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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May beauty haul

On Sunday after work I decided that I needed to cheer myself up before I spent the rest of the night revising. I had 30 minutes to buy myself some new products and here is what I treated myself to;

My usual foundation. Mac Studio fix fluid, I can't fault it.

A new foundation that i've wanted for a while. Mac Studio Tech.

Elvive by Loreal, Full Restore 5 Conditioning Replenishing spray. Not sure if it's any good but one of my friends uses it and she has lovely hair!

Threee lovely new bikinis from believe it or not, Matalan!

I know someone who uses this and it looks amazing so I thought i'd treat myself. It was reduced to £2.99 in superdrug. The only thing that puts me off is that it washes off, I like my tan to stay.

Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream. My friend also uses this, i'm guessing it's like a primer but she wears it in the sun and it seems to blend in your face like atinted moisturiser, it looks like foundation but you don't have to wear any! Can't wait to use it.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Fake your way to Acrylic Nails; the new 'acrylics'

So, the other day I left one of my jobs after two years of not been able to have my nails done (they didn't allow nail varnish or false nails of any sort). I have an entire collection of Nails Inc colours, so these two years have been pretty dull. As soon as my last shift finished, I purchased myself what looked to be some cheap false nails, just to satisfy my cravings after two long, hard, dull years. I used to get acrylics done, but I really don't think it's worth it, they actually destroy your nails and make them as thin and weak as paper, it's a horrible feeling. Most people are very dubious about false nails; 'they come off all the time', 'they look fake' 'they look cheap'... etc etc. Well this really isn't the case with what i've found so I had to share this with you all.

They were hung opposite the shampoos in a tiny section of Morrisons Supermarket (with a few other nail items) and cost £1.49.

Inside you get instructions, nail glue - which I thought would be rubbish with the price being so cheap but it is so good!, nails and a nail file! For such a cheap price I wouldn't expect for it to include glue or a nail file, let alone both!

You get twenty nails, as you can see they come in a variety of sizes.

The nails are in a french colour and a really natural one, yet shiny so they look pristine.

Ten minutes later, this is the final result. I honestly think they look better than my acrylics ever did, AND they didn't even cost the price of a sandwich. They've stayed on for a week so far.
The glue is extremely strong, I made sure I put loads on and fully pushed them down onto my nails, I did apply a lot of pressure. I will carry the glue around with me just in case, but I can deal with them falling off a few times for such a good price, even my acrylics used to fall off; and there's no repairing them!
The great thing is, if you don't want these in a french colour, just simply paint them!

Because I am so impressed, I purchased two more designs from Ebay, these were £1.25 for 100 nails!
I can't wait for these colours to arrive!

Have you ever used false nails?
Or do you prefer acrylics?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mac Primer Review; The Miracle Primer; Product of the Year

Mac Cosmetics do it again, yes I adore MAC make up, everyone knows this... but strangely enough, have never used their primer. To be honest, I've never been interested in face primers, what even are they? But when I got chatting to one of my teachers, my lovely French teacher, who is young and in the know with make up etc.. she told me that she had used every single primer but found that Shu Uemera's was the best. I went and bought it straight away, but it doesn't come cheap; £29.00 which is quite scandelous for a UV under base, although the results were good, I couldn't justify the price.
The other day, I got my make up done at MAC, the lady showed me their primer and wow, I am hooked. I honestly think this is my beauty must have, every girl needs this in her make up bag. I will try show you with photos what it's like.

I really like the case, it's slim line but there seems to be a lot in it, it's very sleek.
You can't see from this photo but the packaging is iridescent.

Here you can kind of see how sparkly it is!

I think you can see the sheen of it here, which is really nice as it means that it reflects the light particles on your face. It's light and according to Mac has special-effect silicones in it. It's so smooth that it feels quite moisturising as well, whilst firming at the same time.

Here it is rubbed in, if you look very closely you can see that it looks glittery, it doesn't look glittery on your face, it completely smooths out your skin tone and when I have just put this base on, people have actually asked me if I have foundation on, that's how perfect it makes your skin look.
I think this is a must have if you're going to want your foundation to stay on your face all day (it literally doesn't move and it makes it look even)
Definitely 5/5
What primers do you use?
Do you use a primer?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Trialled and Tested; Reviewed.

Here's a quick review of a product that i've wanted for some time now. I used to have the Clinique gel liner, because I was told by the sales assistant that it's amazing as it stays on for hours. I bought it, used it far too much, then stopped using it because I was young and it dried up. Now i'm older, and more experienced with make up (so I like to believe) I thought i'd give gel liners another go.

I like the case, it's really sturdy glass.
The brush is really good, perfect for getting the line perfectly straight.

As you can see, the colour is nice and dark, that's only from one tiny little brush stroke of it.

It's a nice matte black but has a slight sheen to it, this makes it glide really nicely on the eye lid.

As you can see on the left hand eye, the line is literally perfectly straight and dark enough, from using literally the tiniest bit of the liner.

Here I made it abit thicker. When I closed my eye, it nicely printed onto my bottom lid, which meant that I didn't even have to put any on there, it happened like magic.

As you can see, I put far too much on the right hand eye here, but I hope this photo shows you what it can look like. It doesn't look too bad when a lot is applied. Also, you can see that it leaked onto my bottom lid, which I actually like as it looks like It's meant to be there.

Here is my full face, as you can see my eyes look defined.
I'm wearing Make Up Forever's HD foundation with the Bobbi Brown liner.

What they say; This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant colour glides on and let's you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease.'

And I completely agree with this. It doesn't crease or go greasy like some do, and it is so easy to apply, it literally takes a second. I think it will last forever as you use the tiniest bit on every application, but can make it darker for a night out which means the product is highly versatile. I put it on this morning at 9AM, it is now the evening, and it hasn't moved. 5/5!

Have you used this before? What eye liner would you reccommend?


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sleep-in Rollers review

So last night I had a date with Sleeprollers. I have posted about these before, (months ago!) It was one of my first posts infact, about how they're taking the world by storm after being featured on Desperate Scousewives. If the pink packaging isn't enough to make you need these in your life, surely the fact that women all over the world are now obsessed with this amazing invention. Beauty sleep really does exist with these, quite literally, you sleep, whilst your hair becomes beautiful. Simple? Well, I've tried to use rollers a few timse and had no luck with them, so was worried about these, but they're actually amazing. (Even my Dad complimented me!)

They come in a gorgeous drawstring bag, and really play on the girlie girl element of hair design by using a vibrant 'hot' pink colour. 
You get two packets, on these packets it explains how to use them. (THANKGOD, it helps people like me, who have no idea what so ever!)

Here are the two packs, I love the consistant logos and colours throughout. Makes the products look so trendy.

Here are the rollers themselves. The fact that they are BRIGHT pink makes them 100000x more appealing, i'm sure you'll agree. They're so comfy, if you press them together they just push like sponges, which makes them really easy to sleep on.

My tool kit; I chose to dampen my hair a little bit first so that it dried into the rollers. I spritz'd it with Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance (leave in conditioner) as it will condition them all night then as well.
Once they were in, I put loads of tesemme hair spray on them.

Here I am, with them in my hair! My hair is still in the growing stages after me over using bleach, so I wouldn't personally wear just my own hair curly until it got a little bit longer. I do have natural huge curls, but not nice ones, so I will use them on my own hair in the future.

However, a trial is a trial so I did want to see the effects on my own hair.

I've seen lots of people asking how to do it to extensions. Here is my extensions (on a wire not clip in) I just put the rollers in as normal and sprayed them with loads of hair spray, I then secured it with curby clips just in the gap at the top. I made sure these were really tight. Over night, I put my make up bag on top of them to act as a weight.

I wasn't too sure this would work, because rollers never seem to work on my extensions, But i was pleasantly surprised when I saw the outcome!

This was just before bed, I had to edit it and give myself a horribly orange face so that you could see them in my hair (the light in my bedroom is bad!)

Here the photos aren't too clear as it was BEDTIME. My time to take the rollers to bed with me and see what they're really made of! You can see me laying on my pillows with no issues whatsoever on these photos.

Here I am looking gorgeous without any make up with just my bedside lamp on ready to really put them to the test.

This morning, I took them out without much trouble and as you can see on this photo (sorry it's bad, I could only take it of myself as no one was in!) The hair is nice and wavy, this is my natural hair and I am really pleased with the results.
The main thing I cared about was my extensions though...

 I think all of my readers will agree that these are lovely curls. Bouncy but not too bouncy, really pretty actually. All I literally did was put a touch of moose through them and really scrunch it up with my hands. But these curls are natural, without heat, from the amazing sleepinrollers.

Later in the day, they hardly even dropped. I absolutely love Sleep In Rollers. Next time, I'd buy another pack so that I could put even more in my hair extensions, because i'd put them in my own hair, I only had a few left to put in my extensions. Therefore, this post is to be continued, I will trial them next, simply JUST on my extensions, including a video of how to 'sleepinrollers' on your extensions.

These are only £16.50 which I think is brilliant for damage free, beautiful, bouncy curls.
Also, I will do a step to step post for new roller users, of how to put them in.
Stay tuned.

Buy them from their website;
Have you used them? Do you use rollers? 


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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