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Thursday 14 January 2016

What's In My January Make Up Bag; What's On My Face This Month!

Hello hello! Ah a beauty post from me, yay. I haven't forgotten about you beauty, one of my biggest passions, it feels so good to be writing about products again today. I decided to put together some of the things I've been loving this month into this post for you, so you can see what's been on my face this month basically. I hope you like it because I really love these products.


CrownBrush - These brushes have firmly being in my make up bag recently (I need to wash them this week but the day I took these photos was as soon as I'd used them so sorry!!!). They're just amazing, particularly the Chisel Deluxe Dome (a huge, amazing face brush) and the Kabuki one. I feel like the Kabuki style one actually blends my foundation perfectly and way better than a flat foundation brush and then the large face brush just makes applying power a breeze. These are the kind of brushes that completely transform how my make up looks, they really do make my make up look flawless and I honestly don't know how I went on without these brushes! You may remember these brushes from my favourite brands of 2015 post! You can get them online here. 

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper eau de toilette

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Eau De Toilette - How have I only just discovered this amazing scent? I am obsessed with Molton Brown and I'm sure most of you will know that if you read my blog a lot. Molton Brown is just one of those amazing, luxurious brands where every product is phenomenal. The brand feels luxurious and just gives me that 'at home pamper' feeling. I only recently discovered their scents though and this one has been in my bag every single day to keep me smelling good all day. It just smells incredible. It's available online here. 

All That Jazz Lipstick in Cool Gin by Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Lipstick in Cool Gin by Lipstick Queen - This lipstick hasn't left my lips this month (or last actually). What an amazing product. It's got gorgeous little rose gold particles in it making it like the perfect glossy nude. I got this from the new Space NK store in Leeds which is amazing. Online here. 

chameleon highlighter in mother of pearl topshop

Chameleon Highlighter In Mother Of Pearl - Topshop Beauty - I don't think this product needs much of an introduction, just look at it! It's the most beautiful highlighter I've ever seen and it's only £12.99! I love how small and handy the pot is and it's just my dream colour. Online here.

This Works, Energy Bank Sun Flash

This Works, Energy Bank Sun Flash - Ah this is like a shot of energy for your face. It's like a facial tanner that's actually good for your skin, imagine a super hydrating balm which leaves your skin glowing, smooth, hydrated and tanned? Well this is exactly what this does. ThisWorks is one of my favourite brands and this product doesn't disappoint. I put this on just before bed and always wake up with a lovely glow to my face. It's full of vitamins meaning it's good for the skin and can work over night (Vitamin D, C and E to repair, protect and plump). You need this in your life. Online here. 

Nails Inc Snowglobe

Nails Inc Shake To Paint Snowglobe - This beautiful snowglobe nail varnish not only looks amazing in the bathroom, but it is also so stunning. It's the perfect January colour, fresh but still magical and Wintery though. The best thing about this is that you can put as much or as little on as you want, I put about 5 coats on and then my nails are fully covered in glitter but it's totally up to you when it comes to how glittered you want to be! Online here.

BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Highlighter BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Highlighter - I absolutely adore this when it comes to giving me a flawless base. This is just the dream product for a highlighted and flawless look. I tend to put it under my eyes for a bush eyed look. Online here. 

Chantecaille Lipgloss - Chantecaille is one of my favourite brands of all time. It's such an elegant brand and the products always blow me away. You can read about my favourite Chantecaille products here if you missed that one. This lipgloss is the dream gloss, it's glossy but not too glossy, it has a nice thickness to it and it's my favourite colour, iridescent! Online here. 

Benefit RollerLash
Benefit RollerLash Mascara - I've been using Benefit's RollerLash a lot this month after hearing such rave reviews. I love this mascara for super separated, long lashes but I do miss the thickness so I'd say it's best to use this for length and then put another mascara over the top for thickness too. Online here. 

illamasqua hydraveilIllamasqua Hydraveil Primer - I've been loving Illamasqua's Hydraveil recently. I am obsessed with primers and particularly ones that hydrate my face too. This is a two in one, this goes on like a gel and it feels a little weird at first (albeit very refreshing) but it quickly sinks into the skin and before you know it, your make up has stayed on all day and your face feels/looks so glowing and hydrated. I cannot recommend this enough. It's my ultimate primer now. Online here.

What products are you loving at the moment? Have you used any of the above? Do you like the sound of any of them?

Lots of love, Em x

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