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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sleep-in Rollers review

So last night I had a date with Sleeprollers. I have posted about these before, (months ago!) It was one of my first posts infact, about how they're taking the world by storm after being featured on Desperate Scousewives. If the pink packaging isn't enough to make you need these in your life, surely the fact that women all over the world are now obsessed with this amazing invention. Beauty sleep really does exist with these, quite literally, you sleep, whilst your hair becomes beautiful. Simple? Well, I've tried to use rollers a few timse and had no luck with them, so was worried about these, but they're actually amazing. (Even my Dad complimented me!)

They come in a gorgeous drawstring bag, and really play on the girlie girl element of hair design by using a vibrant 'hot' pink colour. 
You get two packets, on these packets it explains how to use them. (THANKGOD, it helps people like me, who have no idea what so ever!)

Here are the two packs, I love the consistant logos and colours throughout. Makes the products look so trendy.

Here are the rollers themselves. The fact that they are BRIGHT pink makes them 100000x more appealing, i'm sure you'll agree. They're so comfy, if you press them together they just push like sponges, which makes them really easy to sleep on.

My tool kit; I chose to dampen my hair a little bit first so that it dried into the rollers. I spritz'd it with Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance (leave in conditioner) as it will condition them all night then as well.
Once they were in, I put loads of tesemme hair spray on them.

Here I am, with them in my hair! My hair is still in the growing stages after me over using bleach, so I wouldn't personally wear just my own hair curly until it got a little bit longer. I do have natural huge curls, but not nice ones, so I will use them on my own hair in the future.

However, a trial is a trial so I did want to see the effects on my own hair.

I've seen lots of people asking how to do it to extensions. Here is my extensions (on a wire not clip in) I just put the rollers in as normal and sprayed them with loads of hair spray, I then secured it with curby clips just in the gap at the top. I made sure these were really tight. Over night, I put my make up bag on top of them to act as a weight.

I wasn't too sure this would work, because rollers never seem to work on my extensions, But i was pleasantly surprised when I saw the outcome!

This was just before bed, I had to edit it and give myself a horribly orange face so that you could see them in my hair (the light in my bedroom is bad!)

Here the photos aren't too clear as it was BEDTIME. My time to take the rollers to bed with me and see what they're really made of! You can see me laying on my pillows with no issues whatsoever on these photos.

Here I am looking gorgeous without any make up with just my bedside lamp on ready to really put them to the test.

This morning, I took them out without much trouble and as you can see on this photo (sorry it's bad, I could only take it of myself as no one was in!) The hair is nice and wavy, this is my natural hair and I am really pleased with the results.
The main thing I cared about was my extensions though...

 I think all of my readers will agree that these are lovely curls. Bouncy but not too bouncy, really pretty actually. All I literally did was put a touch of moose through them and really scrunch it up with my hands. But these curls are natural, without heat, from the amazing sleepinrollers.

Later in the day, they hardly even dropped. I absolutely love Sleep In Rollers. Next time, I'd buy another pack so that I could put even more in my hair extensions, because i'd put them in my own hair, I only had a few left to put in my extensions. Therefore, this post is to be continued, I will trial them next, simply JUST on my extensions, including a video of how to 'sleepinrollers' on your extensions.

These are only £16.50 which I think is brilliant for damage free, beautiful, bouncy curls.
Also, I will do a step to step post for new roller users, of how to put them in.
Stay tuned.

Buy them from their website;
Have you used them? Do you use rollers? 


  1. your hair looks lovely!! come check out my blog too <3

  2. i'm hopefully trying these out this week, cant wait to after reading this! x

  3. Your hair turned out beautiful!! :)

  4. Your hair looks great. I am always looking for an easy way to give my hair some body and natural looking waves/curls... after reading this I think these could be the answer! Love what I have seen of your blog so far! Following.

  5. this look so so good, hair comes out great. Love your blog btw, just stumbled across it! LV x

  6. I'd love to be able to curl my hair without heat, but I'm a really awkward sleeper. Were they uncomfortable or did they feel like they would fall out? I have this problem a lot.
    Your hair does look lovely though. :)

  7. I really want to get these, especially since they're heat-less!



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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