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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

9 Ways To Have A Better Week

leopard print jacket
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Hey guys, today I wanted to write a nice positive blog post so I thought I'd write down some ways to have a better week. It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I wake up on a morning and feel excited and ready to smash the week, obviously, I am human and do not feel like this every week (no-one does and we are all facing battles people in the online world may know nothing about) BUT here are a few tips I have to try and make sure you have a better week, no matter what life may throw at you.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Pensions: How To Set Up A Pension, What Is A Pension? Do I Need A Pension?

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When I first started writing my blog I did it for two main reasons: to help me enter the degree course I wanted to do and also as a hobby to satisfy my love of English, creativity and beauty. It could have gone either way (I didn't really know what a blog was when I started one) but I quickly found that blogging gave me great fulfilment and introduced me to so many lovely, like minded people and friends for life. I started off writing about my life then moved to beauty, fashion, fitness (and still do talk about these topics daily) but actually, over the years I quickly found I also like writing about important topics such as how to save money, everything you need to know about renting or buying a house in London and todays topic? How to set up a pension, what even is a pension and do you need a pension?! Today I want to talk about something they definitely didn't teach us in school but something I hopefully can help you with. Yep, I had no idea I even needed a pension... let's discuss.

Friday, 8 February 2019

What To Do On Valentines Day

valentines day gift ideas

Advertorial Post with Aviva - Love it or hate it, Valentines day is around the corner. For me, I’ve always loved the idea of Valentines day, whether I’m single, taken or seeing someone. I think Valentines day is first and foremost about showing yourself some love, so buy yourself some roses, eat some melted chocolate or run a nice candle lit bath, or, you can go and spend Valentines day with your besties. It goes without saying that you should show your loved ones love all year round, but I do love the excuse to go all out on Valentines day too.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Supermodel Lipsticks Review And Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Lipsticks Review
PR gifted items featured* - If you read my latest review of Charlotte Tilbury's Cleanser, the Goddess Cleansing Ritual or my review of Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk you'll probably know I'm a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan and have organically been buying the brand since the get-go. Who doesn't love Charlotte Tilbury products? To me, it's a brand that gets me really giddy about one of my passions, beauty. Charlotte Tilbury popped into the beauty world with glitz, glam and sparkle and truly took it by storm. I've always loved how the Kardashian's do their make up (love them or hate them, they have flawless make up). I love anything bronzed and flawless goddess like and you could say Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands for creating exactly those looks (helloooo just look at the Charlotte Tilbury Bar Of Gold Highlighter) and tell me she hasn't nailed that brief. Charlotte Tilbury has launched some new Supermodel lipsticks so today, a review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Limited Edition new matte lipsticks.  

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