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Thursday 17 March 2022

Saint Laurent Toy LouLou bag review - YSL Toy LouLou Is It Worth The Money?

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When Christmas / my birthday comes around I like to treat myself to a new designer piece, it's just something I've started saving for and I enjoy doing it to round off the year. Unlike many people, I'm not one of those handbag collectors who keeps their bags on shelves in dust bags and never uses them. I wish I was because I know how good designer handbags can be when it comes to investments but I'm not the best of taking care of things. I buy bags because I want to use them and wear them into the ground - sensible or not, I get a lot of love and use out of my bags. Just look at my Gucci Marmont bag, I loved her so much and we had a few great years together but now she's retired. I very quickly learnt not to buy a velvet bag, ever again. Skip forward to Christmas 2021 and I got the Saint Laurent Toy LouLou bag. I was looking for a gorgeous designer bag for under £1500 and I cannot wait to review the Toy LouLou bag today for you and tell you if I think it's worth the money or not.

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Watch my video review of the Toy LouLou bag below.

Why buy the YSL Toy LouLou bag? I was looking for a crossbody designer handbag under around £1500, I don't like to spend more than that because I may as well just buy a Chanel instead of continually buying bags over £2000, I don't know why but it feels better in my head if it's £1500 or below. I love crossbody bags that can take you from day to night and I really feel as if this bag does just that. The YSL LouLou bags are versatile, beautiful and classic. I love the quilted design and how easy on the eye it is. The bag goes with every outfit. 

I bought my Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag a few years before and I wanted something really lovely to be able to switch between. The Alma BB is the most perfect size and the Toy LouLou is slightly smaller but still a gorgeous size, it's not too small and it's not too big. 

I also love that the Toy Loulou has a strap that is detachable, so I could easily change it and add a metal strap if I wanted to. The Toy LouLou is actually one of the first crossbody bags in this price range that I've seen with a changeable strap. 

Shop the YSL Toy LouLou bag - I bought my exact bag there.

The design of the Toy LouLou: The YSL Loulou bags came out in 2017 and there are so many different types / sizes you can go for. Even though the YSL Loulou bags are 5 years old now, everyone is still talking about them and I truly do believe they're classics and wardrobe staples. I went for the Toy because I think the size is perfect for day to day use when you don't want to be carrying the entire world on your shoulder. The Toy LouLou is incredibly versatile as it can be carried in different ways; I can wear it for meetings and then dress it up for dinner, I can take it for brunch and then out to a christening after. It's a great bag when it comes to cost per wear, currently priced at around £1200. If you're looking for a YSL or designer bag that is more of a special occasion bag, check out my YSL Hobo bag review.

What's the sizing of the YSL Toy Loulou like? People describe the YSL Toy LouLou as the best mini bag in history, now I personally wouldn't call it a mini bag as such - yes it's small but sizing wise it fits in an external charger, my wallet, many lip balms / lipsticks, bank cards and my huge iPhone 12 max. You just have to be cautious with what you pack... my Canon vlogging camera doesn't fit for example but I have had no issues with the size of the bag, it really is good for running errands with and nice walks. I can more than easily fit what I actually need inside it. 
How durable is the YSL Toy Loulou bag? I've been using the YSL Toy Loulou bag almost daily since December and so far, so good. I was told by a few people that their beige Toy LouLou bags have been perfect for years which is great for me. I was worried the colour might run or the colour might change. It's the perfect neutral beige colour, not too dark and not too light. The Toy LouLou is made from a soft, almost shiny leather rather than a hard, grained leather so naturally it's not going to be as durable as some bags, however, I feel the quilted design definitely helps make it seem more durable and thicker. The real test will come over Summer when it's travelling abroad with me. My only issue is I wish it had little gold feet at the bottom, I think that should be a bare minimum for a designer bag but not many of them seem to have this anymore. I am so glad I went for leather over velvet as I've really damaged my velvet bags over the years, I don't find they wear well at all. 

Is The YSL LouLou bag heavy? The YSL Toy LouLou bag is incredibly lightweight, I almost can't believe it. I'm used to Gucci bags being quite heavy because the metal is so heavy but this is an incredibly lightweight, dinky little bag. 

For reference, here is the YSL Toy Loulou bag in black 

Are YSL bags a good investment? I've done my research online and apparently YSL currently hold their value retention at over 100% which is very good! Of course, you're not investing in a Chanel bag but if you do keep it in good condition, you're likely to be able to resell it once you're finished with it. 

If you are looking for a pre-loved or used Saint Laurent Toy LouLou bag then I would recommend Vestiaire. 

How to style a YSL LouLou bag: I tried both the black and the beige LouLou bags and on initial thought, I was thinking black would go with everything but when I started to try the beige on with my outfits, it just felt softer and felt as if it complimented my outfits more. I felt as if the bag blended in with my outfits nicer and just looked more seamless. I love a classic black bag but for me, I had to go for the beige one. My favourite thing about YSL? So many of their bags have stunning gold hardware, I am a sucker for anything with gold tones as I find they are warmer and look better with my outfits. 

YSL Loulou bag black vs beige, shop the colours here.

Saint Laurent LouLou styled with a Spring / Summer outfit, shop the outfit here.

The Toy LouLou styled on a rainy day with a polka dot dress

The Toy LouLou styled with a knit dress. Shop the dress. 

Winter to Spring styling of the Saint Laurent LouLou bag. Shop the look.

Conclusion YSL Toy LouLou bag: If you're looking for a designer bag around the £1000 mark and love a versatile, crossbody understated bag, go for the Toy LouLou. It's so easy to wear, it's lightweight, durable but really does compliment every outfit. I love the quilted design and of course, the gold hardware. I also love that the strap can be changed and eventually I think I will get a hardwearing gold metal one to go with this. 

Where to buy the Toy Loulou bag:

Buy the Toy Loulou from where I got mine: https://bit.ly/3mMBzaC 
YSL Toy Loulou via Saint Laurent: https://bit.ly/3EPsZhC 
YSL Toy Loulou via MyTheresa: https://bit.ly/3mMBzaC 
YSL Toy Loulou via Farfetch: https://bit.ly/3FJdsAV 
YSL Toy Loulou via Matches Fashion: https://bit.ly/3EF1xTr 
YSL Toy Loulou via Luisa Via Roma: https://bit.ly/3FJCGPT 
Small YSL Loulou with chain via Net-A-Porter: https://bit.ly/3eJygwc 

Buy the Toy Loulou in black, no longer on sale: https://bit.ly/3HpqeoF 
YSL Toy Loulou in black via Luisa Via Roma: https://bit.ly/3zch38m

Lots of love, Em x

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