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Monday 18 January 2016

A Lazy Day In My Calvins & Ladies Who Lunch at San Carlo

uk lifestyle bloggerOh hello there. I've not been very well recently (sorry for all the moaning on Twitter @emshelx!) this weird virus/infection has knocked me off my feet so I decided to spend part of the last week in bed. I'm really not someone who likes to spend time in bed. I'm a very active person so staying in bed really just isn't for me. I did decide to take a few photos though! I apologise for the quality of the first few, the lighting has been horrific in the UK at the moment due to bad weather (can you believe these were taken at 11am?!) me neither. I wanted to document my lazy day anyway which obviously resulted in a lil trip to my favourite Italian restaurant too, come join me! 
calvin klein logo set
my calvins

I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy this set because Kendall Jenner has it. I have it in black, white and grey but silly me have misplaced the black set. It's the comfiest set in the world. You can get the set online here, here and here.

If you read my honesty blog post you'll know I live between two places, my apartment in the city centre (the least Instagrammy place ever) and my home. Home is truly where the heart is and I am so happy when I'm there, I just wish I could move all my friends from the city there too. Nothing beats going home for a few days and spending time in my favourite place and my haven, my bedroom. You can have a look into my bedroom here on my bedroom tour blog post if you missed that one. 

My good friend Kayleigh came over and we started our day with lots of yummy fresh fruit. 

Outside, the snow was coming down thick and fast (come on UK, sort this terrible weather out please!) 

We caught up over tea and baked oats. 

I got the most amazing delivery of Fiji water. I'm working on hydrating myself more (hydration = better skin and a natural glow, count me in) so I will be drinking out of these pretty bottles for the foreseeable future. 

We spent the morning pampering with some of my favourite products. Of course Kiehl's is in there.

I'm still sticking to my Kiehl's skin routine. It's honestly fixed my skin and I've never felt happier. If you read my favourite products of 2015 post you'll know that Kiehl's is truly one of my favourite brands of all time. 

We eventually headed out (once the snow stopped) to one of my favourite Italians. I wore my white jumper dress, online here (the cosiest thing ever) -  beige coat, online here - Trusty grey knee high boots, online here and took my new Longchamp bag for a spin - online here

san carlo flying pizza

san carlo pizza
We sat down at San Carlo Flying Pizza for some yummy Italian delights to warm our bellies. 

The tomato garlic bread is to die for, crispy and oozing with fresh tomatoes and herbs. I could live on it.

Kayleigh went for the butternut squash risotto

Whilst I carbed out on the pasta.

I hope you liked following my little lazy day with me!

Do you love lazy days? Do you like Calvins? Do you love pizza? Have you ever visited San Carlo?

Lots of love, Em x

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