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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Best Places For Breakfast And Brunch In New York - NYC Top Brunch Spots

cha cha matcha nyc

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I’m sure you guys will know by now that I am absolutely, utterly obsessed with visiting New York. One thing I ensure I do when I travel is hunt down the best food and restaurants, whether they’re popular must eat at chains, hidden gems, local independents or top recommendations. I do a lot of research when visiting new places. I’ve now been to NYC maybe 10 times so I really do feel as if I know it well but every time there are new restaurants on my visit list. Someone told me even if you ate out in New York 3x per day for 10 years you still wouldn’t be able to try all the restaurants, that is crazy. I wrote my huge New York city travel guide a while back (then did my guide to the best pizza in New York) and have been updating them after each trip since but today I wanted to do a separate post about my favourite and top brunch and breakfast spots in New York because let’s be honest, it’s worth getting up for breakfast in New York and I take my food very seriously so you can trust this guide.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019


beauty flatlay

Gifted press products and affiliate links featured - Today I wanted to talk about a few of my current favourite face base products. I'm massively into glowing, dewy skin and I wanted to feature the products I've been using for a flawless make up base. These products are all exceptional, great daily products and many have skincare benefits too. I'm forever mixing up the products I use so some of these are lifelong favourites and some of these are new hero products. I'm including some of the top face SPFs, anti-pollution products, concealers, foundations and more to give you a glowy, flawless base.

Friday, 27 September 2019

University Regrets - How To Get The Most Out Of University

university of Leeds graduation

Whether you’re starting University, going back to University or like me, you’re done with University *sob* (low key thought about applying to do a masters in New York recently purely so I can move there but that’s another story for another day HA). I’ve done a few of these University posts over the years including the motivation for deadlines/essays at University, how to get the most out of University and my most recent, everything about the University experience and even a video called the things they don’t tell you about University but hopefully this reflective post about my time at University, after graduating will help you get the most out of your time at University or maybe it’ll just bring back memories of your time there. I feel like every time Facebook gives me Timehop reminders of my time at Uni I come up with more regrets or happy memories of University so hopefully this blog post will help you. This year for the first time ever I genuinely feel emotional about it all being over.

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