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Sunday 24 January 2016

Ripped Jamie Jeans & A Mustard Suede Jacket!

Winter is here and gosh it is cold in England at the moment. Coldness doesn't mean we can't still wear nice things though (I actually adore big chunky knits and Winter fashion but at the moment, I'd do anything for legs out weather) so today I wanted to show you something you may never have seen before, me wearing jeans! 

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I wore this chunky, beige, ribbed jumper. It goes perfectly with my Daniel Wellington - I'm a sucker for nice accessories. 

 We strolled around the arcades in Leeds...


I needed my Burberry scarf to keep me warm. I wore my LVNDR love you rings, only £6.99 and just so cute. 

Of course my Burberry bag came with me. When doesn't it?

Thanks StyleDivison for taking these photos!

Watch a video below trying on Autumn clothes:

Do you love cosy knits? Do you like Winter fashion or are you ready for Summer now?

Lots of love, Em x

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