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Monday, 21 May 2012

Fake your way to Acrylic Nails; the new 'acrylics'

So, the other day I left one of my jobs after two years of not been able to have my nails done (they didn't allow nail varnish or false nails of any sort). I have an entire collection of Nails Inc colours, so these two years have been pretty dull. As soon as my last shift finished, I purchased myself what looked to be some cheap false nails, just to satisfy my cravings after two long, hard, dull years. I used to get acrylics done, but I really don't think it's worth it, they actually destroy your nails and make them as thin and weak as paper, it's a horrible feeling. Most people are very dubious about false nails; 'they come off all the time', 'they look fake' 'they look cheap'... etc etc. Well this really isn't the case with what i've found so I had to share this with you all.

They were hung opposite the shampoos in a tiny section of Morrisons Supermarket (with a few other nail items) and cost £1.49.

Inside you get instructions, nail glue - which I thought would be rubbish with the price being so cheap but it is so good!, nails and a nail file! For such a cheap price I wouldn't expect for it to include glue or a nail file, let alone both!

You get twenty nails, as you can see they come in a variety of sizes.

The nails are in a french colour and a really natural one, yet shiny so they look pristine.

Ten minutes later, this is the final result. I honestly think they look better than my acrylics ever did, AND they didn't even cost the price of a sandwich. They've stayed on for a week so far.
The glue is extremely strong, I made sure I put loads on and fully pushed them down onto my nails, I did apply a lot of pressure. I will carry the glue around with me just in case, but I can deal with them falling off a few times for such a good price, even my acrylics used to fall off; and there's no repairing them!
The great thing is, if you don't want these in a french colour, just simply paint them!

Because I am so impressed, I purchased two more designs from Ebay, these were £1.25 for 100 nails!
I can't wait for these colours to arrive!

Have you ever used false nails?
Or do you prefer acrylics?


  1. I love your false nails, they look so natural :)

  2. Thanks for following! Im now one of your "beautiful followers" lol.

    Your nails turned out wonderful:). I would love to get my nails done, but I wont be able to put my contacts on...:(. Ill come back to your blog often, love supporting my fellow bloggers!!

    Thanks again!

  3. Such lovely nails! I play guitar everyday so I struggle to play with fake nails - i do love yours though. Definitely considering having acrylics for a party I'm going to!


  4. Your nails look lovely! I have always been skeptical of these types of nails in store, and wondered if they looked as good as nail salon nails. After seeing this post though, i may need to give them a try :)


  5. Sounds interesting. =)

  6. hi, thanks very much for following me!

    eimear x

  7. Fake nails are definitely the way to go, I really adore the natural look of some of them and the simplicity.

  8. Very beautiful! ;)


  9. Those glittery ones look amazing!

  10. They look really natural. The more I get into nail art the more I want to wear false nails!

  11. They look fab! I dont think I would be able to stay at a job that wouldnt allow nail polish so well done on lasting so long! :)



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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