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Friday, 3 June 2016

Top Summer Travel Beauty Items; Top Beauty Products To Take On Holiday!

best products to take on holiday
I travel a lot and I certainly don't travel lightly so this certainly wont be the first of my top travel/holiday beauty posts! Holiday beauty/travel beauty is my favourite thing. Replenishing, beautiful products which usually result in the nicest glow and always leave me feeling hydrated. I love nothing more than pampering myself around the sun loungers and replenishing myself after sun exposure. Today I'm talking about a few things I've pulled straight out of my travel bag from my recent trip to Cyprus (blog post coming soon about that trip), these things have been on many trips with me over the past few months so it was only right to tell you why they're in my make up bag every single trip! I think it's so good to look at the best beauty products to take on holiday because there is so much choice! It's seriously hard to choose only a few. I'm really not a hand luggage kinda gal! 
uk travel blogger
Cyprus last week! Shop my kaftan online here. 

MAKE UP - It's impossible to tell you all my fave Summer make up items so here are some of the best from my travel bag this time round!

- The Body Shop's CC Cream Instaglow - If you know me you'll know in Summer I adore CC creams as they're like skincare foundations. This gives such a nice healthy glow and is multi-tasking, it illuminates, minimises the appearance of pores and moistures. It doubles up as a primer so you don't really need to take a primer with you too. It's also non comedogenic and dermatologically tested so you don't have to worry about clogging your skin whilst you're away. Another amazing thing? It's SPF 20. Perfect for the sunshine. It makes my skin feel flawless and smooth. 

- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - I was so shocked with the amazing coverage of this.  It feels so light-weight but it gives amazing coverage. I've never really liked tinted moisturisers but this one is spot on. It's probably medium coverage and it keeps the skin so hydrated and dewy. I wore this most days as my foundation knowing that it is kind to the skin. 

- Pur Cameo Contour Stick - Okay this is the dream product for travelling. A 2 in 1 contour stick and foundation stick. Perfect if you're lazy when it comes to contouring and just want to blend a darker line down the cheek bones. This isn't just a contour stick though, it uses natural, light-reflective ingredients and your skin absorbs the benefits of the blend of hydrating cermaides and vitamin a. This is a natural, beautiful product, again, you don't have to feel naughty for putting it on your face. What a dreamy product. 

- YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara In Gold - I love nothing more than a bronzed bit of glitter. I absolutely love putting a dab of glitter inside my tear duct, particularly on warm Summer nights to create a golden look. This new mascara from YSL is the dream. You can apply it on your lashes for 'wow' golden lashes or, if you want to use it as a multi-tasker, do what I do, and dab it on your tear duct for a beautiful, bronzed sparkle. 

pur cameo contourysl vinyl couture mascara
ysl vinyl couture mascara gold

LIPS -  I absolutely adore good lip products when it's warm, my lips react so badly to the change in weather. My two favourites are Clarins new Eclat Minute Instant Lip Oil, it instantly hydrates my lips with it's natural ingredients. I love the oil form of it. It soaks straight into my lips but you can feel it actually fixing the dryness.  Next, Rodial's Lip Scrub. This is in my handbag every single day. It's a great little stick which you twist and inside is a lip scrub. It's perfect for scrubbing away dryness and leaving your lips the smoothest they've ever been.


- Nip and Fab Bee Sting Toning Pads - I'm not really a face wipe kinda gal unless they're good face wipes. I have standard face wipes in my bag every day to get my mascara off but rarely use them on my face. Nip and Fab make using face wipes totally okay though and these are ideal for travel. The bee venom inside them (scary I know), works to plump the skin whilst witch hazel and propolis tighten the pores and deep cleanse. These are super face pads.

- This Works Energy Sun Flash - If you read my blog a lot you'll know this is one of my favourite products ever. You may remember it from my January make up bag. ThisWorks has been one of my favourite brands for as long as I can remember and this is a staple in my bag, travelling or not travelling. This is basically designed to be a shot of energy for your face. It comes out brown which leaves you with the nicest natural glow (although they do have a new one - Energy Skin Glow, another fave - that doesn't come out brown which I adore but have obviously in true me style gone and lost?!).  Sun Flash leaves your skin feeling fresh and energised, it's super hydrating and makes you feel glowing and smooth. I actually adore this and use it on an evening. It's also rammed full of goodness so perfect to energise the face when you're tired and you're away!

- Elemis Smart Micealler Water - I absolutely adore this and need to put it into a smaller travel pot because it does take up a lot of room in my suitcase! It isn't designed for travel but I took it because on an evening I wore quite a lot of make up and wanted to really thoroughly cleanse to put this on a cotton pad before I washed my face. This is Elemis' new clarifying micellar water and it is so refreshing so perfect if you've been in the heat! I always feel a little grotty after spending all day outside sunbathing so this makes me feel clean and fresh. This helps to remove the daily build-up of skin pollutants and has natural surfactants derived from Apple amino acids, Rosehip Seed oil and Indian  Soapnut to lift impurities from the skin. It's also got organic English Rose water and soothing anti-oxidant rich Chamomile to gently cleanse. Elemis is a brand I trust massively when it comes to skincare and this is the ultimate cleanser.

- Clarins Booster Repair -  I absolutely adore Clarins new little pots of goodness. I particularly love the repair booster. The idea is, you put two little drops into your moisturiser and use it as much or as little as you like. This aims to give your skin extra comfort when needed and this one is designed to be used when the skin is weakened by certain lifestyle or environmental factors. This powerful little concentrate reduces and soothes discomfort, diminishes redness and optimises skins recovery. Perfect if you've been burning the candle at both ends!

- Caudalie Beauty Exilir - This is my absolute handbag/travel essential. I use it all day every day. A simple to use mist which soothes and hydrates the skin, whilst tightening the pores and giving the complexion a burst of radiance. You can apply it over make up for a quick refresh or I spray it before my moisturiser as it's a great base for make up. I feel like it wakes up my skin in the morning and then refreshes it on an evening. Apparently Victoria Beckham swears by this. I swear by this for dull complexion and apparently it's also great for men after shaving too. It's got grape, organs blossom, rose and organic balm mint in it, as well as some rosemary too so really good ingredients. If you take one thing away with you, make sure it's this!

Caudalie Beauty Exilir

- HAIR CARE  - Oh you will all know by now just how much I adore my hair care and it pains me not taking absolutely every product I own away with me. Here are two that have come along for my travels with me recently and I adore them both!

- StriVectin UV Protectant Spray -  If you've read any of my hair care posts you'll know all about the struggles I've had with my hair. That's why I always protect it. I recently got some StriVectin UV Protectant Spray and it's incredible. I've always put UV spray on my hair in the sunshine but I've never used one as good as this. It protects your hair from the elements and shields your hair roots and fibres from oxidising UV rays which obviously make your colour fade. It soothes and hydrates your scalp too whilst improving overall hair health! It's also sulphate-free and paraben-free so it's good for you. 

- Aveda After-Sun Hair Masque -  Last but certainly not least, Aveda's After-Sun Hair Masque. I have loved Aveda since I was so young but haven't used any new products until recently. That's about to change. I've been putting this on my hair most nights after spending too much time in the sunshine. This is an intensive cream masque full of goodness which restores sun-exposed hair. It moisturises it and helps defend the hair. I love it because it recovers the hair after a day in damaging sun and dirty salty water! I actually swear by this and have already run out after using so much of it on recent trips. 

I hope you liked this! Do you have any Summer must have beauty items? What are your top products to take on holiday?

You can read about all my travels here! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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