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Friday 25 March 2022

The Best Roast Dinners In London - Best Sunday Roasts In London

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If you guys follow me on Instagram @emshelx you'll know I'm a complete sucker for a Sunday roast, in fact, I love them so much I wish they did them on Saturdays... and Mondays. I'm from Yorkshire {if you didn't already know}, so I've had my fair share of epic Sunday roasts and spent so long believing you couldn't get a good one outside of Yorkshire: I was wrong. One of my most asked questions is 'where can I get a good Sunday roast in London'. Now, I haven't tried them all, but I've tried a fair few so thought I would talk to you about my favourite, top spots for a roast in London. Bookmark this as I'll add to it when I try more Sunday roast spots in London! 

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Bondi Green - Paddington - Daisy Green Collection 

1. Bondi Green, By Daisy Green - Paddington - Bondi Green is a restaurant within the collection of restaurants of Daisy Green. My family, friends and I absolutely love this collection of restaurants and Bondi Green do an epic Sunday lunch. I would go as far as saying it's one of the absolute best roasts I've ever had, not just in London. You can get roasts at the majority of their restaurants but all of them differ and have their own quirks, Bondi Green is my absolute favourite venue as it's just utterly stunning and right on the canal. Bondi Green has a really relaxed Australian feel to it and like all the restaurants in this collection it has a lovely cool vibe while delivering first class down to earth service. Situated at Canal Side Walk in Paddington, we ate a Sunday roast here outdoors last year on a lovely warm day and it was one of the best Sunday roasts I’ve had. All of the food was incredibly tasty and I will make particular reference to the gravy which is absolutely delicious. They take their gravy so seriously, it takes days to make. They also only use the highest quality meat. You know you're eating incredible ingredients when you eat at Bondi Green, they use the best suppliers and truly are one of the best in the business when it comes to roasts. Make sure you’re hungry when you go!

2. Hawksmoor - Knightsbridge {also various other locations} - predominantly a steak and seafood restaurant but of course, they do beef meaning they do a mean roast. The experience when eating here is amazing both in atmosphere and service and the Sunday lunch is every bit as good as every other day of the week. Again, be hungry when you visit. Situated just off Brompton Road it is ideally placed for visits to iconic sites like Harrods or Hyde Park either before or after eating. I always find the staff so friendly here. 

The Hunters Moon - South Kensington 

3. The Hunters Moon - South Kensington - I feel like I should have shares in this place because if I'm not eating there every Sunday, I'm telling other people to eat there. The Hunters Moon is named after the orange glowing full moon that appears between October and November each year and is a gorgeous pub situated on Fulham Road South Kensington. This is a lovely sophisticated traditional type of pub atmosphere and you can call in for drinks only, however, it also happens to have a beautiful dining room with epic food and the most passionate and welcoming staff attached to the back. The venue is what I'd describe as laid back luxury, it's comfortable yet luxurious. Nothing is too much trouble for this team and the atmosphere is always great. Sunday lunch is delicious, make sure you get the crumble, extra greens and of course, the focaccia to start. It's one of the first places that actually gives you enough gravy to go with your meal. 
Ganymede - Belgravia 

4. Ganymede - Belgravia - Named after the largest moon of Jupiter, recently opened in Belgravia and is sister to The Hunters Moon, if people can't get into The Hunters Moon but want to go somewhere nearby, I always recommend here. Ganymede is every bit as delightful as its sister and has its own special atmosphere. The building is so quirky and pretty, the service is epic as is the food. Sunday roast is absolutely delicious and if you’re not a meat lover I can highly recommend the cauliflower steak too. Think amazing Yorkshire puddings, delicious greens and divine gravy. I'd score The Hunters Moon higher but only because they bring out focaccia and serve custard with the crumble, hopefully that will come to Ganymede soon! 

5. Spaniards Inn - Hampstead - Rumour has it, Harry Styles eats at this gorgeous Hampstead pub. The Spaniards Inn is a traditional wood panelled pub with a cosy open fire and a large welcoming outdoor eating area. The food is delicious here and is plentiful so work up an appetite experiencing this beautiful part of London before you eat. I recommend walking around the Heath and of course, over to Primrose Hill for beautiful views of London. Sunday lunch sharing platters are available with huge Yorkshire puddings and are not to be missed. 

Beautiful Richmond 

6. Gaucho - Richmond - Richmond is a beautiful area of London and well worth a visit for a day or two. It's absolutely one of my favourite areas to walk around on a sunny or autumnal weekend. If you do visit make sure you book your Sunday roast (or any other meal) at Gaucho by the River. Specialising in Argentinian steak, this restaurant also offers a wonderfully plentiful and tasty Sunday roast menu too. The service is hit and miss but I just love the view by the river and the fact that they are dog friendly. 
The Biltmore - Mayfair

7. The Biltmore - Mayfair - If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Mayfair, head to the terrace at The Biltmore. The Biltmore does more than just a roast though, for me, the stand out dishes were the calamari - one of the the best I've ever had {almost better than freshly caught in Greece!}, the dreamiest oysters and the most amazing crumble which was more like cookie dough - with lashings of custard! The meat and gravy were great. For me, it's the ambience of this place: sadly last time I visited we weren't sat on the outdoor terrace but I have been there for pizza and cocktails before and it's such a beautiful terrace! Make sure the terrace is open and head here for the dreamiest starters and dessert! 

8. Soho House - Various - If you have a membership {or a friend with a membership so you can go as a guest} then lucky you because Soho House do yummy roasts too! I have tried many of them and they're always delicious. Soho Farmhouse, Greek Street, White City House are my favourites. 

9. Simpsons - The Savoy - The Strand - I can't understand why this is still shut after the pandemic but I am praying to the roast dinner gods it reopens. Imagine roasts carved infront of your very eyes and the most divine meat you've ever tasted, perfect service and incredible portion sizes. I really pray Simpsons comes back because it's one of the most spectacular spots in the world, let alone London.

Below are some places I have heard very good things about, from very good foodie sources but haven't had the chance to try yet, but they're high on my list to try: 

Blacklock - Soho 

Roast - Borough Market 

STK - The Strand {love this restaurant anyway but apparently their roast is amazing}

Cadogan Arms - New Chelsea spot and Chelsea pubs always do great roasts 

No 50 Cheyne - I walk past here almost daily, it's criminal I haven't been yet 

The Chelsea Pig 

Lots of love, Em x

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