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Sunday 17 July 2022

Saint Laurent Le 5 À 7 Hobo Bag Review - YSL Hobo Bag Purse Review

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It seems 2022 has been the year of falling in love with YSL handbags, over the last two years I feel like YSL bags spiked in popularity, Saint Laurent really are now one of my favourite designer purse / handbag brands and for sure one of the best designer brands right now. I feel as if YSL are a great brand if you don't want to spend Chanel or Dior prices, but still want to pick up a lovely designer piece for under £2000. For Christmas I got my Saint Laurent Toy Loulou crossbody bag and I've never looked back. I've had so much use out of the YSL Toy Loulou bag but I wanted a nice new designer bag for special evenings, dinners and events and that's where the IT bag of the year comes in... the YSL Hobo bag - also called the Saint Laurent Le 5 À 7 bag. Open for my review of the Saint Laurent Hobo bag

Watch my video review of the YSL Toy LouLou bag below.
Watch my video review of the YSL Hobo bag below.

Why buy the YSL Hobo bag? I was looking for a gorgeous, evening bag or designer bag for special occasions up to around £1800. I have seen the YSL Hobo bag everywhere and just LOVE the 90's vibe of it but think it is so elegant and classic. I prefer to buy bags that are below £2000 because if I'm going to keep spending that, I may as well just get a Chanel bag. This bag definitely isn't as versatile as the YSL Toy LouLou, as it isn't crossbody but it does make the most gorgeous shoulder bag or bag to be held in-front of you en route to dinner. It's such a show stopping, beautiful date night or special occasion bag. It would actually be a gorgeous designer wedding day bag. 

The design of the Saint Laurent Hobo bag: The YSL hobo bag is a shoulder style bag made from smooth leather,  it's got a tab closure which is really lovely and a single adjustable shoulder strap. I love the gold toned plaque at the front too. 

What's the sizing of the YSL Hobo Bag like? I would say the size of the YSL Hobo bag is actually deceiving, it looks really slimline and neat, the perfect smart handbag but actually, it fits quite a lot in! It does have a little bit of stretch to it {although you wouldn't want to ruin the shape!} and I have to say, I fit my Canon vlogging camera inside, lipstick, phone charger and more. It's a bit like a Mary Poppins bag and all your essentials will absolutely fit in there - even my hair comb too! 

How durable is the YSL Hobo bag? I have only used this for special occasions and I have to say, I already scratched it just with my nail when I was trying to close the clasp. The fact that it's cream and smooth leather means it will probably likely get marked / damaged. Be cautious around dark materials, jeans and anything that could run onto the bag, be careful with sharp objects around it too. I nearly cried when I scratched it on it's second outing. It's more expensive but you can get the python Saint Laurent Hobo bag which obviously will take marks much better than smooth leather. 

Is The YSL Hobo bag heavy? The YSL Le 5 A 7 bag is absolutely not heavy, it's so lightweight and gorgeous to carry. I often forget I have it! 

Do YSL bags go on sale? I have only ever seen YSL discount twice, once at Bicester village {and the Toy Loulou and Hobo bags are not discounted} and once at Christmas but I think that was a mistake from an online retailer! Generally no, YSL bags do not go on sale unless you were to go to Bicester village. 

Are YSL bags a good investment? According to recent research, apparently YSL bags currently hold their value retention at over 100% which is very good! Buying a bag from Saint Laurent is not like buying a Chanel bag but it is still a good investment if you look after it - unlike me, who buys the neutral colours so they're bound to get damaged. 

If you are looking for a pre-loved or used Saint Laurent bag then I would recommend Vestiaire. 

How to style a YSL Hobo bag: I personally went for the white YSL Le 5 A 7 bag as I feel like the neutral tone goes better with my outfits. As you can see on the photos above, it really just goes with every outfit, whether it's an all white look, dressing up casual jeans or adding to a gorgeous dress. I just think this bag is the perfect special occasion bag. I took it to a wedding recently too and loved it. 

Conclusion, review of the YSL Le 5 A 7 bag: If you're looking for a designer bag below the £2000 mark and already have your versatile go to bag, but want something so you can switch between your versatile daily bag and have a gorgeous special occasion / date night bag, then the YSL Le 5 A 7 is for you. It's light weight, durable and the gold detailing is lovely. I think this bag is going to just keep coming back in trend for years to come. 

Where to buy the YSL Hobo 5 A 7 bag:

YSL hobo bag via Saint Laurent: https://bit.ly/3uyQBDM US and UK: https://bit.ly/3JNtGuQ YSL hobo bag via Selfridges: https://bit.ly/3JM0ggC YSL hobo bag via Farfetch: https://bit.ly/37SAoBJ YSL hobo bag via Net A Porter: https://bit.ly/36xHOKu YSL hobo bag via MyTheresa: https://bit.ly/3wETGVC YSL hobo bag via Matches: https://bit.ly/36TrKmd

Lots of love, Em x

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