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Monday 28 March 2022

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega-Rich Cloud Cream Review

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I was first introduced to Kiehl's many years ago {according to the first blog post I did about the brand, I've been using their products for over 10 years now} and one of the first products I fell in love with was a bottle of Midnight Recovery Oil. It’s true to say I’ve been hooked on Kiehl's ever since and I regularly use their products including hair and skin care products {you can read my blog post about the best Kiehl’s products to buy if you missed that}. Kiehl’s have some absolutely epic super hydrating face creams and hand creams (which my mum really likes as her hands suffer dreadfully from cracked skin particularly in winter and truly, Kiehl’s and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream are the only two products strong enough her fix her hands). I am also a huge advocate of Kiehl’s shampoos, conditioners and hair care range. However if I have to say what single product from Kiehls I swear by, it is Midnight Recovery Oil. It has helped hydrate my skin more than I can tell you and makes my skin look fresh even after little sleep, it almost cheats the glow of a good 8 hours sleep and the botanical scent makes me so sleepy too.  

Given my love of the Kiehl’s brand, I was super excited to try the new Kiehl’s Omega-Rich Cloud Cream. Open up for a full review of the brand new  Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega-Rich Cloud Cream.

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Kiehl's describe their new Cloud Cream as a ‘replenishing night cream in a cloud like texture for plumped, younger looking skin.’ The main reason I was excited to see that this product has been developed is because it is the perfect partner for the Midnight Recovery Oil and I believe it it long overdue! To be honest the oil is so good that it is completely usable alone and my skin drinks it right up but I always like to use oil and then add cream afterwards for that completely hydrated and nourished skin feeling before sleep. I must also mention that the Midnight Recovery Eye cream is another great staple to compliment these items, although at present I’ve been using Estee Lauder Advanced eye cream or SkinCeuticals eye cream. 

Back to the Kiehl’s Cloud Cream - I’m just as excited about the name of the product as the product itself - being called a cloud cream just makes me want to use it at bed time conjuring up thoughts of dreamy sleep on plumped up sumptuous pillows with my face hydrated in luxury - ahhh. The packaging too is in keeping with the oil, a dark navy with gold inscription which again I absolutely adore.  

So what about the actual cream itself? Is Kiehl's New Cloud Cream worth it? 
It promises to visibly plump your skin in 7 nights. I’m writing this review having used it for 10 nights and my skin already feels soft, hydrated and supple. The cream is light in weight and infused with botanicals which are rich in Omega 3 and 6 that sink beautifully in to the skin which means that when I wake up on a morning my skin feels as if it has been treated to a huge drink with the hydration still evident. I love that feeling. 

1- days in and I am having the same experience with this cream as I do with all Kiehl's products. It delivers. It is a quality product that is light yet feels luxurious. It sinks in but does not leave my skin feeling greasy. Like the oil, this feels like a cream that works magic all night long. 

This little jar of luxury is formulated without mineral oil and parabens, uses sustainably sourced lavender essential oil and shea butter and comes in a 100% post-consumer recycled jar. The scent will help you fall asleep too so it’s like a double whammy, you get a deep sleep in a jar because of the botanical scents, alongside a luxurious yet cloud-soft face cream. 

I’m so glad that Kiehl’s have developed this very worthy partner for the Midnight Recovery Oil (or indeed it can be used as a stand alone product if the oil isn’t for you). It doesn’t surprise me one bit just how good it is because quality is something you can rely on in all Kiehl’s products and this one is one that will become one of my staples for sure. Will this knock Kiehl's Ultra Cream Facial Moisturiser off the top spot? 

Shop The Kiehl's Cloud Cream.

Lots of love, Em x

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