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Monday 1 April 2024

COACH TABBY SHOULDER BAG REVIEW - Coach Tabby Bag 26 Sizing And Review

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Hello hello,  I hope you're all so well.  Today I'm excited to review one of my favourite bags of all time.  The Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 is a bag I have owned and loved for several years now and today I will answer all your questions about this contemporary little number that is so versatile. Maybe you're wondering if Coach Tabby bags are still on trend or if the Coach Tabby bag is still in fashion, I'm here to give you my opinion on the Coach Tabby bag. 

The classic Coach Tabby Shoulder 26 was launched in 2019 after being reinvented from a similar one in the 1970's and wow has this latest version been super successful!  Having now owned one for several years I can tell you in a nutshell why everyone who owns one loves it : It is long lasting, looks classy with anything and is good value for money.   In fact, it is so popular new lines are being added regularly to the range including the Coach Tabby Pillow 26  This review covers the Classic Coach Tabby shoulder bag 26 and do look out for further reviews of the Coach Tabby range that will be coming soon. 

In the meantime, here are the things I think you will want to know about the Coach Classic Tabby Shoulder Bag 26. 

Watch my review of the Coach Tabby Bag below:

What style is the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26?

I adore the classic elements that this bag offers combined with its modern style.  It blends a real vintage charm with a contemporary aesthetic. It  has a very distinctive structured silhouette with a generous front flat closure and a signature Coach 'C' plaque.  Made from hard leather, it comes with different strap options and beautiful gold tones and a snap closure (of which I am a great lover!)
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26

Is the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag made from leather?

It is crafted from polished pebble leather making it very robust but the bag itself is also very flexible which pleases me a lot as you will see when you take a look at what fits in it! 

What size is the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag?

The bag comes in 2 sizes, the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 which is 15cm H, 26cm W and 7.5cm D with a handle drop of 19.5cm and a cross body strap of 50 - 60cm.  This is the one I proudly own.

Then there is also the Coach Tabby Mini Shoulder Bag 20 with smaller dimensions of 10.9cm 19.9cm W and 7.1cm with a handle drop of 12cm and a cross body strap of 50 - 60cm. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 20
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag  worn with the cross body strap

What are the handles on the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag?

One of the many things I adore about this bag is that it comes with and ample detachable shoulder strap for an elegant, dressed up look and a longer cross body strap which is great when you need to be hands free and put it over a big coat and wear it during the day.  This is one of the things that makes it so versatile.  Both of the straps are also wide and very robust and comfortable. I love a shoulder strap because it means you can easily wear the Coach Tabby bag on travel days and day trips but the fact you can remove the shoulder strap and use the smaller top handle makes it the perfect evening bag too and really dresses it up. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 used with the shoulder strap

What colours does the Coach Classic Tabby Shoulder Bag come in?

The Classic Tabby comes in a range of 4 colours : Pewter/Black,  Brass/Black,  Brass/Chalk and Brass/Dark Stone.  From time to time signature colours are released too - mine is a dark mulberry with gold tones. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag in Dark Stone and Brass

How many pockets / compartments does the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag have?

I love a bag with plenty of compartments and this one again ticks that box.  Both the larger 26 and the mini 20 have 2 open compartments inside plus a zip pocket which is super handy.  Underneath the flat at the front of the bag is also a small pocket.  I'm impressed by the compartments in this bag and other brands should take note. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag inside compartments
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag inside compartments

What can I fit in the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag?

I'm sure you're wondering what fits inside the Coach Tabby bag, it's something I'm asked a lot. As an owner of the Classic Coach Tabby 26 Shoulder Bag  I would describe it as a medium sized handbag.  I love the 2 compartments and zip compartment.  I can comfortably fit several pieces of make up, my I-Phone, charger and spare battery, my payment cards, house keys and my vlogging camera without it bulging out too much.  Again this is one of the plus points for me about this bag, it fits so much inside.  It looks elegant and petite on the outside and isn't too heavy yet is very roomy (for what I carry) on the inside. I often say it's like a Mary Poppins bag. 

Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag Interior

How should I style the Coach Classic Tabby Shoulder Bag?

Honestly, the Coach Tabby bag is so versatile it can be styled in lots of ways.  Depending on the occasion and your own personal style it can be worn with formal outfits, for dining out, with casual outfits, for weddings and many more.  Pair it with jeans and a tee for a relaxed look or with a dress if you are looking for a more polished appearance.  It is never out of place and is 100% my go to bag for any occasion. If you're wondering if the Coach Tabby bag is good for day to night then it absolutely is, because the strap comes off you can really use it as a day to night bag. You almost get two bags in one. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 26

How do I care for the Coach Classic Tabby Shoulder Bag?

This is not new advice and applies equally to all handbags.  When not in use, store in the dustbag and do not store in direct sunlight under any circumstances.  Use a leather conditioner recommended by Coach and spot clean with a very soft cloth and mildly soapy water for any dirty marks.  It's also wise to make sure your hands are clean and make up free when handling your bags (particularly light coloured ones) and be mindful of pressing it against sharp objects and putting it on dirty floors (my mum always takes a handbag table hook where ever she goes and I'm in awe of her for it! ) Finally do try and rotate your bags.  I tend to buy bags and use them until they are worn out.  I don't buy bags to store on a shelf to look pretty, it would just seem too extravagant to do that to me (not that I am telling anyone else what to do!). However, I do try and rotate them rather than constantly use the same one. 
Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag
How much is the Coach Classic Shoulder Bag 26?

Prices on this baby can vary remarkably.  However, if you see one that is too cheap to believe do check that you are buying the right size as the 20 is obviously cheaper than the 26.  The Retail Recommended price for the 26 is £450 but I have seen them as low as £350 depending on the exact leather and texture.  Don't forget that many on-line sites do a first time buyer discount too. 

The Classic 20 retails at around £350.

Here are some links to stores that you can purchase this bag from: 

I truly cannot give enough love to this bag, it is one of my best purchases ever. In summary, it's stylish, versatile, effortless to wear, is well made, looks premium and is great value for money. I hope I have answered all your questions and please do feel free to ask any others in the comments. Yes the Coach Tabby bag is still on trend in 2024 and yes the Coach Tabby bag is versatile, has lots of room in it, easy to style AND will not be going out of style anytime soon. Watch out for further Coach bag reviews that will be coming very soon.

Lots of love Em xxx

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