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Sunday, 19 August 2018

13 Ways I've Been Living A Happier Life

candy shop photo
Jumpsuit online here / photos taken in Tenby 

I know it's easier said than done, telling someone how to lead a happier life. You can't really. Let's face it, we all have our own problems going on and we are all fighting battles people know nothing about. I have a love-hate relationship with the internet, on one hand, it's the best thing ever, but on the other hand, people wrongly judge people every single day. Remember, the girl on Instagram will be fighting battles too, she may just choose not to share them and that's okay. It's a tough one because it can obviously be damaging to pretend things are okay and only show things through a filtered lens online but, I personally enjoy Instagram for what it is and take it with a pinch of salt, knowing that the people behind the photos have stories too, I quite like going there to escape but for example I find Twitter scrolling can make me feel really negative if I read the wrong thing. Recently, I've found my moods have been massively lifted and there are a few things I've been doing which have been helping with that. This isn't me telling you how to be happy because only you know what will make you truly happy but, these are a few little things that are brightening my days and lifting my mood at the moment and I hope they'll help you too. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Best Skin Serums + Moisturisers

best skin serums
I'm sure you all know just how much I adore skincare, it's most definitely my guilty pleasure and I know I buy way more than one girl should. I do mix my skincare up a lot, so today I wanted to give you an update on the serums and lotions/potions I've been using recently on my skin. The products in this post are products I'm grabbing at the moment and mix and matching for my skincare routine, you don't have to stick to just one brand or one product, you can take the benefits from a few. There are SO many epic skincare products out there and so many insane products in my bathroom at the moment so I just wanted to grab all of them and talk about why I adore them and show you what I'm actually using right now. I often talk about my favourite skincare in my vlogs, you'll see what I'm using on a daily basis but I've neglected talking about my favourite skin care products on the blog so get cosy with a cup of something nice and let's talk about my favourite top moisturisers and serums at the moment. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Adventures At Thorpe Park Theme Park

red wrap dressDress here and similar here / sunglasses online here

I'm never gonna turn down a fun day out, particularly after a week of feeling unwell. I'm definitely trying to be a bit more adventurous in life, I'm a real workaholic and feel as if somewhere along the line, I got 'too busy' to feed the adventurous kick in me so I'm trying to be more spontaneous and fun, rather than be glued to my laptop for the rest of my life. Life is for living! Last week we'd planned to visit Chessington World Of Adventures and I was SO excited because they have Go Ape (which is basically my favourite day out at the moment) and lots of fun forest walks with a few rides along the way. Due to SO much traffic the day before, it wasn't meant to be and we changed our plans and drove 40 mins down the road to Thorpe Park instead. Whilst Chessington wasn't meant to be (we will be back) it gave us a great excuse to visit Thorpe Park. I've never actually been to Thorpe Park before but we headed off for a day of adventure. In fact, I hadn't ever even researched Thorpe Park so the whole day was a total surprise, spontaneity at it's finest haha. Come join us. This is a partnership with Coca-Cola. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

How to deal with heartbreak

polka dot skirt

Skirt / trainers / tee / sunglasses / taken by Michael Drummond in Wales 

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for quite sometime now. Recently I have received a number of emails and Instagram DM’s from people dealing with heartbreak. Having a broken heart is well, state the obvious Em… heartbreaking but I do believe these things are sent to test us. I strongly believe, looking back, that heartbreak has shaped part of who I am today. In some ways, negatively as it’s destroyed my trust in some situations but, in other ways, positively. I’ve been in relationships since I was young so I feel as if I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak. The majority of my major heartaches happened between the age of 15-19 so now I’m a little bit older, I’ve learnt a lot from them and they shape my relationships going forward. Heartbreak hurts at any age and I remember every single time I've felt broken because of a relationship. Let’s discuss heartbreak and how to deal with it.

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