't have a plan, we just knew we wanted sunshine and we needed to find flights that fitted around his work schedule. Bingo. We managed to find it, Cyprus. Off we headed for four days, we booked the night before. 

We arrived in your average tourist hotel with plans to rent a buggy and see the whole island. We did just that as soon as we woke up.

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We headed straight to the nearest local buggy shop we could find and picked one out. We rented it for the whole time we were there and instantly got a rush of adrenaline when we jumped inside it and sped off. The lovely man who owned the shop sent us off with a map of the coast and pin pointed all the best, hidden spots for us. We were ready for a serious adventure. 

First we found Green Bay. A stunning area of Cyprus which is known for it's diving. We moved away from the crazy busy beaches and preferred to spend time on beautiful rocks like these. I took my new dress with me, it's from Missguided and is part of the A Bikini A Day collaboration. I love it so much. You can get it online here.

We headed down the smooth roads, surrounded only by the ocean and rocks.

After Green Bay, we quickly found paradise, only a 15 minute ride in the buggy away. This was so quaint! Playsuit online here and here.

Next stop? Grekos caves, famous for it's cliff jumping and beautiful waters. 

The silk dress of my dreams came out to play. You can get it online here. 

A quick change later, we kept driving around what honestly looked like the dessert. Off-roading, much to Matt's enjoyment. I've never felt so happy and free as I did in our little buggy. We saw so much of the beautiful country and I didn't stop smiling the whole time. 

We parked our buggy up for the evening and wandered along the beach for dinner. I wore this gorgeous playsuit. Online here

The next morning we grabbed our buggy again (parked right up outside our hotel!) and drove 8km to Ayia Napa, party central. We'd been for drinks there the night before and actually, it was hilarious. But, we wanted to see the famous Nissi beach. Beautiful? Yes. Busy? Too busy. This is the party beach Cyprus which I want to love, but as I've got older, I go to beaches for beauty and relaxation so we wandered across the beach until we found our own hidden spot. 

I finally got the chance to take this beautiful bardot top for a spin. You can get it online here. 

Our trusty yellow buggy was lagging so we went back to our good old friend to buy a hire a new one. "No problem my friends" he told us as he transferred our petrol into the other one. Safety first. 

Strapped in and ready to go again, we headed straight for an ice cream. Overlooking Konnos Bay, Matt had to drag me away from this spot. 

We watched as locals snorkelled. 

Back to those beautiful sea caves. It was time to watch some cliff jumping. 

Our last stop was Konnos Bay. Picture the most winding, dessert like dirt tracks, almost too dangerous for cars, we buggied down them and how glad we are that we did, at the bottom, paradise. Clearly not a hidden gem because all the locals were there but hidden enough that it wasn't a tourist trap. 

I wore my Seafolly bikini. I love Seafolly so much.

We seriously didn't want to leave Cyprus. Hands down the most underrated place I've ever visited. I wish it wasn't seen as such a rowdy, British, package holiday tourist trap because actually, when you get out and explore the beauty of this country, it deserves so much more recognition. I'll definitely be back. 

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Pretty please watch my lookbook below, featuring lots of shots of this beautiful country. It would also mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

Have you ever visited Cyprus? How do you feel about Cyprus? Do you like the look of this trip? Have you ever just got a buggy and explored on your own terms? Do you love adventures?

Thanks so much for reading! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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