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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Best Designer Bags under £1000 - Top Designer Bags Under £1000

Ad affiliate throughout - I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there has been a huge revival over the past year or so of the early 2000 and late 90's mini handbags. The classics have been reworked and brought up to date to appeal to todays market and I am here for it. Whether it's the Balenciaga Cagoule or the Prada Nylon making a comeback, mini bags are here to stay. There is so much choice on the market when it comes to designer mini bags and the great news is that lots of these handbags are coming in at under £1000. If you're like me who doesn't always want to necessarily spend a lot of money on a designer handbag bag but still want quality then this designer bags under £1000 is the blog post for you! 
I've put together a list of what I deem to be the 'Top 10 Designer Handbags under £1000'. I'm aware that some may not be classed as high brow 'Designer' such as the likes of 'YSL' or 'Gucci' but they still do a stand out job and are definitely premium...  I know, because I own a few! And anyway - they're all lovely regardless. 

I have tried to bring you a rounded review so in addition to looks and style I’ve also considered details such as practicality, space, etc. You can also watch my video here for 5 best designer handbags under £1000. There’s a lot to love so I hope you find something. Open up this blog post for the best designer handbags under £1000. 

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Shop the mini Gucci Ophidia here

Shop the mini Gucci Ophidia here

                                                          Shop the Gucci small Ophidia here

1. Gucci GG Mini Ophidia bag or you may prefer the Gucci Ophidia GG small shoulder bag. These are definitely trend led pieces and I can understand why because these bags are the colour clashing, fun, bags that you'll always keep in your collection. They have everything we know and love from Gucci. They’re striking, unashamedly noticeable, stylish and roomy enough for all the essentials. The mini is in the half moon shape and has the iconic Gucci canvas in the centre with the a choice of leather colour (white or brown) alongside the navy blue and red stripe. The strap is adjustable and fixed which fits nicely on the shoulder. I would say it's probably not the best to wear with a heavy winter coat - it’s more for wearing with lightweight garments. It retails at around £730 which is the entry level for Gucci and most other designer bags. This is a great starting point if you are saving for your first designer bag. The GG Ophidia small shoulder bag comes in a bit larger which means a little more room! Again this comes in a variety of different styles and colour choices, with prices starting at £980. While it has a casual look it's structured and paired with the right outfit could easily be used as a smarter bag. Much like the mini, it's shaped in a half moon but the stripe differs slightly as the stripe colour is green and red rather than navy and red. All the hardware is gold toned, the strap is fixed and it has a zip closure (very important!). If I were to pick a favourite it would be the mini, but that's purely because I tend to gravitate towards smaller bags. However, the small is still gorgeous and is a great starting point if you're thinking about your first designer bag purchase!  

Shop the Gucci Marmont half moon in Nude here

Shop the Gucci Marmont half moon in Black here

2. Gucci marmont half moon mini bag also shop here. The 90s trend is still in and not going anywhere!  This Gucci Marmont is made out of matelassé chevron leather and comes in three colour choices: Black, White or Nude. Like the Ophidia beforehand, it comes in a half moon shape (can you see a pattern here? Clearly I love a half moon bag!) and has an antique gold hardware finish. Inside it's a microfibre material and offers you 2 card slots with a suede finish and zip closure. Finishing it off is an adjustable fixed leather strap and a gold cross body chain too, which is removable. For me, I slightly prefer this bag to the Gucci Ophidia. I love that it offers you the choice of two straps so you can dress it up or down. I also think it's a lot more versatile, whereas the Ophidia can mostly only be used as a casual bag I could easily see myself wearing the Marmont to dinner but also to run errands. You can pick up the Gucci Marmont bag for £975. 

Shop the Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 mini bag in black here 

Shop the Prada Re-Nylong Re-Edition 2000 mini bag in nude here

Shop the Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 mini bag in blue here

3. Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 mini bag also shop here. Shop similar cheaper here and here
I'm sure you've probably seen this bag everywhere recently as it's made a massive resurgence and I'm here for it! Practicality wise, it's the most practical bag I know. Of course it makes sense to buy a bag made out of such a durable fabric. Water proof, spillage proof, mark proof... This bag will stand the test of time, I know it. It's currently priced at £920 and comes in a variety of colours like the classics black and nude, but also more fun ones such as blue and pink. 
Not only does it win points for it's practicality but Prada have done their bit and updated the bag so instead of being made of normal Nylon, they've used recycled purified plastic trash collected from the sea and instead of the original 'nylon' fabric it is now known as 'Re-Nylon'. Big tick for the environment also! The bag has a zip closure, fixed non adjustable woven strap and has the iconic Prada triangle badge on the front. Inside there is no pocket, it's more of a throw it all in but because it's small it's not particularly difficult to find anything. To me, this is the perfect running errands bag. Chuck in your phone, keys, card holder & a lip balm and off you go! Whether that's to the gym or lunch with the girls, it can suit all occasions.

Shop the Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag in black here

Shop the Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag in orange here

4. Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag: My Farfetch discount code: FFEM - This was the bag of the summer! I can't be the only one who saw this bag on literally everyone?! It's still so popular now as the smallest size is sold out in most stores so clearly, it's not going anywhere, 
This is such a fun bag, it comes in so many different colours - the orange being a personal favourite.
It also comes in a variety of sizes but I'm just going to be focusing on the smaller size which starts at £385.  As fun as this bag is I do have to admit that I personally will not be purchasing as I have a phone that needs a home when I'm heading out and this bag is just not big enough for that. It can pretty much fit your lipstick and that's about it! However, I love how people style this bag and if you've got it - flaunt it! It's such a great little addition to an outfit. Basically this bag has something special but makes no practical sense ha! But that's why we love it. 

Shop the Saint Laurent Cassandra Chain Wallet in Black here or here

Shop the Saint Laurent Cassandra Chain Wallet in Nude here or here

5. Saint Laurent Cassandra Chain Wallet: Such a classic YSL bag and still under £1000 this is the perfect evening bag to invest in.  Although small, the Cassandra chain wallet can hold everything you need it to for an evening out. Lipstick, cards, phone and keys. 
This is such a timeless bag, I think it's so worth investing in if you need to get yourself a bit more of a dressy bag. The Cassandra chain wallet is made from a pebbled leather which means it's scratch resistant (this is important and also very rare to find a bag with pebbled leather that is under £1000!). It has a gold hardware chain which is detachable if you'd rather have it as a clutch. 
Inside, the bag has a zip compartment available for your cards and then a slightly larger compartment for anything else you may need.  It has the iconic YSL logo on the front in gold hardware. So elegant! It also comes in a variety of neutral colours so you can easily find that perfect shade to fit all outfits. 
I absolutely love this bag and I really don't think you can go wrong! Shop here via Saint Laurent or here via Matches. 

Shop the Saint Laurent Shopper bag in Black here & here 
Shop the Saint Laurent Shopper bag in Dark Green here 

6. Saint Laurent Shopper bag: Ok, ok. I know this isn't under £1,000 but it's only £25 over! And trust me this is not one you'd regret spending that extra £25 on. Another classic from YSL the shopper bag has been around for such a long time and has consistently appeared on the arms of many a person throughout the years. It's roominess is a factor mostly, because this bag manages to fit in everything! Your laptop, notebook, umbrella - anything you could possibly need for a day of work the shopper bag can fit it. 
It's unfussy design is also another thing that attracts it's fans. With very subtle branding imprinted at the top of the bag and a small keychain with the YSL logo, this is as far from in your face as you're going to get. Inside the bag has one roomy compartment but also a small wallet attached - so you can put all your valuables or smaller items in there. Saves you having to root around in your bag to find your lip balm! 
The bag is fastened with a snap closure. 
It also comes in a large variety of colours - black being more preferable but equally you could get it in a gorgeous dark green. 
I think if you're looking to invest in a work bag then this would be a great option. It's chic and classic but also with that added luxury that you may want to add to your outfit. 

Shop the Coach Tabby in Saddle here

Shop the Coach Tabby Pillow in Ivory here

7. Coach Tabby bag:  If you're looking for the perfect versatile bag, but at the less expensive end of the spectrum then Coach is the brand for you specifically the Coach Tabby, where prices art at £450. Shop here & here. Since it's launch Coast have come up with many different iterations of the Tabby including the Pillow (here) and also recently the Shearling (here). Don't forget to use my code EMSHELX for a little extra discount on Farfetch. It works on Coach!
What the Coach Tabby brings is a bag that can be during the day but also easily transition into an evening bag. It's big enough to fit all your essentials but not overly large that you're in tote bag territory. Although Coach have always been a staple in the fashion world, over the last few years they've had an enormous resurgence and I'm so pleased!  The quality of their bags and staying power is amazing. With the Tabby you can easily see that this bag will stand the test of time, due to it's timeless silhouette.  It has a short adjustable and removable strap for holding by hand and a long adjustable and removable strap for a cross body or on the shoulder look. I personally love the versatility of two straps, especially a hand holding shorter one. It has a snap closure and the iconic Coach 'C' hardware in a beautiful antique gold. You can also find an outside slip pocket on the bag too.  Made from polished pebble leather it's scratch proof which is such an important part to consider when buying a designer bag. The last thing you want is scratches all over your piece! Inside it holds a variety of compartments, so if you're like me who manages to throw almost everything into a bag, then it's great for keeping all things organised. Like those 4 lipsticks I inevitably end up with in there. 

Shop the Le Pliage in Navy here & here

8. Longchamp Le Pliage:  Is there a more iconic shopper bag? In my opinion the Longchamp Le Pliage is the epitome of the perfect tote bag. After being introduced in 1993 the Le Pliage hasn't wavered in popularity since. I think it's timeless and if I were to tell you to that you 'have' to buy a bag from this list it would be the Le Pliage. Shop via Farfetch here & John Lewis here.
The versatility of this bag is unmatched. It comes in three sizes - small, medium & large, with large being the most popular. The bag is made from nylon meaning it's waterproof so if you're getting caught in the rain then at least your belongings won't get wet! Plus there's no need to worry about the rain damaging the leather. The top handles are made from a very well wearing leather as is the clasp. The bag has a zip close, with a gold zipper. You can pick the bag up in a variety of colours, but the most popular is the navy blue. 
Inside the bag is one big compartment, but is so roomy you can fit so much into there. For me, I could take my laptop, large and small notebook, diary, purse, umbrella... All sorts! I had the medium version all throughout University and three years later, plus countless lectures it still looked brand new. 
Not only is it versatile for day to day use, but when you're not using the bag its foldable so you don't need to worry about it taking up too much storage. Just fold it up in a neat little square and slot it in. 
For Christmas several years ago I got one as a present for my Mum and she still uses it to this day. 
Honestly the Le Pliage is one of the best bags to invest in and it's also the cheapest on the list with the largest version coming in at £100. It's not a want at this point... It's a need! 
Shop the Chloe Woody tote in medium here

Shop the Chloe Woody tote in mini here

9. Chloe Woody Medium Canvas Tote bag:  If you're a Chloe fan like me, then you already know that the Woody has quickly become a fan favourite! Although we are seeing a small decline in Logo-mania, I think Chloe have encapsulated it perfectly with the Woody, where's although the logo is very obviously there, it's designed in a way to make it look incredibly chic and not just there for the sake of it. 
I have a couple of Chloe bags and I must say there quality is really outstanding, plus their price point is a lot more reasonable in comparison to other brands with their calibre. There's something I find so elegant about Chloe accessories and the Woody is not exception.
As gorgeous as this bag is, I wouldn't necessarily class it as an everyday bag. As the bag is made out of canvas this means it's incredibly susceptible to staining. Therefore, if I were to purchase the Woody, I would make sure that for me this would be used as a Summer or holiday bag and that's probably the extent of it. However, Chloe have recently released the Woody in leather which you can shop here. So if you're wanting something a bit more sturdy then they have you covered! (Please note that this retails at £1390, so a little over £1,000). 
That doesn't mean it's not a gorgeous bag! The straps are made from calfskin and non adjustable, but they fit perfectly on the shoulder or the crook of the arm.  There's a choice of colours you're able to choose from for the bold stripes outside the bag.  Inside, the bag is particularly roomy and also has a small zipped pocket too for loose items.  
It comes in a variety of sizes (nano, mini, small, medium and large) and also Chloe have just introduced the Woody basket, which is more of a drawstring bucket bag. Equally as cute! Prices start at £410 for the nano version and go up to £1490 for the large version (prices differ depending on what material you choose). 

Shop the Givenchy Logo Print Small Canvas here

Shop the Givenchy Logo Medium Canvas here

10. Givenchy Logo Print Small Canvas Tote bag: Givenchy are giving their version of the Chloe Woody and honestly I like it! Slightly less jazzy, with a bit more a sleek feel the Givenchy cavas tote bag I would say is slightly more refined than the Chloe tote. Whereas Chloe always has that boho edge, Givenchy are more known for their shape lines and I think this shows when comparing both bags. 
Similar again to Chloe, these bags are made from canvas and have leather handles. However they both include a removable, adjustable strap, which makes them a little more versatile than that of their Chloe counterpart. 
In case the canvas isn't for you and you want something that is less delicate they too have also brought out this bag in leather - shop here
Inside they have one compartment with internal card slots and the hardware is all gold finished. 
The bags come in two sizes a small and also a medium which comes in at £990, just under £1000. 

So there you have it! I hope that you found this list helpful. Don't be afraid to come over and say hi on instagram or to just ask any questions. I'm always happy to help. 

Lots of love, Em x

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